Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 1.5

Apol! This is turning into a long, drawn out pro-cess. In this part, though, we finally start to go up the line of this ‘Pointless Exercise‘… Solomon :O


*audience applauds*

AA: Solomon-Solomon, hear from The Apprentice… Now, listen… B4 you went onto The Apprentice, you were-you were all reddy an entrepreneur. You had-you had great success… I mean-i mean, did The Apprentice help at all? Did you learn stuff from it?

1. Solomon's experience of The Apprentice

AA: Sew that was basically it… *laughs and smiles*

(SOLOMON & AA overlap speaking – indecipherable)

AA: Couldn’t you have just gone… had a meeting with sum one?

(AA blusters and turns to break 4th wall with a L-OOK!)

AA: … a day long course… couldn’t have you?

(RUTH chips in)

1.1 Ruth agrees with AA turns to Solomon

1.2 Solomons hand signal for mucking... messing up

AA: Okay. Did it help, tho’? Did it help?

SOLOMON: Yeah, yeah, yeah..

(AA and SOLOMON start to speak at the same time)

SOLOMON +AA: Massively … The Apprentice.

SOLOMON: I think now  I can-I can doo a business plan. I know how to meet pee-pole a bit better… business me-tings

AA: Okay. Now, Solomon-Solomon *turns to look at board*… The bored *pause* It’s all yores

SOLOMON: Sew… I’m like, finding this quite hard because I’m knot really a singer. Sew erm…

AA: Doo you gno, you don’t really have to be a singer

*laughter in the studio and at home*

SOLOMON: Yeah, butt I’m thinking, like yeah… Sew, sew I’m thinking I want to go with the top one. Is that the answer?

AA: Erm, you then have to give the answer.

*laughter in the studio and at home*


*Ruth winces*

SOLOMON: Sew I’m pretty sure-I’m pretty sure ‘Dirty‘ and ‘Beautiful‘ was sung by that woman called… Brit-knee-Spears.

3. Ruth touches Solomon and tells him he's wrong

*AA turns to break the Fourth Wall*

3.1 AA breaks the 4th wall 'Britney Spears'

*AA turns to look at Score Board*

3.2 Solomon smiles the board says X

3.3 Fiery X from afar

3.4 Solomon gets 100 points Ruth doesn't look impressed

*OZ chips in*

7. OZman on Sports pee pole

AA: Good start to the round anyway.


Update 29.12.15 at 13.41 (again, yule have to take my word for the time 😉 )

Just seen the most amazing Lego set… Thoughtful Man told me about it; he saw it in a shop this morning… Hmm…

*Clicky, grab some close ups, there’s a good chap… lead the way*

1. Higgs Boson

2. Burn a debt Howie Bridge Leonard

3. Penny Shell don ring Ami

4. Rahger Robot Radio in Library area

5. Whole in the wall and central heating control panel

*Nice grabs, Clicky… High Five!*

1645h further update… a bigger picture 😉

Bigger Picture



13 thoughts on “Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 1.5

        1. Oh Joe… you deposit such beautiful musical clips, hear at the LoL…

          Thank fuck I got some brilliant headphones for Xmas 😉 … okay, before Christmas *looks askew*

          Do you have another offering up your sleeve…?

          *Yes, Clicky, watts t’hat…?*

          *squint… Clicky! Rude!*

          JP… *bluster* Erm… can you help? *flutters eyelashes*


    1. Strike a light, JP. I looked up ‘lucifer’ cos it’s kind of a scary word, an’ all, with evil connotations. Led me straight to ‘match‘:

      *Ah, thank you, Clicky… puffs contentedly*

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Apollo Chicken! Happy New Year you and yores, too 😀

      My New (Year’s resolution) for 2015… I didn’t make one at the start of the year, sew I’m making one now… in hindsight, whilst I can 😀

      I’ve subscribed to your wonderful witterings on Sync Miss For Him, sew I don’t miss any new ones in 2016 😉

      C-L-1-K-1! WTF! Play another…

      CYL CFA ❤


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