Missive From ‘Merica: Sonny… Boy!


“Hello mum. How are you?” Kit Kat plonked himself in Thoughtful Man’s chair and looked at me earnestly.
I was engrossed in reading Cade’s latest missive on my computer screen. “I’m fine thanks, Kitten. And you?”
“I’m okay,” he said, “Are you doing anything interesting?”
“Yes.” I carried on reading and editing.
“Mum, would you like a sip?” Kit Kat held a can of Pepsi to me. He was now lounging on the floor, propped up on one elbow like he was attending a Roman feast. “Bet you didn’t even see me leave and come back.”
“No thanks, darling, and yes I did.” I hadn’t.
“Okay,” he said taking a swig from the can. I carried on reading.
“Is it the thirteenth today?” Kit Kat asked from the arm of my enormous chair. He stroked the sleeping dog beside me and peered at my computer screen. “I’m not looking at your stuff,” he said defensively, “I just saw the date.”
“Yeah,” I said turning to look at his flushed face. There is only reason for this level of attentiveness from Thing Two. “Do you want something to eat?”
“Ooh are you making food, mum?” Thing One interjected from his Captain’s Chair without taking his eyes from his game. “Can I have a garlic pizza?”
I got up from my seat and went into the kitchen. Kit Kat was already there, holding open the doors of the fridge freezer, contemplating the array of foodstuffs that Thoughtful Man had put in there the day before.
“Oh, there’s only one garlic pizza left,” I said pulling the box from the freezer. “If you wanted this you should have just said instead of faffing about.”
He took his time in front of the open doors, rocking back and forth on his heels, humming and hawing before pointing at a small cardboard and cellophane box nestled on the second shelf of the fridge. “What’s that?”
I picked up the chicken caesar wrap Thoughtful Man had bought for me. “Do you want it?”
“What date is on it?” Kit Kat asked nonchalantly.
“The thirteenth,” I said with a squint.
“Thanks,” he said taking it from my hands. “No point in wasting it.”


I’m dead in the water.

Need a life-raft.

I'm fond of catamarans if that helps.
^BAD – U2^

I guess I otter talk about water. Been thinking about it since some Aussie Asshat made some comments earlier in the week on their blog, then some Limey Lady made even more comments on my comments on the Aussie’s comments. Who in the FUCK gives a shit what some Okie from Texas has to say about anything…let alone my thoughts on water? I guess the type of pondering that I do is kinda difficult for some to understand, because I tend to ponder a lot. Not that there is any connection there with pondering water…heh heh heh. But I guess its that “pond-during-water” that makes a pond a pond. Without the water, the pond is a dried up hole, just waiting for rain to fill it. Not that you should read too deep into this.

Well...maybe you should, maybe shouldn't.

May is a great time for rain in these parts. Maybe it’ll rain and fill those ponds for the summer…Maybe it won’t. Don’t wanna put all our fish in one pond. Someone may just depend on it.

^U2 – Pride (In The Name Of Love)^
“Just because you are dumb, doesn’t mean you have to be stupid.”

“Just because you are stupid, doesn’t mean you have to be dumb.”

Q: Welp, what if you are both, and trying to be neither?

A: ...

I wonder where someone might get the idea that they are stupid and/or dumb?

I wonder where someone might get the idea that they are not stupid and/or dumb?

I wonder where someone might get the idea that their ideas are stupid and/or dumb?

“Righteous-indignation” and “self-righteousness” seems to be on the agenda as of late. So lemme turn that gun on myself here, since I’m not real big on righteousness of any kind since it tends to be borne of unkindness in my experience…

"I HATE...self-righteous people."

Welp, since I’m not righteous, is that my reason/the reason I hate righteousness? Prolly. But I primarily hate the method of delivery. Meaning how the virtue of righteousness is obtained and shared. Gonna be a lotta mud-slinging in there. Guess someone has found some source of water since there is mud to sling at someone else.

Is that the best you got?

