Funk to Fun Key

Mum died at the start of September. I have some of her ashes. The rest we went to scatter today… around a tree that looked a bit like a squirrel

Foamy the Squirrel Tree b


Early this week, my friend Cynarea StMary posted about her recent birthday celebrations on UBU. She included 5 randomly selected songs from her personal playlist. I don’t have one of those; I have a Thoughtful Man who has an extensive music collection though, generally, I don’t to hear more than an intro, or start of a chorus, because he’s likes to skip to the next. He was the same with the TV remote control when we used to watch telly 😉

Today, on the way to Squirrel Tree, he played 5 songs all the way through from a mix-CD he’d made to listen to at work. So, these are the songs randomly selected by Thoughtful Man, and that we listened to right through to the last note.

I got told off for asking if this was ‘Kylie’. I don’t know – Stock Aitken and Waterman’s all songs sound the same to me…

“Who’s this then?” he asked, selecting the next song. Apparently ‘Busted’ is an incorrect answer…

“I went through a country phase” was offered like an excuse with the next song…

“Clever woman, Kim Wilde, writing a song with ‘America’ in it. Yanks love that” was the insight offered with the next song. I just sang along…

Some pix from our time with The Squirrel Tree, then…

Ring of Ash

JES and US

Watching Horse

The 5th song, then, played as we left through the main gate…

Actually, there was a complete 6th song listened to. But that just followed on from the last and wasn’t randomly selected at all 😉

Click the Family Song…

Send Off Party



19 thoughts on “Funk to Fun Key

  1. Those two hoods on the ends. The ones wearing hoodies. They aren’t fooling anyone. Soccer Hooligans. They prolly play Marilyn Manson video games all day and have posters of Tony Blair and think that the Sun is something visible only from abroad or artificially through lightbulbs. – ❤ from where the sun never fucking ceases…and the fire of sharing joy and pain from some little spot in the middle of it all holds all the pain he can from you and for you.

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    1. That’s Loopy and Kit Kat. My boys, The Twins – crap at football (particularly Loops), MLGers, regularly tag-team me to see how fast I can PMSL (lightspeed, btw) and thoroughly decent, fun loving human beings.

      The long faces? Trying to look solemn… more likely hungry. Who can tell with 14 year olds? 😉

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      1. I walked out of a bar on Saturday night with a long face

        To make it worse I made the mistake of going to a bar full of Bournemouth supporters never saw so many grown men doing a beer belly dance on top of the tables before not a good look.

        Roob I knew I should have watched Wings instead they were playing this outside

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      2. BTW, I was jus trying to be silly. No disrespect meant. Well, maybe a little jus cause if I ain’t a little naughty, it wouldn’t be…human. 🙂

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  2. Hi Roob… 🙂

    I’m thinking that your mom’s soul/spirit is somewhere, resting/playing/having fun/enrolled class of some sort – learning new things.

    Point I want to make, (but before doing so, thought I would post the comment above) seeing your moms ‘burial ashes, [?] scattered around the Squirrel Tree bring to mind; the song – “Dust In The Wind.”

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    1. Hi DDNA

      Dad’s a squirrel and I guess mum’s now a horse… she had one of those faces that prompted strangers to say to her “Why the long face?”

      And dad used to love betting on the gee-gees… it’s all good 😉


  3. It’s foggy here today. 🙂 I love fog.

    And tell those two soccer hooligans I MEANT to say…football hooligans. (Or whatever the proper term would be in yer neck of the woods)

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      1. Huh…how bout that. An über-nerd from Texas. Shallow tho they may be, I’ll hang on with my Oklahoma roots. I can’t freakin’ shake the Texas ones…Yet.

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        1. No way! One of my favourite songs to sing along to…

          … has been ever since I went to see it on stage in the West End. School trip; we were up in the Gods but it was brilliant 😀

          Most of my knowledge the US comes from TV and film. I have visited (Florida, natch, and Arizona and a memorable night in Las Vegas (went to see Tom Jones). Also (but only to change planes, so they don’t really count) Atlanta, Cincinnati and LA.

          Sadly, I’ve not felt like going back to explore more since they started treating all travelers like terrorists.

          Have you visited the UK?


          1. Well, if flying over it a coupla time counts as visiting…then yes. With my own eyes I visited “A big, damp, foggy island nor-noreast of Ushant.” – Captain Sir Edward Pellew – Hornblower

            In “my” thread over there I recently recounted flying over Dublin and how beautiful it was. My agenda’s path of travel is to visit there once I achieve homeless status. Of course my agenda and “the interary” may differ. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the LOL, Chicken Apollo 😀

      Fog reminds of this sketch from my youth…

      FOG is also Friends of George, which kinda syncs with a sponsored ad I’ve saw on my mum’s Facebook page – I seem to have inherited it and clicked on it by accident this week. I’m not going to post the link but it’s a fake Guardian new story about the Duchess of Cambridge using raspberry ketone to lose pregnancy pounds.


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