Missive From ‘Merica: Inner Resting Time & Times Over Time

Yesterday afternoon I took some time out to reacquaint myself with an old movie that I hadn’t watched in over 20 years. The previous evening my good friend, Cade, had mentioned that the film is heading for a remake

*No shit! It’s all in the reflexes, Clicky… /sigh…*

No doubt the remake will be a CGI ‘mcmasterpiece’ but I can’t but stop and wonder, Why?

*YeeuP! You’re probably right there, Clicky…*

Cade also sent through a new missive, which Clicky and I are delighted to reproduce below, so sit back, relax and enjoy as The Okie Devil gets a few things off his chest…


I was just about to start writing some shit.

Seems that has happened in a sorta-kinda successful way.

So…let’s see how the rest of this here particular adventure goes.

Q: Does my method of beginning a post, get boring?

A: <email me your answers to mypersonalemail@myemailaddress.fu>

Or not.

^Arcade Fire – Reflektor (Live At Earls Court)^

Do you have anything in particular on your mind you wanna talk about? Me too. Although nothing currently comes to mind. Guess we’ll just have to rely on each other’s creative and ingenuity to get us through this particular section. Maybe you just came here for the weird pictures and weirder music and skip over the text-based sections. Maybe you skip directly to the comments section and see what no one isn’t talking about, and don’t make any comments of your own on what is not being said. Maybe you get bored and start looking for something else to not do. I dunno. I can only guess. So I guess I’ll just have to use my own best judgement.

lolz...that'll prolly work out just DANDY!!!
^Raven – Chainsaw – BBC TV^

Speaking of disasters just looking for a place to happen…lessee here…where was I going with this? I mean…I want to write. I feel like writing, but nothing is coming out. Nothing is coming up. Maybe those clouds I saw moving in from the west earlier, were nothing but clouds. I mean yeah…it’s moisture going somewhere important. I don’t doubt that. But it’s spring here and we’ve only gotten one really big storm so far this year, and one sorta-big-ish storm that was more rain than anything. Not that I’m complaining. But it’s difficult to watch the storms when it’s raining like crazy.

I dunno. Maybe I have nothing left to say.
^Anvil – Metal On Metal (Live)^

Let’s get Moody.

Tuesday Moody kinda moody.

Actually…today is Thursday… actually…not anymore, since it’s 01:24 in the morning on Friday the 7th of April.

But meh...Tuesday Moody it is.
^Tuesday Afternoon by The Moody Blues^

I guess I’ve been thinking about laws and regulations and governments and governing quite a bit lately. Primarily…if you as a leader/lawmaker and leading and making laws that tell others what NOT to do…erm…isn’t that kinda…contradictory? I mean…you are getting to do what you want to do…right? Making laws and leading is what you want to do. Just kinda weird to make a profession out of doing what you want to do by telling others what they cannot do. And you get to get all clever and creative with the law and laws and legislating. Make all kinds of rules that govern the rules and rulers, and also, govern the governed in a way that makes them incapable of exception, until they are an exception that someone finds exceptionally exceptional. Usually, that someone is someone that is in the same or a similar role as you, and so that tends to make the exceptional rather non-exceptional according to your own rules. As if you can build something so exceptionally strong and unyielding, that nothing and no one can move it. Can’t be moved eh? Oh yeah?

Q: How’d it get there?

A: ?¿?
^Lifelike- So Electric (Roller Disco Edit)^

All of the fear that I see in the media, irrespective of type of media and perspective(s) on those different types of media and their legitimacy, I don’t see it. The fear that they are talking about? I don’t see it. Almost like staring at “your weird neighbor that doesn’t talk to anyone” for hours on end each day, in the event that they do something something suspicious or crazy. Yeah…sounds like NO ONE in your neighborhood is doing ANYTHING AT ALL THAT COULD BE QUALIFIED AS SUSPICIOUS OR CRAZY!!! Cept for that one weird neighbor who doesn’t talk to anyone. Gee…I wonder why THAT is? Maybe you and your other neighbors’ previous “conversations” with this person have been a little…erm…interrogative. Oh yeah sure sure…I know…you just want to get to know them. Your motives sound wholesome and completely legit. Carry on. (Oh…and shhhhhh….but let me know what you find out about that weirdo!)

No fear here.

No fear at all.

No fear whatsoever.

Nothing to see here.

