Valentine’s Day Mascara

*It’s your fault, Clicky. You’re the reason I’m in this pickle…*

Blame Clicky?

*Yes, I’m blaming you… you arrived first, you could’ve let me know the Professor was there visiting…*

innocent face
Clicky Innocent Face

*A party, though, for Valentine’s Day at the LoL? We don’t usually acknowledge that day, let alone celebrate it. What was I thinking?*

Clicky flustered..?

*I panicked. It was the first thing that popped into my head, Clicky…*

Clicky Professor..?

*Yes, I invited him, but it wasn’t that cryptic; I sent him a tweet… I have no idea if he’ll come and now I have to think of a theme just in case people do turn up…*

Clicky bats an idea

*Oh, that’s… that’s brilliant!*

mascara (n.) cosmetic for coloring eyelashes, 1883, mascaro (modern form from 1922), from Spanish mascara“a stain, a mask,” from same source as Italian maschera “mask” (see mask (v.)).

*We all wear masks online all the time! A ‘come as you are’…*

Clicky Bottle

*Absolutely! Better get some nibbles in… I’m still holding you responsible, Clicky, but have a Song.*

Click to dance

19 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Mascara

  1. I am stupid
    I am stunned
    I’m too stupid to be stunned.

    I am super
    I am stupor
    I am in a super stupor.

    I am stunned stupid in a stupor…super. 😐

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      1. I um…well, I’m about to start trying to connect some dots. Thanks in advance for the smelling salts. Yep. I’m gonna attempt it. Crystals, Salts, Oils, Fats…connective tissues…I may need a lot of tissues.

        Just…thanks. K?

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        1. My pleasure. I’m still engrossed in your posts on Sync Miss For Him.

          You got me thinking about The Hudsucker Proxy. Scene it?


          1. No I have not. I uh…well, watch a lot of movies by myself. Thinker/dreamer movies have been on my “why fucking bother” list for a while since having no one to talk to about them. Last movie I went to see at the theater was Dawn of the Dead remake in 2005? 2004? And I went stag to that. /shrug

            Man, I’m depressing. Could be worse. I could be a strep swab! /bada ching

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              1. Nice post time.

                That made me think of the date, and I just realized I didn’t even bother inquiring if the groundhog saw his shadow. Two days later, and I still don’t care.


                1. Apparently he did. Thoughtful Man mentioned it, although he completely missed the massive ‘Gobblers Knob’ 😉

                  Today is 4.2 hear in the UK butt it’s 2.4 over ware you are…


                  Apols! Pointless exercises 😉 Writing up the post now.


                  1. Yes, I did read a bit of that with the 137. (Do I sound too droll?) I’ll work on it. (Both) 😉

                    Actually, bastardize the date/time as so…2016.02.04.0930 (I find the period more convenient. It allows for less typing and the formatting keeps me thinking on an international and american level…ahem…levels.) See how clever I am? Clever = cleverly disguised lazy fuck.


  2. Hi Roob

    You won’t be surprised – remember me writing article about ‘Four Eyes’ when you were getting your new glasses – but I’ve taken three pics today and yesterday, which caught my eye and will be in next article, about mascara and falsies.

    And dicovered one of the names of Scarlett Johansson / Lucy I mentioned in last article is Valentine. Not sure if shes real or not though.

    Hope you’re over your Zik/Sick bug.


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    1. I’m feeling a lot better now, thank you, Frank 😀

      Two retweets appeared on my twitterfeed after I posted – one of a girl having her eyes made up professionally and another of a woman with her tits out saying ‘these are natural’.

      And it funny you should mention Scarlett Johansson as I earlier I was thinking about a phone could do the job I did 😉


      1. Definitely in sync about the tits. Normal weird stuff but quite funny. You’ll see when I get it done. It will make you laugh 🙂

        And Lucy is everywhere as I’m finding out. The similarity with my Lucy and the movie Lucy is incredible. Add 10 years onto Scarlet Johannson and you’ve got Valentine.

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