Missive From ‘Merica: Splitting Apols! (1)

We have a new missive from The Okie Devil for you now, Dear Reader. I’ve split it into two postings because…


*Well yes, Clicky, I can…*

On a synchromystic side note, I see Deadmau5 has released a new tune today… And just a couple of days after this



Apple Computers has announced that it is introducing their latest offering in the Quantum Computing market. Unlike ordinary computers, users can now immerse themselves in the total experience of the virtual world while IRL in the real world.

The computers are called Everything Depends, or ED, and is sure to be a hit with fans who are already lining up in large numbers to be the first kid on their block with one for the summer. The new offering even has a built in customer support interface, where users can attempt to fix any issues themselves and seek assistance from Apool’s customer support, both at the same time (pictured above).

Apull spokesperson Corine Burns-Towlpleez said,

“We are please to present this new offering at a time when the endless-upgrades market and its growth-based projections has all but dried up, and think that users will really be able to get into this new wave of directly interfacing with complete strangers who want to know every single detail about everything in order to better serve their and/or our needs.”

The timing of this “summer release” is not without its critics among Apol! users looking to jump into the sandwagon. Especially those in foreign markets that will have to wait for winter for it to be be summer. But computing behemoth states that it has intentionally scheduled their release so as to be able to be meet global production demands across the board. “Once users see how many floating-point operations this baby can do at the same time, they’re gonna want to dive right in with the rest of us. You be surfing The Web almost like actually surfing and surfing The Web at the same time,” said Apool Senior Engineer Lee Quid.

One Apull user amongst the many we randomly canvassed for a decent usable soundbyte summed it up perfectly for the ending of this segment…

“It’s Divine.”

^Jay De Lys – Moschino Boy (Original Mix)^

This is the kind of thing that I normally would not do/would not point out…but I’m gonna do just that for the reasons that I am. And even tho the chances of him ever reading this is just about nil, I’m going to go ahead and apologize to Jarred Harris right here.

I watched Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows 5x over the long weekend. And during one of those viewings, I noticed that Jarred Harris, who plays Moriarty in the film, appears to have an “M” in his forehead/just above and between the eyes. So…dude…why would you “point out something that you normally wouldn’t point out?” Welp…let’s start with why I normally wouldn’t, seeing as how I already have pointed out what I wouldn’t have normally pointed out (The “M” reference).

Jarred Harris is a real person. He is who he is. And like most people, some things he can change, and some he cannot. That said, I’m a fan of Guy Ritchie and his films, and know a little bit about him and his methods and messages via his films. I have done some reading about the only film of his that I have not seen…”Revolver”. So, seeing the importance and prominence of the letter “M” within the film itself, I cannot help but wonder if Ritchie didn’t catch this “synchronistic irony” during the casting process.

I don’t watch much “making of” clips these days, but there were three shorts on the production process of Game of Shadows on the DVD. Interestingly enough, there was a clip where they were talking to Ritchie about the casting process for the Moriarty character, and the difficulties they encountered in finding and selecting one. Ritchie stumbled around a bit during the interview as to their choosing of Jarred Harris and why they chose him, but I cannot help but wonder if Ritchie, and prolly others, didn’t notice the same thing (up to, and including, Harris himself).

^An artist measures her face inch-by-inch. 3 weeks later, it’s a stunning masterpiece.^

Gotta keep in mind that filmmakers are very observant people. Hell….people who aren’t filmmakers are very observant people…but I digress.

With that in mind, there seems to be nagging question of “do you find synchronicity/synchronicities, or do they find you?”

A: Yes

Anyway, it seems to me that when you leave one or the other out in either situation, you are leaving yourself out, even if you are including yourself in. But even the previous sentence/thought is contradictory and laced with ironies. So the thought is prolly gonna be “why me?”

I dunno.

/me shrugs

“Sense” seems to be made when it is made, and not prior to that point. Some of those focuses and focusing operate in different times at different speeds that are sometimes perceptible as such to the observer(s) and participant(s). Gotta keep in mind tho that time is a flow of times within the flow of time. Maybe that will help you better deal with the concept of “speed” contextually when it slows and/or accelerates.

In our time and times as of 2017, it seems that time speeds up and slows down damn near simultaneously all the time thanks to our gadgetry and gizmos. But I think that our comfort level with these things is not quite what we tell ourselves that it is.

