Missive From ‘Merica: Wanna Kick Up The Batty Crease, Eh?

Happy Turd Day, Dear Reader. Here in the UK, today is 13.7…

July 13 is the 194th day of the year (195th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 171 days remaining until the end of the year. This date is slightly more likely to fall on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday (58 in 400 years each) than on Saturday or Sunday (57), and slightly less likely to occur on a Tuesday or Thursday (56).

Sew… I had a busy day yesterday. Important guests were visiting my place of work, and the day before I’d been sent to buy some consumables…

supplies receipt 13.77


… Also I had to be there extra early yesterday morning. When I put my hours worked into the spreadsheet by my employer, for accrued hours, I got a bit of of a surprise…


Roobs 1 hour and 37 mins accrued on for visit day

And if you’re wondering at all, Dear Reader, all the hard work put in during the weeks prior to yesterday’s visit paid off because it went off without hitch…


Meanwhile, Cade sent through a new missive but I was just too knackered last night for much more than a bath, a bite to eat and the obligatory ironing…


*Speak for yourself, Clicky…*

I’m going to split his ramble-shamble in half, so part ‘eh?’ is below; the second will be along later. Enjoy! 😀


Are you reading this?

Me neither…so don’t feel too bad. 🙂

It’s 02:51 AM on Wednesday July 12th, and I cannot sleep. Yes…I am aware that my sleeping problems/patterns are of no concern to you. But what if we start dating? What if we start dating and we starting sleeping together? What if we start sleeping together so much that we move into a small cottage together, or buy a camper just so we can have a place to sleep together all the time? My non-sleeping problems/patterns just became your non-sleeping problems/patterns.

Didn’t think about that…did ya?

I just ate a whole tube of Ritz crackers, and drank a big glass of iced tea sans the ice part.

Sleep is hours away if it comes at all.

BTW, that crap that I sent to Roob yesterday? It appears that I created an editing nightmare for her. But we got it all worked out, had some fun correcting some of my screwups. So yeah…fun.

^Revolting Cocks – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?^

If you run tests on someone, to determine whether or not they can pass your tests…

Q: What are the odds that the vast majority will fail?

A: ...

Fucking rofl (and yes, I am actually laughing IRL)…sorry…but this idea is so fucking stunningly stupid…it’s brilliant…yet remains ridiculously stupid. You designed this test…correct?

Q: Can you pass your own test?


So…you want someone like you?

Ever though of dating sites for your metrics instead of only your standard standarized standards?

What am I saying…of course you have thought of that.

You’ve narrowed your one, via many, and now all you have to do…is find that one…and shithammer the living fuck out of them.

Assuming that they are cooperative that is.

Good luck.
^ZZ TOP – Just Got Paid (HIGH QUALITY)^

I gotta get this nonsense out before my head pops. Not that my head has ever actually popped before, nor has my head even threatened to pop. But as I understand it, and according to the professionals, that potentiality exists, so I must be cautious under the current circumstances.

Sooooo….let’s start off at Google, and I’ll explain the rest on the way.

Google – smokers should lose custody of their kids


OMG I feel so dirty for just searching Google for that.

Let’s give Dogpile, Yahoo and Bing a whirl and see what they have to say.

Yahoo – smokers should lose custody of their kids

Bing – smokers should lose custody of their kids

Dogpile – smokers should lose custody of their kids


I feel so much better now.
^Revolting Cocks – Me So Horny^

So…let’s take that story that keeps appearing via something called The Daily Caller.

OK…so…this started via a Tweet/Re-tweet that I stumbled across on Roob’s feed last night before bed.

But the Tweet didn’t actually have a link to this story I just hunted down, just a screen capture of a tweet, or some tweets, or some such shit. I guess this is how these fucks get around the 140 character limit…but that’s a bitch-fest for another paragraph…so I’ll digress a bit.

I wasn’t going to look this fuck up on his Twitter page to try and find out if he is Tweeting stories where he is quoting having himself quoted, because that seemed a little…odd. To me it did anyway. Plus, the way the screen capture is arranged, it looks as if this uppity asshole is calling himself some nation’s top anti-tobacco lawyer, which adds a whole new dimension to this shit, since lawyers are not supposed to advertise. Maybe lawyers can advertise, and attorneys cannot. Let’s look that up too.

^April Wine – I Like To Rock Official Video^

I feel like some asshole chasing his tail.

Must be some rabbit hole around here somewhere.

This is only going to be applicable in the USA.

Sorry foreign scumbags…American scumbags only.

Dogpile – can attorneys advertise?

Legal Advertising

Legal Advertising in the United States

I started actually watching the video below, instead of just listening to the music, and I got distracted. Sorry. I kinda like legs. Not that the rest of a woman is not also impressive. But yeah…erm…where was I?


