Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 1.3

*lights up* Er… MRS REGN‘s Xmas Address live from the LoL… *cough*

Watch ya, *guise* and *gals*!

This *‘ears* a pre-amble *shamble* into Round 1 witch is *divers*, I mean, *Divas*

OK *reddy*? *deep breath h/t Steven Moffat*


OZ: Good evening to you.

AA: Good evening to you.

OZ: How are you?

AA: I couldn’t be better

OZ: Well… this is gonna be… wats the word? FUN?

AA: Dat’s… that’s a word, that’s it, yeah…

OZ: No, this should be GREAT fun


OZ: I mean, Yewwould expect, I think, podium one to win, *wood-knot-You*? Apprentice contestants…

AA: They’ve got the will, havant they? L-OOK at that!

OZ: Well, they’re used to… used to this sort of drama this sort of jeopardy

Ruth: Yeah!


1. Ruth chips in


1.1 Handle

1.2 Fire One of You


3. Ruth points to Solomon


3.1 It's a wave

AAOkay quickly, let’s get it done… Now as usual, all the questions… *chuck alls* have been asked to 100 pee-pole before the show…

3.2 Contest Ants

AA: These are the answers that nun of our 100 people gave. Each time that happens wheel add 250 qui 😀 2 the Jackpot.

3.3 Special Alex Looks Hard

3.4 Nominated Charity

AA: …So we start off with a jackpot. A very generous jackpot of 2 thousand 5 hundred pounds.

7. Jackpot


St Stephen’s Day Mess-Age, Ok update 😉

Yesterday’s Song and one for today. *Click! u & I will be starting 1.4 in finding the X Factor… Round 1… Divas… Ding Dong 😉

CYL *blows kiss*






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