Turd in the Punchbowl

Cade recently wrote the phrase ‘turd in the punch bowl‘ to me in a discussion we were having about bubbles



Well, to be fair, he did most of the discussing…



And it got me thinking as to whether election of Prez Trump in the US and the vote to leave the EU in the UK last year, weren’t the general public, in both countries, taking the opportunity to ‘throw a turd’ into the punch bowls of the political/governing elite: We’re sick of your parties.

Perhaps those that voted for the status quo (‘Clinton’ in the US and ‘Remain’ in the UK) consider the other side to be ‘party poopers‘?

*Not sure that scene works as well these days, Clicky… For one thing the host is smoking; smokers aren’t invited inside these days…/taps teeth… what about the other scene with that Song… ‘Shat!’*

*Hmm, more fun but no one smoking in that either…/sigh… Perhaps because animals don’t smoke? …aside from your good self, Clicky…*

*… and the odd member of the Corvus family… Also considered to be intelligent…*

Frank Davis today, in the Blue Universe, has a post that includes an image the new Vice Prez Pence, who, like Nigel Farage…


*Oh nice syncing, Clicky…/pats snout…*

…in the UK, is more supportive of smokers…


idiot (n.)early 14c., “person so mentally deficient as to be incapable of ordinary reasoning;” also in Middle English “simple man, uneducated person, layman” (late 14c.), from Old French idiote“uneducated or ignorant person” (12c.), from Latin idiota“ordinary person, layman; outsider,” in Late Latin “uneducated or ignorant person,” from Greek idiotes“layman, person lacking professional skill” (opposed to writer, soldier, skilled workman), literally “private person” (as opposed to one taking part in public affairs), used patronizingly for “ignorant person,” from idios“one’s own” (see idiom).

In plural, the Greek word could mean “one’s own countrymen.” In old English law, one who has been without reasoning or understanding from birth, as distinguished from a lunatic, who became that way. Idiot box“television set” is from 1959; idiot light“dashboard warning signal” is attested from 1961. Idiot savant attested by 1870.

If we go with the literal meaning, anyone who votes somebody to represent them in public affairs is, literally, an ‘idiot’ 😉

*/:D… Good Song, Clicky… /thinks…*

Dear Reader, have another ❤


18 thoughts on “Turd in the Punchbowl

  1. I have a dashboard light tale from yesterday. A truly idiotic dashboard light.

    The car skidded on mud. Not a big thing, it’s 4WD so easy to deal with. While it was skidding and I was busy keeping it on the road, there was a yellow warning on the dashboard and a beeping alarm. I had no idea what it was, other than a distraction from controlling the skid.

    Turns out the car has a ‘wheel slip’ alarm that lights up and beeps if the wheels are slipping. It doesn’t do this until you actually are skidding (and therefore have no time to study little lights) and when you’re not skidding any more, it stops.

    So… are there really people out there who need to be told the car they’re driving is in a skid?

    If so, the human race is truly doomed.

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      1. ^Blade – Vampire Dance Club Theme^

        Roob…while you’ve made an excellent and partially correct observation, I think that I need to point out your terrible and completely incorrect observation.

        Need I say more?

        Someone has OBVIOUSLY crossed the streams. 😛
        😛 Perhaps even…failed…to cross the streams.
        😛 I do not yet know, as the investigation is…ongoing. 😛

        Omitting a huge portion of the nerd demographic is SURE to gain attention within the nerd demographic(s) which were…A) Included, and B) Omitted.

        Including a huge portion of the nerd demographic is SURE to gain attention within the nerd demographic(s) which were…A) Included, and B) Omitted.

        To omit a large population of a certain demographic, is to include them via different path and/or method and/or means.

        ^Mortal Kombat Theme Song Original^

        To include a large population of a certain demographic, is to omit them via different path and/or method and/or means.

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          1. LoL…you make me laugh. You make me think. You make me think and laugh.
            You do NOT make me think that I am laughing.
            Some things…you just…know. 😉

            Included for omission.

            Omitted for inclusion.

            I love this planet. 😀

            ^The Prodigy..’Their Law’^

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  2. Roob

    In a sense, it is true that if you/we vote in an election we are saying to someone else ‘have power over me’. Which is why I don’t vote in elections not that it would make any difference here, one way or the other.

    But I voted in Brexit 🙂

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    1. So did I, Frank 😀

      That vote was different in that it was to instruct the government (already in power) what to do. The only reason we were given that opportunity was because one party (Conservatives) were trying to stop the bleeding out of its support to another (UKIP), and I voted UKIP because, well, they’re the only party that doesn’t think of smoking (and by extension smokers) as a surge to be eradicated.

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      1. Roob I had just finished my post it featured a toilet break and a shat ner. before reading yours and I too voted to Leave through the Ex it Door….its a s hat trick a disappearing rabbit down the toilet bowl

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      2. “The only reason we were given that opportunity was because ……”

        ….. politicians, brainwashed by most of the MSM, thought they knew which way the majority would vote.

        Brits, being Brits, (just) wanted to fuck-up the politicians & most of the MSM. Independence from the EU is the cherry on the cake. 😀

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