Snowy or Snot, Life Goes On…

According to Cade, it snowed in Texas yesterday…


Excited as he was, unfortunately, he’s now feeling under the weather…


*/nods… Thank you, Clicky…*

This just in, via Rose in the Blue Universe…

“A SAVAGE winter MEGAFREEZE will arrive in just SEVEN DAYS with freezing gales, blizzards and near record-low temperatures threatening to grind Britain to a standstill.”

Wintry weather, in winter, Dear Reader… Who’d have funk it?!

*Er, no Click, both Britain and North America are in the northern hemisphere… Go grab a globe, I’ll show you…*


*No, the other one… /sigh…*


*Comet? What comet?*

NASA recently spotted two massive space objects hurtling towards Earth.

While the American space agency has pinpointed one as a comet, the other has left it slightly more baffled.

The comet is set to fly close to Earth this week, but the mystery object isn’t expected to make an appearance until February.

*/grins… I’m not sure comets and asteroids are spherical, Clicky…*


*/frowns… Come again…*


*Oh, you think eating something spicy will blow the snot right out of the Okie Devil…*

*And then what?*

*Eww… /smiles… Nice syncing, though, Clicky…*

22 thoughts on “Snowy or Snot, Life Goes On…

  1. Snow Blindness

    ‘Snow blindness is a painful, temporary loss of vision due to overexposure to the sun’s UV rays. The medical term for snow blindness is photokeratitis (“photo” = light; “keratitis” = inflammation of the cornea). Essentially, snow blindness is caused by a sunburned eye — or more specifically, a sunburned cornea.’

    I’m going outside. I maybe sometime.

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            1. *’Smokescreen’, eh, Clicky? …/taps chin… I have wondered if the manufactured hysteria about second-hand smoke is a screen to hide something else…*



              1. I hate you. I really do. I’m trying to stay focused here on being non-focused, and you’ve fucked that up.
                THANKS!!! 😛

                That has to be one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen. And yeah…if that doesn’t get someone to thinking about vibrations and waves and “rings”…well…I dunno what to say. I’m not trying to preach to the converted any more than I am trying to convert anyone to whatever.

                But I’m with ya on the “smoke-screen” angle. That said…there’s always a better way.


      1. The IT Crowd clip would be about the Eastern Block. It’s just so Soviet.

        On New Year’s morning at about 3am someone who I’ve mentioned and work with ( that’s a clue ) went outside for a 5 minute walk in the woods. She hadn’t been drinking.

        The next thing she knows is waking up about an hour and a half later with her cat licking her face. She had fallen unconscious in the cold.

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        1. She took her cat for a walk, or her cat found her? In your Shining clip, Wendy and Danny escape in a snowcat…

          *Oh yeah, thanks Click…*

          Actually Frank, thinking of snot (mucus), today’s Goo Girl Doo Tell is on Stanford Fleming, and time


          1. Her cat found her. It’s her Familiar. And weird sync with the cat and Jenny on Friday.

            And was looking up about Stanford Fleming about an hour ago. It’s Time everywhere at present.

            And the Queen has still s’not been in public seen because of her snot ! It’s cold .

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        1. Nah. I’m transitioning from death, to deader death, to worst deaderest severely dead extreme death.

          I just thought it was funny that the calendar story was “the #1 story” according to the sidebar.
          (The verbiage in the weather story is hilarious tho)

          I also think it’s funny that it still amazes people as to why that would be the #1 story.
          (Assuming that the “ranking” system is accurate)

          I guess I can shut up here, and add my thoughts to the bullshit I’m currently writing.

          That way, it’ll be here…but it’ll be there here later, and not here here now.

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            1. O RLY?

              Welp, let’s see how this sounds…”check y0 emails!”


              ^Editing The Depeche Mode- “Get The Balance Right” (Kaiser Dance Combination Remix)^


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