Saturday Shambles: Laufen mit dem Hund

Saturday afternoon: Thoughtful Man has gone to work, boys are otherwise engaged and I am throwing a ball for Poppy, our dachshund – a perfect opportunity for some shambling.

Dear Reader, make of it what you will and, hopefully, enjoy.

*Clicky, just links in text for this one, please. I know you like hiding them but constructing a shambles is difficult enough without any tomfoolery*

Trust me

*Hmm… Okay, go get the rainbow snowflakes…*


On 13th July (13.7 or 137), I had a DM conversation with my friend Legs. I’d been loafing

Legs and Roob converse on 137


*Ha! Trust Leggy to think about the fertilizer, Clicky*

Waldi was the first proper Olympic mascot, for the Munich Games in 1972. The route of the Marathon race was based on the outline shape of Waldi, a dachshund. I’d shambled it before

The considered and precise lines of the petite canine’s form are typical of Aicher’s clean modernist design and were used for the route of the marathon through the city of Munich. The various parts of the hound were represented by different areas of the city with the mouth being in the Nymphenburg Park, the belly — the main downtown street and in true German style, the rear end in the English Garden.’

If the rear (shitting) end was in the English Garden, what about the mouth (eating) end?

The 200-hectare (490-acre) park, once an Italian garden (1671), which was enlarged and rearranged in French style by Dominique Girard, a pupil of Le Notre, was finally redone in the English manner during the early 19th century by Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell, on behalf of prince-elector Charles Theodore. Von Sckell was also the creator of the English Garden in Munich.

Knot to mention, parks are considered Green (breathing) Lungs


It’s got nothing to do with
Vorsprung durch Technik you know
And it’s not about you joggers
Who go round and round and round


*/rolls eyes… Okay, good one… running/jogging is movement*

In my youth, Snickers bars were called ‘Marathon‘…

1896, marathon race, from story of Greek hero Pheidippides, who in 490 B.C.E. ran the 26 miles and 385 yards to Athens from the Plains of Marathon to tell of the allied Greek victory there over Persian army. The original story (Herodotus) is that he ran from Athens to Sparta to seek aid, which arrived too late to participate in the battle. Introduced as an athletic event in the 1896 revival of the Olympic Games, based on a later, less likely story, and quickly extended to mean “any very long event or activity.” The place name is literally “fennel-field.” Related: Marathoner (by 1912).

*/Squint… Clicky, it’s now early evening and I have a lot to cover yet. I’m sensitive that this shamble will grow too big…*


*No! And that doesn’t count toward reproduction either… /sniff… I’ll continue, shall I?*

Yesterday was 22nd July (22/7) and I posted a Theorem of sorts on MEROVEE  why bad stuff seems to happen in the real world as a result of our posting online there.

Roob's Merovee Theorem

Shortly after, new poster CJ brought news of a shooting incident in Munich… the cause of much running from a man with roots in I Ran…

CJ brings news of Munich

I discussed it with Legs, later…

Legs and Roob converse on 22 slash 7


*Aww, Clicky, you’ve got me… /eyes widen… No! I don’t mean in the reproductive sense*

And then it occurred to me, I’d seen 137, π and an 8 somewhere else before… At Evergreen Terrace


‘The first equation on the board is largely Schiminovich’s work, and it predicts the mass of the Higgs boson, M(H0), an elementary particle that that was first proposed in 1964. The equation is a playful combination of various fundamental parameters, namely the Planck constant, the gravitational constant, and the speed of light. If you look up these numbers and plug them into the equation,1 it predicts a mass of 775 giga-electron-volts (GeV), which is substantially higher than the 125 GeV estimate that emerged when the Higgs boson was discovered in 2012. Nevertheless, 775 GeV was not a bad guess, particularly bearing in mind that Homer is an amateur inventor and he performed this calculation fourteen years before the physicists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, tracked down the elusive particle.’

*Click, you have a one-track mind…*

god particle

*Ahh… Very clever, Clicky… /yawn and stretch… That’s enough for now, let’s have a Song…*


*Fine, we’ll ketchup later*



Updated – Poppy Sweetpea to the rescue…

Poppy Sweetpea to the rescue

Post title amended.


