Squiggle It, Just A Little Bit…

About a week or so ago, Dear Reader, I mentioned in the blurb atop of a missive from Cade, a magazine article that I was keen to get my hands on…

FOR years after the physicist Richard Feynman died, his 1970s yellow-and-tan Dodge minivan lay rusting in a garage near Pasadena, California. When it was restored in 2012, special effort was made to repaint the giant doodles that adorned its bodywork. They don’t look like much – simple combinations of straight lines, loops and squiggles. But it is no exaggeration to say these Feynman diagrams revolutionised particle physics. Without them, we might never have built the standard model of particles and forces, or discovered the Higgs boson.


Now we could be on the cusp of a second, even more far-reaching transformation. Because even as Feynman’s revolution seems to be fizzling out, physicists are discovering hints of deeper geometric truths. If glimpses of exquisite mathematical structures that exist in dimensions beyond the familiar few can be substantiated, they would seem to point the way to a better understanding not just of how particles interact, but of the nature of reality itself.

It was a hard road that led to the standard model, this monumental theoretical construct that describes all the particles of the quantum world and the forces that act on them, except for gravity. The starting point came in the 1930s and early 1940s, when physicists investigating quantum electrodynamics, the theory of how charged particles and electromagnetic fields interact, embarked on calculations of “scattering amplitudes” – the probabilities of different outcomes in a given particle interaction. But the calculations proved maddeningly difficult. For a while they seemed impossible.

Then along came Feynman. In 1949, he showed…

And that was all I could read of the article… Until yesterday, when I got home from work and found a copy of the magazine had arrived from Leggy, with a note saying…

‘Thought you might like to see this comic. It would just have ended up in recycling anyway, at least this way its life gets extended by a few days 😉 ‘

New Scientist cover

Woo Hoo! I was so excited as I flipped the pages…

*That’s right, Clicky… pages 28 – 31, right…*

Centre fold 1

*…in the…*

Centre fold 2


Centre fold 3

*Hmm… Superconducting Super Collider in Texas… Reminds me of another Missive From ‘Merica, Clicky… the one with the drawings…*

Principle of Least Action

*Whoa! The Principle of Least Action? …That seems a bit Idle Theory-ish… /cough… Yeah, I think we’ve probably shown enough of the article, now Clicky… I don’t want to get in trouble…*

*/nods… I’ll go tell Cade I’ve updated his missive…*

Okay, I have a lot to do tonight, Dear Reader – early start at work tomorrow. Make of it as you will… And have a Song ;

12 thoughts on “Squiggle It, Just A Little Bit…

      1. I still think that there will be discrepancies with respect to Earth based measurements being out of synch with the rest of the solar system. Hence, Goldilocks Zone becomes Goldilocks Zone(s), which is going to get all kinds of complicated. Not really…but yeah…it will get complicated because science will be looking for “one” while stumbling around and over a fuckton of “ones”. But that will get us to the brain, which will allow us to explore some dynamics with respect to plasticity and elasticity, and maybe even the concept of “static”. Especially static that is anything but static with respect to motion/lack thereof. So…”fixed”…and what that is, may be, is not, ad-nauseum.

        ^barry adamson • something wicked this way comes^

        The design of the brain itself kinda implies motion. The way that “the brain” is looked at in certain lights, does not. So…if you think in terms of storage more in a validation sort of light, and look at this validation/handshake in a spooky-action kind of way…it prolly won’t be so spooky what I’m about to say.
        Memories. Roob has brought it up, so now we gotta think about spin. Two particles that are entangled and entwined in less geometric shapes/dimensions, and these dimensions are so smooth and ragged at the same time that even fractals are not going to explain these pathways.
        EX: Think of a memory. Now, think about it. Is it clear? Is it fuzzy? Is it both? Is this something you WANT to remember, or something that you want to forget, or something that you just remember without a need or want to either remember or forget? Sounds to me that there is some validation going on there, but what is prolly going to be neglected in the “automated” portions of this validation is the YES/NO-NO/YES portion that is simultaneously all four of those that makes one. These are all separate and unique, but they themselves are entangled and/or connected via whatever is connecting them. (You are prolly a big part of that) 😉

        So…seeing some templates that could exist to facilitate these processes working, what about the physical pathways that these synapses travel? Yeah…the brain itself, which is connected to a fuckton of nerves, which are connected to a fuckton of other shit, all within an environment of fluids, gasses, elements, molecules…the works.
        Q: What are we forgetting already?
        A: The answer here, is “who” and not “what”…and there is more than one who in this equation.
        Just sayin.

