Missive From ‘Merica : A Seismic Vermiform

Good News, Dear Reader! There will be an Underdog Easter Anthology.

Bad News, Dear Reader! I will be submitting a story or two… 😉

*/chortles… I can’t believe The Blocked Dwarf thought I was a bloke either, Clicky…*

Extra Good News!

Cade has sent us another missive…

*Okay then, Clicky, I’ll leave this in your capable, um, fins… /picks up lighter… I’m off to go do some work on my first story… /sighs… It needs sumthing… Oh and don’t forget to end on a Song… /pats snout…*

Dear Reader, Enjoy! ❤



^I Wanted Be^

Cade: So…where do we start?
X: …
0: I dunno. Where do you want to start?
Z: Don’t start with me.
Cade: K. We’ll start there.
T: Where?
Cade: There?
B: Which one.
Cade: I don’t fucking know…pick one!
B: <closes eyes and points randomly, while covering eyes with other hand>
Cade: BINGO!!! Nice choice. (What is it btw?)
Cade: Ah. Siriusly?
X: Maybe.
0: May I?
Cade: May you what?
0: Choose.
Cade: Ain’t nothing stopping ya.
0: <imitates “B” while restraining smirk>
Cade: AH HA! South! The Stars in the Southern Sky eh?
Z: Isn’t that a line from a song or something?
Cade: You mean…you don’t know?
Z: You coulda just…played along.
Cade: “There…are stars…in the southern sky.”
X: Who sung that?
Cade: The group “Alabama?”
T: And how do you know that?
Cade: I was born in part of “Redneck Central?”
0: Go ahead and mention the rest of “the sky.”
Cade: K…um…aren’t there stars every fucking where?
X: Haven’t looked lately.
Cade: Your 360°/360°/360°/Times-Times-Times + Time goggles malfunctioning?
X: Yeah. Googling me a new pair right now.
Cade: Why not just have the old pair repaired?
X: Hadn’t thought of that.
Cade: I dunno…your choice mang/mangette or whatever. Maybe it’s time for a new pair.
X: …
Cade: lolz…sry…just…dunno what to say here.
Z: How’d that “paper signing” go today?
Cade: Well. The Notary was nice, no fees, in and out.
A: Kinda like…
Z: …your marriage?
Cade: Not really. We talked a bit before hand. We’re good.
X: …
Cade: Yep. The end…it’s always…whatever it is.
X: The start of something new?
Cade: I dunno. I mean…yeah…but I have no idea what that is.
Z: …I might…have…some ideas.
Cade: Cool. Can’t wait to hear them.
Z: Oh yeah you can.
Cade: lolz…sounds…ominous.
Z: Not meant that way….maybe. 😉
Cade: Good enough.
Z: …
^Mango – Sayonara (Original Mix)^
Cade: So now what?
X: You aren’t gonna make this “an all conversation(s) post” are you?
Cade: Thought about it…but now? No. I remembered what Roob does to these things, and I don’t want her to have to spend a month of her time editing some mental masturbation exercise of mine, just because it sounded like a good idea.
X: Do you need a paper towel?
Cade: It would appear not.
X: I meant…for the tears.
Cade: Those will come when, and if, they come.
X: …
Z: Don’t look at me for answers.
Cade: Just thought I would give everyone/anyone a chance at that one.
0: I’ll bite.
Cade: 😉…well played.
0: Thank you.
T: I have a question.
Cade: Shoot.
T: Do you really think that people who read this, think…that you actually cry?
Cade: You mean, over the divorce?
T: Yep.
Cade: I’m just talking. Not asking anyone to believe anything.
X: Realness?
Cade: It’s as good as anything I guess.
Z: You figure…
Cade: …I figure if I’m honest inwardly, I can be honest outwardly.
X: Reduces the chance of judgements?
Cade: Maybe. I’ve just thought of it like that. But…it sounds…sound.
Z: If someone needed to hear anything that you had to say…
Cade: …that’s…pretty good actually. Maybe…
B: An…essence…of…synchronicity.
Cade: The ID, and the EGO…in action.
X: You got it.
Z: Sounds…close enough anyway.
0: I’m…not so…sure.
Cade: And why would you be…”sure.”
0: Wanna test that?
Cade: Maybe.
0: hmmmm….
X: What was that movie that you just watched?
L: It was called “Constantine.”
Cade: Correct.
K: And wasn’t he in a comic book that you read?
Cade: Swamp Thing.
K: Ah yes…that’s the one. Your daughter checked that out from the library correct?
Cade: If memory serves. (which…it does)
0: Correct on all counts.
Cade: Wow. 1…by my count anyway.
Cade: Fair enough.
0: …
^Pryda – Melo (Original Mix)^

So yeah…it’s 15:09PM here in this part of the world, and I just got back from the bank where I signed the proper papers from the divorce decree, and had them notarized.

I had some really bad dreams last night. I don’t usually talk about my dreams, but in this one of many that I had last night, I was being controlled against my will…and there was nothing that I could do about it. I won’t go into the details, but it involved being pushed into a jet engine intake, while the engine was running, and then that jet engine was then swallowed by a black hole. All of time and space was already distorted and warping, and was further warping as the jet engine both started to tear my body apart, as it itself was in turn torn apart by the black hole.

