Missive from ‘Merica: Chocs Away Chaps…

Dear Reader, it is Valentine’s Day and I have not received any chocs, flowers, cards or bouquets of balloons… */thinks…* Thoughtful Man did bring me a warm sausage roll, which I wolfed down double-quick as he drove me home from work this afternoon. He never lets anyone eat in his cab…

*Yes, Clicky, feeling kinda special…*

*/squints… Clicky… /picks up brick… You, too, can have a special ‘ed, you know… *


*Then behave assistant o’ mine… /puts down brick… Look hear, we’ve have a missive from Cade to prepare for Dear Reader…*

*/:D… Yes, I think it will…*


I wonder what kind of monitors spacecraft have on the outside of the spacecraft for sampling/monitoring the outside environment? And I’m not talking monitoring the light and/or energy spectrum/bands 100 to 100,000 to 100,000,000 miles or further away…I’m talking right outside the spacecraft.

^DJ S.K.T – Take Me Away (Ft. Rae)^

So what choo up to today? I found some funny assed videos of some dude “trolling” in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator online, and recording the shenanigans. He’s funny as shit. Sharp wit, just rolling with the whathaveyou. You can tell that he’s “teaching” in his own way, but also trying to make it fun. His joining “a military aircraft only” server, and methods for continually getting kicked from the server for “failing to comply”…are…interesting. (that clip is in the first video below…FYI)

^Trolling a “MILITARY AIRCRAFT ONLY” Session – Flight Simulator X (Multiplayer)^
^GLIDER Pilot Declares EMERGENCY! (Trolling in Flight Sim X Multiplayer)^
^Trolling a FAN in Flight Sim X! (Multiplayer F-18 Intercept)^

Don’t tell me what cannot be done…tell me what needs to be done.

You can tell me what a piss-poor job I did…comparatively to others, when it’s all over with.

Buncha Private Pilots landing an Airbus A-320 in a full-motion simulator…and fucking NAILING the landings.

BOOYAH!!! and BooM Baby!!!
^Private Pilots Attempt to Land an AIRLINER (Airbus A320 Full-Motion Simulator)^
So what's all this about, Cade? 

Welp…did some more thinking on Nitrogen last night. This “inert” gas. Thanks to some prodding by RooBeeDoo via a Twitter conversation…I had a quasi-meltdown with respect to some of the shit that I am, and have been, thinking about with respect to pressure and pressures of gasses over time over times AND over times over times.

What does that mean? 

Welp…take an average commercial flight from A to B. Out of respect to Rob Stewart. we’ll take this particular flight from St. Maarten to somewhere in the continental U.S. of A., since thinking about it now…some of the flight, will be over water, and some will be over land…which will get us to maybe some convective type(s) of thoughts with respect to moisture and moisture contents of the air in and around the aircraft, and maybe even moisture contents in and outside of the passengers on-board the aircraft. We do, afterall, inhale and exhale moisture(s). So yeah…

one last thing to think about…


pressure and pressures in those ethereal realms of…


So yeah…


Vertically and Horizontally…

in all kinds of fluids and liquids…



So yeah…

energy and energies.

That in-flight meal prolly just went from shitty looking, to awesome looking, to shitty looking, all in about 0 pico-seconds.


and spins…

and swing…

and swings.

I almost got killed in one of these once.

The Zlin 242-L.
^Zlin 242 aerobatics^

So what got me to thinking…is thinking about Depleted Uranium and spall. Especially as it relates to a nuclear detonation. So that means Strontium…which appears to go to straight into human bones…and then, just…stop. So yeah…X-Rays and Gamma Rays. But what about Beta Waves and/or Beta Rays?


Beta Waves – Mind Valley Academy
Beta Wave
Neural Oscillation
Alpha Wave
Cnoidal Wave

(Hmmm…Cnoidal Wave(s)…where have I seen those recently?)

Membrane Potential
Copper-Clad Aluminium Wire
Very Low Frequency
Ultra Low Frequency
Meggitt (Redirected from Aircraft Braking Systems)
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Brake Pad
Disc Brake
Waste Heat
Urban Heat Island
Growing Season
Drum Brake

Speaking of…let’s take a break eh? Not that I’m banging the/a drum for a break.


See what I did there? I overshot. Or undershot. Depending on your perspective(s) and motive(s).


Bloops! I did it again!

Bloop (Redirected from The Bloop)

^Paul Keeley – I can´t (stop)^

/best 60's robotic voice


Q: How does the existence of life beyond Earth/Terra and/ir Extra-Terrestrial Life…prove the non-extistence of God/gods/the gods and shit like that?

A: ???

I was just talking to my oldest son, to ask his permission to use his equation in its totality, so that I might better be able to explain mine. We talked for over an hour, and I did my best to explain some things that I have been working on for the last 3/4 years and how that related to his equation. Just a few minutes in, he made the following two statements…

“Did you have a ‘Will Hunting” moment or something?”

“Have you figured out time-travel?”

