New Ham Let: ‘Cos Play’s The Fing

*/lights up… Afternoon, Clicky… /drags… Feeling Old Skool, are we? …/streams smoke…*

I saw a tweet earlier today, Dear Reader…

*’rollie stone’… /:D… *

Franglish Monkey Sync Sense goes for Smiles

Having a fascination with ‘signs’ and ‘syncs‘, I was interested to see, just how far the UK had “sunk”, so I clicked and started to read

‘ROLLING Stones guitarist Keith Richards proved he’s still got plenty of puff left — after being given permission to smoke on stage.

‘The 74-year-old rocker was seen having a crafty cigarette during the band’s show in London this week — aptly called their No Filter tour.

‘He was cheered by the crowd of 70,000 at The London Stadium in Stratford as he lit up, flouting the strict no smoking rule.’


*/thinks and smokes… 70,000 people applauding the lighting of a cigarette, against the rules? In a stadium, Clicky, some believe hosted a magikal ceremony… /smokes and thinks… I wonder if the magik was intended as a one-off thing, or if the potential lingers longer than anticipated?*

*Butt then aren’t we all born a bit slippy, Clicky? …/blows smoke rings…*

The next bit of the article I found particularly interesting, Dear Reader – the Local Authority expounds on the issue…

‘But Newham Council said it would not be taking any action because smoking was part of the act. ‘Smoking on stage is permitted “where the artistic integrity of a performance makes it appropriate for a person to smoke”, therefore no action will be taken,’ it added.’

*As You Like it… /final drag… Underworld may have directed the music but Shake Sphere’s Tempest formed the basis of that magikal ceremony in 2012, Clicky… /fills air with smoke… And he’s still going…*


*Smoking is an art, Clicky… /stubs butt… Sonnet 6+6+6… Ya Ken?*

Time for a Song, Dear Reader. Enjoy rest rest of Whitsun ❤

*Really, Clicky? I’d have had money on you going with a Stones Song…*

Norman’s Full House

A shambolic post about books, Dear Reader, inspired by the passing of a man called Barry, best known for his love of films…

*Fucking hell, Clicky, how did you find that? I remember watching that interview on telly at the time…*

*No fucking way! That advert was shown every time I went to the pictures…*

Legs and Roobs discusses animals

… And conversations last night with Leggy and Cade…

Cade and Roob discussing physics

I discovered my Native American animal is Stag, Dear Reader…

Pre-Stag Weekend nights out. Jesus. You know the kind.’


Hugo’s a beaver apparently…

*’Cultish’ is incredibly offensive, Clicky… Funny as FUCK but liable to give those with a weak constitution an attack of the vapers…*

Leggy has now published Longrider’s anthology of short stories, Blackjack… And what a stunning collection of tales it is…

Blackjack front and back

*I offer him copy editing services for free, Clicky… That way I get to read the stories for free… It’s a kinda win/win situation…*

Whilst the publisher provided the front cover, the author supplied the artwork for the back…

While a count of 17 is a good hand, the player may wish to draw for a higher total.

Three of Blackjack’s stories appeared in The Underdog Anthology...


… Along with Hugo’s story Jesus Saves

*I hope he publishes it at The Probe, Clicky… I think a lot of people will want to read ‘Cultish’ after that…*

Roob tries to talk to Hugo

*Ah, I can’t make him listen to me, Clicky… I can’t make anyone do any fing…*

Anyhoo, Leggy has now managed to publish a book a month since Christmas. Well done him! And I really hope he’ll publish one of his own stories in July…

*Knot at all, Clicky, it’s ready… He let me read it… /lights up and exhales… It’s been ready for fucking ages…*

UBU The Writing Bug

Of course a ‘full house’ isn’t a term in blackjack, but it is one in poke ‘er

*I guess my shambles can be a bit gaga, Clicky… /bites lip… Oh well, shall we finish up and have a Song?*




Missive From ‘Merica: Spirit Chill’n

Well, ’tis done…

*That’s right, Clicky…*

I’ve completed and submitted my second story for the Underdog Anthology Vol. 2

*/rolls eyes…*

Not only that, but we have received a missive from Cade…



How the fuck are ya?

^Garbage – Magnetized^

I was just sitting here thinking…while I’m sitting here doing nothing, I guess I may as well do something.

As I recall…this is a rather popular decision making process among many of my fellow entities residing in gravity.

(NOTE: "Entities Residing In Gravity" are what I refer to as life here on Earth/Terra. Just FYI.)
^Jay Lumen – Babel (Original Mix)^

As of late…I guess I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflecting on the last 5/6 years of this “spiritual journey” that I’ve been on. Because without the 44 years that preceded this particular block of time in time…those 5/6 years or so are meaningless.

Experiences change.

Experience changes.

Weird how that works eh?

^Jay Lumen & Gary Beck – Strange Fruit (Original Mix)^

For those who have ever seen the movie “Contact”…there is a point in the movie where “The Alien” makes the comment…

“This is the way it’s been done for billions of years.”

This statement is made at what I guess movie critics would call “a pivotal point in the film”, to where Jody Foster’s mind appears to be swimming in questions that she wants to ask, but the primary thought she has is regarding the benefit of “others” and the questions they will have. Basically, what she is asking “the alien/aliens”…is for “proof.” But thinking about it now, she’s not asking for the type of proof that we normally think of with respect to proof, she is asking for “something convincing”…something absolute. Nevermind the adventure she and the rest of the planet Earth/Terra has been on that has led to this particular moment, which to many in the film, is already “proof enough.” Because what she wants, and I dare say…”what she needs”…is “something for the hardcore.” A pair of alien space booties or alien space goggles that she can bring back with her, and smack the non-believers and skeptics upside the head with, then hang them in a museum somewhere so others can look at them in wonder.

For me personally…you had me at hello.

That said…erm…”billions of years”, eh?

Ever heard of the concept known as “upgrading?”

I brought some sales samples with me if you are interested.

Here’s my business card…home number is on the back. 😉

^Nic Fanciulli – Movin’ On (Original Mix)^

Thinking about it now, we place a great deal of demands on others with respect to proof and proving. I guess this is prolly why “the military” works so well. Why soldiers tend to be the best representative(s) of what we should and should not be, and when, and why.

What is my logic here?


Especially in a time of war.

And yet…in times of war, they sign up in droves to join the military.


Simple: It needs to be done, and someone has to do it.

Now that we have the simpleton stuff out of the way…

NOW we can talk conspiracy and games.