I get the mud and you get the water?

Fuck it. I’ll take it.

I am able to picture a British climber on the downslopes of Siula Grande in Peru, slurping mud to survive after breaking one of his legs. The story being, that he and his companion were able to summit Siula Grande climbing a face that had never been climbed before…ever…by anyone. That’s…where the story began. Odd eh? Most would think that the summit would be the end of the story.

Welp…if that’s where you want the story to end…that’s where it ends.

^U2 – Mysterious Ways^

I guess I could quote Jim Morrison/The Doors here, and their “No One Gets Out Of Here Alive” vein of thinking, as it seems applicable. But have you ever considered the possibility of a life lived never being more alive at the point of death? And I’m not talking about the “At least they died doing something they loved” types of thinking either. Kinda thinking, both of the previous thoughts with some other types of thinking/thoughts as well. Lotta stirring and swirling needs cooking when thinking about thinking. Especially if you are in the business of telling others what to think.

!!! SAY WUT?!?!?!?

Yeah…the business of telling others what to think. There’s no escaping it irrespective of your business. The question is, “what is your business?”

See what a trap I’ve set there for myself?

Yep...it's a doozy.
^U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For^

Q: If you get something for free, can you turn around and charge a fee to someone else for that same thing?

A: Sometimes?

How long is that sometimes? All times? Sounds like the model for that mode of thinking is already there/already exists. Now…we just have to figure out how best to utilize it. So yeah…justification…we need some. Anyone know where we can pick up some justification? We do wanna be able to sleep at night afterall.

^U2 – Vertigo^

I’ve made the case, that should God/gods exist, they don’t need “proof” or “justification” in my mind.


True. Gods like Kundalini and Zeus and Brahma and Atum and Set are always on my mind…I am COMPLETELY brainwashed by Jesus and Yahweh/YHVH or whatever that guy’s name is. I guess YHVH wanted things his way.

lolz...I'm going straight to hell for that one....lolz

But yeah…it seems to me, that in my limited readings of ancient texts, that “the gods” were some smart motherfuckers. They always seem to be more about advice and fellowship, than answers. Meaning: We seek out the gods for answers, and we never seem to stop and consider their time and/or the times spent with them.

We want something…they have it.

It’s rarely what we expected…therefore, it adds that “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?” kinda dimension to it, that when you think about it, you kinda get the feeling that “so did they.” Meaning that they gave the thought some thought(s), and those thoughts took some time. Almost as if they saw you coming.

I wonder…did we see them coming?

Prolly not.

We have too many preconceived notions about them and what they are based on what we think we know.

And where did we get that information?

Welp…I dunno…where did you get your information?

Is where you got it relevant?

Or was it the fact that you got it relevant?

Get it?

^The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony^

I have a quick thought regarding the previous song, and the concept of “bittersweet.”

Q: Can you discern or make a distinction between the two even when they are combined?

A: ?¿?

Q: Can you discern or make a distinction between the two when they are separate, but tasted one at a time?

A: ¿?¿

Yep…all systems normal.

Mystery = SOLVED! Next!
^U2 – Where The Streets Have No Name^

So thinking about “sweet water(s)” and/or “bitter water(s)”…they are the same thing at different times. I mean, there is a need there right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be tasting water(s) to see if they are sweet or bitter. Or did you not give a shit whether the water was sweet or bitter? You were thirsty. Can’t learn anything if you are dead. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. Dead men tell no tales. What horseshit. /rolls eyes

The shit that we teach each other is fucking mind-bending.

Mainly because, I think of the concept of teacher-student relationship being a lasting one. I mean, that is your point in teaching right? You want to pass along something to someone that they can carry with them forever? Because they are gonna do that regardless. Even if you later tell them to stop thinking about what you previously suggested that they think about. Was that original thought just further compounded? Is that how reinforcement works? The “good cop/bad cop” or “long con/short con” kinds of thinking?

Ever see someone try to drop something hot?

