A Ten Shun! Wait For It…

Decimation (Latin: decimatiodecem = “ten”) was a form of military discipline used by senior commanders in the Roman Army to punish units or large groups guilty of capital offences, such as mutiny or desertion. The word decimation is derived from Latin meaning “removal of a tenth”. The procedure was a pragmatic attempt to balance the need to punish serious offences with the realities of managing a large group of offenders.

In two days, it will be the 10th anniversary of the UK ban on smoking in enclosed spaces and the Guardian wants us to share…

guardian wants views on smoking ban

*They can fuck RIGHT off, Clicky… /lights up… They and the rest of the wanky MSM have been poxy cheerleaders for Tobacco Control and their crackpot, fear-mongering ideas…*

I’m not inclined to give the Guardian much of anything; I’d much rather share with you, Dear Reader…

‘Tell us a little more about your relationship with smoking’

Been there, done that

got the tshirt


‘Please tell us about your memories of the smoking ban in 2007’

It passed me by, I am ashamed to say. I didn’t really go to pubs, except for work, entertaining clients, so I didn’t twig at the time as to just how draconian it would turn out…

*Oh come on, Clicky! Who fucking watches adverts? …/puffs…*

‘What impact has the ban had on you in the years that have passed since?’

Let’s see… */thinks…* Thoughtful Man’s business suffered badly as our town’s nightlife dwindled, so… financially poorer. I fell out with my Boss over the ban and eventually had to leave my job… */sigh…* Yeah, definitely poorer. Butt… I discovered the Internet, oh, and I joined I.S.I.S… Which is somewhat ironic

‘How do you feel about the ban now, in 2017?’

Apart from the unshakable feeling that though the War was won, the battle had just begun..? I can only imagine the Romans would dream of being as ruthlessly effective as the Tobacco Control Terrorists… Decimation? Try 1 in 5

*Bitter sweet, Clicky, defo…*

1st July 2007…

July 1st 2007

And today…

Isis falls

Mosul children celebrate fall of Isis.png

Dear Reader… */lights up…* Have a Song…

14 thoughts on “A Ten Shun! Wait For It…

  1. Great read Roob. Too bad you had to write it.
    And by that, I mean…what if? What would your article look like today…if there were never a smoking ban.
    Isn’t that the point of whatever this smoking ban was supposed to achieve?
    To answer the question and questions of…”What If?”
    Some sort of milestone for certain people to look back in time and say “Look What We Have Achieved!”
    Sounds almost like something someone might say right before grazing an unseen iceberg in the dark.

    Maybe that’s a problem with thinking along the lines of telling others what to do.
    It creates a situation to where “normal life” is almost…non-existent.
    Like a signpost in the middle of a busy street, that is completely unrelated to any of the current goings on in and around this street.
    “Trouble Ahead” or something like that.
    Nevermind the chaos the physical sign itself causes.

    The past…is dark.
    The future…is dark.
    Only the now is illuminated.
    It’s all we have…and it’s all we’ll ever have.
    The rest is crap just waiting to be added or subtracted somewhere in route.
    Subtract from the present in such a way as to cause it to darken as well…and suddenly, that “bright future” that everyone is always talking about…becomes a train.
    Just my opinion tho.

    All that said….I’m happy that I am here today to read your article.
    I’m glad that it, and you, exist…irrespective of my feelings regarding its contents.

    ^Steril – No Remission^

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    1. Thanks Cade ❤

      You know, I do fully realise that without the smoking ban, there would probably be no Roobeedoo2…

      *Dunno, Clicky, I stole you off of Dumey – you’ll have to ask H.K. Hillman…*

      I would not have missed making all the friends I have made as a result, not for all the tea in China… BUTT… Tobacco Control have had a good run; their time is up. Enough…


  2. If there had never been a smoking ban, Frank Davis might never have started blogging and most of the rest of us would have run out of stuff to get ranty about by now 😉

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  3. Roob the smo king ban and the death of the goddess….. burnt out candle in the wind..

    relight the cu ban missile cry isis

    bring back the Bonnie Barrow gang…the Dead Rabbits…the outlaws….no more inlaws…

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