EX: When shit gets all kinds of sideways in your life, and shit is flying at you as if you were in the middle of a tornado traversing a used-toilet store…stop for a second and think about where you are. Where you really are.

Now…think about someone who you do not know, but you know where they might be. Say…some sparsely populated South Pacific island perhaps. Now think about their life and what they are doing at that very moment. What they might be doing now.

Is the sun up where they are?

Is it Winter or Summer where they are?

Or Spring?

Or Fall?

Do they even have “Fall” in the South Pacific?

Are they asleep?


Eating dinner?

Eating breakfast?

Getting freaky in hula-skirts?

See how easy that is?
^Yello – The Expert (Full High Definition Video) Najlepsza Jakość ! Czysty głos!^

Not so easy you say? Now you wanna be anywhere in the world except where you currently are? Welp, that weren’t the point of dis exercise, but it’s OK to feel however you feel. That said, don’t try and put yourself in their environment outside of trying to empathize with their current plight as it relates to yours, and when. Cause like…if you are at work now, and all you can think about currently is getting home so you can dressed up, go out, get drunk, and hopefully get laid…you’ll be doing that soon enough…if you get lucky anyway. 😉

But yeah, it’s about trying to put yourself in more of a helper role. Don’t keep singling yourself out because of your own plight and current dissatisfaction with it….it’s limiting. Leave yourself where you are, but also try and imagine yourself where they are, but at their side trying to assist them in any endeavors they are trying to accomplish. Almost like rooting on a complete stranger from a distance. Everyone needs fans. Even me. I need some case fans for my computer. Actually, I already have them…just need to get off my fat ass and install them.

^dEpEchE modE- Just Can’t Get Enough (Schizo Mix)^

I can prolly comment on just about anything and everything. But the comment that most have trouble dealing with? Yeah…not having one. Or, just choosing not to espouse it/not making a comment. I mean, isn’t that comment enough sometimes? Not that I need any motivation or encouragement to run my mouth incessantly.

^Daft Punk – Around The World^

I relayed what might be considered a rather bold statement to someone recently, and this comment was in regard to the movie Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows…which I called “The Gone With The Wind for our generation.”



Cade opines about Games of Shadows to Roob

A quip like that is prolly gonna cause some guffaws, but this movie is fucking HUGE! It addresses our own Civil War and Civil Wars, and does so via another time whose effects are still rippling via and through our own time. Commercialism is gonna be a popular word to associate with that thought. Especially as it applies to the commercialization of government. And I’m not talking about private business incorporated with government by assuming the functions of government under whatever auspices and context they assume them under…I’m talking about advertising.

Yep, advertising government and its very existence, via all kinds of mediums using all kinds of methods, up to, and including, the unkind kind. Hell, Twitter would prolly have to close-up shop if people weren’t yelling at each other over whatever bullshit “latest development” they are yelling about. And not that I mind this yelling per se. But I really don’t give a shit how much a jacket that the First Lady Melania Trump is wearing cost. It’s hers. She bought it. Who cares? If you have $200 set aside to spend on a jacket, are you gonna buy a $20 jacket and donate the rest of the money to UNICEF? I doubt it. So what’s the big fucking deal?

Welp…government and advertising. Not that I am recommending subversion. But if you don’t stop to consider how cool it is to have the opportunity of having the honor of “being blocked on Twitter by The President of The United States”…and then going on to bitch about this publicly using the same medium?

Yeah…interesting times. I used to have to write letters if I wanted to talk to The President. It took months and sometimes years to get a response, assuming you got one at all.

^Gary Beck – Say What (Adam Beyer Remix) [SAVED RECORDS]^

Yep…a lot of cool themes addressed in this movie. Not saying that the bad stuff addressed is cool. But the manner in which these issues are addressed…is cool. Some might say that this layering would be “Hollywood’s” overt attempt at subversion in indoctrinating our children.

/me rolls eyes

Got news for ya pal and pal-ettes, we are motherfucking STEEPED in currency with respect to our situation(s)…meaning we are current and up to date on the conditions of the pool in the deep end. And much like the earthquake pool at the top, “the deep end” depends on your time-based perspective in a changing environment, as sometimes…under the right circumstances…the shallow end can become the deep end real fucking quick.

Everything Depends on context.




What “will” you do?

What was your reason for?

Or after?

Did anything change?


According to whom?

