Posty McPost Haste: Saving Face Farce

Sew… the Government has stepped in to save the blushes of NERC

David and the Sub
CLICKY: JoJo was a man who thought he was a woman *taps fin*

*Clicky, it’s ‘loner’…*

Jojo Tickle and Goliath
CLICKY: Jojo’s a girl…

*Oh I remember watching that with the boys when they were little. You’re right, Clicky…*

‘The series is set in Circus Town, a self-sufficient city whose cultural center is the “Big Top” tent. The story focuses on JoJo Tickle, a young female clown, and Goliath, JoJo’s pet lion. She and Goliath study at the Little Big Top Circus School, where all young soon-to-be circus performers learn under their teacher Mrs. Kersplatski. Along with her friends, JoJo explores and learns while dealing with challenging situations.

‘JoJo’s Circus relies on repetition in its structure. Each segment always begins with JoJo searching for her pet lion Goliath who is always hiding. JoJo then is presented with the situation that will occupy the theme of the show. A song, usually about the resolution of the situation, is then sung by JoJo.’

*A bit of sync that, Clicky, as I tweeted the ‘Dark Side of the Rainbow’ to Hugo & Kitty this morning…*

Hugo Kitty and Roobee on Y'Ello Twitter
CLICKY: Huge Cat that hides?

*It was in response to Hugo’s stirring seas post last night. And featured David…*

*My, the Beeb got that out early; he’s not 90 until Sunday, according to his we-key page, Click. Mind you, it’s been that kind of a year so far for celebs*rolls eyes* … Ooh that’s interesting…*

‘In May 2015, US President Barack Obama interviewed Attenborough at the White House in Washington D.C. Together, they discussed the future of the planet, their passion for nature and what measures can be taken to protect the environment.

*’discussed the future of the planet’, Clicky. Legs’ story of, or possible from… he is a Doctor… /drifts … Um, ‘For Whom the Bells Jingle‘. Just last night, Leggy wondered if Hugo would like to read it.*

Aten hun Hugo
CLICKY: Don’t forget the face

*Ha ha… there just had to be a face sync. Come on, Clicky, let’s finish with a Song* 😉



*Clicky! Attention … Blue Universe Frank posted overnight about the Never-Ending Craziness‘*

*Ha! Crazy wins… /rolls eyes…*



4 thoughts on “Posty McPost Haste: Saving Face Farce

  1. I bought a newspaper today. First time in years. From the dark side of the moon album…

    The lunatics are in the hall
    The lunatics are in my hall
    The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
    And every day, the paper boy brings more

    I don’t even know why I bought it. I haven’t read it.

    (Lyrics are from long term memory and results might vary)

    Liked by 1 person

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