Post Election Shambles

Well, that went well…

Thoughtful Man and I stayed up all night to watch the Election results. We had popcorn…

Dear Reader, if you are unaware of how the night unfolded…

*Clicky, if you wouldn’t mind… /draws on cigarette…*

*Nice! Drawing Dear Reader a picture …/pats snout…*

Highlights for me included, ‘plain‘ Jane Ellison getting the boot

*No, Clicky… SWEET!… /blows out smoke ring… I worked under her at John Lewis… /picks at nail… You would have thought she’d have had more of an ear for the valid concerns of retailers…*

… As well as children’s Liar in Chief, Nick Clegg, who actually equated lifting the smoking ban to reintroducing the death penalty…

*Talk about getting slung out on your tin ear, Clicky…*

…And finally, the removal of that stubborn slick stain, Alex Salmond…

*/takes biscuit… And the generally good job the Scots did on pruning back the Scottish Nannying Party, Clicky… /eats biscuit…*

I did feel a little sadness for the total demolition job done on UKIP

*/shrugs… Having got the Brexit result they wanted, against the odds I might add, who’s terrible idea was it to jettison their one remaining USP, eh Clicky?*

*Yeah, I’ve had quite enough of that… *

Hopefully, we’ll have a new missive from Cade over the weekend, Dear Reader. But until then… Have a Song…



12 thoughts on “Post Election Shambles

  1. I am still in shock. Never did I get anything quite so wrong. But then I hoped, you see.
    I left the failing shores of my lovely Country twenty five years ago because I could no longer cope with the decline. And there wasn’t a Jihadist in sight in those days. Just a bunch of ruling thugs.
    It now seems all so inevitable.

    Thank Christ I don’t even understand what is going on. I won’t be renewing my British Passport when it runs out this year. Why would I pay in excess of 100 Pounds for something I will never use?

    I am so very sorry about this.

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