Zip Zip Zooray – The Sun Came Out Yesterday

Frank Davis wrote the most interesting blog about the abolition of fire…

The History of Fire Well at least since 1932

No, Clicky, that’s the poster for the new collection Thoughtful Man discovered at Cash & Dash’s shop today…

Zippo Collection I know! £4.99 for a Zippo lighter. That’s not bad if I can limited him to just the one…

Oh dear yes, Clicky, it can be expensive loving Anarchivist  especially one with a fetish for anything American…

Anyway, I thought it a cute sync, the ‘History of Fire’ when Frank writes about the ‘Abolition of Fire’…

Principles dress

My funeral outfit? Fifty shades of grey indeed, Clicky… although it was pressed… you couldn’t even show an image of it ironed and, you know, on…?

That good, eh? Keep this up Clicky and you’ll find out just how scary I can be… Dumey’s has an attic now, you know… I’ll send you back

Okay then… You know there’s a sync also with the name of the £4.99 Zippo lighter with yesterday and today, Click…Florentine, as in from Florence…

Florence chief city of Tuscany, also a fem. proper name, both from Latin Florentia, fem. of Florentius, literally “blooming,” from florens (genitive florentis), present participle of florere “to flower” (see flourish). The city name is from Roman Colonia Florentia, “flowering colony,” either literal or figurative, and became Old Italian Fiorenze, modern Italian Firenze.

How do you solve the problem of tobacco smokers when you have a zero-tolerance to tobacco…? I’ll be honest, Clicky, past experience does not bode well

Never mind, Click, it was so lovely to be with friends and family yesterday… and Mother certainly sorted some decent weather out for us fellow smokers 😉 Have a Song…

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