I laughed at both of course, but tried to explain to him how his equation and my applications of his equation helped me to arrive at mine, which helped explain some missing pieces in my mind about everything from how to more-successfully plan a vacation or goal of any kind, to help better explain curved space and spaces, to help me understand “my” element that I have always called “Gravite.” That is what spawned him asking me…

Q: “Dad? Have you discover time-travel?”

A: No. But yes.

But…think more of time,

and maybe a better explanation

of what it is.

I then showed him how to extrude his equation into a 3-dimensional space, and then add the 4th-dimension of time. I tried to go into the “4 dimensions of time in a 3-dimensional space”…but his eyes boggled so I backed off on that a bit, and showed him how to think a little differently about “operators” with respect to “symbols”…especially in a 3/4 dimensional space.

EX: A circle, like in his equation, that is divided horizontally AND vertically into 4 equal pieces.

Now…take that circle, and rotate it 45° in either direction.

+ becomes x

I stayed away from 0, but I did show him “my” equation of ∞ = -1 + 0 + 1 = ∞…and told him that without his equation, I never would have come up with mine. Anyway, I explained my intentions in using his, and he said…cool. So…yeah, and stuff.

^OK Go – The Writing’s On the Wall – Official Video^

Pole of Inaccessibility-Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility
Pole of Inaccessibility
Exploration (Redirected from Explorer)
Adventure (Redirected from Adventurer)
Helen Keller
Anne Sullivan
Rubella Virus
Noncoding DNA-Junk DNA
Noncoding DNA
Diabetic Neuropathy
Oculomotor Nerve Palsy
Posterior Communicating Artery
Oculomotor Nerve
Cerebral Aqueduct
Motion Sickness
Vagus Nerve
Medullary Pyramids (Brainstem)
Dementia with Lewy Bodies
Vascular Dementia
Spinal Cord Compression
Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome
Spina Bifida
Campina (Company) (Redirected from Vifit)

Admittedly, I’ve been trying to go easy on the “Wavy Walls” because I know that they are/can be, a real pain in the ass to edit. However, I…erm…just needed to…stretch my legs a bit. Speaking of which…one of the topics of conversation-ish sorta…was passengers on long commercial airline flights who sit for long periods of time without getting up and “stretching their legs”…who wind up dying. The culprit…is usually diagnosed as Deep-Vein Thrombosis or DVT. I sat on on airplane once, for 10.5 hours straight, never got up once, and I didn’t die. Maybe there is something more to this. Like for example…

Mystery = "?"! Continue?

…meaning…yeah…there’s more to this. Much more.

Q: Duh?

A: Duh.

I mean…some of us sit at desks for hours on end day after day.


I guess what I think about quite a bit, is these large commercial aircraft that use Nitrogen to inflate their tires because it’s an inert gas that doesn’t condense like regular air, nor is it prone to building up moisture in the tires because of this. Plus, Nitrogen does not contribute to the promotion of fire in the event of a fire. But what I think about with respect to Nitrogen, is the spin and spins of tires that go from stop to real fucking fast at varying rates depending on whether the aircraft is taking off or landing.

It’s slower to spin up on take-off, and more rapid to stop after the aircraft takes off…then…it’s more rapid to spin up on landing, and slower to stop after the aircraft lands.

I dunno. I just see some wobble and orbital changes possible there due to the proximity of nitrogen to “less-breathable” metals and materials, and these metals and materials tend to be VERY fucking flammable once ignited.

EX: Titanium, Aluminum, Magnesium, Magnalium.

Plus…even when not ignited, these areas get EXTREMELY hot on landing. Nevermind the high-pressure systems that surround the landing gear assemblies and stowage areas for gear-retraction in-flight. Usually, unpressurized or less-pressurized compartments of the fuselage. I think about the fuel manifolds sometimes too as they tend to run here there and everywhere in aircraft.

Q: What about electrical wiring? Is that under pressure(s)?

A: ???

Those can be some goddamn big bundles that are manufactured so those sections can be replaced since there is miles of wiring in these aircraft.

Q: What about the avionics bays?

A: ?¿?¿?¿

Q: What about radar on other high energy systems?

A: ?¿?¿

Q: Are there really TVs in every fucking seat these days?

A: ??¿?¿?¿??

Q: How much power does THAT require?

A: ¿¿?¿?¿?¿¿

I think quite a bit about TWA Flight 800. But I still have Delta Flight 191 and American Airlines Flight 191…so…yeah.

^Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of Huge^

So whatshername just got back from her attorney. I’m back on that side of town…btw. But yeah, she didn’t actually have the papers. Her attorney had to file them with the court and get a case number, so it’s gonna be tomorrow…or something. I only have to sign some waiver that says that I accept the terms as-is, then she and her attorney go to court alone sometime in the next 60-90 days. Some kind of “built-in” waiting period. Makes sense. She’ll be there alone.
I cried at that thought.

^Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo – Boneless (Official Video)^

OH! And there’s that pesky MH370 that keeps me on my toes. Plus Qantas Flight 32. I think about that one quite a bit.