        ^Nine Inch Nails – Closer^

        Why wouldn’t the shape of the brain itself help to facilitate motion? I mean…most of the body’s heat is release through the head right? So that makes me think of the head more as a radiator or heat-sink than an end-all be-all storage device. Our eyes, ears, nose, tongue are their location/proximity to the brain are prolly gonna decieve us here, and there’s prolly a reason for that. How?
        Q: What would happen to anything and everything on Earth/Terra, if the world and everything else kept spinning, but the entirety of The Universe suddenly stopped moving?
        A: (le yikes)
        Can you imagine the friction(s)? Can you imagine the heat(s)? Can you imagine the pressure(s)? Can you imagine the energy/energies and exchanges, and the speed at which these things would happen? Prolly make a crispy ash bubble out of our little planet in short order.
        You can imagine the inverse of that as well…Earth/Terra stops-rest of Universe keeps spinning…prolly same-ish result.
        So if we think in those terms with respect to a single particle from a single atom, maybe some of these “micro-changes” within the body might make more sense. Especially as it relates to “the negligible” and/or “acceptable levels” of certain…erm…aggregate. (le yikes…that’s a paradox eh?)

        ^Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People^

        If there is a portion of a single memory, that is…erm…”stuck” somewhere…
        Q: What does that do to the rest of the memory, and what does that in turn do to the whole?
        A: Yeah…I’m thinking primarily Vertigo here, but also Dementia, and this is gonna open a can of worms with respect to “mental disorders” that are typically attributed to less physical causes and/or more physical causes…which ever is more convenient. I guess Ockham’s Razor ain’t always such a great thing eh? Maybe that razor ain’t always applied properly. /shrug
        Yeah…I’m thinking that a single atom, or a single particle within a single atom is just as important as everything else, and if that part or particle gets stuck somewhere…it can and does affect the whole. Were this not the case, then DNA and it’s constructs/associated constructs would not be possible. But maybe that would help also explain some when and whys around when and why DNA/associated constructs are NOT possible. That should help us think more in terms of environment/environmental.
        Not that I know any of this bullshit for sure/cannot “prove” any of it.
        Speaking of which…my head hurts.
        I can’t prove that either.
        I’ll stop here.
        For now.

        ^Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug (lyrics)^

        One last think tho, and that is the heart. Nevermind the fields that our bodies generate, hearts generate, brain/head generates…the heart, I think anyway, might be…erm…a moderator of motion that acts more in unison with the brain/nerves than we give it credit for. The concepts of acclimatization and accommodation will prolly help there. A pulse is just that…diastolic/systolic…at the same time…and at different times…all at the same time.
        That should help us to tangle with the notion of "speed" better when it comes to relativity and time…because I'm about to have to delve off into vacuums to help us understand Gluons and how they work. Not that I know or anything.

        ^Cinema – Skrillex^

        Squiggles…lolz. 😉

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          1. I watched to 0:05 Clicky. That’s the lamest music I’ve EVER heard, so I turned it off. 😉
            FYI: I love electric piano.

            Meanwhile…back in Gotham…
            1. Knowing
            2. Not-Knowing

            1. Knows
            2. Doesn’t know.
            OK, so…in order to “get it”…one must know, one must not know.
            Q: If the one who knows does not teach, how can the other know?
            A: (I smell a rabbit hole)

            Those pics on that van really knocked a hole in my head. Especially that 4th from the left. I see a vacuum there. Vacuums…even. But I just saw these just a second ago. So…thinking about it now…maybe if you think more about tornadoes/tornadic motion, and let those tornadoes be both cyclonic and anti-cyclonic simultaneously and contextually…you’ll be able to see where I am seeing the vacuums. (i.e. – they are between the three “prongs” and not just/only within the lines themselves. If you are able to visualize that…then you can see energy “transfer” and or movement a little more along the lines of electricity or a lightning strike, because this is prolly where “anti-matter” is going to make more sense…but more along the lines of plasma or some other transitions/transitional states.

