For Thou Art…

It was only on MEROVEE this morning that I learnt that the Grand National was being run today, Dear Reader…

*The Year I was born, Clicky… 50 years… /sigh… A rank outsider, who’d of thunk it?*

I had no idea of what horses were running this year so I decided to take a look

*Knot easy, Clicky! So many names… And you know how I like turning handles…*

I’d decided I’d pick three horses and a £1 each way bet would be placed on each. The first would be the rank outsider, for Foinavon…

La Vaticane

*Finished 15th, Click… Hooray for pipe…*

Smoking Pipe Data

The second horse I selected because it sounds like a blue Roobee 😉 Red Frank had recently posted ‘Blue Origin‘…

Saphir Du Rheu

*Yeah, unseated the rider Twiston-Davies… Blue Frank has a ‘twist on‘ today, Clicky… Hmm, I hope he’s right…*

My third choice for the race was immediately obvious (to me, but maybe to you, too, Dear Reader, you’ve employed your own ‘Clicky’ thus far in this post); however, there was another, specific reason for me choosing it… And that was The Okie Devil, Cade. Earlier this week I’d sent him my favourite philosopher quote…

Roobee send Cade her favourite philosophical quote

Arthur Schopenhauer The difference between talent and genius

…Sew, my third choice was obvious in a synchromystical sense…

One For Arthur

*Yes! …/punches air… I picked the winner! Shame Thoughtful Man took 12/1 at the bookies… /sigh… You know, Grandad S was called Arthur, Clicky… My name’s in there, too…*

If you’ve never heard of Arthur Schopenhauer before, Dear Reader, hear is an overview…

*/squawks with laughter… The local kids called his dog Mrs Schopenhauer…*

After the stake money was subtracted, I ended up with a small profit, which Thoughtful Man just delivered home in the form of battered sausage and chips… Yum!

battered sausage

*/rolls eyes… You’re quite the Sauce Age fiend, Clicky…*

Have a pleasant Saturday evening, Dear Reader… And have a Song 😉


7 thoughts on “For Thou Art…

  1. Well done for taking the bookies for a ride.

    Will you quit whilst you’re ahead; or succumb to further temptations?

    PS ….. Have you ever seen a poor bookie?

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  2. “Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see: a bloody good salesman hits target year after year”

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  3. Roob

    As a mother of two boys, it could make your life even more bizarre than it is at the moment.


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