Much A Doo… Nah!

Good News, Dear Reader – I start a new job on 2nd May. I’ll be PAing to a top Council bod for a year, whilst his current PA will be off, knocking out and raising a baby…


I’ve spent today at my new office being introduced to people and systems, shadowing the present incumbent

*/rolls eyes and shakes head… Okay, Clicky…*

Everybody there was really nice and I think I’ll be okay once I get to grips with all the acronyms. Tricky things acronyms…

*Just because it’s Public Sector and not Private, doesn’t mean I’m becoming a leftie, Clicky… Remember, I spent 16 happy years at the JLP… Oh!*

Anyhoo… I just thought I’d let you know that I’ll soon be in gainful employment. “Phew!” as Thoughtful Man would say…

*Yes, he is rather pleased…*

Of course, I’ll still be posting here at the LoL, and writing short stories and editing others for The Underdog

Doo have a wonderful weekend, Dear Reader… and a Song ❤