Move along.
^LIFELIKE “Your Tiny Mind”^

No wonder that delivery drivers throw shit on your porch and run instead of hand-delivering shit. You’ve got “security cameras” surrounding your home, inside and out. Who the FUCK is it that you don’t trust? Cause that seems like a fucking metric FUCKTON of trust to me. I don’t want video cameras all over my house, inside OR out. Maybe I am misinterpreting things here, but it sounds to me like the only person and or persons that you don’t trust in proximity to wherever it is that you live? Yeah…YOU. That means you don’t trust anyone else either. Moreover, it sounds as if you have so adopted that “it’s just a matter of time until I catch someone doing something” philosophy, that all you are interested in…is vengeance. “Justice” you may call it. Someone steals from you, they should be punished. Fair enough. Or is it? “Lotta things wrong with this country” some say.

O RLY? Who is saying this, who are they saying it to, and how are they saying it?

I mean…OBVIOUSLY they are someone hooked up to a respirator in a hospital.

How can they speak? You can’t speak when hooked up to one of those things.

I wonder who manufactures that particular respirator?

I wonder who maintains it?

I wonder who that person is that keeps coming into the room and fiddling with those knobs on that machine?
^Neil Young & Johnny Depp (Dead Man) – Original Soundtrack Long Version^

Oh…I’m sorry. Did I hit a nerve there? I thought there were a lot of things wrong with this country, and we needed to talk about them? Or do you wanna just point at the living corpse and go find someone to pay? Cause it sounds to me like someone already paid. Is still paying. Lotta paying going on there. And no…time does not heal all wounds. Not in the manner that many seem to perceive that particular quip. But it’s a start. Sounds like someone beat someone else to the punch there. Maybe even started without us.

Maybe we aren’t what we do.

Maybe we are what we’ve done.

Le yikes...sounds like someone is done for.
^Fantastic Plastic Machine – On a Chair^

If you expect me to walk with you in your moment and moments of pain, why can I not do this for others? Why do you get to choose who, and who not, that I should walk with for a little while. Ya want something from me when ya want it, and ya don’t want anything from me when ya don’t want it. Both are wanting. I mean…when I apply the preceding to my own personal life? Yeah…I melt.

Motherfucking MELT.

I’ve gotten so much shit wrong in my life, that I’ve just about convinced myself that the only thing that I am capable of getting right IS GETTING SHIT WRONG CORRECTLY! lolz. How sad eh? Some might think that. But I don’t. I mean…I’ve never really planned on raising my arms to heaven in some sort of spiritual victory gesture, then sitting down and never doing anything ever again. How fucking boring is that? I mean sure, I’m pretty laid back and chill, and I like to hang out and just “ponder the yonder”…but it’s because there is always something else. Always…one more thing. I dunno. That’s how I see life anyway. If there is something to be done, and I am the person to do it? Goddamnit…it’s getting done. I’m kinda “ferocious” in that way.

Q: Dude…how in the FUCK do you know when “something needs to be done?”

A: Don't you? You're the one with all the questions.

I’m more of a “how am I gonna do this” kind of person. Because once I get to the “how question”…the “why question” has pretty much already been answered via the “who question.” If I am involved in anything, in any way shape or form…there is a reason. Maybe even…reasons.

It’ll go to shit from there. (Reason and reasoning be damned).

I wonder if that is my problem?
^Nylon- When You Love Someone (Lifelike Remix)^

I was briefly speaking with someone the other day regarding motion. Specifically…sea-sickness, or motion sickness. I mentioned that I do not get motion sickness/sea-sick. But I do get car-sick. Or at least, sometimes. I also mentioned that I used to get car-sick all the time when I was a kid. The person that I was talking with commented…”probably because you couldn’t see where you were going.” And I was like, yeah…that. But also, I mentioned that my parents were always perplexed at my paradoxical ease and difficulty.

EX: My parents we always like…

“Put that damn kid on a ride that spins in every direction possible at the same time, and he’ll have a smile on his face that you couldn’t erase with sandpaper. Put that kid in car going in a straight line, and he’s sick as dog as soon as the car starts rolling.”

The comment regarding “not seeing where you are going” got me to thinking about the pressurized nature of cars. I’d always do fine if a window was down, or even cracked open a bit. But with the windows up? <shudder> I mean…you are riding in a sealed car through all kinds of pressure and pressures, and all kinds of pressure changes as we drive in our cars. Granted…we want to keep the rain/snow/elements out so that our in-car stereo’s clock doesn’t short out. But were we really designed with pressure changes like this in mind? Because whether we were designed by a higher intelligence/God/gods, or whether we are some kind of universal fluke…the weather is important in that development regardless. No wonder we can basically classify ourselves as nothing more than a sack full o’sacks. Lotta membranes there.

