Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting…

… and dancing 😉

The first three episodes of Star Wars, as recommended by Library Assistant Kit Bisto. He’s taken to drawing on his arm; he calls it his ‘Tatooine’.


*I know, Clicky, funny, artistic and practical… a tattoo that’s easy to wash off for a new design the next day…*

*I don’t know about you Clicky, but that’s a much more plausable reason for Anakin embracing the Dark Side… it was his hormones!*

Three major motion pictures crammed into a hour. Time left for a Song…

15 thoughts on “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting…

  1. “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting…and dancing..”

    …… And in the days of psychedelia, some were getting ‘high’.

    As high as ….

    Today’s quiz for readers is: “What’s the connection between the performers of the two tracks”?

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    1. JP – a quiz! Let me think… Is it the lyrics to ‘Rocket Man’?

      ‘She packed my bags last night, preflight
      Zero hour, nine a.m.
      And I’m gonna be high
      As a kite by then

      I know Elton John plays piano, Clicky, but what’s that got to do with Simon Dupree and the Big Sound?

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      1. Oh, it seems there might be two solutions to the quiz. Your answer wasn’t the one I expected.

        In a convoluted way, it was ‘close’.

        Let me know when you ‘give up’

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