^Technasia – Heart Of Flesh (Original Mix)^

Back on the “spiritual path”…lolz…erm…I guess this is why “the spirit” is prolly the most ignored thing that we have. As a species, we’re pretty rough on the ol’ spirit. And not just in this so-called modern era of ours. In my reading(s) of history, we as humans seem to always be rough on the spirit. We’re either ignoring our own, or trying to crush someone else’s. No wonder that the spirit is more easily directly related to the ego. I mean…we’re supposed to have spirit at sporting events yeah? We’re supposed to cheer our children on with their shitty macaroni art creating endeavors yeah? And yet…there are places of business that I have worked for that specifically FORBID you from hanging your children’s “macaroni art” in your work area. So…we are talking taste.

LOLZ…talking “taste” with respect to art. Specifically…”macaroni art.”

Now that's funny. 😉

Maybe if I covered my kids’ macaroni art with a Habanero Pesto Sauce, it would be “zesty” enough to be classified as worthy.

But there’s a problem there.

Art via group or proxy must be done as a group or via proxy from inception.

Otherwise…it’s just interference.

Certainly not something I would classify as…al dente. 😀

^Grouplove – “Ways to Go” [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]^

I keep putting off finishing up my packing and boxing, because I’m still waiting on some kind of kind word from whatshername. And when you operate in, and on, the timelines that I operate in and on…you learn patience. But that’s prolly another part of the spirit that many of us ignore. We sure seem to espouse a pride in being impatient. However, it occurs to me that impatience is simply patience on a different timeline. We all have goals, needs and wants…and goddamnit…WE WANT OUR NEEDS AND WANTS GOALS, RIGHT…FUCKING…NOW GODDAMNIT!!! That’s kinda funny eh? Putting up a goddamn “God Dam” right fucking where we need time and times and the blessings of progress, and of the instant gratification variety to FLOW LIKE A FUCKING RIVER AFTER RAINFALL!!! No wonder God is big on “pouring out his blessings.” lolz

All these damn dams we are building.

NOTE: The above silliness is in no way, shape or form, referencing the situation in California.

Stop reading into shit.

Or keep on.


^Drinking Coffee and Getting High^

Let’s get high with the same idiot, around a hole created by something that was high…at some point, then got down on itself.

Q: I wonder how many spirits that crater has lifted?

A: Food for thought.
^Exploring A Meteor Crater From The Air^

So what is the fucking scoop on this Chelsea soccer team? Is that England’s national team or something? Or are they like the UK’s version of The Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys, at one point anyway, were called “America’s Team.” I guess because you either loved them, or hated them. When I lived in Washington DC, I saw a T-shirt once that read “My favorite two teams are, The Redskins, and anyone playing The Cowboys.” I dunno…I don’t watch sports anymore.

^Half A Person^

Yeah, I can see most of what others see in this “spiritual” realm of craziness. Whether that be religion/religious, magic, magik, magick, majick, alchemy, or whatthefuckever and whatnot.

But my question remains…”And?”

Sorry, but that whole “circle thing” with respect to “casting” really gave me the creeps/freaked me the fuck out. Looks like a goddamn bullseye to me. Granted, the circle is without “the crosshairs”…but in that situation, WHO FUCKING NEEDS CROSSHAIRS?!?!?!? Afterall, you are the only idiot standing in that circle. What…are the gods suddenly confused? Their aim gonna have problems discerning between the knucklehead standing in that circle chanting whatthefuckever they are chanting, and the rest of existence/creation?

Anyway…yeah…that’s kinda what I think about that shit.

SCENARIO:    Some poor asshole cuts you off on your daily drive to work.

You…are a practitioner of Majick or Magick.

When you get home from work that day, you cast a spell on that worthless fuck that causes his children to get cancer and die.

Smart thinkin'.

What could possibly go wrong.

This is why I hate religion.

The concept of religion itself is, to me, beyond description in it’s purpose and beauty.

It’s “pomp and circumstance” and pageantry and ceremony is/are fascinating and beautiful.

However, I have a simple request of my own…and that is, don’t require me to participate.

^Eye – Smashing Pumpkins^

It’s currently 11:11 on Tuesday April 4th of 2017.

Just in case you were wondering.

Just in case you were wandering.

Nothing wrong with either of those.

What in the FUCK am I doing writing about stupid shit like this at 11 o’clock in the morning for.

Prolly just to make egregious grammatical errors.

This is The Internet afterall.

Ere'body's lookin' 4 sumpin.
^Nobody loved you- manic street preachers^

If you could bottle your spirit…what do you think it would look like?

My guess is that it would look exactly like you.

And now we are talking about cloning.

And cloning is bad.

Bad stuff is terrible…so…yeah…no cloning.

Cloning will never work anyway.

Two things cannot occupy the same space, nor can one thing occupy two spaces.

That territory is reserved as best as I can tell.

Can’t create something that already exists.

Not that there isn’t infinite potential with respect to possibility.

But I think that people sometimes forget that “impossibility is possible.”

If you sit and stew on that particular thought for a while, it’ll really cook your macaroni art.

^Voodoo Lady – Ween homemade video^

Speaking of pasta and flying spaghetti monsters…if you take the above pic, and throw a metric fuckton of Angel Hair Pasta on top of this particular animation? Yeah…that’s kinda what “my” curved space model is gonna look like. There is so much fucking energy, and there are so many fucking energies in this here Universe of ours, that you are going to be able to see just about anything you want to see. And that is not to say that it isn’t there…it’s there. Oh yeah…its there, and it doesn’t have jack shit to do with multi-dimensionality with respect to “alternate this” and “alternate that” the way that many interpret these nutty things.

And yet…it’s exactly like that. But you have to keep in mind, that a milestone in our journey/journeys is also a mile-marker. That’s all a milestone is. We don’t “hang up our hat.” We don’t “retire the act.” We just…change. Change direction even. But we keep going. You can roller skate across an entire country standing on your head just to be different…but you are still on the same path that you are on. Maybe that’s where we get it wrong when interpreting the actions and intents of others. Interpretation is an absolute. Interpolation is dynamic. We consider considerations in an ever changing environment.

Think of it like this: God’s Age + Relativity.

God’s Current Age = 13.8+ billion years.

My Current Age = 49+ years

We are equally aged.

X: Close enough. 😉

Coupla things to keep in mind tho…

1) We are talking about “Earth Years” in “Earth Time” with respect to Universal years/time. They are the same, AND…different…all at the same time, AND…at different times.

2) We are as old as we are.

3) We are who we are.

4) We are our experience and experiences. That is not a detraction. There is always…a surplus. 😉

The I that is me.

