Missive From ‘Merica: Ambling…

Dear Reader, just in case you missed it

amble (v.) early 14c., from Old French ambler, of a horse or other quadruped, “go at a steady, easy pace” (12c.), from Latin ambulare “to walk, to go about, take a walk,” perhaps a compound of ambi- “around” (from PIE root *ambhi- “around”) and -ulare, from PIE root *el- “to go” (source also of Greek ale“wandering,” alaomai “wander about;” Latvian aluot “go around or astray”). Until 1590s used only of horses or persons on horseback. Related: Ambledambling.

Let’s get down to it, shall we?



Hi there. I just added this paragraph. I was doing some writing, and bouncing around a bit because I am trying something new in this here particular whatever, and I had an idea.

Let's see how it goes, eh?
^Meat Beat Manifesto – Prime Audio Soup (Vegetarian Soup By Boards Of Canada)^

So eating…what’s the point of eating again?

I mean like, not again…but yeah

…the first time.

Was just thinking bout “people who have trouble losing weight” and “cans of beans that are good until August 2020” and stuff like that. Preservatives, staying fresh, shelf-lives, shit like that. I mean…I’m sure that you are fresh and clean and shit like that, regardless of what you do or don’t eat, because you are you, and you are awesome at being you.

But yeah...why not?

Yes…as in…why wouldn’t “preservatives” and/or foods preserved using certain methods … erm … not…“tend to hang around a bit” after you’ve eaten them?

Not saying that it causes “weight-loss issues” or the like. BUT!!! I do have some thoughts on weight loss, and why it tends to come back.

Watson: “You’ve lost a few pounds haven’t you?”

Holmes: “And you’ve picked them up.”

Movie = “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”

^Flying Lotus – Interference^

So yeah…your body…it accommodated the weight once you acquired it, and prolly needs to adjust a bit in order to de-accommodate the weight change…so yeah…mass. Storage, and storage spaces. Threads, and strings, and stings, and weaving, and fibers, and fibrous stuff and whatnot.

Q: How many jobs have you had in the last 20 years?

A: I don't give a shit what this answer is, but you might.

How many desks?

Office chairs?




Mouse pads?


Trends and trendy types of shit?

Maybe we’ve gotten a little out of wack since “seasonal” has become, erm…”international”.

Avocados? Readily available in January/February? In the northern hemisphere?

 NO WAY!!!

How’d that happen I wonder?

^Chromatics – Tick Of The Clock^

I’ve been writing some crap about “Syncrhomysticism” and “The Synchrosphere” over at my own blog over the past coupla weeks/months, but let’s bring that shit here…and make it a little more overt than usual. As a matter of fact…let’s let someone else drive almost completely here, and see if she knows that she’s driving/been driving/is driving.

^Boards of Canada – Music Is Math^

I just went to the store with whatshername. Meaning, we rode there in the same car, I walked around Wal-Mart, while she did whatever it was she was doing, we then left in the same car that we arrived in, and drove to the house that I am now sitting in typing this shit. When we pulled into the parking lot, there was an Icee truck, and I wondered aloud how nice it would be to have an Icee.


Cola + Wild Cherry = Delightful Icee Mix

Whatshername: You know…your daughter says that she wants to steal a doughnut truck, then lead the cops on a lengthy chase, so that the news shows a bunch of cops/cop cars chasing a doughnut truck.

Cade: I become more and more proud of her and her thinking daily. PLUS… they’d prolly leave you alone in prison. You aren’t competition with drugs or gangs or crap like that, so…you’d think that they’d leave you alone.

^College & Electric Youth – A Real Hero (Drive Original Movie Soundtrack)^

But that got me to thinking about a tweet I saw yesterday, and how I fucking HATE self-righteous pricks and their methods. And tho I cannot find the Tweet in question, it was basically…

· <---This is what your asshole looks like out of prison.

O <---This is what your asshole looks like in prison.

Nice. Lots of layers and layering, and payers and payering or punishment(s).

No wonder shit is so fucked up (do what you will with puns here)

It’s never enough…is it?

^All I Need – Clams Casino (Lucid Video)^


Roob DMs Cade about the arsehole thing


Let’s let someone else drive here…

I thought about the picture in the Tweet all evening and all night. Reminded me of the pic above, and has had me to thinking quite a bit about the spaces that we occupy, and how we occupy them/how we are able to occupy them, which got me to thinking about focus, focuses and focusing, which got me to thinking about a story that I wrote several years ago called “The Focus”…

but I'll digress on that for now. 


Cade and Roob on Focus and Lenses


This is gonna cause us to have to bebop around this “when is life life” kind(s) of questions with respect to when is what, how, and where…and conception and shit like that. But while I’ll kinda buzz around while you are thinking about that, is this concept of death that we have …erm… neglected since we think that we have a good bead on when it is and is not OK to kill someone else, under what conditions/pretenses, etc..