It’s not always as reflexive as we like to think, because we tend to ignore the exception(s).

Lotta this shit has a kind of “Pandora’s Box” kinda ring to it, eh?

Welp, chemists and similar scientists deal with rings all the time…so this shit should be “old hat” to them. 😉

^U2-Wire (Lyrics)^

I know, I know…it’s at this point that you are prolly thinking…


I like U2.

Sue me.

Did you know that Sue is a god in some circles?

lolz...a sun god being a god in some circles...lolz


Yep…hell…I’m headed there.

Not supposed to poke fun at God/gods, and the only punishment available seems to be hell if you do poke fun at them…so…yeah. Thanks. Doomed…I appear to be it.

^U2 – Desire^

So I was talking with my oldest son again last night, and we were talking about music. This conversation wandered into the topic of art. This wandered into the topic of religion, because I expressed the thought to my son of “don’t let art nor artists beat you up.” I told him that I was under the impression that art was there to beat on, not to beat up on you, but it sure as shit can give you an ass-kicking of epic proportions if you let it. I went on to express that I felt that maybe art and religion have a common ground in the way and ways that God speaks to us. Maybe that one avenue is for ass-kicking, and one is for kicking-ass. Maybe even that these pathways go both ways, meaning that they open pathways for us to dish out a little ass-kicking of our own to God, and others not so much.

Anyone who might be reading this, was not there to pick up on the vibes/tone of the conversation. But he seemed a tad overwhelmed by the impressiveness of some music that he has been stumbling across, and the musical prowess of those creating it. Hence, I expressed to him not to let that beat you up. It’s supposed to inspire you. And it appears that it has. Maybe we sometimes misinterpret inspiration sometimes. I mean, the concept of “the muse” is to inspire. No one ever considers that the inspiration will come in the form of an ass-kicking. Maybe even from a flamethrower.

nod to Richard Bach there
^U2: Bullet the Blue Sky^

So yeah…channels…

Art = Loosey Goosey and/or Footloose and Fancy-free

  Religion = Not so much

Ways and methods of God/the gods/The Universe talking to us.

Ways and methods of us talking to God/the gods/The Universe.

^The Cranberries – Zombie^

BLECH!!! All of this fucking philosophical nonsense is making my headache go away. Or return. Or something.

WATER!!! It’s the only thing that matters to life.

Will you pass the ketchup please?


Will you pass the ketchup pretty-please?

Ketchup has water in it?

Yeah, and for some reason, bread now has high-fructose corn syrup in it. Cept for the brands that are now touting the fact that they DO NOT have high-fructose corn syrup in it.

WTF?!?!? Since when does BREAD have high-fructose corn syrup in it?

I had to run look at the loaf of bread packaging real quick where I had noticed a placard on the packaging a coupla days ago, and it’s “100% Whole Wheat Bread With Honey Added.”

The “With Honey Added” part was in extremely small text as opposed to the extremely large text portion of “100% Whole Wheat” portion.

Almost as if…someone is trying to get our attention.

Has a…”zoom in/zoom out” kinda thinking to it.

I mean, say what you want about how many times a loaf of bread is taxed by the time it hits your palette, that bread has gone through some RADICAL changes in size here and there, and will continue to do so. Or at least, it will if you choose to eat it.

I don’t know whether to think of “The Bread of Life Here”…or “Alice In Wonderland.”

Prolly cause I’m supposed to be thinking/talking about water, and not food.

Dr. Leonard McCoy: “How can you think of food at a time like this?!?!?”
Admiral James T. Kirk: “First order of business…survival.”
Movie = Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

^Toto – Africa^

WATER!!! It’s important to life. Especially if you are an anaerobic type of life-form.

Life...Form. Sounds almost like an edict.