Layer, upon layer, upon layer.

And speaking of layers and lairs…

let’s talk about religion!!!

^Perturbator – Technoir (feat. Noir Deco)^

Would you like some more music? K…I’ll insert another song here for no particular reason other than it came up in the random playlist that I currently listening to on YouTube.

^Jagwar Ma – Let Her Go (Live on KEXP)^

Let’s do two random-assed songs since this next one made an impression on me as well.

^Chaos Chaos – My Hands (Live on KEXP)^

Hows bouts a trifecta?

Go ahead...give it a tri.
^Daniel Lanois – “Sioux Lookout”^

So I’ve been thinking about this “911/119” that I’ve been seeing here and there recently. Yes…I see that kind of shit. But I have to give this shit a think before adding my own personal shit to the existing shit. Keeps it contextual and applicable when and whereso.

Anyway…I got thinking about my upbringing with respect to prophecy in The Book of Revelations. Everyone is always “The Beast this” and “The Beast that” and “what is The Beast” and blah blah blah blah blah. Lotta mysetery there eh?


Anyway…yeah…it got me to thinking about all this business about “The Anti-Christ” which appears to be so damn popular, among the many other mysteries of that particular section of The Bible. And it occurred to me to maybe think about all of my studies, and all of the other people’s studies that has been proposed here and there, and relate those particular studies to the studies that I have heard espoused from the pulpit(s) of many preachers/pastors in my time and times at church or within other religious streams. This made me think of all of the crazy speculative shit that has been postulated, such as…I’ve even heard one “scholar” go so far as to say that “The Anti-Christ must be a homosexual, because there is no mention in The Bible of this man having any women around him.” <sigh> You gotta be SHITTING me!!! That was my thoughts then, and my thoughts now anyway. Primarily because, “at the point in time where this Anti-Christ dude is doing whatever in the fuck they are going to be doing? Yeah…they’re already here, doing whatever in the fuck it is that they are going to be doing, which means that it’s already done.” So what in the FUCK are you looking for?

So yeah…back to “The Beast.”

You want it?

You’ll get it.

See “The Beast” yet?


Find a mirror if you have one handy and are feeling adventurous in your “”soul searching.”

If you look for something...you will find it.
^Daniel Lanois – Jimmy Was^

Heddy stuff eh? Welp…it occured to me yesterday, that all of this “looking for doomsday” bullshit that I just CANNOT…FUCKING…GET AWAY FROM ANYWHERE…has rubbed me just about completely, and totally fucking raw. I’ve been “living in the shadow of doomsday” my entire fucking life. “The Secularists” want to kill me. “The Religious” want to kill me. “The…”…no wait…that covers everyone…right? “Secularists and Religious? Doesn’t that…just about cover 100% of everyone. I mean, yeah sure…there are several “100 percents” there to consider using my own special blend of wonky whacked-out -1/0/1 based mathematics.

100% of The Secularists.

100% of The Religious.

Yep…that’s everyone!!! So yeah…um…back to “The Beast.” Erm…

Q: Which one?

A: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah…that’s right…which one damnit?

Which one do you wanna see?

Which one do you not wanna see?

Did you look in the mirror?

I have.

I see The Beast.

Eyes glowing red with fury.

And sometimes…not so much.

Just chomping at the bit…either way.

Waiting on you and your decision(s).

This is…at your behest, at your request, and for your benefit afterall.

I thought you wanted to know?

Q: Now what?

A: ...
^Daniel Lanois – Still Water^

So yeah anyway…not to sound too schizophrenic or anything…but, let’s change the subject and talk about something else now that I’ve quasi-gotten that off my chest.

^Daniel Lanois-The Maker^

I mean really you fucking idiots. Are you going to be happy with unraveling the mystery and mysteries contained in ancient texts? Especially those dealing with “doomsday types of scenarios?” What? Are you gonna post it on your Facebook? Gonna send out a Tweet? Yeah right…what could POSSIBLY go wrong there? lolz

If You Are Correct: YOU = FUCKED!!!

If You Are Incorrect: YOU = FUCKED!!!

Make that “you = fucked” kinda flexi-interchangeable with “we = fucked”…and all of a sudden…your followers on Twitter and all your Facebook “Friends” are gonna drop you like a bad habit, no matter what the outcome is.

