Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 3.1 – Word Up!

Many Apols! for the delay. It’s Thoughtful Man and mine’s 25th wedding anniversary and it’s also Poppy 4th birthday.

Here come Round Two of this Pointless Exercise and it’s ‘Words’ round, sew… let’s start with a word…

ark (n.) Old English earc, mainly meaning Noah’s but also the Ark of the Covenant, from Latin arca “large box, chest” (see arcane). Also borrowed in Old High German (arahha, Modern German Arche). From the Noachian sense comes extended meaning “place of refuge” (17c.). As the name of a type of ship or boat, from late 15c. In 19c. U.S., especially a large, flat-bottomed river boat to move produce, livestock, etc. to market.

And a Song… *Hit it, Clicky!*


AA: And suddenly we’re down to 3 pairs. At the end of this round we’ll be down tattoo pairs, in time for our Head-2-Head round. But, er, I’ve got some-I’ve got some Apols! to chuck out… Ruth, well done to you.

RUTH: Thank you.

AA: Er, lowest individual score…

RUTH: Whey!

AA: Amazing.. lovely

RUTH: Yay! Clap me Jimmy, clap me.

JIMMY: Well done, Ruth. To be fair she deserved that.

AA: Yeah, doing all the heaving lifting…

RUTH: And highest?

AA: Yeah, yeah and the highest Solomon… Come on… Erm, and then Jamie and Alex, well done to you – our lowest combined score. Brilliant, yah!

JAMIE: Well done.

AA: And Jimmy and Carl… just-just well done.

JIMMY: Nice and steady

CARL: Just cruised in there…

JIMMY: Nice and steady…

6. OZ

AA: Thanks very much indeed… Solomon, we come to you.

SOLOMON: I’ve got one… Sew… obviously I know a lot of words and I’m thinking of an animal… do you want to hear it now?

AA: Yes.

SOLOMON: Aardvark. It’s so upsetting man, you know

AA: Okay. Is it?

SOLOMON: Hopefully, fingers crossed.

AA: Is it right? How many, ma, that thing, you know, etc.

RUTH: Please be right.

SOLOMON: Well it a right word, right?

(Plinky plonky guitar accompanies scoreboard disappearing discs)

AA: It is a right word!

RUTH: That might be pointless…

AA: Twenty One! Not bad, Solomon, not bad

OZ: A nocturnal burrowing mammal

AA: There we are…

OZ: Erm, from Africa.

AA: Carl! There we are, Carl, what would you like to go for?

CARL: Erm, I’m not sure I can have noseark… or could ya?

AA: It has to be one word.

CARL: Well, there’s a few I’ve got of similar point scoring but I’m trying to think what would be the lowest… ‘bark’?


19. laugh

CARL: What?

AA: Okay.

CARL: Bark, like a dog barks… no?

AA: Let’s see if ‘bark’ is right… it obviously is right… Let’s see how many of our 100 peepole said ‘bark.

(Plinky plonky guitar accompanies scoreboard disappearing discs)

CARL: Go on! Ohh…

AA: Ah, oh deary dear. Do you know this is one of those few occasions when ‘bite‘ would actually have been worse than ‘bark’. But let’s…

CARL: I thought it would be lower than that.

OZ: Er, bark. Yeah, of course it’s the noise made by an aardvark.

AA: Alex.

ALEX: Yes.

AA: What would you like to go for?

ALEX: Er, I’m gonna go with ‘lark’

JAMIE: Ugh! Why would you…?

CARL: That’s the other one.

AA: Okay, let’s see how many of our one hundred peepole said ‘lark’.

CARL: Please be lower… higher, sorry.

(Plinky plonky guitar accompanies scoreboard disappearing discs)

AA: Eighty Three.

OZ: I mean, genuinely, who would have thought that Solomon would be the lowest scorer by a mile?

AA: Er, thank you very much. Well, listen, we’re half way through the round so let’s take a look at the scores as they stand. Twenty One, very well done, Solomon. Solomon and Ruth, very much the top of the table there. Er, then up to 79 where we find Carl and Jimmy, then up to 83, where we find Alex and Jamie. So yeah, Jamie, we need a low scoring one from you, hear…

JAMIE: I’m ready for it… I’m so ready.

AA: Alright, well we’re gonna come back down the line now. Can the second players please step up to the podium?

(lighting dims, dramatic music)

AA: Okay, come on Jamie, a word ending …ARK. A nice obscure word ending …ARK. You’re the highest scorers so it needs to be low.