Anyway, yeah water is like, important and stuff. Prolly some processes involved in getting water into, and out of, us. Maybe some preventative stuff, maybe some prohibitive stuff, maybe even some other stuff. I mean, water itself is capable of transformation, so why wouldn’t we need to be a little bit flexible ourselves? Get too much rigidity going on, and all of a sudden like, does that make the concept of rigidity itself even MORE rigid? Or less rigid? Ridged. Has a ledge kinda ring to it eh? Like, why seek a ridge if you don’t intend on jumping? Erm…since when did “jumping” come into the picture? I’m just enjoying the view. You wanna enjoy that view from a different angle/perspective? Knock yerself out. I’m more comfortable at the bottom myself. But if I wanna get there fast? I woulda came prepared as such.

Kinda makes me think of the book “A Separate Peace.” Maybe even the story of Cain and Abel, which makes me think of the book “East of Eden.” Was just talking about James Dean last night with respect to the movie East of Eden since he was in it. Great book, great movie. Lotta things to think about there with respect to give and take. Give/take, push/pull…whatever floats yer boat. Same thing, different time(s), all at the same time, at different times. I guess “the real question” there would be…”Are you involved? Or ain’t ya?” Yeah, gonna be some levels and leveling there. And I’m certainly not trying to bring anyone down. Not try to push you up either. But I might be able to help in either regard. Maybe not.

We’ll see.

Or we won’t.

^Talk Talk – It´s My Life^

I guess that’s why I hate gossip. It includes me on a level that I am not comfortable with. Considering that I am a person who is quite comfortable with discomfort? Yeah…it’s a weird thought to think that others are talking about me, because I am quite comfortable with no one talking about me. But then again, it seems like the only time that anyone is thinking/talking about me is when I have done something wrong. My achievements are devoid of anything even remotely verbose at all, and yet my failures seem to inspire volumes. And all I can do is stand and shrug because I thought that failures are expected. Anticipated even. I mean, you’ve labeled me as “a walking-taking-fuckup”…what else would you expect? OH! More time in between fuckups?

Huh…I guess I ain’t doing so bad afterall.

Yep, it ain’t that hard at all being positive about the negative.

^No Doubt – Don’t Speak^

As I sit here in disgust thinking about the shit that I’ve written here in this particular grouping of shit that I have written, I try to hang onto the concept of “if you can’t help yourself, help someone else.” I guess that’s why that “taking liberties” with communication and their methods really chaps my ass. Yeah, I can do it, I have done it. But I don’t like it. Something as hard-earned as communication should be handled well. Not gingerly, not respectfully, not irresponsibly, not haphazardly. And yet, those things are possible, so they can and will happen.

So…intent and intentions. Have the intent of “doing this”…and you are prolly going to do just that. Whodathunkit? Yeah, I’ve laid a SHITLOAD of traps for myself in this here particular “Missive.” But something that bends my head is something that Jesus/Yeshua said in The Bible regarding “committing acts in our heart” that has always troubled me. Mainly because, I’ve always been told that I shouldn’t think about certain things. Combine the two? Yeah…a recipe for a shitload of guilt and self-loathing. Depression even. Maybe all of those.

^Simple Minds – Alive And Kicking^

I’ve read in some of these varied places around the web, that Jesus was spirited away to Egypt and taught/trained in the mystical arts there between the ages of 8/12 to 30 or so. Welp, sounds weird at first glance, but they didn’t want him in Jerusalem, and the boy prolly needed schooling…so…where to? Not like the Israelites didn’t have some roots there in Egypt in a “back and forth/to from to/to from and through” kinda way. Maybe someone was kinda…”chillin in Egypt for a while” after pulling up stakes a time or two prior to heading back there at some point. Makes sense. Prolly gonna burn in some special kinda hell for even thinking such a thought according to my upbringing, but yeah…makes sense. It makes sense to me on so many “levels”…that I don’t even want to write about it. I mean, I don’t want to even think about it. This is the kinda shit, that as far as I’ve been told, will not only damn your soul, but also get your body motherfucking mangled in the process of transitioning between these two damnations. Man…harsh.

