RooBee BlooDee Hell!

FUCK ‘to 2B or knot to 2B’ as The Question, the one vexing me is ‘Where, wear, we’re to FUCKING start?’.

OK, you should know I swear. I will try to keep it moderation but I LOVE swear words, just as I LOVE the SENSATION of SMOKING tobacco … the hot DRAW DOWN to lungs from lips … I don’t have the words … let BEBE tell you …

I LOVE BEBE, she was DOCTOR Frasier Crane’s SHIT hot agent. WHO also happened to be a bit of a SHIT 😉

What’s that I HEAR? WHO is a SHIT DOCTOR? Why my friend the SMOKING GIANT, here:

He comes from …


Inhabitants of the BLUE UNIVERSE are those that consume …

In the World of MRS REGN, BLUE is …

There are many shades of BLUE … Oh, I’d say at Least …

The very tip, the NAVY coloured thin end of this wedge-shaped Universe is the home of the SMOKERS. That’s where I’m from and for the longest time I lurked as an A VOID, below the line in the comments, mostly reading but occasionally contributing with a link accompanied with ‘Have you seen this?’ or words to that effect. I made some friends and the bestest is LEG IRON, the Underdog



He’s a Secret Ninja Cleaner, Author and Bug DOCTOR. No really, he’s a proper microbiologist with letters after his name and everything …

Shh … don’t tell him, but I’m completely in awe of him. I’ll never HEAR the end of it on from him in Twitter, the Y’ELLO UNIVERSE, so Mum’s the Word … he can be a bit of a SMOKING


smoking dragon

His girl is called Poppy Sweet Pea, a.k.a. the BROKEN Girl. She recently lost her bestest friend, Captain Ranty, and has been writing some guest posts on LEGGY‘s blog. They’ve been fairly inspirational for me …



… and one of the reasons WHY I decided to start this blog. SEE there, I’m an UNDER Under Dog, in the SHADOW HERE I can be more myself and get a GO on top … surely everyone knows that Scooby is a …


Scooby Snax will be dispensed to any and all interesting comments & links DEPOSITED below the line. I’m off to the DARK of my bedroom as my head is now HURTING. In the meantime, please DOO have a Song 😉

Roobee Doobee Doo!

26 thoughts on “RooBee BlooDee Hell!

    1. Leggy should I get you a wagon for your ego? 😉

      Great start Roobee 🙂 Can’t wait to see where you’ll take us.

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      1. Aimed as ‘Reply’ to Leggy’s comment, but somehow (?me or the system?) it’s dropped to the end as a stand-alone comment. It may well be me; I can mis-use most data-input systems.

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        1. I been thinking about doing a Y’ello post; that’s Reproduction, so will involving sex … probably. Poppy, you still up for it? 😉

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  1. Blimey RBD, this is a busy old site! Good job I don’t suffer from epilepsy…

    I’ll come back for a more in-depth look later today – I’m just having a quick coffee break at the mo, and I have to get my nose back to the grindstone.

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  2. Black and Blue!
    Kali – a name of Devi, the Hindu mother-goddess, in her death-goddess aspect, 1798, from Sanskrit kali, literally “the black one,” fem. of kalah “blue-black, black,” from a Dravidian language. Also taken as the fem. of kala “time” (as destroyer). She is portrayed as black-skinned, blood-smeared, and wearing a necklace of skulls and a girdle of snakes.
    Melanin – dark brown or black pigment found in animal bodies, 1832, Modern Latin, with chemical suffix -in (2); first element from Greek melas (genitive melanos) “black,” from PIE root *mel- (2) “of darkish color” (cognates: Sanskrit malinah “dirty, stained, black,” Lithuanian melynas “blue,”

    Blue is black?! Yep. Forever in BLUE GENES 🙂

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    1. MJ! 😀 Thank you and welcome! You know, it’s one of those ‘weird coincidences’ that, just today, I was listening to:

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