The me that is we.                                 The we that is me.

The me that is I.

^Underworld – Born Slippy^

I understand “The Horoscope” from a galactic/intergalactic standpoint. At least maybe a base of its base and what it represents. Lotta energy and energies and matter and matters. Lotta motion and motions and time and times. And I see the/a dynamic nature to that static “map” or overlay of sorts. But what I also see…is a fuckton of shit that is omitted. What connects the connections. What connects the connectors. I don’t see “a” veil…I see many veils. I see “the mystery finding you” as well as “you finding the mystery.” Not that I see everything. I mean…hell’s fucking bells…this is ME we are talking about here. I don’t see hardly anything. But I guess maybe that’s why. I see all kinds of shit. But the shit that I see is very easy for me to understand, and very difficult for me to explain/relate. Mainly because, it’s typically a situation that is interrogative in nature. You want answers, you think that I have them, and you want them RIGHT GODDAMN NOW!!! GIMME ANSWERS FUCKFACE!!!


Q: Now what?

A: ¿?¿

Oh…I can’t ask questions, but you can?

Hmmm…that just don’t seem fair.

Meh…whatevz….whadda ya wanna know?

^Alice | Pogo^

To relate, think of The Stock Market. A great example of a reliable static system, that represents an environment of what most would prolly call complete chaos, disorder and unreliability.

Sound familiar?

Yep. I get the feeling that God/The gods never left. They’re creeping around here somewhere. Just gotta keep in mind that “around here somewhere” is a relative term. I quasi-operate in this realm. Or at least, in a realm and realms similar to theirs. I mean, we all do. What I personally call “The Realms of The Seen and The Unseen.” That helps us to better understand (I think and hope anyway) because we are not beings of sight. Or at least, sight alone. We have many senses. It’s when we start naming and numbering them that they lose their importance. Or at least, it seems to detract from the whole. Ironic eh? No wonder the spirit is ignored. It’s shining and soaring, or it isn’t.

^Alex H feat. Mona Moua – There’s No Turning Back (Original Mix)^


Q: Cade, what is this recurring “BOOM” theme of yours? And what is this “Bing->Goes->Bang->Goes->BOOM” business you are always writing at weird times? Are you referring to nuclear fission and/or fusion?

A: “BOOM” = a heartbeat. A heartbeat so big and powerful, that sometimes it feels like my feet are going to explode?

A: Your feet?

Cade: Yes. My feet. May I continue please?

A: <sorry>


Anyway…the Bing->Goes->Bang->Goes->BOOM! bit is indeed about nuclear fission/fusion. BUT, it’s a nested/embedded kinda thing, that includes “The Butterfly Effect” and String Theory. Think: Spiders. Threads. Webs. Safety Nets and Traps.

To relate…I have a question for you…

Q: Do you really ever…want to be in “a safety net?”

A: !!!

Yeah…sounds like you were trapped at some point. Trapped enough to require a net to catch your dumb ass.I mean really…does anyone want a vocation that requires a net? Because if so…you are either catching…or being caught. <me shudders> This is prolly why law enforcement branches and groups appear so self-righteous.

Sorry to get “off-topic”…but everything is connected. At least in some way. Does it really matter how thick or thin the thread is? It does? O RLY?!?!?

Q: What kind of net/netting are you using, and is it for you?

A: Wait...what? What do you mean..."for me?"

I dunno…don’t you?

You’re the one with the net.

^Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child ft. John Martin^

The only thing worse than catching a wild animal in a trap? Yeah…now what?

Q: Who caught who/who has who now?

A: ...
^Pearl jam – better man^

I guess firearms/guns have kinda leveled that playing field a bit. But think of it like this. If “the playing field” was not level to begin with, how in the FUCK did guns/firearms ever get invented in the first place? Did only the stupid ones get eaten, and the smart ones survived to go on an invent a better “.300 Grain Bullet Hyersonic Wooly Mammoth Trap?” That doesn’t make sense. How in the FUCK did only “the smart ones” survive? I mean, if the smart ones survive, and all the dumb ones are dead? Yeah…suddenly…smart is the new dumb. Let’s go find some more shit to fuck up.

Maybe that’s where these genius philosopher fucks arrived at the conclusion that “The smarter and more intelligent a species is, the more violent that species is.”

O RLY?!?!?!?!?

You left a shitload of shit out there pops.

Primarily, the fact that you are a dumbass.

If I smack you over the head with that grandiose book of wisdom you just wrote, does that make mes haz tha supa-smartz brains?

Yeah…yer a dumbass.

BUT! Thanks for the pearls of wisdom anyway.

^Spektralized – Shy^

Maybe I’m wrong here, but maybe the fact that we seem to rely more on the systems our ancestors built, than we rely on the people that built them themselves. And I mean as people…as individuals. Gotta keep this shit contextual. Relative…even. Things develop the way that they do. And we are only allowed a glimpse into our ancestors’ lives. They are not the sum of their parts. Because these “sums” tend to leave some stuff…out.

I had a roommate once who was an Indian/Native American. And when I say Indian, I mean born and raised on an honest-to-God reservation in New York State. He had a plaque that he hung on the wall that contained an old Indian Proverb to the effect of…

“Let me not judge another, until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.”

It’s something that we cannot do. However, we can “walk with” someone.

If you wanna get inside someone’s head?

STEP 1: Shitcan that bullshit idea. It’s impossible.

STEP 2: Get to know yourself and your motives.

STEP 3: Analyse all factors that are driving you to know this other person/entity, and where they originate.

STEP 4: Reflect.

Q: Now what?

A: ...

Sorry, but I cannot give you what I don’t have.

Sorry, but I cannot give you what I can’t give you.

Sorry, but I cannot give you what I have, that is not mine to give.

Other than that, I ain’t got much, but you are welcome to it.

^Junkie XL, Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation (Elvis vs JXL)^

There’s all kinds of things that it has been my privilege to be able to teach others to see and experience. Things like…”no matter how big you get with numbers, the sum will never equate to larger than one.”

You really think that God/the gods/The Universe hasn’t wrestled with the concept of creation? With the concept of creation as it relates to originality and uniqueness? Because, I’m quite sure that they have.

Imagine that you are a creator, or even…the creator. You just created something that was so unique and creative and original, that it’s knocked your motherfucking “Size ∞ Sandals” right off your motherfucking feet.

Q: How did I do that?
Q: How is this possible?
Q: How is that possible?
Q: Is this possible?
Q: Did all that shit really just happen?
Q: Who can I ask for assistance in these matters?