Q: Assuming that I have a soul, who has the ability to damn it?

A: ...
^Blur – Song 2^

Q: If someone gets it wrong, and it falls to you to get it right, how does one do that?

A: There's you answer. Answers...even. Right there in the question.

Someone getting it wrong, outlines a way or ways to get it right. Or, as I prefer, get it correct. I mean, if something is wrong, how is right gonna help us out? Welp, stay creative in that line of thinking, think of direction change and changes, and suddenly everything is a step laid out for you. You just have to walk the distance. This makes me think of my own “wrasslin with the dragon in the maze” kinda moment. But that moment didn’t come only at hugging the dragon as opposed to slaying it, it came upon “exiting the maze”…and encountering the lion.

Yep…I thought the adventure was over, but it was only beginning.

Silly me.
^R.E.M. – Orange Crush (Official Music Video)^

Life can be overwhelming. But if you think of those “overwhelming times” also in times of joy and happiness, maybe we can distance ourselves from the current usage of this parlance as it relates to depression.

To relate, in my conversation with my oldest son last night, he was talking about their trip to Galveston, and how that he was not very fond of that trip because he pretty much had to play babysitter/chaperon since he was/is over the age of 18. But he relayed the story of seeing a dolphin on the last day just prior to leaving, and he said that upon seeing that dolphin breach the water…he was like “Oh yeah! That one thing made this whole trip worth the anguish.”

I guess we were again discussing the concept of synchronicity in a round’about kinda way…and related to him the first time I ever saw a dolphin. I told him that I was quite young, but my heart started beating so hard, that I thought it was gonna burst out of my chest, and I have no idea as to why. But I remember that experience.

Maybe there was something “more” to that experience, maybe not. It was what it was, and it is what it is.

I had completely forgotten about that experience.
^4 Non Blondes – What’s Up^

Yeah…I get the feeling that we are part of a global conspiracy.

Might even be Universal.

Maybe all the way to the top.

I have no idea what any of that means.

But I have some pretty goddamn good ideas….or maybe I don’t. /me shrugs

Maybe you have some good ideas too.

Let’s talk about them.

Or not.


^Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls^

It’s almost Friday. Not really…since it’s Thursday…but it’ll be here soon. Seems to me that there is something special about the particular Friday that is tomorrow.

Can’t recall what it might be tho.

Maybe something will come up.

Maybe something will cross my mind.

Maybe not.

/me shrugs
^Aerosmith – Crazy^

cYa | cFa

^Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Single Mix)^

A special song for someone who mentioned it recently, for no other reason than as a thanks for what they do. 🙂

^Radiohead – Creep^


Happy Easter, Dear Reader ❤

That Special Relationship…

The other day, The Okie Devil wrote some lovely complimentary stuff on my treatment of his missives, here at the LoL…

*Don’t be jealous, Clicky… Just because Cade didn’t mention you…*

Anyway, he also floated a notion…

Maybe it’s time for us to try and write one together. Maybe a back and forth kind of  “I write a paragraph…She writes a paragraph” and so on. I can see some other avenues within that framework that might work well as well. But maybe that’s not a good idea. I dunno. Just…thinkin out loud.
We’ll see I guess.

I thought it a splendid idea and so, Dear Reader, for your entertainment, below is our attempt, yesterday, at a sort of Anglo-American bout of Ping Pong…


*/cackles… So jealous… /shakes head…*


Raed Ris dna/ro Mabam,

Sometimes, this backward shit just don’t work eh? So you gotta improvise or some shit like that.

(Sorry about the foul fucking language)


Hey Roob!
Q: Ya up for this “concept?”
A: (your answer goes there) hehe

Take your time. It is afterall…your time.

I typically read in a “looping” kind of fashion. Up and down and around, at the same time as side-to-side, both backwards AND forwards. As a result, it caused me to develop a “less-physically/less-medically discernible” type of speech impediment that caused me to transpose letters. I could read just fine in my head. But when I actually spoke what I read, I tended to mix up the letters.

