What the Blazes! Taking an arrow to the née

Following last night’s burning shamble about my surname, a story about a horse called Blaze appeared on my T-wittier feed this morning…

Blaze the horse stabbed and sexually violated

Clicky, it’s so strange. As I was telling Hugo, I just bought some swords from Legs

Legs ordinary day

The swords are a birthday gift for Kit Bisto, my nipper who’s into all things Japanese. He’s a Bonner…

Bonfire, that’s right Clicky. But he’s only half Bonner; the other half comes from me 😉 From the Top…

shewan meaning top


shewan meaning middle


shewan meaning bottom

That’s right, my boys may be Bonners but they have She-won genes 😉

Merovee Moulin Rouge

I know, Clicky! At the same time as I was telling Hugo about the swords and Blaze, Merovee Frank was putting up a new post that features a windmill…

*squint* Having fun extracting the Michael, Clicky? … Here, have a Song

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