However, I was not afraid.

I was angry…furious…even. There was nothing that I could do to stop the unseen force who held me in place until the jet engine started to devour me, nor was there anything that I could do to keep the engine from either devouring me…nor to prevent the jet engine itself from being devoured by the black hole. Matter bent and warped as my fury soared in rebellion against any and all forces that had forced me to be where I did not want to be. But I was at peace. Even in my fury at it’s most furious…I was at peace. None of the forces that sought to destroy me succeeded…and they themselves were consumed by their own purpose and purposes, and I saved by mine. And what purpose and purposes were those of mine which saved me?

No purpose. No purposes.
^Solarity – Terminal 6 (Original Mix)^

I can still see the colors that were painted on the jet engine swirling and melding together, as the jet engine’s own power was overcome by an even greater force and forces of the black hole. Almost as if that “unseen force” that had originally forced me into that particular position, was stronger still than even the black hole itself. And that…for whatever reason…this was no more than a test of my resolve.

Q: Am I really ready to stare down the bull again, and why?

A: I have no answer for this, other than perhaps…”because it needs to be done.”

As to the hows and whys? Not important to me, unless and until it is. When and if that time comes, I want to be myself…period. That’s what I would think…that tests and testing would and or should, be all about. A selfish selfless act. But it must…be real.

^Mango + Kazusa – Asphalt Lines (Original Mix)^

So I got into a discussion over at Hugo’s blog because I felt it necessary, and it appears that so did they. With respect to myself…I find it ironic that someone has to tell another…”I usually don’t talk.” Because if you read any of my bullshit, you’re prolly operating under the assumption that I never shut the fuck up.

Well…partially…you’d be right. I almost never shutup in my own head. Lotta shit swirling around in there. Stormy…even.

X: …dunno if I’d go so far as to say that there is anything at all up there…but…proceed…

Lolz…anyway…yeah….it keeps me sane.

Yep…you heard that correctly…it keeps me sane.

I’ve tried meditation. And sometimes, I can do it quasi-OK. But we ask a lot of ourselves in our times. We always tell ourselves that “5 minutes is not enough” or “we gotta try harder to do more”…and others are sometimes more than happy to oblige us with additional inspiration urgings, suggestions and caveats. And not that suggestions are a bad thing. Just…don’t get pissed at me because I ain’t doing my shit…your way. You wanna advise? Do it with me. Then we can watch each other’s techniques in a more practical way, and see what works, what doesn’t and why. Maybe even make some modifications to your and/or my techniques as we see fit…together.

^Stress (Original)^

So yeah…after some lengthy exchanges…I arrived at this…

Q: What is the source of my inspiration?

A: *.*

Or…all. Some things we may need more inspiration than others to stay away from. Such as, staying away from the movie “Jaws” for at least 6-months prior to planning a vacation to the beach. Or avoiding the movie “Titanic” just prior to sailing on a 7 day/6 night cruise of the North Atlantic. However, you might want to consider making a point in watching the movie “Airplane” just prior to heading out to the airport to get on an airplane these days. It may be educational in dealing with the circus you will participate in prior to the aircraft’s takeoff.

^The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (OFFICIAL VIDEO)^
How to Prevent and Treat Chigger Bites
Finnegans Wake
Model Organism
Head Louse
Body Louse
Crab Louse
Parasitism (Redirected from Parasite)
Parasitic Castration
Crus of Clitoris
Erectile Tissue
Autonomic Nervous System
Golgi Tendon Reflex
Stretch Reflex
Jaw Jerk Reflex
Pharyngeal Reflex (Redirected from Gag Reflex)
Sensory Neuron
Muscle Spindle

So yeah…the bullshit about heat conducting materials in my previous whatever really has had my mind spinning. Not only thinking about body temperature regulation, but also the fact that since many of these heat conducting materials are crystalline, they prolly also conduct electricity in ways that we may not be aware of yet. And thinking about that even further, what about these metallic and or all metal or even resin-based composites that may not have much if any crystalline components… but they, thanks to scientific discovery and changes in manufacturing…have crystalline structures? I mean…do ya think that sometimes…just maybe…that even nature herself get’s a little…confused as to how to handle a pathway that appears to be there…but isn’t?

Just sayin.
^The Judys – Grass is Greener^

But but but…Cade…you uppity asshole…that is the whole point! Energy and energies are directed to and around these things! It helps to conduct heat and electricity better?


Trying to … speed things up … by slowing them down?

Bernoulli’s Principle on the micro level and/or a more finite understanding of how it works/how to harness/manipulate it?

Hmmm…so…efficiency, at the expense of efficiency?

Where do that lectricty and heats goes?



Cause that don’t sound like balance to me. And I’ve seen both balance and imbalance in the micro and macro…and when and where balance and imbalance are out of whack…and it ain’t pretty. As a matter of fact…it’s confusing as shit. You begin to think that you are seeing things that you in fact, are not seeing.