Prolly why it’s so easy for us to understand and/or relate better to an “angry” God/god than a caring and loving God/god. I mean, even if you personally don’t have children of your own…you were one once right?

We can all relate to one another.

We can relate to much more than that when and if we try.

That wasn’t such a long walk afterall now was it?

^Miss Kittin – I Beat That Bitch With A Hit^

One step ahead…always. least one anyway. 😉

Being “the rabbit” has its advantages.

Fighting, Fucking, Fleeing, Feeding, Finding.

Fucking Fabulous.

^The Bloody Beetroots – Detroit (Ghetto Edit)^

I mean…you like being who and what you are right?

Only fair that I be able to like who and what I am too right?

I mean…you aren’t trying to crush my spirit are ya?

Nah…who would do such a thing?

^Pixies – Um Chagga Lagga^

I guess the spirit is kinda important. Kinda like toenails and fingernails are important. Think they aren’t important? Try doing without them. Now how important are they? Yeah…lotta things about life that we deem as a pain in the ass. Nothing wrong with pain. Pain is as important as anything else. Don’t think so? Then why do we have it? Now that you have arrived at your own personal answer…go ask “A Leper” how important pain is. Or maybe even, ask someone who has lived in so much pain during their life, that they stopped feeling entirely, and didn’t even realize it. I mean really, how do you know when you stop feeling. It’s not like you can feel anything. Quite the concept to ponder eh?

Hypoxia (Medical)

As a pilot in an unpressurized aircraft at altitude, we run the risk of suffering from oxygen deficiency when operating above certain altitudes for certain periods of time. Therefore, there are rules in place that dictate, when operating above “X” altitude for “X” amount of time or longer, you must have supplemental oxygen/a supplemental oxygen supply. The problem with altitude induced hypoxia, is that you become “euphoric” and keep telling yourself that everything is OK and/or operate under the assumption that everything is OK. But eventually, you’ll pass-out or lose consciousness. This is prolly why so many climbers have died on Mount Everest. Because even though there is a difference there with respect to the acute nature of altitude change over time over times when talking about climbing in an aircraft vs. climbing on foot, the environment(s) and the result(s) are the same. Ever seen those idiots that climb Everest or other tall mountains? They’re dying. Or at least, that is the common understanding. But, the reality is that they are changing. Whether that be changing from life to death, or something else entirely, is irrelevant. I mean…yeah…it’s relevant, in a timely fucking manner types of relevance…but yeah…also irrelevant. Because we are talking change and changes. Don’t like the potential outcome or the way things are going? Descend. Don’t like how things turned out after climbing back down? Ascend. Because all you gotta do is flip either one of those and they are the same fucking thing in a different direction.

Yeah…I think I understand more of this shit than others might think I do.

Just because my particular “special blend” doesn’t jibe with yours, doesn’t make me right and you wrong nor vice versa.

^Pixies – Where Is My Mind? (Music Video)^

That’s why I don’t search for truth. I’m surrounded by the shit. No need to find what you are surrounded by. Maybe some motherfucking housekeeping is in order around here? Sure. No arguments here. But I have to do that part myself.

(Any advice is welcome and appreciated. FYI)
^Pixies – Stormy Weather^

Someone informed me that they fuckin finally finished their motherfucking story that they have been working on. Motherfucking CHEERS are in order here!!!

Congrats to you!

Just in time for Christmas!


Have a song young lady!

^Cocteau Twins: Heaven or Las Vegas (album ver. Video)^

Have a fabulous fucking foosday fuckheads!

^Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug^

OH! And eye have “one for the road.”

^Arcade Fire – Reflektor^


*Still floating on air, Clicky?*

Missive from ‘Merica: Kinda Super Stitches…

Today is the 13th day of the month and it happens to falls on a Friday. Some people feel a stab of anxiety when this particular combination day and date rolls round. My mother, an eminently sensible woman, would always arrange the day off from work if a Friday happened to be numbered thirteen…

*Alright, Clicky, don’t rub it in! …/folds arms… *

If you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia, Dear Reader, or just plain, old triskaidekaphobia, I can highly recommend the latest missive from The Okie Devil, below. It is the 12th to arrive at the LoL and was written on a Thursday, the twelvth; however, depending on the degree of disability, you may or may not want to read the next one, should it arrive. And, quite frankly, you should maybe think twice about going here.



Welcome to Twelve.
Yeah right.
I ain’t folding mine in half for anyone.

^Black Sun Empire & Audio – Drizzle^

I usually start this bullshit off with something clever.
But today?
I was all like…”fuck this shit! I’m gonna do something different today!!!”
So let’s go!!!
(we’ll find out what it is when and if we get there)

^Insideinfo & Mefjus – Mythos^

Just because this is my 12th post at “The LoL”…doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be reading it. Just sayin. Cause I’m sure you have better things to do. Not like any work goes into this bullshit. Just a buncha free-wheelin’, free-ballin’ nonsense that ain’t worth the Internet it’s written on.

Yes…”Internet” is a noun. A proper one even.
Irrespective of how “improper” the content may sometimes be.
Weird eh?

^InsideInfo – Metamorphosis (feat. Miss Trouble) LET IT ROLL 2016^

I’m just trying to help you out. You see…you really need to be aware of stuff that you are not aware of. The only way to do that? Yep! Be aware of it. And the only way to do that…is to be aware of the stuff you should be aware of. And the only way to do that? Yep. Be unaware of something. This is how we learn to be aware of the stuff that we are unaware of.

Now…you are prolly saying to yourself…
“DUDE!!! You are just playing word games!!!”
Am I?
Maybe if you think about it for a bit.
Q: How can you be aware of what you are unaware of?
A: ¿?¿
Yeah. U dunno either.
But that’s how we learn.
Pretty fucked up eh?
Oh…I’m sorry…am I boring you?

^deadmau5 – 2448^

If you are not aware, I am a licensed pilot. Yes, for airplanes. “Single-Engine Land” as it were. Meaning, I can fly single engine aircraft that are designed to land. Just kidding. That’s actually…single engine aircraft that are designed to land on land. Meaning, I can’t fly seaplanes or float-planes and land on water. I guess I could fly one if it landed on land, cause they do that as well. But I don’t fly anymore, so it’s irrelevant. Do you wanna know why I stopped flying? Sneezing. Srsly….I stopped flying because of sneezing. The first time you are someone like me, who has severe allergies and nasal deformations/issues, and you are prone to sneezing fits that make you dizzy and make you see stars and have been known to damn-near pass-out because of these? Well, the first time it happens when you are flying alone? Yeah…it’s scary as shit. Because all you can think about at the time is “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! I woulda crashed, and they never woulda known why!!! Because it would have been because I passed out due to a fucking sneezing fit!!!” But then later, you think…”HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! WHAT IF I WOULDA HAD A PASSENGER?!?!?!?” I know I’ve talked about this before in my writings over at whatchacallit forums, but it was, and is, heartbreaking that I can no longer fly because of my health.

