To Pee or Not to Pee*

*Actually, there’s been no question about it, for this week I have been laid low by a bug

Clicky for a Sing-a-long

*No, Clicky, knot that sort of bug… but OMG, the boys were so cute whizzing around on those… sigh…*

It started last weekend when Kit Kat came home from school feeling snotty…

*Yes, Click, he’s a teenager now and yes, he’s sometimes full of himself but in this case he was also full of cold.*

He didn’t have a fever so I did what my mum or nan would have done… sent him to bed with plenty of fluids and prepared him lots of tasty meals. It must of worked because by Monday morning he was fit and raring to go. I, on the other hand, woke that morning distinctly feeling under the weather. His bug had transferred itself to me.

It settled on my chest like a dachshund determined to wake me up from deep slumbers and there it has stayed. This has meant that I haven’t been able to smoke…

Zero Cigarettes.gif

… at all. And definitely no partying 😉

Zero Smoke

The worst part has been the peeing

*Clicky! It’s not funny. Every cough and sneeze has been a torment…*


*No, torment, knot torrent. Although… *

So this week, I will be attempting to shake it off…


*The bug, Clicky, the bug!*

… and resume smoking. Wish me luck and… have a Song 😉

8 thoughts on “To Pee or Not to Pee*

    1. Hi JP. Aww, miss Captain Ranty. Thanks for linking him to my post. Now I’m off to raid the green car to see how many old coppers we’ve got saved up 😉


  1. aloe! I have nothing to say, except some day I will get drunk again. All the time. I will slobber. Leessee what did that guy say about alcohol…red noses, lechery and urine. Pfffttt. I’ve invented a lot more shit than that.

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  2. Oh you know…bit here, bit there. I almost thought about something, but I didn’t. So, just day to day. Trying to bust through that wall before I get socked in the nose…again. Speaking of socks, my mom used to have to pull mine down. Rip them more like. They would get stuck to my legs for some reason. Huh…alergies or some such…but…I digress. Anyway, instead of posting in my thread over at whatchacallit, I’ll just blab on here for God knows how long and irritate whoever for whatever reason. Then, eventually, I’ll flip that “M” upside down and make it a “W” and then mass and momentum, and moment, and any other sciency shit with an “M” character will get all “W”hacked. 😆

    We haven’t gotten any snow here. I hope I make it to New York eventually. Always wanted to live there. BUT I’ll be on the move for a while so…wait…why am I rambling here? Oh well, sorry. And really…sorry. cya.

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