And Venus was her name…

Today, my friend Hugo sent me an interesting ‘Knowledge Nugget’ about tobacco…


*Thank you, Clicky. I have no idea if it’s true… I should pop over to the Blue Universe and ask Harley or Rose…*


*Er, that’s a moped, Clicky*

Venus late Old English, from Latin Venus (plural veneres), in ancient Roman mythology, the goddess of beauty and love, especially sensual love, from venus “love, sexual desire; loveliness, beauty, charm; a beloved object,” from PIE root *wen- (1) “to strive after, wish, desire.”

This root is the source of Sanskrit veti “follows after,” vanas- “desire,” vanati “desires, loves, wins;” Avestan vanaiti “he wishes, is victorious;” Latinvenerari “to worship;” Old English wynn “joy,” wunian “to dwell,” wenian “to accustom, train, wean,” wyscan “to wish.”

Applied by the Romans to Greek Aphrodite, Egyptian Hathor, etc. Applied in English to any beautiful, attractive woman by 1570s. As the name of the most brilliant planet from late 13c., from this sense in Latin (Old English called it morgensteorra and æfensteorra). The venus fly-trap (Dionæa muscipula) was discovered 1760 by Gov. Arthur Dobbs in North Carolina and description sent to Collinson in England. The Central Atlantic Coast Algonquian name for the plant, /titipiwitshik/, yielded regional American English tippity wichity.


*Yep, that bit’s true…*


*No, Clicky, wichity… sounds like witchy…*


*/rolls eyes… Hey, that reminds me… The Professor has been awfully quiet of late…*

Romulus Crowe

*I wonder if he’s been working on a case…*


*Yeah, like you know, Clicky…*

*Have a Song?*

River 2

*Good call, Clickity Wichity!*


33 thoughts on “And Venus was her name…

  1. If this post *infers* there’s a link ‘tween the fly-trap & ‘baccy, then a cheesy pun that simultaneously syncs with your penultimate image/gif is hard to resist:

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  2. Your invitation to offer the (2002) ‘World’s Best Joke’ is accepted:

    Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are going camping. They pitch their tent under the stars and go to sleep. In the middle of the night Holmes wakes Watson up: “Watson, look up at the stars, and tell me what you deduce.”

    Watson: “I see millions of stars and even if a few of those have planets, it’s quite likely there are some planets like Earth, and if there are a few planets like Earth out there, there might also be life.”

    Holmes: “Watson, you idiot, some f@cker’s nicked our tent!”

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    1. And the most convoluted… but it still makes me laugh:

      Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have solved another case. Afterwards, they celebrate with a few brandies at their Baker St. residence. Holmes, feeling the brandy, reaches over and puts his hand on Watson’s knee.

      “Watson, for some time I’ve wanted to tell you that I quite fancy you.”

      With a sense of relief Dr. Watson replies, “And I you, my good Holmes. I’ve simply never felt comfortable expressing my feelings without knowing where you stood on the matter.”

      “Right”, says Holmes, “Let us retire to the bedroom then.”

      Watson rushes to the bedroom and strips to his shorts. Holmes pulls down Watson’s underwear, bends him over the desk then tells him to hold that pose. Complying, Watson watches as Holmes leaves the bedroom and returns with a lemon meringue pie. He smears the pie across Watson’s arse and proceeds to bugger him. Later they’re lying in bed making small talk. Watson says, “That was fantastic Holmes, but I have to ask; what was all that with the pie?”

      “Lemon-entry my dear Watson, lemon-entry.”

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      1. lolz. Yeah well…my hair is a little shorter these days. I cut it all off 2.5 years ago and only now has it gotten back past my shoulders. (My hair grows fast.) My nails grow fast as well. During my “short hair” period of life, I had to cut my hair at LEAST once a month. My nails? I always have to, and always have had to, cut them every two weeks.

        Whathername used to call me “Dagger Toes” because, well, my toe nails are like…well daggers. lolz

        Dunno why my nails are so thick. Must be genetics or something. rofl

        Amazing the shit we “survive” ain’t it?

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      1. ROFL!


        May I also suggest…

        Of course…there is always that “catch and release” type of thing. I’m a big softie when it comes to spiders.

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          1. I seriously doubt that. That said…if you are unaware…that is “The Witch” from the video game Left4Dead. Incredible game. (I love zombies/zombie movies/zombie drinks) ;-D

            That said…I guess that is representative of “the woman in me.” And if you think that’s bad…well…the outside of me has now been seen in a picture AND a video…so yeah…she’s a peach by comparison to my outside “man.”

            Guess that’s how I feel when someone kills a spider. /me shrugs
            I’m weird.

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            1. I was unaware, thank you. But Loopy is currently playing ‘Rainbow Six’ on his X Box and speaking (very loudly, as his wont) to his online friend about getting the zombie map on Call of Duty 3 and fighting the Spider Boss…


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