Grounded by health issues, at the ripe old age of 28. :/
I grounded myself BTW. I could go flying today if I wanted to and had the money.
They’d never know…until they did.
And I just couldn’t live with that.
Even if I was dead.

^The Upbeats ft. Tasha Baxter – Alone (Fourward Remix)^

At this point, I can only suggest to you, that you avoid fights at nightclubs and/or bars. While the dudes that are fighting are headed to either the hospital or jail, that leaves just that many more available women available. And even an ugly motherfucker like me can prolly increase his chances of getting laid with those kinds of odds. Some might go so far as to instigate fights between others just in case no one is fighting. But not me. Too risky. And like my frivolous and carefree sexual escapades to be dangerous and risky on their own merits. That’s why I carry cigarettes and not condoms. I’d rather need a cigarette after, than a condom before during and after. Sorry, but condoms are gross. I can decorate an entire room with my spoo, and it’s not NEAR as gross as a fucking nasty assed rubber sack full of the same fluid along with a sheen of her own special blend. It’s prolly at this point that you are asking yourself, what in the FUCK does this bullshit have to do with flying or why I stopped flying or WHATtheFUCKever or something. And it’s simple.

“Consequences will never be the same.” – some poor schlub 😦

^DC Breaks – Gambino^

Oh…are you not familiar with that “Internet Meme” or Viral Video” or whatever in the fuck they are calling it these days?
Well…then lemme bring ya up to speed!!!

^YouTube Dad freaks out over trolls Consequences will never be the same original^

Ya see? I’m hip. Or hep. Or whatever. I’m “with it.” I’m down with being cool and shit like that. I’m actually a very astute and well read/well spoken motherfucker. And I’m not just saying that. I mean, yeah, I’m saying that. But I mean it. I know all of the jargon that is popular with popular peeps, and I know that peeps are sheeps that give me the creeps. No wait. I shouldn’t have said that out loud. Cause I need to be all subversive and covert with shit like that. That way, you don’t know for sure that you know for sure, until you know for sure. Because I’ll be all like…revealing my evil plan and/or plans to plan evil plans…or at least, I’m planning on it.

Don’t worry…it’s all part of the plan.

^The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot^

Enjoying the music?
Welp… let’s fuck that all kinds of up!!!

1630s, “awful, dreadful, terrible,” from Latin tremendus “fearful, to be dreaded, terrible,” literally “to be trembled at”
1756, “special vocabulary of tramps or thieves.
former British colony in China, from Cantonese pronunciation of Chinese Xianggang, literally “fragrant port.”
English – “the people of England; the speech of England,”
Modern – 1580s, “person of the present time”
c. 1300, from Old French dozaine “a dozen,” from doze (12c.) “twelve,” from Latin duodecim “twelve,” from duo “two” + decem “ten”
Vulgar – late 14c., “common, ordinary,” from Latin vulgaris, volgaris “of or pertaining to the common people, common, vulgar, low, mean,” from vulgus “the common people, multitude, crowd, throng,” perhaps from a PIE root *wel- “to crowd, throng”
Unsprache – “proto-language,” 1908, from German Ursprache, from ur- (see ur-) + sprache “speech” (see speech).
“that which is up,” 1530s, from up (adv.). Phrase on the up-(and-up) “honest, straightforward” first attested 1863, American English.
1650s, “a lurching or swaying,” from swag (v.). Meaning “ornamental festoon” (1794) is said to be probably a separate development from the verb (but see swage). Swag lamp attested from 1966.
1650s, “to point out,” back-formation from indication (q.v.) or else from Latin indicatus, past participle of indicare “to point out, show, indicate.” Especially “to give suggestion of, be reason for inferring” (1706). Related: Indicated; indicating.
c. 1400, “to brand, cauterize; stigmatize,” originally of criminal marks or cauterized wounds, from brand (n.). As a means of marking property, 1580s; figuratively from c. 1600, often in a bad sense, with the criminal marking in mind. Related: Branded; branding.
Not as bad as you might think. But that said, anything vaguely “Germanic” but non-specific seems to always bring up “Nazi” or “Nazis”…weird.
mid-15c. (implied in surviving), “to outlive, continue in existence after the death of another,”
Old English gear (West Saxon), ger (Anglian) “year,” from Proto-Germanic *jeram “year” (source also of Old Saxon, Old High German jar, Old Norse ar, Danish aar, Old Frisian ger, Dutch jaar, German Jahr, Gothic jer “year”), from PIE *yer-o-, from root *yer- “year, season” (source also of Avestan yare (nominative singular) “year;” Greek hora “year, season, any part of a year,” also “any part of a day, hour;” Old Church Slavonic jaru, Bohemian jaro “spring;” Latin hornus “of this year;” Old Persian dušiyaram “famine,” literally “bad year”). Probably originally “that which makes [a complete cycle],” and from verbal root *ei- meaning “to do, make.”

Sixteen instead of 15 random links since Online Etymology Dictionary has neither a “Link Of The Day” nor a random function…so…yeah. Or whatever. Hope it was good for you.
BTW…I took all of the definitions from the first page’s “tremendous” from the “tremendous thanks” bullshit or whatever, and just kinda ran from there.

Not that I’m not thankful for thanks.
I am.
I’m just currently sick and taking liberties with my current handicap(s) to get the sympathy vote.
Might even get me laid.
You might wanna take a raincheck currently tho.
I’m awaiting the results of your bloodwork to make sure you are safe.
Or…that I’m safe from you…I guess would be better stated.

^Audio – Collision^

I put my heart into these things.
I’m sure there are those amongst the more educated, worldly and wise…that would say…
“That doesn’t fucking matter! If your heart is in the wrong place, putting your heart into something render’s that whatever, null and fucking void.”