Are we thinking that there is some reconciliation possible between life AND death via life? Cause I don’t see it. We see death as an end, and life as a beginning, and who gets to choose what and where is really only speculative because it omits time completely.

EX: Stamp a “Star of David” on each and every Jew, and suddenly, you know all there is to know about that person.

But really…you don’t know shit about that person, and you don’t want to…do you?

^Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit^


Roob explains the Star of David Moment 1

Roob tells Cade about Star of David moment 1

Roob tells Cade about Star of David moment 2


Several years back, when I first saw the image above, I freaked. It was so in line with some of the things that I had been thinking about with respect to “healing” and what is required to heal, that I freaked the fuck out when I saw the image. Not that my particular body is like, all twisted and contorted and shit like that, and it is…but this thought also fell into line with the thinking that I had been doing with respect to the Chakras…but more than that, Kundalini.

So yeah…teleportation, and the thoughts that I personally had regarding using teleportation as a means/method of eliminating scalpel-based surgery, and it’s not and only about the scalpel since General Anesthesia is VERY fucking dangerous…not to mention that hospitals themselves are becoming a hazard and/or hazardous place to be.

I can’t really say “less-invasive surgery” here, since the methods that I’ve been pondering for the last 30-40 years are about as invasive as you can get. But that’ll get us nicely back to the concept of weight gain/loss, since I think that spin, spins and spinning are where we are…for lack of a better term…”losing our asses”…and prolly also why “that ass you lost comes right back”. Bees and beehives will help us.

^Why Don’t You Just Poison The Bees?? I’ll Show You Why.^
What is something that we can all relate to? 

Welp…whatever it is that we as individuals can relate to. Maybe cookies, maybe penis, maybe boobies, maybe dancing, maybe all kinds of stuff. But that video above got me to thinking about these propensities and proclivities to certain things that we all have. So yeah…changes and changing.

Q: Anyone got an extra bedroom available that I can occupy while I get my shit together and change into a better person?

A: No? Didn't think so.


^Reflekt – Need To Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Vocal Mix) FULL HD^

It is currently 14:11 or 1411h, it is Thursday September the 14th of 2017, and there has been a sudden directional change of sorts. Lemme pop up to the top, add a bit there, then I’ll continue on as normal-ish, and we’ll see how this goes from here…

Heh, heh, heH.
^The Cuties – Is She Weird^


The third and final installment, ‘Missive From ‘Merica: Shamble On!’ will follow tomorrow, Dear Reader. Enjoy the rest of your Friday evening and… Have a Song! 😀


4 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Ambling…

  1. I’ll “blurt” here.

    If you are eating something in winter, that just flew over from another part of the world where it is summer? Yeah…methinks there are some time considerations to be made here. We are beings of time and times. To ignore time and times, is to ignore self. Who the fuck knows what in the hell the results and result sets are going to manifest. I don’t care if it’s avocados or sea-bass or covfefe or whatever. If you body knew what in the FUCK to do with something in winter, that it did not expect in winter, wouldn’t it do so? Or are we already forsaking time again here?

    ^The Jam – Absolute Beginners^

    Denial + Aggregate = Non-Jibe. Savvy?
    I though you were looking for this shit? Welp…you found it. Now what? Or…were you looking for it so that it could be relegated? Better relegated? Omitted? Or lassoed? Harnessed? Monetized?
    Can’t just dump this shit on the next shift…can we?
    It’s a logistical nightmare…I get it. But some thoughts about processes and processing with respect to time and times along some more zodiac-ish types of thinking appears to be an ally here. And I’m not talking about spells and chants and shit like that. We can save the desperation shit for when we reach that point where The Rapa Nui or the survivors of The Essex’s sinking were. If you are trying to tap into some “infinite” sources, there are gonna be costs.

    ^Big Country – In A Big Country^

    “In those days people will seek death but will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them!”
    Revelation 9:6 – NLT
    “In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from them.”
    Revelation 9:6 – NKJV
    “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”
    Revelation 9:6 – KJV

    From a “religious” standpoint, there are many on this planet to whom that Bible verse won’t mean jack shit to. I can quote all kinds of convenient shit from The Bible, and prolly better than most. But I wonder what someone will do, when they have to do without?
    Is it better that we make those choices ourselves?
    I’d advise you be REAL fucking careful with that thought.
    As a matter of fact, evening thinking it makes me want to puke.
    But then again, I personally try to exist in a simultaneous world/existence of opposites and conflict.
    It’s quite…peaceful.
    I sure hope I get to continue to make my own choices.

    ^Baltimora – Tarzan Boy^

    Our ancestors were not idiots.
    Unless you yourself are an idiot.
    In which case, your ancestors, may in fact be idiots.
    Or just…distant and distancing and/or ranging.
    Maybe…doing some thinking.
    Must be genetics.
    And oh what a good bead we have on genetics eh?

    Oh…I feel so much better now.
    Meh…don’t worry. Your own personal liability is limited.
    Carry on citizen(s).
    Or not.

    ^Modern English – Life in the gladhouse^

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