BOLD! You might say.

Not really.

Think membranes and veils? And suddenly, you’ll maybe be able to see why you are seeing what you are seeing, and why you are not seeing what you are not seeing.

EX: My assertion that protons are NOT in fact, colliding at all. That the energy and energies that you are seeing, are actually a coalescing of energy and energies, that have been coming together for a very long time, in anticipation of the goings on at accelerators, colliders, and in other forms of nuclear and microscopic testing that is currently going on in all kinds of places.

^Ministry – You Know What You Are^

Tachyons? Traveling backwards in time? But what about…when they are going forwards in time? Ever think about that? Impossible? Why? They have but one constant state…change. They do not work alone. I mean…how else would something be able to travel backwards in time? And to bend your brain a little further…what if they travel not only backwards in time, but also forwards in time, and even…forwards and backwards in time, both at the same time…from right fucking here in the present. Speed…it ain’t just an illegal different form/formula of caffeine. And jokes and joking aside…it ain’t what you think it is. At least, not only that.

^Gold Panda – You^

BTW, I need a car. I want you to give me yours. I’ll be over 5 minutes ago to pick it up.

Just kidding.

You prolly drive a sucky car.

I don’t drive a sucky car.

I don’t own a car at all.

But prolly, neither do you.

Prolly a lease.

Q: Where in the fuck do all of these lease cars go after sitting on these vast lots in the middle of nowhere for God knows how long?

A: ¿Charity?

^Clams Casino – I’m God R.I.P David Higgs^

I know…I’m just bitter and angry because I went and signed the divorce papers today.


Mystery = SOLVED! Next!

^Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe [OFFICIAL VIDEO]^

AH HA!!! A question for me via the Whatever However Hotline!!! And this one is coming from…the future!!!

Q: So Cade, if you are so hip to these particles and matter and energy, and the time and times that they operate from, to, in, and through…how come you cannot see the future?

A: I can.

Yep..srsly…or ya rly…or whatever floats yer boat.

However, I have no interest in the future. Not in the way that most want to see it. I am MUCH more interested in the past, than I am the future. I don’t think that the past repeats itself like most seem to equate the future. I think the future is just as fuzzy as the past can be. But there is prolly some rhyme and reason to that. I mean…assuming that there is rhyme and/or reason to anything. But yeah…the past…fuzzier than even the future. Helps keep “the future” more in the “a future” kinda mode. Which helps “the past” be “a past” and/or…”a past” be “the past.” I am of the opinion that we tend to be VERY harsh and willy-nilly with the past…cavalier even. And yet, the past is, and/or at least…can be…very fucking clear. So long as no one is constantly fucking with it by trouncing “was” with “is.” The past and the future are delicate things that are always static and always in motion, both at the same time…that we stumble over and around in the present.

Weird eh?
^Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child ft. John Martin^


I dunno mang and/or mangette…I’m just brainstorming. I’ve thought about a lot of this shit for a very long time, and I’m trying my best to learn how to write about some of these things. I’m not under the impression that we are on the wrong path. Just not doubting that we are getting some things wrong, up to and including, not even considering the things that we are getting right when we are getting something wrong. But…your focus is yours. You wanna march and yell…march and yell. Hell…it can’t hurt if you aren’t trying to hurt anyone. But I don’t see the logic in trouncing someone because you are afraid they might trounce you if you don’t trounce them first, nor do I see the logic in completely replacing the whatever you just replaced for being non-representative of you. Because you are forgetting something and or someone. I have no idea what that might be tho.

Maybe you can figure it out.

Maybe I can help.

Maybe not. 

But helping would be my hope.

^Bonobo : Cirrus [Official Video]^

No..I cannot really see the future in the way that most perceive the future.

My crystal balls and wizard cloak/hat are still on back order.


/me shrugs

But even without them, I’ve been known to have my moments.

Don’t we all?

^Mister Lies – False Astronomy (Official Video)^

Maybe there is a practical answer for practically everything.

Afterall, isn’t practicality subjective?

Not like we are motherfucking SURROUNDED with practical demonstrations of practically everything.

I’ve seen one or two practical demonstrations within nature as well.

But practically both of those were done by humans.

^Blockhead – The Music Scene – Official Video [HD]^

I’m almost completely partially officially divorced.

<golf clap>

Everything is a process.

    Everything is a process.

 Everything is a process.

     …End of Line.

^Concrete Walls by Fever Ray lyrics^
Cade: Anything else?
Z: Nope.
X: Nope.
A: Nope.
0: …
Cade: lolz…that may or may not be able to be considered “a nope” from “0” as well.
0: Nope.
Cade: lol…asshole.
0: Nope.
Cade: K…fair enough.
T: Whadda ya want from me?
Cade: …
B: …
Cade: Good enough, close enough, or…whatevz.
X: You sound a little…lost.
Cade: I’m good.
T: No you aren’t.
Cade: Fair enough.
^Foetus – Wash It All Off^


^NONONO – Pumpin Blood (Official Video)^


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