Q: Stubbed your toe lately?
A: Say fucking WHAT?!?!?!?
If you wanna get into a quotations pissing contest, I’m pretty sure that I can hold my own.
Yes, you may win…but that’s your objective. Isn’t it?
Not mine. I don’t look at life that way.
Life is not something to be qualified and quantified. That’s already been done for us.
Why waste time and/or effort doing what has been done?
Welp…maybe “wasTing time” is the issue.
Or at least…an issue.
Who the fuck are YOU to tell me what to do with my time.
It is mine afterall.
And you are the dumbass reading this shit.
Q: What are you looking for?
A: … — …
Oh…but you are persnickity about the source and/or sources of that help.
Must not be too important if you can choose to be choosy.
Carry on.

^Pendulum – “Propane Nightmares” (Celldweller Remix)^

Say…I have an idea…


From today’s featured article

The Monster (novella)
An 1898 novella by American author Stephen Crane (1871–1900). The story takes place in the small, fictional town of Whilomville, New York.
Conrad Sayce
A British born Australian architect and author.
Settha Palace Hotel
A historical, luxury boutique hotel located at 6 Pangkham Street, Vientiane, central Laos, next to Laos National Stadium, near the Khounboulom Boulevard.
Eddie Duffy
A traditional Irish musician. Many of his songs and tunes came from his mother who played the accordion.
Roman Catholic Diocese of Fiesole
A Roman Catholic diocese in Tuscany, central Italy, whose episcopal see is the city of Fiesole. It is a suffragan of the Metropolitan Archbishopric of Florence.
A surname, and may refer to:
· Giovanni Battista Rinuccini (1592–1653), an Italian archbishop.
· Ottavio Rinuccini (1562–1621), an Italian poet and librettist.
· Alamanno Rinuccini, an Italian author who wrote On Liberty.
Nino Maisuradze
A Woman Grandmaster chess player and two-time French Women’s Chess Champion.
Mariposa, Satipo Province
The capital of the Pampa Hermosa District in Satipo Province, Peru.
The Color of Death
The seventh historical mystery novel about Sir John Fielding by Bruce Alexander (a pseudonym for Bruce Cook).
European Bullhead
A freshwater fish that is widely distributed in Europe, mainly in rivers. It is a member of the Cottidae family, a type of sculpin. It is also known as the miller’s thumb, freshwater sculpin, common bullhead and European bullhead.
HTTP Cookie
A small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember stateful information (such as items added in the shopping cart in an online store) or to record the user’s browsing activity (including clicking particular buttons, logging in, or recording which pages were visited in the past).
John Andrews (footballer, born 1950)
An English former footballer who played as a goalkeeper. He played for York City in the Football League and he later worked as a referee.
Ingrid (Record Label)
A Swedish artist collective and record label founded in 2012. They released their first compilation on Record Store Day in 2012. The collective’s musical work is notable for containing multiple side-projects by its members that do not adhere to the line-ups of their primary ventures; for example, Björn Yttling has a track entitled “Cuban Lips” under the stage name Yttling Jazz on the Ingrid Volym 1 compilation; however, he is also featured as a member of the band Smile along with Teddybears member Joakim Åhlund.
Stony Run (Buffalo Creek)
A tributary of Buffalo Creek in Union County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is approximately 3.3 miles (5.3 km) long and flows through West Buffalo Township and Buffalo Township.
A commune in the Rhône department in eastern France.
Baron Lyell
A title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created in 1914 for the Scottish Liberal politician Sir Leonard Lyell, 1st Baronet. He had already been created a baronet, of Kinnordy in the County of Forfar, in 1894.

Do you really eat your boogers?
Q: Why?
A: ???
Seemed like an appropriate question at the time.
Of course, that booger prolly seemed like an appetizing appetizer at the time as well.
And you see where that got us.
/me shrugs


^Noisia & Prolix – Asteroids (Original Mix)^

I’ve tried very hard to make this particular post an editing nightmare for Roob.


Fuck you.

So…anyway…I’ve tried to make this particular post an editing nightmare for Roob.


Because she is needing to be taught a lesson in lesson teaching.

So…so…anyway…anyway…I’ve tried to make this particular post an editing nightmare for Roob.


Eat shit and die!!! Don’t piss me off motherfucker!!!

So…so…so…anyway…anyway…anyway…I’ve tried to make this particular post an editing nightmare for Roob.



Did you just ask me why?


Yeah…why did you ask me why?

Yeah YOU motherfucker!!! Why did you ask me why?
Can you REALLY not see what is happening here?!?!?
What about what IS happening here?
Can you see THAT?!?!?!?
Yeah…you missed “really” in that last exchange.

^Andy C – Haunting^

I get the feeling that Roob really does enjoy editing “this shit” or “my shit” or whatever you wanna call it. She says she does anyway. So…why would I not believe her? I’m not really “intending to make things difficult for her”…that was just a joke. But then, so is my writing…so…I digress.
It appears to me that the limitations of her blog software are more of a pain in the ass than anything. I know that Blogger gives me fucking fits when trying to repost “all my old shit” from the whatchacallit forums. And there are growing pains, and learning curves, and feature(s) deficits, and software limitations, and on and on andonandonandon&non&non&on&on&on. I guess a problem as I see it is control in and of itself. Standards are standard. The problem as I see it, is when you are expected to exceed 100%. And what do I mean by that…you may be asking yourself? Well…

EX: Last Quarter’s revenues were down 10% from the previous quarter.
And yet…those figures for the quarter are still 100% of what they are.

Q: How do you figure growth based on a loss?
A: <le yikes>
Le Yikes indeed.
How do you figure loss based on growth?
Yep…the door swings both ways…but in truth? Yep…we all know that numbers are nothing but fudge.
Whether or not that “fudge” is “shit?”
Well…you get to make that decision…now don’t you?

^Fantastic Bird’s-eye View of New York City! Landing in LaGuardia^

If you watch things…you will see things.

^Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 – spectacular landing at Newark Liberty International Airport^

All you need do…is look.

^Lufthansa A340-300 Dawn Approach, Landing and Taxi in Dusseldorf!^

So someone that I kinda sorta quasi-know, has been watching this series on Netflix called…
Travelers (TV Series)
The problem that strikes me right off the bat?
Q: If “present-day society” is so fucked up…how did these “travelers” from the future even come to exist?
A: !!!

Yep. What little I have watched has been kinda sorta interesting…but only kinda-sorta. To me, the entirety of the premise of the series presents the paradox itself, because tinkering with the past negates the future. And I’m not talking/thinking in a “totality” kind of way…but yeah. Eventually? Yeah. In totality. There is only so much tinkering that you can do in the past before the present becomes irrelevant. THE PRESENT?!?!?!?!? Yeah…the present. There is an implied simultaneousness there that does not exist. Therefore, the future no longer exists. Only the present. And at some point, even that becomes irrelevant with respect to the future, which means that “the past” no longer exists, so “future” no longer exists, therefore…”the present” no longer exists. This is what I would refer to as “a knot in time.” Yes, there is some embedding there.