So…think about this while you and your gang are out riding around searching for mysteries to unravel…

Q: What if God/the gods do indeed exist, but they’ve had a change of heart?

A: SAY...FUCKING...WHAT?!?!?!?!?

I mean…if there is a God, according to The Bible at least…only “The Father” knows when “The Shit Will Indeed Hit The Fan” and will also “MAKE IT SO“. Right?

Sounds kinda…”timed” to me.

I wonder if there is shit going on that might make God…appear a little…”indecisive”…for lack of a better term.

I mean…the crazy fuck invented this place…what makes you so sure he’s in a big fucking hurry to tear it a new asshole? That’s always bothered me. Creation and Destruction doesn’t seem to jibe with each other in the way and ways that it’s described by others. What if “God’s Clock” ain’t set to go off for millions of years from now? Are you really so high up on God’s “good graces list” that he/she/it sends you his interstellar itinerary? Jesus Fucking CHRIST!!! How much printer paper do you have? You’d need a fucking OCEAN of printer-ink to print out all that shit.

Which reminds me…what type of printer do you have? It must be HELLA reliable.

That's quite the endorsement for whoever made that brand/model of printer.
^Paul Keeley – I can´t (stop)^

When I was fairly young, Stephen King addressed a scary concept for me regarding “The Anti-Christ” that really blew my mind. In his book “Carrie”…there was a mention of “Carrie’s Father” always carrying a pistol around with him in the event that he bumped into The Antichrist. When I read that…it blew my fucking mind. I mean…it made sense to me personally, because I was raised around “religious zealots of this type” in my formative years. Formative Years? What in the FUCK kind of unkind concept is that? This horseshit that we become “locked-in” around the age of 7? Horseshit. How many 0-7 year old kids are in college? None? Why is that? Can’t teach em anything past 7 or so, so why bother?

Your system and systems are fucked.

Don’t think so?

For any Americans reading this…

Q: What is your annual budget?

A: Say WHAT?!?!? Which one dude? Be specific.

I was specific you stupid redneck gal or guy. Thanks for answering our question for us. Let’s move on shall we?

For any of our other World Citizens reading this…

Q: What is your annual budget?
A: I SAY ol' chappy?!?!? Which one, Yank? Be more specific if you don't mind.

I was specific old boy or girl. Thanks for answering our question for us. Let’s move on shall we?

^Marco Lys – Kama (Original Mix)^

Q: How do you kill someone who cannot be killed?

A: DUDE! What if I shoot someone who says they cannot die right in the fucking face, and they die?!?!?

Welp, sounds to me like you are prolly headed for prison. Or at least on a long journey through some legal system of some kind.

BTW...Way to go. You sure showed them.

Better hope you don’t bump into them down the road. That would suck. They’re somehow back up and fit-as-a-fiddle, and you are headed for jail.

Sucks to be you.
^Hybrid – Last Man Standing^

Do you really care who solves you and your planet’s problems? Or do you just want them to get solved? Because if you just want them solved? Sounds to me like the system and systems are already in place for that kind of path. Let your local representatives know what you want and/or need. I mean, that’s what they are there for right? To represent you and your needs? If they don’t help you get what you need, find someone who will and vote them into office at the next election. It’s that simple as far as I understand it. But you can’t just vote every 1 or 2 or 4 years and expect to have your needs met if government is the only method for meeting your needs. You gotta be specific, and you gotta stay involved. You know, you can actually call your legislators on the telephone. You can write them letters. They will respond. It may not be the response you want or need…but they will respond. They are people afterall. And not just “at the end of the day.” Most of them are people 24/7 as far as I can tell.

^Pogo – Symphony #69^

That reminds me. At lunchtime today…I addressed the topic of “surveillance” with whatshername since she let slip the other day that she has an app on her phone which she uses, that allows her to track all of these phones and their locations at all times. She was marveling at the convenience of setting up something called a “geo-fence” around certain homes, and she will get a text message any time that one of the phones leave or arrive at that particular location. <le fucking YIKES!!!>

How creepy. 😐

Anyway, I mentioned something about government agencies in this country monitoring/reading all emails and phone calls. She got rather angry and said,

“Well…if they have that kind of free time to listen to my phone calls and read my emails…more power to them. I’m gonna start emailing loads weird shit on purpose to create more work for them.”

Great idea.

But I suggested… “Why not start a letter writing campaign instead? Hand-write and mail letters to The CIA/NSA/FBI that simply say “stop reading my emails!” and send those like daily. The irony will not be lost on them.”

