Missive From ‘Merica: The Truth is… Sumwear? */winks…*

Following his last missive, Dear Reader, Cade the Okie Devil left a comment which Clicky insisted go up as a post of it’s own…

*Yes, yes, I know… /rolls eyes…*





I just woke up, was gonna give an early, bleary-eyed re-read, and caught your “Mysterious 137” link that I had not noticed yesterday.

(sorry I missed it yesterday) 😦

Sometimes…we fail. 😦

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Fy – Feynmanium 137, immediately caught my eye, and some tumblers fell into place.

I gave it a quick read, and some more tumblers fell into place.

1,7 prolly should have jumped out at me sooner, but they didn’t.

4(000), 8(∞), 10/1(0), 11/(1)(1) prolly should have jumped out at me sooner, but they didn’t.

I guess if I would read some of this scientific crap here and there, I’d prolly stop stumbling around, but I don’t.

Q: Cade, why do you NOT read scientific papers?

A: Too "trade" oriented. Too much commerce on both the scientific AND business/commerce sides. Too exclusive and exclusionary.

Yeah…it gets nauseating reading all of the “potential applications” and “benefits to mankind” types of crap. Especially when these types of thinking exclude everything else.

Thinking about that now, we really do ride the razor blade on what gets investigated, when, how, and by whom, don’t we?


I guess that’s the problem, or at least a problem…”a benefit to all mankind…(rubs hands together)…and we’re the sole providers of said benefits…heh heh heh!!!”…types of thinking….on all sides…from all perspectives.


EX: You are one of these “radical environmentalists” that I hear about, who is going to get away from it all and live off of the land. You buy 200 acres of land “out in the sticks” @ $1,000 an acre, at a total cost of $200,000 (not including legal fees, taxes, etc.). Coal is discovered on the surrounding plots of land, and a large company swoops in and starts buying land @ $200,000 per acre so they can start strip-mining. You now have a choice…sell your land to the company for $40,000,000, or become an island in the middle of some future barren wasteland.

Q: Why do we as individuals have to think in these terms at all?

A: I dunno either.

But chances are, that you didn’t have the mineral rights to the land you occupy anyway, so the government is prolly gonna step in, make the company pay you back your $200K + some incentive cash, then send you packing.


Yeah…137…Feynmanium 137…Gravite.

(0)Gravite(0)…would prolly be an accurate “atomic number” representation for it.

Primarily because you will be able to detect it’s presence, but nothing else.

The best way that I could represent that here in text would be…

)0( or (0) or )0) or (0(

The “(” and “)” characters are going to be your strings. Pointers…if you will.

“0” is going to be either, a Tachyon, a Neutrino, or both…which will give you your “God Particle.”

>0( or (0> or >0) or <0(

Above Is going to be another representational set. Think “strings” and/or “strings with stings”…should help.


What I personally see…is a Tachyon…erm…”creeping in” to devices like The LHC very slowly over time, as the machine itself is built. Gotta keep the mechanics of The Universe and it’s constant motion in mind here. So, in this case, let’s call this particular Tachyon “A Tachyone”…since it’s going to be a single particle of Gravite that is going to be repositioning itself over a very long period of time, undetected and undetectable, repositioning constantly with the aid of it’s part and partner particle(s)…Neutrinos.


SO!!!….once the reactor is complete….you basically have this …(0)… in the proximate position where the first “collision” will take place…even before the machine is turned on.

(Starting to think now about membranes would be a good idea)


These strings outside of our Tachyon are going to direct all kinds of particles in all kinds of directions, at all kinds of speeds and trajectories, again…even before the machine is “actually turned on.” It’s been doing this long before the first bit of ground was broken to build this machine. Now…it’s just going to be a shade more…noticeable and/or detectable.