“A knot in time” = “A not in time” = no time.

Meaning…nothing exists. Or at least…nothing no longer exists. Meaning everything no longer exists.
Now…some might say that these would be “a microcosm of the macrocosm.” But this would be incorrect. Because everything is connected. That said, I see a “hell” of sorts where these type of interference with “the all” would be dealt with by completely nulling out the existence of such time disruptions. However, thinking about information preservation, it does not completely null out the existence of this loop. It is simply stored in a separate and segregated section and sequence within time in order to protect time itself.

Q: Could it be used as an engine to drive time?
A: Sure. It can and is. But the problem is that time can and will distort only so far before the information becomes disruptive and destructive in a non-constructive way. Therefore…it is “knotted” within the fabric of time itself.
The same shit…over and over and over…forever.

^Alberto Ruiz – Alien (Original Mix)^

Let’s see what La Vagabonde are up to!!!

^No Autopilot? No Problem. (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 67^

So…are you sure that you wanna know about “the synchros of time?”
Better be sure.

Because I can tell you that I have spent my entire life avoiding thinking about this kind of shit. That’s why I avoid most of the stuff that I avoid. Not that I “know” anything. But contextually…”knowing” and “proving” are two different animals entirely…aren’t they?
I can’t tell you how or why I know the things that I know. I can only tell you what I know.
And I admit that I am hesitant to do even that.

Um…there are times when I have hit my knees and begged God…
But I know that I can’t be anyone else.
I know that I can’t unknow what I know.
If I were to un-know what I know?
I would no longer be me.
I’m just…me.
And I am who I am.
And who am I?
I dunno.
Who do you want me to be?

^The Crystal Method – Name Of The Game (Hybrid’s LA Blackout Mix)^

X: Hang in there.
Cade: 😦
X: …

^Knife Party ‘404’^

Luv ya all!

^Underworld – Born Slippy^



*I’m still laughing at his first joke… /wipes tear from eye… Ahh… what did you think, Click?*

*I know, right? Weird…*



Missive from ‘Merica: Last Christmas

Happy Boxing Day, Dear Reader 😀

Thoughtful Man is out working today. The last Boxing Day he worked was in 2010, he reminded me this morning. It was after the Boys had made an appearance at Craven Cottage, as mascots at the Fulham match against WHAM…


*Oh they were so cute, Clicky! Mind you, The Hammers beat us 1 – 3, so they weren’t particularly lucky mascots for The Cottagers…*

*Yeah, that was a shocker…*

Should you find yourself mourning the passing of George Michael, Dear Reader, may I suggestion you take your mind off the sad news by immersing yourself in an unfestive festive message from my good friend, The Okie Devil from Texas, below. It has cat gifs… 😉


CHRISTMAS!!! It’s Almost Here!!!

The end of it that is. But when does Christmas really end? Midnight on the 25th? Because anymore? The motherfucker starts sometime around July. And really gets obvious long before November anymore. There were some stores putting out their Christmas shit at the same time they were putting out their Halloween shit. Which is fucked up if you ask me…because the last thing in the fucking WORLD that I wanna think about around the time of Halloween…is Christmas. But that’s just me…I’m evil.

^Roll It Up – The Crystal Method^

I guess I can review “What I Got For Christmas”…which normally is quite easy, cause I get very little if anything. However, when I arrived over on this side of town the other day, I made the mistake of mentioning that my shoe had blow the sole out of it during the course of a conversation with my son. This resulted in whatshername buying me a new pair of Converse Hi-Tops. I also received…
A shirt.
$100.00 in U.S. currency. (That’s gonna be about what…$2.32 £?)
Anyway, the cash that I received was a $100 bill, and it was one of the new ones, and it was creepy as fuck. It had a goddamn microchip in it. The bill itself was pretty cool, cause when you hold it up to a light, some of the shit on the back shows through, there’s all kinds of crazy shit in there I guess to prevent counterfeiting, and I bet the bill costs more to make than it’s worth. Well, in “Economic Terms according to Economists” I’m sure it’s prolly valueless. However, I was able to take it to the corner store today and trade it in for three BRAND FUCKING NEW cans of snuff. They even gave me change. I’m hopelessly addicted to this rotten plant that is gonna give me tooth cancer. Assuming they stay in long enough.

^MK2 – Drive Away^

Assuming that you read out loud.
Which…that makes me wonder.
Is it the content, or the inflection?
Meaning…the intent.
Like…if you read something that SOUNDS angry, but it wasn’t written under the auspices of “being angry” or even “projecting anger”…what does that say about you?
Maybe just have perception problems.
Afterall…most problems…are yours.
So if you read something “bad” out loud, and you get ear cancer instead of eye cancer, what does that say?
I dunno. It just seems to me that even tho there are things that many if not most, and sometimes even ALL…can agree…yeah, this shit is bad.
But doesn’t that “bad” also need to tickle the “good” part in order to identify what is bad?
I believe that is called bias.
But that’s just me.
I’m biased.