She and my daughter laughed.

I had never heard the term “geo-fence” nor did I know that it was possible in the way that she described it.

I looked up “geo-fence” and found something called “geo-fencing.”


I have had enough of fences.

I have decided that the cellphone is not going with me.

^Wilkinson – Afterglow live at T in the Park 2014^

Now why would someone get pissed at someone tracking someone on something that is “theirs?” Supposed to be mine anyway. No one calls me on it. I’ve only accessed The Internet on it once. I carry it “for emergency purposes” at her request, because we have children. Sure I know that cellphones can be tracked. How in the fuck do you think it receives calls in the first place? But being able to do something, and actually doing something? Yeah…there’s a difference. Don’t tell me there isn’t a difference, because the entirety of law and laws are based on that premise. In my mind, I should be able to walk to the border of my country, and moonwalk up and down that motherfucker…and as long as I don’t cross that line…we’re good. Not that I can moonwalk or anything. But I digress.

^Don’t Bring Me Down by ELO with Lyrics^

The Synchros have really been spinnin’ over the last few weeks. It feels like my spine is under enough pressure that it’s eventually gonna shoot right out of the top of my head. I guess Kundalini has a tiger by the tail here, and is trying to make it both fun AND funny. I mean, I can understand why. This shit HURTS! And I have a pretty good sense of humor with respect to myself. Especially when I am disrespecting myself. The image of Kundalini yanking on my tailbone so hard, that my body’s knots all unwind in one direction, and wind up in another direction under so much pressure…that when she let’s go of my tailbone? My spine is gonna shoot right out of the top of my head at Mach 200k+…lolz.

My spine is pretty fucked-up. It’s sure baffled the shit out of some doctors. But I’ve learned a lot from their advice, wisdom and expertise. I just hope that I am able to return the favor somehow. Somehow figure out a way to relay what I have learned. I mean yeah…that’s what I’ve been doing in my writing(s). But I get the feeling that very few read what I write…and maybe that’s a good thing. Some scary shit, to be sure. That said, there are those that I have encountered over the past few years that have helped immensely. I hope that I can, and am, returning that favor as well. Nothing like a compete fuckup in the mix, that specializes, and can assist, with shit getting completely out of control. Shit might get kinda…calm…at that point. Allow a little time for reflection. Maybe even some discussion. I dunno tho. I prolly won’t be there.

^Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (Official Video)^

I’ve been trying not to think about a lot of the shit that is going on inside me. I mean…I can feel it, and I can see some of it, some I can even imagine…but most I can’t actually see…so I just have to trust. Trusting your own gut instincts regarding your guts…whodathunkit?

The feeling in my feet and legs is weird. It comes and goes…but sometimes…it feels like…I dunno…feeling? My skin is coming off by the bucketful, so yeah…I remain skeptical about our epidermis being replaced every 30 days. If I am right about some of this rheumatic types of shit that I am seeing, some of this skin is as old as I am. Nevermind the, what appears to be anyway, leftover adhesive types of goody from bandages that have covered certain large parts of my anatomy here and there over my life.

Is it possible that I am misinterpreting what I am seeing and experiencing? Well sure dummy. Anything is possible. But how many people have to give you weird “WTF??!?!” types of looks before you start wearing long-sleeve shirts and toboggans out in public because of those who have given you double-takes in public previously, due to them seeing…”the storms.” I know they are weird looking. Some are REALLY fucking weird looking. But it has allowed and afforded me some insight into what I believe is how my body really works. I mean yeah…I’m well aware that my particular body has worked it’s ass off over the course of my life. It’s a great little machine of wonder and amazement to me. I cannot believe that I have made it as far as I have. But yeah…I can.

^Captain Beefheart Upon The My O My Old Grey Whistle Test 1974^

I actually question my methods, modes and motives quite a bit.

Mediate on it even.

Just kinda…loud…when I am “meditating.”

I hope I do this right.


Just…making it up as I go as best I can.

I hope I do this correctly.

^African music from Sahara – Boat montage^

Hang in there whoever you are.

^Bambi Lee Savage — Darlin’^


^Kenny Loggins- This Is It (1979)^


*/offers tissue… Alright? Blimey, Clicky… Well and truly covered …/dabs gingerly…*

Missive From ‘Merica: Eroding Exploding… */shrugs*

Dear Reader, the LoL is pleased to present for you The Okie Devil’s latest missive. It is his 25th…

*So good, you named it twice, Clicky? …/winks…*

*/looks… Cade’s 25th missive? …/winks… Twenty five twenty five? No? …/squints…*

*Oh… /:D…*

*/rolls eyes…* Dear Reader, enjoy! ❤



Sometimes…sum of us do some shit that…just…turns out however it does.