Which reminds me…I saw a billboard yesterday that read…


Le Yikes.

Talk about having a fucking monopoly on advertising. Someone is chasing Death© itself. I guess so anyway. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of heart in an advertisement like that. Trying to save people by scaring the living shit out of them. Smart move.

^Rabbit In The Moon – Subfusion^

Maybe somethink like…


Or something.

I dunno. Sounds like a shitty bumper sticker for a car.

^Omegatron – Rabbit In The Moon^

I guess I sometimes wonder how much Uranium and or Plutonium is created during a Hydrogen Bomb explosion/detonation.

Q: What about the “deflagration” portions of the reaction(s)?

A: ?

Q: What about these underground tests and testing? Do you really think they are gonna stop anytime soon?

A: ? ? ?

YouTube had a “Live Feed” on their main page today about some dam that is having issues out in California. I watched it for a while, and it got me to thinking about temperature and temperature changes with respect to pressure changes. I mean…are they monitoring the water temperatures around that dam as all that water flows out? It seems like there is going to be some shearing action kinds of force(s) changing as the water level(s) recede/lower, and then increase again as all of that new weather moves in later this week.

What about suspended groundwater below the lake itself? That’s a deep lake as I understand it. Is it possible that water is not only running over the dam, but under it? Won’t all of that water running out kinda…merge at some point? I don’t know what much about it (that lake/dam)…but based on the shots and the orientation, and the fact that we are just getting over the/a full moon, and the direction(s) that the water is coming out of that dam with respect to the orientation of the river, and all of that sudden weight change and changes over such a short period of time…isn’t it possible that that entire area could start to shift?

The dam and spillway itself seem to run north/northwest to south/southeast…but the lake itself is quasi-sorta north south. Thinking about the orientation of the Earth/Terra with respect to the Sun/Sol, and the fact that we are starting to wobble back towards spring/summer…won’t there be some shearing there as well? Maybe some bulge and sag type action? Rippling?

Are at least...possible? 

Maybe even some movement that is seismically detectable?

Couldn’t that cause some rapid temperature changes under all of that weight, that might actually cause the area to destabilize more? ESPECIALLY if you dumping tons of rocks to “shore-up” certain sections?

Just seems to me that adding fucktons of more weight, while removing fucktons of weight…might outta…wait. But I could be wrong.

Hopefully…it all works out well.

Srsly. ❤

I dunno. Just…thinkin out loud.

I have a lot a free time and tend not to watch or read the news anymore.

Prolly a lotta mud down there at the bottom of that lake.

Lotta sediment.

/me shrugs

^Rabbit In The Moon – “Mind Fuct” – Live at The Ultra Music Festival^


Have a good one.


^Depeche Mode – Home^

^Phillip Phillips – Home^


Here we are then at the end of another splendid Okie Devil missive, Dear Reader. And another Valentine’s Day, and I still haven’t received any chocs, flowers, cards or balloons, singular or bunch… */thinks…* Thoughtful Man did give me a packet of chocolate mini eggs from his secret stash, for dessert after my sav and chip supper…

*You nose it, Clicky… /taps nose…*

Dear Reader… have a Song ❤


4 thoughts on “Missive from ‘Merica: Chocs Away Chaps…

  1. Here’s an interesting something.

    ^”The Birth of Oroville Dam” – produced and directed by Mark S Lambert^

    I thought that I heard one of the news reporters report that the emergency spillway had never been used before. But in the first 30 seconds of this video, the spillway to the N.W is active. I know that the emergency overflow was where part of the issue was, but what about the hydro-electric portion of water usage? It seems the plant is to the S.E. of the dam. Something is…weird here.

    I wonder if that electrical plant is privately owned?
    I wonder how many counties control the decision making with respect to the lake itself/how many counties cross the lake and/or river, as well as individual towns and city’s say in matters, along with the state’s say in matters.
    But yeah…what about agricultural interests/businesses? Is the water from that lake also used for irrigation and city water supplies?
    Suddenly…The Federal Government’s involvement(s) come into…erm…don’t wanna say focus here, cause shit is already shit-stormy insane…but yeah…focus-ish kinda role(s) or whatever.
    Department of The Interior? EPA? Department of Agriculture? Bureau of Land Management? Department of Energy? Department of State? US Geological Survey? Corp of Engineers? Department of Transportation? Department of Justice? The Defense Department? Department of The Navy? The National Guard? The Department of The Army? Coast Guard? The U.S. Water Partnership? WAIT!!! WUT?!?!? What in the FUCK is The U.S. Water Partnership?!?!?!?!
    Madeline Albright?

    Jesus Fucking CHRIST!!!

    Our kids are FUCKED!!!

    Or…maybe not. The Government seems to have shit well in hand.



    Butte County.

    Placer County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit, California
    What in the FUCK would Placer County need a Water Police Unit for?
    Oh…Lake Tahoe.

    Butte County, California – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butte_County,_California

    ^Gotye performing “Somebody That I Used To Know” on KCRW^

    I’m an idiot. Sry for the rant.

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