            What is really interesting about these shapes tho, is their implied motion(s), and how they are nested and embedded within. To me anyway, they ALL imply motion that is rotational. Almost as if they are rotating. The doodles themselves are temporary in a more visible/detectable state, but are always in motion…even when there is nothing going on.
            EX: They are all tilted. So if you think about alignments/aligning…then turn each one of those doodles to white from black…it won’t be so difficult to understand what I am about to say. (hopefully) 😉
            So if we transition an particular image from black to white, we need to move to “clear” to make this transitional shape “invisible.” But what we need to do to accurately represent this clear color…is make it grey. In this instance…grey would represent a transitional state that makes a particular instance invisible. That does not mean that it does not exist, nor that it is not still in motion. What it WOULD imply is that there is a state where nothing is moving in NOR out NOR through…a state of moree easily recognizable balance, and yet the instance itself is still in motion…even if it is not. So…think of it like a capicator that is full. A load of static, that is a big chink o’ friction just looking for a place to happen. All’s that is required is a spark. A spin. A spin that will cascade and cause other particles to also spin.

            But there’s a problem there.
            Q: Is it possible to create a vacuum within a vacuum?
            A: Yes.
            So…in my mind anyway…what I see…is an inverse vacuum of sorts, that to be honest is difficult to think about right now because of where I see these things being created. And I’m not thinking black holes, stars, or any crap like that…and I’m even having trouble placing it within high-energy machines and or constructs/proximity devices. I guess the reason I can see these in an accelerator or collider, ut am having trouble placing exactly where, is because of all of the variables that I personally include, that science seems to leave out.
            EX: The people in a control room at a facility. The amount of water in a certain toilet in a bathroom The number of towels in the kitchen area. How many people have their cellphones turned off, and how many have their cellphones turned on within a 10 mile radius. The grass, trees, insects/animals proximate to a facility…and not just during an operating period in the now. I also think…what about then? Yeah…past or future.
            Q: If an animal is walking/flying/crawling towards or away from this facility…when do you know it?
            A: Is the answer…when they come into/leave the range/scope of your security measures?
            The fact that you now know, does not mean that it wasn’t already happening…it just took you a while to catch on and/or catch up to the sequence of events that you had only considered within a certain scope as being important, and when it would be important.

            Oddly enough, this makes me think of The Yucatan impact site, prolly because I was watching something the other day about Tunguska. That got me to thinking about fracking.
            Pro Tip: My dad used to own/race a car called “Frick & Frack Racing Enterprises”…srsly.
            If Yucatan was 65 miillion years ago…and Tunguska was only 109 years ago…how long do you think that it took for “the impact crater” to actually appear? Maybe if you think in terms of ovals, add some intersecting parabolas to your thinking in both cases of “the asteroid” as well as “The Earth/Terra”, and then add some plate tectonics/continental drift in there, then consider….hang on to your hats here…cooking. Yeah…cooking. Heating a cooling. Now add earthquakes in there. That should help with the shaking and baking as to why impact craters prolly don’t form immediately, and may sometimes not form at all. If you think in terms of “because you won’t live long enough to see it start to develop”…that may help with non-Newtonian fluids and how they do what they do. So yeah, the and/or a inverse to Newton’s 3rd.

            I need some music.
            I could go for some snow too, but the below will have to do. 😉

            ^deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember [HQ]^

            The moon sure was beautiful last night. I took my glasses off, and saw six of them.
            lolz…seriously. These new glasses suck ass. They are WAY too strong, and are fucking up my vision worse than it already was.

            One last thing tho…lotta those glyphs freaked me out/are freaking me out…but that one on the far left has my attention currently. Just gonna have to wait a bit to think about it. It’s too fucking early on a goddamn Friday to be thinking about this shit.
            (I’ll get right on it) 😉

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            1. BTW, this grey state is prolly where “the flip” between Newtonian/non-Newtonian is going to happen in a more detectable/rational way. Gotta keep in mind that even the irrational is rational. Prolly a reason that this flip/these flips are so difficult to detect, and it’s prolly because we are failing to look in the correct place to find/detect them. (a mirror would be a good place…and may I also suggest a walk and/or nice conversation with another)
              Kinda ties into what we were talking about with respect to finding molecules on the other side of atoms once you zoom in to a certain level, and my contention that science is going to shit itself when this happens. Gonna be a lot of confusion there when wrestling with the notion of submicronic/subatomic molecules. Especially when and if these molecules are not in fact not submicronic/subatomic. But that’s gonna be contextual tho, because both in fact do exist.