^MK2 – The Darkness^

From today’s featured article…
Tropical Storm Vamei – a Pacific tropical cyclone that formed closer to the equator than any other tropical cyclone in the Pacific Ocean. The last storm of the 2001 Pacific typhoon season, Vamei developed on December 26 at 1.4° N in the South China Sea.
Mardi Gras: Spring Break – a 2011 comedy/road trip film. It stars Nicholas D’Agosto, Josh Gad, Bret Harrison, Arielle Kebbel, Danneel Harris, Regina Hall, and Carmen Electra. It is directed by Phil Dornfield. The film follows a trio of senior college students who visit New Orleans during the Mardi Gras season.
C. J. Aiken – an American professional basketball player who currently plays for Wilki Morskie Szczecin of the Polish Basketball League. He played college basketball for Saint Joseph’s University.
Community Newspaper Holdings – an American publisher of newspapers and advertising-related publications throughout the United States. The company was formed in 1997 by Ralph Martin, and is based in Montgomery, Alabama (after moving from Birmingham, Alabama in September 2011). The company is financed by the Retirement Systems of Alabama.
Leatherwood, Tennessee – an unincorporated community located in Wayne County, Tennessee.,_Tennessee
HMSAS Africana – a minesweeping trawler of the South African Seaward Defence Force during the Second World War. She was originally a sea fisheries research vessel and was latter fitted for mine-sweeping and survey duties in the early 1930s.
Stokenbury Cemetery – a historic cemetery on Arkansas Highway 16 in Elkins, Arkansas. Established c.1846, it is the best-preserved property representing the early settlement of Elkins (now a bedroom suburb of Fayetteville).
Freedom Evolves – a 2003 popular science and philosophy book by Daniel C. Dennett. Dennett describes the book as an installment of a lifelong philosophical project, earlier parts of which were The Intentional Stance, Consciousness Explained and Elbow Room. It attempts to give an account of free will and moral responsibility which is complementary to Dennett’s other views on consciousness and personhood.
Sir William Gladstone, 7th Baronet – a retired teacher and officer of the Royal Navy. He was Chief Scout of the United Kingdom from 1972 to 1982.,_7th_Baronet
Dunterlie Park (1906–1919) – a football ground in Barrhead, Scotland. It was the home ground of Arthurlie between 1906 and 1919, and was the second of three grounds to bear the same name.
Antiochus Kantemir – a Moldavian who served as a man of letters, diplomat, and prince during the Russian Enlightenment. He has been called “the father of Russian poetry”.
Sherwood Colliery F.C. – an English football club based in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire.
Dina Iordanova – an educationalist and Professor of Film Studies at the University of St. Andrews. A specialist in world cinema, her special expertise is in the cinema of the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and Europe in general. Her research approaches cinema on a meta-national level and focuses on the dynamics of transnational film; she has special interest in issues related to cinema at the periphery and in alternative historiography.
FNAR – a group that has blown up several radar speed traps in France. They have demanded from the government lower taxes, more motorist-friendly policies, an end to immigration, and 4 million euros.
Suel A. Sheldon – a member of the Michigan Senate.
Harnam Singh – the second son of Raja Sir Randhar Singh Bahadur, GCSI, Raja of Kapurthala and younger brother of Raja Karak Singh Bahadur, Raja of Kapurthala.
For those not familiar with “my shit”…that was/is what is known as one of my Random Wikipedia rants. I just go to Wikipedia, check out the “featured article” on the main page, then I click the “random” link 15 times, and see what in the fuck comes up. Usually some damned interesting stuff. But I have varied tastes. I guess I’m not as biased as I thought. /me shrugs
Give it a try yourself sometime.

^Koyaanisqatsi + Riders on the Storm (Nightmares on Wax Remix)^

Yeah…there’s a lot of shit on this tiny little planet of ours that is getting smaller and smaller by the day. I have no idea where we are gonna put all this shit. Butt I bet you prolly have some suggestions as to where exactly I can put all my shit. Not that it’s the same place that you keep your shit or anything. I mean…we all have brains…right?

^Adana Twins – Strange (Original Mix)^

Open the pod bay doors HAL.
Do you know what that means? Where that phrase originated, and what it is in reference to?
Did you pick it up from some Internet Meme, or some song, or poster, or advertisement?
Or have you actually seen the movie where this phrase originated, and know for yourself as to the logic, or some would say, lack of logic, behind what is behind this phrase?
Has all of the bullshit that this phrase has been subjected to diluted this phrase?
Or is that choice ours.
I admit that I was/am not too fond of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey itself, but then again I’ve never read the book.
Perhaps I should.
Perhaps someday, I will.
We’ll see eh?
Unless we don’t.
What is important to you?
How the fuck would I know?
Do I need to know?
I guess, only if I do…eh?


Sometimes? Things…just… … …go wrong.
Weird that things can turn out kinda right, when things get kinda sideways.
Of course, you’ll need to watch the video below to have the slightest inkling as to the current frame of reference to which I am referring. Assuming that you can. I dunno. I’m not where you are. I am where I am. I could describe the video to you, but it’s one of those things that…ya just gotta see for yourself.
Hal: “I don’t want to see it…I’ve GOT to see it.”
Movie = Shallow Hal

^Tony Pedregon Dickie Venables Indy 2005 bad accident Stagging to fuel funny car Nitro^

I guess most of the time when I write, it sounds as tho I know what the fuck I am talking about. Even tho I realize that I accomplish that by coming off as if I have no fucking clue what I am talking about. Which I don’t. I have no answer(s), and I am not a “truth seeker” as is so popular among certain sections of…whatever section you are researching or reading about or whatever to find the whatever you are searching for. I prefer the term “seeker”…because it’s less more and less broad in it’s scope…more or less anyway. To me, it helps me along my journey. But that’s just me. Ya gotta keep in mind that I am a complete and total loser who could fuck up a two car funeral. I guess the primary problem that I have with respect to “Truth Seekers” is what they omit. And what do they omit? I dunno. But like most people, they sure as shit don’t like it when they find it. I know I don’t. Being “wrong”…hurts. Being right…well…that hurts just as much to me. But that’s just me. Yes…there is some satisfaction in “knowing that you are right.” Just don’t get left.
Truth seems to be where you find it.
Not where you look for it.

^Paul McCartney – Monkberry Moon Delight (1971)^

Acetone Peroxide (Redirected from TATP) –
Explosive Material-Primary Explosive –
Explosive Material-High Explosives –
Use Forms of Explosives –
Explosive Material –
WikiLeaks –
Deflagration –
News Leak –
Confidentiality (Redirected from Confidential information) –
Affirmative Defense –
Affirmative –
Negative –
Defense –
Offense –
Off –
On –
Off! (Brand) –!_(brand)
Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (Redirected from DDT) –
Organophosphate –
Nerve Agent –
Aerosol –
Breathing (Redirected from Breath) –
Exudate –
Human Impact on the Environment –
Anthropogenic –
Anthropogeny –
Anthropization –
Anthropocene –
Carbamate –

I dunno what to tell ya. Not that I’m trying to tell you anything other than I dunno what to tell ya or anything like that. But it just seems to me that the more we share? The more stingy we can be without being stingy at all. Where is that line between benevolent and stingy? I dunno. But someone is SURE to point it out to you. I myself am trying to not be so stingy with my reserve. Good luck figuring that one out.

^Lunatic Calm – Leave You Far Behind (Original Video)^

I hope your Christmas was everything you wanted it to be.
Even if you wanted it to not be.
Or just wanted it to be over.
You still wanted it to be.
You just wanted it to be…whatever you wanted it to be.
Doesn’t really change things for me.
But I’m weird like that.

^Underworld Born Slippy^


*/taps foot… Fuck! He’s off again… /sigh… Bloody Clicky Wiki Wander…*

*Bastard! Creeping up on me like that… Nearly gave me a heart attack…*