^Top Craziest Things Found on the Internet! Tosh.O Edition^

Sometimes…sum of us do some shit that…just…turns out however it does.

Wait…I already said that.

I must have insanity problems.

^Electric Explosion compilation 2016 – Electric Arc power light vol 2^

Sometimes…insanity problems are insane.

Wait…I already said that.

Wait…did I already said that? Or did you say that?

I can't remember.

Someone has them some mental issue problems or something.

Prolly on steroids.

Lot's of em.

I mean really…when you think about it…who is NOT on steroids AMIRITE?!?!??>?

^Top 5 Powerful Transformer Explosions^

So…now that we have established that you are insane of the “complete and total” variety…let’s move on to more important stuff K?

Today is the 17th of February 2017 in my neck of the woods, and supposedly, Venus is supposedly gonna be it’s brightest tonight. But I looked up some shiznit on The Webranet regarding this phenomenon…and it appears that the appearance of appearances may or may not be correct, as Venus is supposed to be at “magnum glow” for the next few nights. But I’ve been watching the thing for months, and it’s been bright as FUCK for a while now…but the thing that interests ME…is how weird it has started to look. Lotta weird shapes and stuff around the planet as it transverses the sky over the course of the evening as The Earth/Terra starts it’s rocking part of rockin and rollin back towards spring here in the Northern Hemisphere…and towards fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

Venus brightness peaks next few evenings

As I was looking for info on Venus…this little nugget just plopped into my field of vision, or “FOV” as it’s called in the trades, and I thought…”hmmm…”hell-resistant? Now what in the flying motherfucking FUCK!!!…is NOT…”hell-resistant?”…since we are gonna now talk about this apparently?

NASA develops new hell-resistant electronics for a mission to Venus

I bet the kids in school are gonna fucking LOVE that shit.

^Oyster Dreamland | Pogo^


Q: What about “wheels within wheels?” Are they heavy?

A: ?¿?

Q: What about…when they come off? Are they still heavy?

A: ó¿ó

If you could choose between…

A: Being warned that you were about to get slapped and why.

B: Being slapped and then it was explained to you as to why after the slapping.

Q: Which would you choose?

A: ó¿ó

ME personally? I have to wonder how shit went from “whatever” to “slap” so fucking fast. Because now we are talking about rules and/or laws and punishment. Which means, that I have to learn, know, remember, and apply…all rules…at all times…forever. And I must do this, at all times, under all conditions and circumstances, in all situations…forever.


Send in the robots y0!
^Electric Explosion compilation 2016 – Electric Arc power light vol 3^

I guess it’s no fucking wonder that science and business is so fucking antsy to work themselves out of a job by automating anything and everything. I mean…watching these videos about infrastructure and all? I mean…yeah…who in the FUCK wants to maintain all that shit? What a fucking nightmare.

“If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.”

I wonder if the above statement is still applicable to that Oroville Dam out in California?

^Pogo – Get Out…^

I have had a glimmer of awesomeness in my week. I’ve posted some of her videos before in my previous whatevers…but it appears that Luna Lee has been awarded a venue to perform in at Austin’s famous “South By Southwest” (SXSW) music festival. But she needs the cash. How fucking awesome would that be? This girl being able to play in, and cruise around, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s old stomping grounds.

You can check out her vids on YouTube.

Good stuff.

Great stuff…even.

^Send Luna to her SXSW showcase^

Now all we gotta do…is figure out how to get Pogo back into the United States so he can play SXSW someday.

^Pogo – Symphony #69^

I know, I know…you are prolly saying…


Ok…no problem. You go worry about “the important shit” while I try and clean up the rest of this mess…k? I mean really y0. Have you ever thought that maybe cleaning up some of “the small shit”…just…might help us out with cleaning up some of “the big shit?” I mean hell…maybe all “the big shit” really is? Just a whole bunch of small shit.

Makes sense to me anyway.

The more people that have more time to focus on helping others, instead of having to focus time on helping themselves? Yeah…quite the untapped workforce there. Not that I’m some kind of godless commie pinko, or some gun totin’ nigger hatin’ racist fascist godless commie pinko…or anything even remotely like that. It just occurs to me that maybe…erm…we all seem to be in the same boat. It’s a diverse boat sure. But, that’s the flava.

