16 thoughts on “Eggplant Jesus

  1. Tried again. Didn’t work again. Oh well. Wasn’t really funny save for the absolute randomness of some smart assed hick from Texas appearing out of nowhere like a tornado and commenting on foreign policy in a more regional and local type level…leaving everyone else like…”what the bloody hell was that?” or “Ware dee cum frum” then could be all like…frum me mum…dumb bum!

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  2. OK, corrected the goddamn typos. My fucking keyboard is jacked, this is a wireless, and all my other keyboards are UBS, but they are backed up on a UBS drive! lol

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    1. Yep din work again. Fuckit
      Oh…you British think you are Sooooooooo superior. (A Fish Called Wanda ref) Howdy from Texas limeys! BTW, I’m an Okie. I just live in this shithole of a state. But, if you assholes would start CHEWING your tobacco instead of smoking it, NO PROBLEMS ANY MORE!!! Course, there is that spitting problem. And I certainly don’t recommend swallowing. (Am I right ladies?)

      A Haw Haw Haw Haw (ZZ Top – La Grange reference) ó¿ó

      Love ya UK. Down With The British! (The Great Escape ref)

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      1. Ah, Otto, the man who thought Portia was a sport car.

        Dreadfully sorry for any inconvenience you are experiencing. I’ll send Clicky over to see if he can be of any assistance.

        *Clicky! Dunno what’s up but but go see if you can help Apollo Chicken post sumthing, please?*

        *Cos I smoke and you chews knot to. And because you’re faster than me.*


        Apolygon… Clicky will be with you momentarily. In the meantime, have a Song.


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