So here is what originally popped into my head upon seeing this latest smoking related Tweet…

Q: I wonder how many sides of the fence the pro-smoking/anti-smoking fucks are playing?

A: ∞++ (that's just a wild-assed guess)

And this isn’t just about tobacco companies either. Nor health organizations, nor the healthcare industry, nor government(s), nor rolling paper companies, nor cigarette filter manufacturers, nor match companies, nor lighter companies, nor chemical companies, nor transportation industries up to and including taxi drivers, etc., etc., and so on…WHEW!!! That’s a lot of shit to think about, eh?

Q: What do all of these have in common?


But yeah…anyway…the second thing that came to mind was…

Q: What if these “smokers” do not own goats?

A: ???

The next thing that popped into my head was…

Q: What if these “smokers” do not view their children as possessions to be taken away?

A: ¿¿¿

Yeah…shit had gotten real, took a turn to the surreal, then right back to real. I may have swerved back and forth a few times between real and surreal…but I wound up right back here in blah.

I don’t want to write about this shit. I don’t want to think about it. Not that I don’t like and/or enjoy thinking and writing about this shit sometimes, because sometimes I do. But that’s what scares me.

^ZZ Top – Cheap Sunglasses^

What I finally settled for in responding to this Tweet, was more along the lines of ownership. Complete and total. It has long been “the Right’s” assertion that “the Left” wants cradle to grave care for any and all. But I’m wondering…why stop there? You’ve been digging around in the womb for quite some time…so let’s go all the way. Conception-based ownership. That means patents and industry outside of life itself, on life itself.

BUT!!! That’s kinda what gives me hope. All of these things that seem to be coalescing in one direction or another? They are going to be tested.

And tested.

And tested.

I know that I am tested daily. And as shitty and snotty as this may sound, it’s the only reason that I can see that I’m being included in any of this shit at all. There is no reason that I should be included, unless I am required. That doesn’t bode well on many levels. Not such a bad thing on some others. What does that mean?

Q: Why would a complete nobody with nothing and no one…be included…in some global game…against his wishes?

A: ?¿?

Yeah…I dunno either. But I have some ideas.

^Alice In Chains – Would^


The second half of this missive will be posted up at the LoL later…

8 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Wanna Kick Up The Batty Crease, Eh?

  1. WTF
    Ok, I just read this. Parents should lose custody of their kids for smoking?! My dad smoked and I’m glad. I’m fine. I don’t smoke but I sure as hell don’t freak out about it if somebody is smoking. I’m having a moment of feeling like I’m tripping but I haven’t taken any drugs. I have a millions things I’d like to say but I”m too scattered to put it together. I can’t even say anything clever right now or something about the kitchen sync.
    My cat Fizzy keeps getting on my lap. So I move my laptop to the arm rest. Then Fizzy wants to get on the arm rest. So I move my computer back to my lap. And I’m doing a dance with a computer and a cat right now.
    I have some Thoths about this external force who likes to micromanage fucking everything from parenting to calorie intake. Perhaps I’ll try to Miss I’ve can write a blog in a bit.
    Over here in the US, companies and corporations are really into the whole “we won’t insure smokers or those who are overweight”…
    I just saw this on the Mer from so-called ee-on…
    “It is not, however, for me, and I don’t particularly care for people making decisions about my life for me without my consent and I most definitely do not consent to this.

    I think it’s impressive that all you people who have no idea who is talking to you or what you are even doing – have the bare faced cheek to speak for everyone else on this planet; in this world too. You clearly have no idea what is really going on and have not done even the most basic due diligence.

    I want no part of this alleged shift – I want my body intact, my car, my vehicle for my soul, mind and spirit and I will do whatever it takes to get what I want and I will fight you every step of the way.

    I DO NOT consent to my body being destroyed so leave it the fuck alone.

    There is no golden utopia – there never was – and if you sat down and gave it an ounce of thought you would realise that to erase everything you think of as bad/evil, etc is nonsensical.”

    Apparently this ee-on does know everything and would like the current structure to carry on with its micromanagement.

    So, WATT is happening?

    ee-ahn, ee-han
    don’t watch the whole thing, just the opening (or all or none or in-between 😉

    I want to “like” your articles but I can’t do it from my iPhone then I forget. And I mean that I really like them but I want to “like” them, too. And I don’t think I really ruined your life, puh-leez.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi MJ

      ‘I want to “like” your articles but I can’t do it from my iPhone then I forget. And I mean that I really like them but I want to “like” them, too. And I don’t think I really ruined your life, puh-leez.’

      Who’s life didn’t you ruin? Me, Cade or AEon over on Merovee?

      Liked by 1 person

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