Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 2 – Back down the line

It’s Thorsday and there are only 11 days left to catch the ‘Pointless Exercise’ episode. So if anyone wants to join in, fill your boots… I shall be coming back down the line, shortly…

*note to Clicky – better get your skates on, too, luv *


AA: False Cog… Thank you Richard. Well, we’re half way through the round. Let’s take a look at those scores… Well done Jamie – 25, the best score of the pass…

1. Jamie and Alex

AA: Then up to 38 where we find Carl and Jimmy…

2. Carl and Jimmy

AA: 75, where we find Craig and Nikkei…

3. Craig and Nikki

AA: …And then up to a hundred where we find Solomon and Ruth…

4. Solomon and Ruth

AA: …Sew, yes, Ruth… you’re knot that far out in front…


AA: Butt, you gno what we need; a lovely low score.

5. Ruth reckons she needs a miracle

6. Good luck with that

7. Second players step up to the podium

8. Okay let's put 7 more divas up

9. second board of divas

10. How did Made in Chelsea start for you

11. How did that start for me

12. And that's how

13. Do they follow you around

14. I wake up

15. Can you edit

16. No we don't really have a say

17. So the minute you say

18. yah you can tell them to leave

19. Now Alex

20. witch is Riannah

21. Rhianna diamonds rhianna

22. Hears your red line

23. Lets see how many

(AA turns to the scoreboard and the red line starts to descend. Plinky plonky guitar music)

AA: It’s right… look at that you’re through. Well done Alex…

24. Bored narration

25. it's only the lowest score of the round

26. tattoo


Well done, Click. Phew… managed to construct that shamble quite nicely before the end of Thorsday… Have a Song 😉

rose skirt



6 thoughts on “Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 2 – Back down the line

  1. aHAHA! Thanks for the dance. Love that part. Love that movie, but that part…Holy shit Tarantino is as long winded as Kevin Smith, just…differently. I think it’s cause Smith uses music more succinctly directly and also through silence (implied music or musical connections through dialogue), and Tarantino is more ambient about his silence and more wishy washy with his directness…like…overbearing. Kinda taking a note from Sergio Leone.

    And speaking of long winded…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I spent yesterday evening reading and listening to your latest posts at Sync Miss For Him (email notifications didn’t arrive, unfortunately). Now, don’t take that negatively; you’re fascinating and you’re right – the answer is simple yet devilishly complex to comprehend… and that’s the point, I think. It reminds me of Robert Redford creeping across a super-heated office in ‘Sneakers’. Ooh and the episode ‘Speed 3’ from Father Ted:

      Anyway, I have a shamble to construct for today, so I shall be holed up here at the LoL. A comment can take up to 10 links, if you want to take a stab at explaining it to me hear 😉

      Have a Song 😀


      1. I’m…um…having trouble with words. Here anyway. I’ll do my best, when I can muster it, and then, there it will be. 😐

        Keep dishing it out. I can take it. Keep it here, on me. Please? K? This is what it is. Set Phaser to Obliterate? Or at least, set it to “Faint!”
        I am Zero. ❤


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