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30-Day Song Challenge: Drink & Drugs!

*Thoughtful Man’s song choice, Clicky… /lights up… it’s not really about drink or drugs… /drags… or is it? …/streams smoke…*

*Yes, I guess it is, Clicky… /smokes… Merry Christmas by the way, not seen much of you today. Watcha been up to?*

*Oh, I wondered what that banging was…*

Merry Christmas, Dear Reader 😀 For today’s song challenge, Cade and I will suggest some ditties about alcohol or drugs for your consideration. Leggy and Poppy Sweet Pea have also chipped in…

^Dr. Feelgood – Milk And Alcohol (1979) HD 0815007^
^The Streets – The Irony of It All (HQ + LYRICS IN VIDEO!) MUST SEE^

*Three songs! 😀 That’s very generous of them, Clicky…*

So kick back with the drink or drug of your choice, Dear Reader and enjoy ❤


Day 8: songs about alcohol or drugs

Cade’s first song pick…

Hrm…songs about drugs or alcohol. Welp, I dunno if this song is about either drugs or alcohol, but Ween sure as shit has a rep for both drugs and alcohol reflected in their music, on tour, and just about everywhere else they happen to be. Not sure how accurate the drug and booze legends about Ween are, and don’t really care, but Ween does make some damn good and interesting music irrespective of the substances that may or may not fuel it.

^Ween – Transdermal Celebration [HD]^

Roob’s first song pick…

As ‘Red Red Wine’ appears in ‘Lust Christmas’, my Christmas short story for UAX, it’s only fitting that it be my first song choice. Now, Neil Diamond or UB40?

*Interesting choice, Clicky… /flicks ash… Kinda reminds me of the Labour party…*

^McGuinness Flint – Malt & Barley Blues 1971]^

Cade’s second song pick…

Was gonna put the song ‘Alcohol‘ by Butthole Surfers here, butt BHS’ reputation is built more around drugs than alcohol, and especially drugs of the psychedelic varieties. And just as I was about to start digging for the video for Alcohol, I remembered that Butthole Surfers have a song that covers both booze and dope, as well as covering a host of other pertinent and relevant topics…all in the same song.

^Butthole Surfers – Booze, Tobacco, Dope, Pussy, Cars^

Roob’s second song pick…

*Dunno about you, Clicky, but I’m always disappointed when the foreman breaks up the singing in Blazing Saddles…/thinks… If they ever made a stage show of the film, they should definitely put the whole song in. Yeah, an’ waft fart pong over the audience during the beans scene…*

wilder spit.gif

*Yeah, that’s probably a bad idea…*

^I Get A Kick Out of You – Gary Shearston.^

Cade’s third song pick…

“I was drunk the day my mom, got out of prison…” that line is ringing in my ears, and I really would like to use the song ‘You Never Even Call Me By My Name‘ by David Allen Coe here. Unfortunately, I only thought of that song because my mind had gone from Ween, to Butthole Surfers, to Hank Williams Jr., and in particular his song ‘Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound‘. I went and saw this cat live in 1987 a week or so after I had just returned from Europe, and what a show it was. He opened the show by covering ‘Walk This Way‘ by Aerosmith, then launched from that into ‘Panama‘ by Van Halen, he was belting back the Jim Beam the whole show, was pretty damn drunk by the end of it, yet never missed a beat. As I’m recalling these memories tho, I remembered that Hank Jr. also has a song that covers both booze and dope, and maybe also some ancillary types of stuff too.

^Family Tradition-Hank Williams Jr.^

Roob’s third song pick…

This third song is one from my childhood. When I couldn’t sleep, which was often, I would play records on a portable wind up record player in my bedroom. This song was in our little stack of 45s. It’s not about drink or drugs per se, but it does have a doctor, who is prescribing, so… medicinal 😉

^Harry Nilsson – Coconut (Audio).^

The final word to Roob Clicky…

*A drug song for the chiilldren that goes on and on and on… /stubs butt… Perfect…*


That’s it for Christmas Day, Dear Reader. For Boxing Day, tomorrow, we’ll have songs that make you feel happy 😀 Have a whistle…