All Fool Down

Last week in the Red Universe, MEROVEE Frank posted ‘Start the Collapse‘…

Merovee Start the Collapse

collapsing the dream

This morning in the Blue Universe, Mikef317 posted news of scientific crumbling on Frank’s ‘Dreaming of a Bad Dream‘…


Flick off ASH

*Hello Clicky. Is that you dreaming of the collapse of Action on Smoking and Health? Righteous bastards!*



The authors called this effect “ego depletion” and said it revealed a fundamental fact about the human mind: We all have a limited supply of willpower, and it decreases with overuse. Eating a radish when you’re surrounded by fresh-baked cookies represents an epic feat of self-denial, and one that really wears you out. Willpower, argued Baumeister and Tice, draws down mental energy—it’s a muscle that can be exercised to exhaustion.

‘A limited supply of willpower’? That’s Tobacco Control’s sole reason for being, because we smokers lack the willpower to ‘kick’ our habit.

*Baumeister and Tice? Sounds like ‘Baumeister entice’, Clicky… *


entice (v.)late 13c., intice, from Old French enticier“to stir up (fire), to excite, incite,” which is of uncertain origin, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *intitiare “set on fire,” from Latin in-“in” (see in- (2)) + titio (genitive titionis) “firebrand,” which is of uncertain origin. Meaning “to allure, attract” is from c. 1300. Related:Enticed; enticing; enticingly.

*Ha! You included some kicking? You flash sew and sew, Clicky… Is that the doorbell?*


Thoughtful Man stood on the doorstep, clutching a plastic bag to his chest. “Got it!” He passed the bag to me with a flourish as he stepped inside and stamped his feet.

I peered inside. “A game?”

“Yes. It’s the one Kit’s been after. It came out today.”

Division front

“The Division… Hey, I’m just including that in a post!” I turned the box over and read the blurb on the back.

Division back

“Excellent timing, then,” Thoughtful Man buffed his nails. “As you would expect.”

I rolled my eyes – we have differing views on timing; he prides himself on his precision.

“I’m surprised you even know about it,” he conceded later in the Library over an invigorating Red Bull and cigarette. “I didn’t think you paid much attention to the boys’ games.”



“Are you kidding? I don’t play them but I have to listen to them playing.” Our boys are not quiet.




“In fact Loopy’s friends refer to me as The Fairy CODmother.”


“They want me to adopt them.” Now it my turn to nonchalantly buff.


Thoughtful Man didn’t miss a beat. “Well, you do make a good sandwich.”


*That reminds me, Clicky. I must collect his stab-proof vest from the cleaners… What were we talking about?*


CLICKY: The Righteous won’t like that.

*No they won’t… /grins… Maybe their collapse is starting, Click?*

Francis Urquhart

*Well, fingers cross, eh? Have a Song*




9 thoughts on “All Fool Down

  1. Sorry. I can’t cope with this at the moment. Most of my life is spent on coping with people who believe that The McCanns dun it.. And I am having a bad time as a Moderator in dealing with this. I don’t believe that they dun it.

    This is the real world of The Internet. But perhaps forgive me if I find it hard to deal with sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elena, I don’t know what to say – I have no view on The McCann case; I haven’t followed the story other than at the time. I have nothing but sympathy for any parents that have lost a child.


      1. Sorry, it was a bit more to do with being a Moderator. Me me me, in fact. And sometimes mortal hard.

        I hope for Madeleine. But there isn’t much else I can do.

        I suppose I just wanted you to know that I do have an identity on The Net beyond just some sort of nonsense.
        I do Moderate on The Justice Forum as Eleanor, And I do happen to believe that The McCanns didn’t dun it.

        My latest post on your Blog was a shameless attempt to attract attention to me. And Madeleine.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Don’t worry about it Elena. Blow off steam here if you like. And let me join you in hoping for Madeleine’s return.


          1. It is so often really hurtful, and I do find it hard to Moderate this Shite. So I suppose you might wonder why I do it when I do have to be totally fair when I don’t really want to be. But some fool has to do it. As if that is a good enough reason

            It was just such a blatant take over of your Blog, that I truly should be ashamed of.

            Liked by 1 person

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