25 thoughts on “Saturday Shambles: Laufen mit dem Hund

      1. “The brilliant opener to “Dr. Strangelove” is a deadpan depiction of airplane intercourse. A refueling tanker dips its wick into the small fighter plane below it, gently bouncing up and down as the strainingly romantic tune of “Try A Little Tenderness” plays over their union. A jittery and unprecedentedly huge font lists the credits in between the steel thrustings.”


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              1. About an hour ago I cancelled a room at a Holiday Inn for my niece’s wedding. She didn’t like the look of it and we’re going to Best Western. She’s very fussy and I’ve learned not to interfere when she makes her mind up.


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    1. Hello, AC. I’m about to start a commute into London, as I’m working up there for a couple of days. It’ll probably be hot and uncomfortable because it’s summer and this is Britain. It’s funny, for a nation that constantly prattles on about the weather, we’re always surprised by the seasons.


      1. Glad ya’ll are having a lot of weather. We have that sometimes. I’ve noticed that there are certain places on Earth/Terra that have also reported that same problem. Especially when the seasons change, or have already changed. Once a season has completed it’s change and “stabilizes” or “stabilises” into the mode of season that it is? Well, that’s when shit gets all fucked up and weird and unpredictable and subjective. The “news” will tell me “it’s currently 101° outside.” I go outside and look at a thermometer and “it” says “it’s currently 108° outside.” Or 111°. Or 113°. Ask “an expert” and they’ll say…”it’s because the thermometer is “in the sun. That’s not the ACTUAL temperature” Ummm…It’s outside….of course it’s in the sun. Where the fuck else would it be? Plus, this is N.Texas. The sun is known to shine…well, damn near every day anyway. Just…sometimes obscured by these clouds that are 80k feet, 90k feet, or even 100k feet or higher. But it’s still shining right? I just need a U2 or SR-71 to see the actual tops where they can be verified by a reliable source that has the altimeter and other instruments manufactured to acceptable specifications…to um, measure mother-nature’s like…creations…that just kinda…happen. Or something.

        Am I ranting? Say…that’s a good idea. Maybe if we were to start using these old “weapons or wars past” and “weapons of wars not yet happened” for like other uses, they wouldn’t be so goddamn scary. Like here in the ass-end of Tornado Alley? Fly around and let us know that thunderstorms are in route, and that we’re all gonna die from them. Ya know…”KILLER STORMS ON STEROIDS!!!” God the media has gotten…dare I say … pathetic? Surely money/advertising dollars aren’t the ONLY fucking thing driving this “A NEW KILLER DISEASE HAS BEEN FOUND IN EBOLA TOWN AFRICA!!!! DOES IT AFFECT YOU?!?!?! FIND OUT TONIGHT!!!….at 5:00/5:30/6:00/6:30/10:00…with updates inbetween!”

        I know I’m pathetic, so I guess it’s my fault that “the media” is pathetic. Gotta pander to those you are catering to. Speaking of which…I bet I personally would love “English Food.” Growing up here, we had a lotta “8 different things on the plate…yet everything on the plate is brown” kinda meals. I guess if the plate itself was brown…fuckin-a…I guess some physical law would be violated and the entire shit-pile would just….disappear. Guess that’s why they always put pictures of grapes and tomatoes and shit like that on dining plates/flatware. As a kid I was always like…”what are those things painted on my plate, and why can’t I eat THOSE instead of this brown shit that tastes like shit?” All joking aside, I used to HATE it when I would hear one traveler telling another to “take a salt/pepper shaker with you” when traveling abroad. Guess some people don’t realize that it’s insulting to the chef to season your food. ESPECIALLY if you haven’t even tasted it and season it as soon as the plate comes. You are missing the entire experience by assuming that someone somewhere else just don’t know what they are doing.

        “When did this happen?”
        “When did that happen?”
        “Why is this no longer like that?”