EX1: “The Dog”…would become…”Dee Thog.”
EX2: “The Wide World of Sports”…would become…”We Wibe Swirled Aborts”…(usually, I was trying to avoid spitting with both the “S” the “P” and again with the “S”, which the “W’s” seem to have had pooled a massive collection of within my mouth).

This was/is in addition to several other “more discernible” speech impediments that were said to be the result of both unfortunate genetics and unfortunate “more preventable” types of events. Accidents…I believe they are sometimes called in more polite circles and/or settings.

“Being a complete and total walk-disaster of a fuckup” in more “real-world” types of situations.

But I digress.

Injuries to the head, neck, face, tongue, and jaw…are… …traumatic.
Being encouraged to not speak at all…also has some lasting effects.
Such as, for example…not speaking at all.
The perfect imperfection.
But I further digress…all kinds of things that can “inspire us” to stop communicating.

As a matter of fact…I think it’s about time for recess.

Wanna play? 😉

(Strictly platonic off course.)

/sorry couldn’t resist…DOH!!!

I think I might be able to think of some others who may benefit from such an endeavor. Maybe you can as well.

But I leave that decision, from here, up to you. I certainly do not wish this to cause harm in any way. And there is no pressure. If this sounds like the worst shitty idea you’ve ever heard of…feel free to keep that to yourself. “No fucking way you fucking Okie idiot!”…works just fine.

Thanks For You Consideration.




A: I used to sound like I’d had a drink when pronouncing my maiden name. I woz okay if I woz torking natchrole-like… ‘Roof Shoewan’… But if I was trying to sound educated or posh-like, the ‘th’ at the end of my first name would rear end the ‘Sh’ at the start of my second, like a DUI on black ice. Hot blood flowed, but only into my cheeks.

My son, Kitten, has/had verbal dyspraxia. He had a limited vocabulary until age 5, mostly consisting of “Mm”, “Da”, “Looby”, “yeah”, “no”, “cat” and “gone”. We didn’t even have cat, it was the neighbour’s pristine white moggy, Lara. She would jump up onto the garden fence whilst I nattered over it with next door, toddler in arms, and he would point and say “Cat!”, and when she jumped down, Kitten would exclaim, “Cat gone!”

Five years of speech therapy once a week with a willowy blond called Kendall (‘Mintcake’) developed his speech through repetitious play. But learning to write and spell were a nightmare; whilst Thoughtful Man took charge of Kitten’s 2wing and frowing from school to therapy room and back again, I was in charge of his homework and he did not like writing, not one little bit. At that time there was a Saturday evening TV show on called ‘Merlin’ which Kitten adored. Ah ha! I thought. If he could see words as ‘spells’, maybe he would see letters and combos of as ingredients. It did absolutely nothing for him but it sure as hell changed my perception of words.

What did work for him was me teaching him the NATO phonetic alphabet…


For some reason, he got that and, what with all the hard work his teachers put in (who he naturally charmed), he’s no longer afraid or using words, spoken or written. In fact, sometimes he never shuts up 😉

Is this the kind of thing you’re after Okie Devil? Btw, I did change a misspelling in your starter twice. Naughty of me as I have porpoisely misspelt words in my reply. Sorry, habit… But, as I’m sending it back to you, you can change it back if you wanna.

What kind of ‘accidents’ to your head, neck, face, tongue, and jaw?

Roob – x


Um…I’ve tried to talk about some of my injuries and unfortunate experiences and whatnot over at whatchacallit forums. I mentioned what most would prolly consider “the worst of the lot”…but not to me. I don’t remember much of that one.

I’d like to talk about my experiences…but I’m still not ready for some/most of them. If people think that the “sensationalist and unbelievable” worst of the worst of the worst is impossible…then how in the HELL are they gonna believe what I somehow survived…only to encounter even worse over a string of many events over years? Because I’m telling you…it gets worse.