EX: See video below. Fucking awesomeness.

^POGO – One Mushroom Too Many (Music Video)^



In order to qualify for today’s random Wikipedia bullshit…you must be…HUMAN!!!
From today’s featured article…

Newton’s parakeet – an extinct species of parrot that was endemic to the Mascarene island of Rodrigues in the western Indian Ocean. Several of its features diverged from related species, indicating long-term isolation on Rodrigues and subsequent adaptation.


Welp…that didn’t work out so fucking very well on a NUMBER of levels did it?
Now if not sooner.


^Pogo | Go Out And Love Someone^

Let’s try this random Wikipedia – All Human Edition…on more fucking time. I’m gonna click the random link, until a human comes up GODDAMNIT!!! That fucking “Today’s Featured Article” threw me for a fucking loop. I was just gonna ignore it completely. But when I saw that…

Newton’s Parakeet = EXTINCT!!!

I was like…fuck this noise…I’m gonna bail on this shit.
But…me being the obstinate-jackass that I am…let’s try again…



International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts – an international community which promotes action shooting competitions with revolvers. ICORE was founded in 1991 by Mike and Sharon Higashi with a vision of revolver-only competitions where “even the most basic equipment could be used and still provide enjoyment and satisfaction.”



Mystery = SOLVED! Next!


How I Met Your Mother (season 4) – The fourth season of the American television comedy series How I Met Your Mother premiered on September 22, 2008 and concluded on May 18, 2009. It consisted of 24 episodes, each running approximately 22 minutes in length.


Next Mystery = NEXT! Next!


Blacktop Peak – a summit in Yosemite National Park, United States. With an elevation of 12,733 feet (3,881 m), Blacktop Peak is the 196th highest summit in the state of California. Blacktop Peak was likely named from its appearance.


I wonder if black people live there? California is weird.
Black Mystery = BLACK! Blaxt!


Yedian – a town in Mengyin County, Shandong, China.


That ain’t no fucking people. Just a place where people live.
Chinese Mystery = CHINESE BLACK MAGIC! Poof! UNSOLVED! Next! Quickly! Next!


Revere, Inc. – a privately held U.S. company that specializes in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), and Shutdown and Turnaround Planning software.


THAT’s not a fucking people EITHER! Just a corporate scandal conspiracy where people go makes the fat monies so they can buys their blings!!!


Conus theodorei – a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Conidae, the cone snails, cone shells or cones. These snails are predatory and venomous. They are capable of “stinging” humans.


Those ain’t no goddamn people EITHER!!! Just a goddamn slimy slug that crawls around in whale poop looking for humans to sting!
French People = BEWARE! The More You Know!


Le Mémont – a commune in the Doubs department in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in eastern France.


LOLZ!!! First snails…then some whatever in France.
What are the odds?


Gremersdorf-Buchholz – a municipality in the Vorpommern-Rügen district, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.


Warnung Geschmacksknospen der Erde!
Escargot ist grob!

(DISCLAIMER: Blame Google for any incorrect translations 

and or intentions...intentional or otherwise.)


So you may be asking yourself…”dude…what in the fuck was that ‘take zero’ bullshit?”

Hmmm...good question.

Q: How much shit do you like to be taken from you?

A: !!!ZONINKS!!! *¿* !!!ZONINKS!!!

As I suspected. We don’t like shit being taken away from us.

^Pogo Lost^

Have I ever mentioned that those apartments that we lived in for a coupla years seemed to have some major fucking issues with the infrastructure composing them AND surrounding them? Yeah…I had to ride my bicycle several miles to downtown to file a request for the city inspector(s) to come take a look at them, because they…erm…appear to have had some major issues.

Nevermind the wicked-assed storms that seemed to make the whole goddamn building we lived in rock and shake and wobble, even after the storms had long since passed.

And nevermind the severe soil erosion all around the complex inside and outside over the entire neighborhood that was/is build on the side of some hills with some pretty steep elevation changes.

And nevermind that there is a fucking elementary school that sits right on top of this mound of “prepared soil” that is eroding so fast, that groundwater is constantly seeping from the ground, and that there were several MAJOR water-main breaks/pipe leaks while we were there. But yeah. We moved outta there over a year and a half ago.

So we’re safe.

I still think about it quite a bit.

It eats at me.
^Walking On A Dream (Pogo edit)^

In apartments…where people are constantly moving in and moving out…

Q: What effect does that have on the building with respect to loads and loading and non-loads and unloading when people are moving in/moving out?

