Wibble Wobble Warble… Word!

Dear Reader, this past month has been a most peculiar one…

wibble (v.) 1871, from wibble-wobble (1847), a colloquial reduplication of wobble (v.).

*I don’t think it’s just me, Clicky… Others have been feeling peculiar too…*

wobble (v.) 1650s, wabble, probably from Low German wabbeln “to wobble;” cognate with Old Norse vafla “hover about, totter,” related to vafra “move unsteadily,” from Proto-Germanic *wab- “to move back and forth,” perhaps from PIE *webh- “to weave” (see waver). Form with -o- is from 1851. Related: Wobbled; wobbling. The noun is attested from 1690s.

*Interesting! Tell me, did you look at the possible… probably root of the word ‘wobble‘, Clicky?

I was much further out than you thought
And not waving but drowning.
[Stevie Smith]

*I posted a comment about ‘the hand wavers’ yesterday at The Slog …/looks perplexed… Oh it still doesn’t seem to have appeared…*

*Bugger! … /sad face… How disappointing, Clicky… I pointed out how smokers are right here in front everyone’s faces, but people are conditioned to wave both us and our grievances away… It was awfully clever in a “Can you see what it is yet?” sort of way… I mean, it’s not white, heterosexuals of sound mind who are bearing the brunt of the bans… Although we, too, are affected, rich and poor…*

*Mind you, JaxtheFirst made an very interesting observation last night., Clicky.. how the Anti Smoking hand-wavers have distanced themselves with their hatred and intolerance… This ‘War on Tobacco’ they’ve been waging for these past 400 years… /clucks dismissively… Are they waving-waving or waving-drowning?*

warble (v.) late 14c., from Old North French werbler “to sing with trills and quavers” (Old French guerbloiier), from Frankish *werbilon (cognate with Old High German wirbil “whirlwind,” German Wirbel “whirl, whirlpool, tuning peg, vertebra,” Middle Dutch wervelen “to turn, whirl”); see whirl (v.). Related: Warbled; warbling. The noun is recorded from late 14c.


*Have a Song, Clicky? …/rueful smile… Oh, okay then… /pats snout…*


14 thoughts on “Wibble Wobble Warble… Word!

  1. Did you know that the majority of a percentage of the majority has a majority within the majority?

    The minority plays a minor role in the majority, but an important role nonetheless.

    Without the minority, the majority would be the minority. Or something. I dunno. I haven’t worked all the details out yet. Don’t worry tho…just a minor detail.


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  2. Greetings and Happy Saturday, Dearest Roobles!

    Have you seen the wibble wobbles wiggle? Me either…but Sponge Bob comes as close as I’ve ever seen!

    Oh…and the smoker’s reconciliation prize? Headache-inducing-dick-sucking E cigarettes. GROSS!
    Something about e-cigs just doesn’t make sense to me. Idk…call it my gut reaction. *shrugs*

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      1. No, reconciliation works, JenEus:

        reconciliation (n.)
        mid-14c., from Old French reconciliacion (14c.) and directly from Latin reconciliationem (nominative reconciliatio) “a re-establishing, a reconciling,” noun of action from past participle stem of reconciliare (see reconcile).’

        Smokers have been exiled from polite society. One of the aims of the ‘Abhorrent Toad‘, see above (hint – click the image). There’s a process that’s been embraced by politicians to achieve this, called ‘denormalization‘. It’s not quite at the same level as ‘ethnic cleansing’ but give it time; concentration/extermination camps weren’t built in 1933 by the Nazis 😉

        Vaping, offers a way back into society we’re told by vaperers. Except they are running into a bit of headwind now themselves. Why they continually link vaping to smoking, when the taste and sensation is nothing like smoking, I’ll never know. And why they’re pushing for vaping to take the place of smoking, after witnessing the position smokers have been corralled into is, quite frankly, unfathomable…


        1. WHO IN TEH FUX DUZ NAWT WAN 2 BE BAN-ISHED 2 TEH OW-TUH DOORS??!!???!!!??!!?!?

          If ONLY…I could be banished to “The Outdoors”…I’d be in motherfucking HEAVEN!!!

          Fuck it. Embrace your banishment. Soak up that sun that you Limeys have never seen, but have read about in books!!!

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          1. Have you visited the Smokers’ Graveyard yet, Cade? You should. It can access it by clicking on the ‘Smoking Permitted’ LoL sign to your left and up a bit.

            What’s that term? Garbage in

            *No, Clicky, ‘garbage out’ but yeah, the fuckers won’t stop pushing…*


            1. >>>>What’s that term? Garbage in…
              I breezed through that article’s…massive mound of stuff all piled into one heaping mass of whatever. I dunno. Maybe you are looking at some of this in the wrong light.

              I noticed that there was an addendum to the “death by” sections of “suicide” and “homicide” sections, which said something to the effect of “alcohol and/or drugs” were contributing factors in these categories.

              Q: But were any of them smoking at the time?
              A: !!!

              You smokers could be ticking time-bombs…just looking for a place to explode or implode AT ANY SECOND!!! Especially if you have a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. Conversely…if someone or some law takes that cigarette away? Ewwww….yer just ASKING for trouble now!

              Not saying you smokers are crazy or anything, because that is well known/well documented already. However, who in their right mind would ever light a plant or plant material on fire for any reason whatsoever? Madness!!! Preposterous!!! No Fucking WAY!!! Maybe some demographics as to the type of clothing worn at the time, proximity to fast food restaurants, proximity to other humans and/or life forms with potentially undiagnosed mental issues, alignment of satellites and/or availability of cable/satellite television and maybe even WiFi, favorite food type, favorite sexual position, number of houseplants owned fake and/or real and inside vs outside plants…I can think of many more if needed. This could be big.

              “You can’t save em’ all folks…just… …try not to be living next to them when they go off. I have that crocheted onto a pillow in my heavily fortified rec room.” -Dennis Miller

              Jesus fucking christ! I went back and gave that article another gander, and it was written in 1998?!?!? WTF are people wasting their time on this bullshit for? Oh yeah…kinda…answers itself doesn’t it? 😛
              I would put a link to Depeche Mode’s song “Something To Do” here…but I’m not gonna.

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