JAMIE: I’m gonna go for ‘remark’.

AA: ‘Remark’ says Jamie. Listen, that’s earned you an ‘Ooo’ from our audience.

JAMIE: Ooo… Thank you-thank you.

AA: There we go, no red line for you as you’re the high scorers but let’s see how far down the bored you get with ‘remark’.

(Plinky plonky guitar accompanies scoreboard disappearing discs)

AA: Well, 21 is our lowest score so far… and you pass it. Look at that! Twelve. Well done, 95 is now your total.

OZ: As so often before, it all comes down to Jimmy Bullard now… As he steps up.

AA: Okay. Come on then now, Jimmy.

JIMMY: I dunno if this is even a word

AA: It sounds good already… It’s gotta… 15 or less you’ve got to score, Jimmy.

JIMMY: Ah come on… this is so embarrassing…

CARL: Come on mate, do something.

JIMMY: Is ‘stark‘ a word?

AA: Why wouldn’t-why would that not be a word?

JIMMY: It’s just not a word I’ve used before.

AA: You just have!

JIMMY: But I’m goinwiv it anyway.

AA: Yeah, there we are… ‘stark’. There’s your red line, it’s quite low. You’ve gotta get blow that red line to stay in the game. Let’s see how many of our 100 peepole said ‘stark’.

(Plinky plonky guitar accompanies scoreboard disappearing discs)

CARL: It’s right anyway…

AA: It’s right…

JIMMY: Come on! Yahhh!

AA: Thirty. A hundred and nine is your total.

JIMMY: This is a fantastic game!

OZ: The good news though is we’ve finally solved the mystery of whether ‘stark’ is a word.

JIMMY: When would you use a word like that? What is it, what does it mean?

AA: Stark, staring bonkers, maybe?

JIMMY: Oh okay, like my mate.

AA: Yeah, that’ll do, thank you. Okay now, so Ruth. You’re on 21, this should be simple shouldn’t it?

RUTH: Well, I was going to say ‘stark’ an all. I thought he was genius.

AA: Ruth, there are other words ending in …ARK.

RUTH: Yes. It’s whether I play it safe… how many do I need? 10?

AA: Er, no, 87… eighty seven or less.

RUTH: Erm, I’m going to go for… ah… er… ‘mark‘?


JIMMY: That’s definitely gotta be higher.

AA: Listen…

RUTH: Living on the edge-living on the edge.

AA: There’s your red line. You’ve got to get below that with ‘mark’. Let’s see how many of our one hundred peepole said ‘mark’

(Plinky plonky guitar accompanies scoreboard disappearing discs)

AA: You’ve done it! Just 73. Takes your total up to 94.

OZ: That might be, that might be the worst words round we’ve ever had on the show.


OZ: Have you got one?

AA: Wer-wer well, a couple…

OZ: Yeah?

AA: I thought, um, ‘ballpark‘.

OZ: Ballpark would have scored you one point.

CARL: Could I have had gnohersark?

OZ: No you couldn’t have had Noah’s Ark.


OZ: Er, now, let’s take a look at the pointless answers, there’s quite a few… ‘countermark’ is a pointless answer, ‘fingermark’, ‘paperbark’…

49. skiing

AA: Er, then sew at the end of the second round, the pair who are heading home with the high score of 109… I’m sorry Jimmy and Carl.

JIMMY: Cheers! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

CARL: Yeah!

AA: Well nothing wrong with either of your answers… they were just a bit high, that’s all.

JIMMY: That was a token clap…

AA: But listen, you must come back-comeback and play again and do better.

JIMMY: I’ll bring a different partner.

AA: It’s been- it’s been lovely having you on… Jimmy and Carl, everyone!


Goodness, is that the time? Well, it was our wedding anniversary yesterday. Oh dear, I’d best get to bed or else Thoughtful Man might think of chuck me out…

*Cheers for that, Clicky… rolls eyes … Hey! Did you see that Dumey had a visitor yesterday? Was asking after you… is there anything you want to tell me?*

cameo (n.) early 15c., kaadmaheu, camew, chamehieux and many other spellings (from early 13c. in Anglo-Latin), “carved precious stone with two layers of colors,” from Old French camaieu and directly from Medieval Latin cammaeus, which is of unknown origin, perhaps ultimately from Arabic qamaa’il “flower buds,” or Persian chumahan “agate.” Transferred sense of “small character or part that stands out from other minor parts” in a play, etc., is from 1928, from earlier meaning “short literary sketch or portrait” (1851), a transferred sense from cameo silhouettes.


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