The only reason I’ve poked my head up is that I know there are others that need to hear what I have to say, so that they do not feel so alone in their..”How did I survive that?” and “Why did I survive that?” moments that can and do come.

Just keep in mind that the only reason that I am talking about them at ALL…is because I am alone. Prolly someday…even my own children may need to hear these stories to help them understand why “dad was so fucking weird about anything and everything.” The short of that being…I tried to neither encourage nor discourage them from “jumping off of cliffs”…just assured them that if they DID jump and things went wrong?…I’d be there to catch them on the flip side. Have always tried to let them be their own person, but also always be there to guide them and advise them. And yeah…sometime…just…give them a little nudge maybe. 😉

Lotta scars on me that you can see, many that you cannot see. I just wanted to spare my children the bad ones, and allow them the choice of experiencing the good ones.

Roller skating on ice…for example. Meh…not too bad.
Roller skating on ice with rocket-powered roller skates?

Now we’re talkin!

I’ve talked about some of my “bad stuff” tho.

Some car wrecks and stuff like that. Maybe some of that “abuse” type stuff of the physical and mental varieties that is usually best not spoken of. The kind of shit that makes a kid run off and join the circus or a carnival if one is conveniently located in proximity to where the kid can get to without someone finding him…again…and again…and again…no matter how far he makes it from…where he’s trying to get away from.

BTW, my spelling errors? Correct away. God know I won’t catch them all. You’re the one gonna be posting this shit. Your honor as an English speeking Limay is aatt stakes here young lady. 😉

I’ve already defeated one Limey this week in a spelling contest.
Do you really wanna be next? (lol)
Losing a spelling contest to an Okie from Texas?


Just seen that MEROVEE Frank has posted this to BennyJurger…

You can always tell about some of the wonderful things you’ve experienced and weave in the painful stuff. Or like how Quint dropped the USS Indianapolis in Jaws. Very powerful and moving. Rocket-powered roller skating on ice, on the other hand, sounds like a unusual and exhilarating thing to try. Right up and until the moment it, well, isn’t. I have neither roller skated not attached rockets to anything, including sharks. I dunno, the idea just never occurred.

Perhaps we’re opposites. For instance, I’ve suffered no physical abuse and/or accident trauma. Only two hospital stays so far (well, three if you count being born in one): I had my tonsils removed at age 18. It was in a private hospital called ‘The Churchill’, located close to the Imperial War Museum in London. There is a song I associate with that hospital stay and it is attached to a bad memory of bad breath…

The other hospital stay was for the Boys’ birth. It was toward the end of the furiously hot August in 2001. Eighteen hours of labour and I end up having to have a C Section because Loopy shifted just before my fanny reached the required 10cm in diameter. I actually watched them being, not so much born as yanked out of me. I could see it all in the shiny ceiling tiles of the theatre. Loops had got his nose caught on something and wouldn’t budge. The profusely sweating surgeon even put his leg up on the surgery table to get better leverage. Loopy sported a big bruise on the side of his nose for his week in the world. But then again Kitten was born with a wonky toe. Erm… I’m now wondering for the first time if those two things weren’t related.

I may have broken a finger on a bumpy RIB ride across the Solent a few years ago. It was painful for months afterward but I never got it seen to, so probably not. Which means I’ve managed to get through just over 49 years so far without a broken bone. And you’ve had loads. Perhaps you took my share, in which case… Thank you ❤

Oh, the big news story the weekend of the Boys’ arrival… Posh Spice performed at a concert at Hyde Park wearing a lip ring! The scandal! When it was revealed to be a fake one, the UK MSM got a collective attack of the vapours all over again. Our UK press can be very parochial sometimes. The Song, however, that will always remind me of that weekend is by U2…

Hmm… three Songs included this time whereas you’ve being rather restrained. Strange 😉



*/furrows brow… ‘The Invisibles‘ Lennon Head, Clicky?*


*/:D I think that calls for a Song, Clicky…*