              Interestingly enough…I was JUST thinking about nanobots yesterday…and what happens to these nanobots once they have fulfilled their purpose, and I’ll be GODDAMNED if there was not a Tweet this morning about a nanobot grabbing a sperm to fertilize an egg. I dunno if the story is true/did not look up the story itself (assuming on exists)…but I did respond to the Tweet.

              Lot’s to think about there with respect to “what happens after we fulfill our purpose(s).”
              Prolly why garbage is so popular.
              Man…can you fucking IMAGINE what it would be like to be some scientist 100,000 years in the future finally stumbling across some ancient nanobot, not knowing what it was nor where it was from, but knowing all of the trouble and troubles it caused…and being like…”YOU GOTTA BE SHITTING ME!!!”… upon discovering that it was manmade?

              K…I’m digressing now.

              ^Grouplove – “Ways to Go” [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]^

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    1. Just sayin’…but keep in mind that a van/nav is a 3-dimensional object. (I disagree with that because it forsakes time, but will forego for ease of travel through time here) 😛
      So if you look at those glyphs top down, it’ll make more sense maybe as to how they will line up on one side of the van and/or the other. But that’s not really what I am thinking about here. Earlier today as we were talking about these things, Roob mentioned something about these glyphs scrolling. I can see that, but I think what is missing, save for the Earth/Terra context, is the opposite(s) or reverse(s). Maybe think as above, so below, and maybe that will make more sense. The problem tho, is gonna be context. Something that is inverse may also be reverse…but it may not be. So yeah…context. That means application(s).
      Q: What are you doing…and/or…what are you doing with what you are doing?
      A: ?¿?
      Intents. Tents. In-tents. Intentions. In ten shuns. Eye Sea Sum Tents.
      I also see a volcano with a square cone. (lolz) Maybe it’s my thought(s) about impact craters taking MUCH longer to form that we currently think, if they indeed form at all. (at least in the way we are currently looking for them/at them.
      But yeah. It seems to me that there are going to be lots of inverses in all directions…so that’s why I think extruding these into “3-D” is gonna yield some poor results. Everything about them implies motion…so…time. Meaning: If there’s one here, and one above it, it’s prolly gonna have another one in front of it and/or behind it, and maybe even another one below it. Maybe that’s why I saw them tumbling more than scrolling. I see perhaps one being applicable on Earth/Terra…meaning, wherever we are applying it…and an associated one being applicable above it. Perhaps even below it, in front of it, behind it, etc.. They may not always line up, and I definitely see some room here for dissimilar symmetry. Meaning: standard and/or non-standard geometry. Fractals and the like, of both repeating and non-repeating varieties. But then again…who knows.

      So yeah…if you always think in a minimum of 5 dimensions, lots of shit will make more sense in these 1-dimensional representations. ESPECIALLY when you stop to think about looking at this 1-dimensional representation via the 5-dimensional looking-glass that you are occupying while looking at it, that allows you to be looking at it.
      Mix and match @ will. 😀

      A lot of that crap that we talked about today still has me kinda shaking in my boots. Especially now seeing the other side of the van, my thoughts on some potentially embedded stuff, etc.. I know I mentioned a lot of crap that caught my eye, but in spite of that, and for some reason…I keep thinking about the filler neck/gas cap.

      That’s an interesting license plate on the car next to the van in the middle pic.
      Interesting strata in the rocks too.
      That said, I guess the placement of the far left glyph on the left side is interesting as well.
      Lotta vibrations.
      Lotta sound and sounds that are prolly being overlooked here and there.
      Sounds and sounds that are always there, and me be mistakenly classified as something else.

      Back when I drew that crap that I drew myself…yeah…lots of shakes and tears then because there was a lot to see. That’s why I only drew the one and stopped. It’s extra freaky seeing these now, because I had never seen them before. I still dunno what to say really tho, nor what, if anything, I have to offer.
      (cept maybe this song) 😉

      ^Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers (Official Video)^

      Q: Who is missing from all of those photos?
      A: ¿?¿
      Hint: (they are quite well represented)

      Thanks for letting me spam up your blog Roob. ❤

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