Epic Rap Battles of His Story


Thoughtful Man and eye prefer Deadpool over Bobs Fett at the movies. I have no idea if The Boys prefer one character over the other, although they are big Star Wars fans. Kit Kat especially. He’s like a fucking en-cyclops-edia when it comes to Star Wars or Pokemon. Ditto Loops on Destiny ore Call of Duty or Battlefront, witch ever one he is playing at the moment

Eye need help…

Clicky LoLled when Kit Kat showed him the above…


*Yes, Clicky, eye gno ewe wear V proud of getting a special mention for your assistance in constructing the bok… ore is it B Ook?*


*Knot Sophie’s World, Clicky? … /lights up and puffs stream of smoke… *

Dearest Reader, you decide… DNA have a Song 😀

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