A: ?!?!?

Q: What about things like…oh…say…fire-sprinklers that are activated and drown certain 2nd and 1st story apartments that are below the 3rd floor apartment that was running for fucking HOURS?

A: SAY WUT?!?!?

Yeah…what affect does that have on like…the wood. Yeah…the interior wood that is covered by sheetrock that is then painted over…and over…and over…and over?

What about when the carpet is replaced?

Ever seen those “carpet stretchers” those guys use?

I wonder if that causes the plywood flooring to warp?

What about the tile/linoleum? Does that stuff have “sticky-stuff” on it that keeps it adhered to the floor?

What about…erm…the wiring?

Ever seen what GOBS of coaxial cable can do to a 2″ x 4″ stud over time?

Snap it like a toothpick.

Or…maybe just…warp the fuck out of it.

Q: I wonder if sheetrock…bends.

A: !!!???!!!
^Forget | Pogo^

Yep. No one wants to hear “the bad news”…and I don’t blame them. I don’t like hearing bad news. But when you literally see a concrete/cement roadway that is cracking so badly under the pressure of the moving soil around and underneath it…that you are able to see that one particular roadway is actually acting as a fucking battering-ram directly towards a low-lying area that contains a creek in which a shitload of storm drains and run-off runs into…and houses with real-live people living in them sits right…fucking…on top of that area? Yeah…it’s scary shit. But no one wants to listen. No one wants to help. I got the run-around from various city departments, then finally wound up at the department where the engineers who inspect apartments in that city were. I took them a list of shit that concerned me and filed a report/request to have the buildings re-inspected, then went to the records department and requested the previous 3 inspections that had been done at those apartments. They promised me those records in 60 days or less.

I never received them.

I did all of this in February of 2015.

/me shrugs
^Pogo presents Toyz Noize^

On the upside…the week that we were moving? Which was like July of 2015? Yeah…I saw a group of 4 people walking around the parking lot in suits/dresses. It was the building management company’s ownership and the building manager. I immediately assumed that someone had gotten the message…put on my shoes, and went down and asked them if the were looking at the way the buildings/infrastructure was shifting. They were a little “tight-lipped” about exactly what they were doing, but I attempted to point out of a few of the “glaring issues”…like the massive cracks in the concrete roadway and the leaning perimeter-fence. They were dismissive, thanked me for taking the time, and I went on my way.

Out particular building is/was a 3-story building at the bottom of the hill at the east-end of the complex.

3-story building.

12 apartments.

12 families.

12 stories.

I could tell you stories.

Wobbly ones.


Nevermind all of the buildings and houses around that area.

OH! Did I mention that they had just done a shitload of work installing a miles-long walking trail to the west of us? Yeah, there’s a pond over there just to the north of the elementary school. And they just put a new bridge in to the north of that, and have done a shitload of highway work. Some huge creeks around that area, and they always flood when it rains. They did a lot of work on the water drainage in that area as well. I huge sloppy assed reservoir that feeds from The Trinity River just to the east of that. And when I say sloppy…I mean sloppy. The lake is actually pretty shallow, and the muddy assed bottom of the lake is prolly deeper than the lake itself.

Black Clay….Turns Grey…When Wet.

^Digitalism – Blitz^

I see all kinds of stuff.

Is it my fault that I have this ability?

Or your fault that you don’t.

We can learn all kinds of stuff when we want to.

And yes…there is all kinds of unpleasant stuff that we must sometimes wade through in order to find what we are looking for. Sometimes…we have to straddle the line. But that tends to be perspective.

What does that mean exactly?

Welp…I’ve often said that an innocent person can walk to the gallows guilt free.

You can accuse me, or anyone else for that matter…of anything you want. That doesn’t make it true.

Not even for you.
^Digitalism – The Pulse^

I only know that we are here…and it is now.

We do what we do…the best we can…and the future should care of itself just fine.

I mean afterall…isn’t that kinda the point?

A chance?



I dunno.

I gots no answers.

I just work here.

The Unseen Synchro.

Or something.
^Holy Fuck – The Pulse^

Think of the children y0!
^MGMT – Kids^

Now fuck the fuck off and go have a good weekend you worthless sacks of sitt!

(not a typo).
^Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes (Official Video) (2009)^


^Animal Collective – My Girls (2009)^


*/sits back… Done! …/sparks up… We should do as he suggests and enjoy the weekend, Clicky… /blows smoke… How about a Song? …/deep drag…*

*/clicks fingers…*