Holy FUCK!!! I just realized how much I’ve written….sorry Roob….but you prolly get the idea of what I’ve been thinking about over the past few years…and just haven’t had the words and/or balls to come out and say it. But I’ll save my breath here…and I’ll thank you for keeping me on that 137 path. I’ve though about it a lot, just never really associated it with my [1,7], [3,6,9], [0000] sets that I use to mathematically create all other numbers via “my”…


∞ = -1 + 0 + 1 = ∞

formula…”angles and trajectories for addition and subtraction via time”








formula…”wheel of time” (there is a singular representation for this formula, but I cannot duplicate it here due to text’s limitations).


Yeah…these are both quasi-linear representations, 7 dimensional models that work together to calculate and estimate time based on models that themselves are constantly in motion. They never exclude time because they are dependent on time to function, but they can appear static due to the length of time that they can calculate and the numbers that they can generate…both staggeringly massive and staggeringly missive 😉


So yeah…thanks for the link to the Feynman/137 crap. ❤

^The Prodigy – Out Of Space (Official Video)^


There you go, Dear Reader, Cade’s comment with Clicky’s added vitamin K…


*’K… /hears knock… Ooh dinner! Clicky, Song… /gets up to answer door…*

2 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: The Truth is… Sumwear? */winks…*

  1. If tachyons move backwards through time (not sure if that’s still current theory) then the machine could have created that point sometime in the future, and it would be there before the machine was turned on. In effect, the experiment worked before it was started!

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    1. Yes, I agree, and that’s kinda what I see. I see “Gravite” as equal parts Neutrinos and Tachyon. That’s not a typo with the plural on Neutrinos, because I see two parts to these particles and not one. So yeah, three in total, that make one.

      Not trying be dismissive, but there’s more to it than that…but not always. And by that, I simply mean that I am also trying to look at matter in less conventional states as well as conventional states, instead of by element type alone/standardly accepted behavior. Those rules are going out the window because of the tinkering that is going on, and they are only going to stand for as long as they do.
      EX: The element Lithium traveling at speeds in excess of the speed of light, around that which is equal to “The FM Band” of radio or some of the higher FM bands used by aviation.
      C x 93.3
      C x 108.0
      The question I ask myself is…
      Q: Would Lithium appear as Lithium, or as an isotope?
      A: ?¿?
      Not matter how minute or massive “the energy” or “the energies” appear around some of these elements in various states, there is an equality to the size and or amount. It just may be that the strings containing this energy for a particular element or particle in a certain state is wrapped around our entire solar system 500,000 times. Yes, and I mean for a single atom of an element. The seems to provide for information retention in ways that we never have imagined possible. There’s also some things to think about with respect to longivity of Solar Systems and their parts, as I’ve suggested that suns/stars can actually be sustained infinitely and perhaps even eternally. Granted, this star may pass through many states during that time, and basically have many lives…but it helps get around “the cosmic shooting gallery” theory as if this is something that itself is ALWAYS present and or ALWAYS a factor or even ALWAYS NOT a factor in certain areas. “The Goldilocks Zone(s)” would be a good example.

      So yeah…basically, just because an Ion or Isotope or certain element emits “this much energy here” under these conditions, and “that much energy there” under those conditions, does not mean that the state itself is somehow reflective of how much energy that part or particle actually has associated with it.

      Maybe think of all of the energy for a particular particle stretched along the length of a bullship.
      When you act on rolling that bullwhip, all of that energy is transfered to that single point of “SNAP!” when the energy and energies coalesce at the point where the part or particle actually exists.
      Except that…in this demonstration, when the “SNAP!” happens…the bullwhip disappears completely.
      Maybe think of a single atom at the end of the bullwhip is going to act as conduit for all of the energy contained in the string and sting attached to it, under the circumstances described above.
      There are actually multiple conduits and pathways to think about there.
      The observer/participants and time and times are biggies that most may not normally think about.
      Intent and intentions are other things to consider.

      I just think that there is much more to membranes and vibration than they are given credit for currently. ESPECIALLY when you start thinking about, and adding….color and colors. 🙂 (Thanks Roob)

      Thanks for rattling my brain LegIron. 🙂
      Your interest in biology keeps my brain leaning in directions that it normally would not have inclined to along more scientific paths, had our paths not crossed.

      ^Bedrock – Forge (Fretwell Remix)^

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