        Valid questions to be sure. But don’t ask me. I wasn’t there. Unless I was. That said, aren’t we capable of making our own choices as to the “experience” of things? For example…just once … before I die … I would like to experience what it is like to win the lottery. Just once. Some big lottery that tops a billion fucking dollars. (Like that would ever happen) I only need that one winning ticket … come on baby … SHIT!!!!! (I was thinking about Begbie’s Big Win in Trainspotting when I was writing that)

        BTW, please do not read the above. It’s long and rambling. And it’s long. And rambling. 🙂
        Here’s Bob Marley on OGWT.

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        1. Oh, ‘English Food’ has it’s fair share of brown, Cade…

          But when it comes to tornados, you’ve got us licked

          */Shakes head… Yeah, Clicky, that effort made it into our newspapers, but then so much utter claptrap and twaddle does*


          1. >>>>Claptrap and Twaddle.
            Any drippins, droppins, ooze, booger flickins’ or snot slinging? lol

            My dad used to tell tales of his Marine Corps adventures in S.E. Asia. Amazing stories of the war that he fought in before war was not declared in the Vietnam War/Conflict/Police Action. (1958/59-1962) Most of the tales he told were about what a nasty filthy place it was where most of the soldiers wound up with some form or multiple forms of VD. He said there were MANY soldiers that had such “bad cases of VD” that they would not allow the soldiers to return to US soil. They just left them there. Guess that explains some of the POW/MIA stuff that America has wrestled with.

            It’s weird. The only time my father ever talked to me about sex was with respect to disease or death. Great. The USMC is dictating policy with what my father would eventually teach me/or not teach me regarding sex. Nothing. Note even condoms. I mean Jesus, at least they gave their soldiers “rubbers” and told them “put it on, before you put it in.” Yikes. They forgot “thrust, repeat.” 😦

            There was a book that I read called Koko years ago that I guess sorta “explained” what a fucking train wreck all that mess over there in Asia really was. I guess it helped me understand that many soldiers did NOT go AWOL to stay “in-country” but rather they were left for one reason or another. I’m sure there were many that did “go AWOL.” I mean…when you are in a foreign theater of combat, and the natives are trying to kill the living shit out of you…why would some NOT want to fucking bail. Day to day…your only option is fight or die. Who the fuck wants to die?

            Guess I just really hate “nasty language” or when language itself is vilified or purposefully modified or “bastardized” if you will, to change meaning out of spite or contempt. I also hate the shit out of “hidden” shit. Unless of course it is actual shit. Then you can hide the shit out of that shit all you care too. Contextual innuendo is one thing. Outright subversion? Grrr. Without communication, we have no conversation. Without conversation…we are void of both. And all. Just an observation. Keep iin mind that I am wrong most of the time and cannot be responsible for anything I may or may not write. As a matter of fact…who am I? What am doing here? 😉

            Confusion and indecision are my pet peeves. They have many opposites and are pathways to some really ugly stuff. Pathways that can be manipulated to destroy. Language and thought fascinate me. I’m just really fucking bad at them. It seems a great many people have sat around and pondered this shit for a really fucking long time…and it’s a crime to throw it away for any reason. Seems me and you may have had similar notions about LOL’s. It freaked me out when I saw your blog title originally, but it also was a relief because of “whew, I’m not alone in my “pet projects I’ll prolly never get to do” kind of set of dreams.” I guess that’s why I’d rather share my ideas and see if someone else who is better equipped to carry it on can run with it. Not like I myself wasn’t inspired by someone. Many in fact. We all “rip shit off” from others whether it be “accidentally on purpose” or “purposefully accidental.” 😉

            Plus…it’s a big goddamn world. We are just really discovered how big. Who knows who is thinking what where. And it’s usually something good. Seems to be be how we are wired anyway.

            Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂 Guess I’ll go blab over at Whatchacallt Forums now. lol

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  1. Rooby – rational German wife thinks I am a nutter. i told her the photographer in Munich was the same bloke as in Nice. Am I now insane or is this the case?

    Hey baby it’s a Wild World!

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