^Goldfrapp – Systemagic (Official Video)^

I’m just guessing here, but it seems to me that the personal computer may be replacing the silver screen and television with respect to channeling fear(s). Or maybe just augmenting it. Prolly much the way that movies replaced and then augmented stage/live theatre, and television later replaced and then augmented movies. So I can understand the prevalence of invasiveness. But there’s nothing written that says you must own a computer and/or television. And you prolly also make your own decisions as whether or not you attend theatres of any kind.

Thinking in this vein, it’s almost like a reverse “getting shit for free” angle with respect to privacy and data harvesting. One of the prevailing notions is that of obtaining free energy. Welp, it seems to me that we’ve been obtaining free energy for the entire written record of recorded history. Just…someone somewhere along the line found a whole shitload of it, had more than they could ever use, and started selling it to others so that they didn’t have to do the work themselves when in need of energy in that form.

If you’ve never seen the documentary called “I AM” by filmmaker Tom Shadyac, he addresses this same concept/principle. But you have to keep some contexts in mind when thinking about wealth distribution. Primarily the thought that the wealth has already been distributed, it’s all in what we do with it from there. We already have everything there is…now we just gotta decide what to do with it.

Yeah…no really much to think about there. I don’t have jack shit cept for what I do, and I’m not sure what I else I really need other than those things that I do need. There’s a few things that I want as well, but I have no idea how to get them…so I must not need them.


It’s a good flick. Hell, a great flick. But then again, I’ve traveled a path that is similar in many ways to that of the filmmaker, so I would prolly be expected to like the film. irrespective, definitely worth a watch.

^I Am | trailer US (2011)^

The trailer above stresses the following…

Q: What is wrong with the world, and what can we do about it?

I have a question my very own self…

Q: What if there is nothing wrong with the world?

A: Kinda works its own self out, eh?

Not trying to spoil the flick, but I recall the filmmaker finding a similar answer during the course of his journey via a question that he might not have even thought to ask.

If you look for something…you will find it.

^deadmau5 – Errors in my head^

Last night, I wrote a crazy-assed story that you may or may not have read by now. It was inspired simply by scrolling through some tweets on Twitter, and noticing one about the final game being played later that evening for The Stanley Cup Finals. The person who Tweeted it was saying something to the effect of “Go Pens” or something like that, which I found strange seeing as how this person appears to live in Texas somewhere. Not that we are still strangers to ice hockey here in Texas, nor that everyone in Texas who follows professional hockey should be a Stars fan because they are the only pro team in the entire state, but it did get me to thinking.

The first thing that I thought about was Conference Loyalty. It’s very prevalent in professional football between the AFC and NFC, but I don’t know enough about professional hockey in The US to even know if they have divisions. Checked the NHL website, and they do indeed have divisions/conferences…cleverly enough…Eastern and Western. Dallas is in the Western, and Pittsburg in the Eastern, so I guess it could be that if they hate the Dallas Stars. But prolly just a Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

But anyway…yeah…that’s the kind of crap I started thinking about, and then I started thinking about the nuttiness of professional sports, then I started thinking about the nuttiness of professional sports fans…so…I got as nutty as possible with the story. “Extreme Sports” are not really necessary for there to be extreme circumstances within a sport. But if you expect everything within a certain realm to stay exactly as it is via as it was in order to better order and manage, while at the same time that you also expect growth? Maybe you are asking too much.

Suggestion: Indestructible Immortal Robots...it's the only way to be sure.
^Raven – On And On 1985^

I wonder how you would like…check up on your Indestructible Immortal Robot to see how it’s coming along? I’ve mentioned before, that without a hell of an extended warranty plan, and one bad-assed customer support team? Yeah…you could leave a thinking hunk of metal stranded somewhere for a long-assed time if something breaks. It’d prolly be pretty fucking pissed-off when you finally somehow showed up to check on them.

Just sayin.
^Nitzer Ebb – Never Known^

Thinking like that tho is prolly why I think the concept of “The Three Laws of Robotics” will fail. Especially as it relates to the individual laws themselves and their linear nature/linear looping nature that completely omits the whole of the concept itself. Very…erm…dictatorial. Needs more choice. Even if that choice is not to implement these “laws” at all. Governance is not about assurance.

In my mind, it’s more about assurances and assuring. It allows things to develop. Less singular in a more singular way. Flowy. Fuzzy. Which in and of themselves are quite rigid in their flowy fuzzy flow. Dunno…I gots no answers, and no one is asking anything anyway…so…yeah or something.

^Meshuggah on Shovel^




Doo come back and check out Part 2…


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