The MEROVEE Experiment

Yesterday at The Lab, Korben Dallas mentioned a problem with posting on MEROVEE

The Lab Korben Dallas has a posting problem at Merovee

*Clicky did you hide the link to my response behind the image? Ah, yes, I see you did. Well, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink… or click for that matter …/titters 😉 *

So, problems with ‘in moderation’ comments disappearing from my screen. But who would believe me? I know, I thought, I could do an experiment and try to show what I’m seeing.

Now this is a Library not a Lab. Could be dangerous, but fortunately I carry my own PPE


I posted a reply to an overnight comment to me from DDNA on ‘Believe In Love’

1037 in moderation reply to DDNA screen shot Merovee 1612151037 in moderation reply to DDNA screen shot Merovee 161215 part 2

Five links were used (including one image and one Song). Normally this would be published straightaway but it went into ‘moderation’. As you can see, Frank’s reply to DDNA’s comment is directly above and Viktor’s is directly below.

I carried on doing other stuff and decided to go back later…

CLICKY: For a closer look ;)


Not only that but a further comment to Frank went into ‘moderation’

Another merovee comment in moderation part 1

Another merovee comment in moderation part 2

Another merovee comment in moderation part 3

*Clicky, can I just say you’re being very good today restraining yourself for this experiment? Don’t answer, just keep it up 😀 *

I went back to look again and this comment, too, had disappeared…

CLICKY: Faithfully...


So Korben Dallas, as you can see, it’s very possible that this is what could have happened to your comment on MEROVEE. No doubt they’ve slipped into ‘spam’. I’ll email Frank and we’ll find out 😉

Meanwhile have a Song…


2 thoughts on “The MEROVEE Experiment

  1. Hi Frank – no, I don’t actually; the LoL doesn’t get that many comments.

    As I said to Korben at The Lab, it’s a very recent thing and it’s not just on Merovee – it’s happened in the Blue Universe on UBU and Frank Davis also. It just to happens that I had a comment in moderation on Merovee this morning and I thought I’d see if I could capture it, if it happened again, so that I could demonstrate what I was talking about.


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