Dunn and Dusted…

Sad news today, folks: Grandad has passed on to the great butchers shop in the sky…

*Knot 19, Clicky, he was 92…*

*/lights up and smokes… I ain’t panicking, gno… Well, it had to ‘appen, Clicky... Everybody goes eventually…*

*/nods sagely… That’s true… /sniffs… Ooh, smells like dinner’s nearly ready – fancy a Song, Clicky?*


17 thoughts on “Dunn and Dusted…

    1. Good Morning Cade. I posted a 137 at Merovee, if you’re interested 😀

      *Huh! …/looks perplexed… Say watt, Clicky?*


      1. Not really perplexed, as much as just…having trouble reading the fucking thing cause my eyes are so goddamn bad.

        “Simplest solution is the correct one.”
        It get’s all shit-storm crazy from there.

        Seems to me that “the correct one” is usually “the correct one.”

        Guides not rules.
        Rules not guides.
        Rules guide guides.
        Guides do not rule rules.
        Rulers rule rules.
        Rulers guide rules.
        Rulers rule guides.
        Who rules the rulers?
        Self-rule FUCKING RULES!!!
        However, self-rules has/have rules.
        Wanna rule?
        Who makes the tools that makes the rules?
        The rulers or the ruled?

        Can’t have one without the other.
        Can’t have a father without having a mother.
        One rules one, or one rules the other.
        The only other option, is for both to rule each other.

        Can’t choose you family.
        But the can choose you.
        By choosing not to choose.
        Choosing not to choose who?

        Who? WHO?!?!?
        “Do you sit on a limb, and shit through feathers?”
        YOU Dummy! You are “who!”
        Now go sit in the corner and cry!
        Boo hoo! Boo hoo!

        “TEE” not “TEA”
        Make mine an Earl Grey. 😉

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        1. Ah, poetry… */bats eyelashes…* Thanks, Cade ❤

          Btw, I poached a whole load of tunes from your Sync Miss postings and inserted them in hear

          Have another Song 😉


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