The Shining: Bathrooms Part 1

Enormous chair
CLICKY: Rise and Shiny

So this is a post about bathrooms in Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘The Shining’. Four are used for scenes in the film:

  1. the bathroom at Torrances’ flat in Boulder, Colorado (Danny talks to Tony);
  2. the bathroom in Room 237 at the Overlook (Jack encounters a young/old woman);
  3. the bathroom (okay, toilets) next to the Overlook Ballroom (Jack talks to Grady);
  4. the bathroom in the Torrances’ Overlook apartment (Wendy is trapped).

Inspired by CJ over at MEROVEE, this might take some time…

Merovee Eternité

*Exactly! Clicky, better give Dear Reader a Song now*


Boulder Bathroom

In the following gifs, Danny’s words are shown in white and Tony’s in orange. In the whirled of MRS REGN, orange is the colour of Sensitivity because orange is the smell of ‘shine‘.

Forwards/ Whilst Jack is at the Overlook having his interview, Wendy and Danny wait for news at home.

Backwards\ Wendy and Danny are fleeing a rampaging Jack at the Overlook hotel.


Notable thing No.1: In the Forwards/\Backwards version of the film, practically every scene has some form of illumination in it – lights, lamps, headlights, shine…




Notable thing No.2: Timing. In this instance, the camera zooms in on the peculiar couple in the bedroom as Tony says ‘Don’t want to’ and Danny’s finger is illuminated.



Part 2 to follow and in keeping with Red Universe Frank’s ‘Eternité’ post, there will indeed be a bush…