Missive From ‘Merica: Pair Pull Crown

On Monday, I sent a ‘silly name‘ sciency story to Cade, who has not yet left for his walking adventure…

Roobee DMs Cade with a science discovery story

‘Steve’ is a shimmering ribbon of purple light which was initially referred to by the much more tedious name of ‘proton arc’.

Eric Donovan from the University of Calgary said that he saw something he had never seen before in images shared by a Facebook group called Alberta Aurora Chasers.

He didn’t know it then, but it was Steve.

While the Aurora Chasers combed through their photos and kept an eye out for the next appearances of Steve, Prof. Donovan and colleagues turned to data from the Swarm mission and his network of all-sky cameras.

SteveSt Eve on Merovee… Thoughtful Man to you, Dear Reader 😉

Cade continues

Cade continued and expounds further on the subject in the following missive…


WE NEED A PIPELINE!!!!!!!!!!!*



*+**+***(Subject To Change)
^Dick Dale – Pipeline^

So…how would “nature” build a pipeline?

A: As needed?

A: When needed?

A: Where needed?
A: As long* as needed?

Prolly shoulda worded this as “As long as is needed”…but I didn’t, and it got me to thinking as I performed my usual fucked up method of re-reading shit as I write it, then re-reading it again as I’m thinking about/typing something else.

Maybe this is why I have convinced myself that I have something to say. I must be hypnotizing myself with “my own brilliance.”*

*(Or lack thereof)
^Stevie Ray Vaughan & Dick Dale – Pipeline (1987)^

Little bit of a delay in leaving, due to an attempt to um…yeah. The unexplainable is a little bit difficult to explain. But the short of it is, that I told my youngest son that I would stay until his Guitar Hero® controllers, that his mom ordered online, came in. They came in yesterday, two days early, but on one of them the connector was bent…so…yeah…a little tedium there with disappointment.

However, whatshername was able to use her jewelry tools to bend it back, and it seemed to work OK…

…that is…until today arrived. That same controller stopped working, became intermittent, so…yeah…lotta frustration.

I guess that one could make all kinds of “connections” there as to the symbolism of people being left out of processes that others have determined that you are on the “need to know” list, of the “you don’t need to know” variety. Talking…it’s important. But that’s just my opinion. Sometimes I’m wrong. Maybe I’ll shuttup right now and see how that goes/works for us.

^Dick Dale & The Del Tones “Misirlou” 1963^

Yeah, that wave or whatever that seems to be making some rounds (har har)…got me to thinking about not only particles and energies, but how they are able to move/travel at all. So a Proton Arc that science is already claiming that “it can’t be that” and some amateur astronomers/observers that observed it prior to the big guns moving their shit into position to get a better look/option.

Damn…that was a helluva run-on sentence eh? Anyway…

Yeah…it got me to thinking about the temporary nature of pathways, and how our pathways seem to differ quite a bit from nature’s pathways by doing the same damn thing for different periods of time. So this got me to thinking about a pathway coalescing to facilitate the travel of a single particle, and the mechanics behind the whole of that process.

We tend to think of particle travel as something akin only to things like meteorites, and don’t considered the dynamics that they are already traveling in and through. Meaning: something akin to what the Apollo Astronauts encountered on their return trips from the moon, and the “reentry corridor” that is always described as being ridiculously narrow.

Welp, between the Earth/Terra and The Moon/Luna, yeah…that corridor is ridiculously narrow. But stick the reentry vehicle in that corridor…yeah…kinda wide, but at the same time…yeah…not so much. They could come in too steep and burn up in the atmosphere, could come in too shallow and bounce/ricochet off of the atmosphere, or come in just right, go home, and have dinner with the fam.

^Dick Dale – Nitro (Live on KEXP)^

So if a particle like “The Oh My God Particle” shocks the living shit out of researchers in such a way as to name a particle as such after the fact, were there smiles? Frowns? Fears? Wonder?

According to science, this Universe has been around for a long-assed time…and according to religion, this Universe has been around for God knows how long…so…what’s the big fucking deal? This shit appears to have been happening for “a while” at least, so what is with all of the shock and awe? Welp, to me anyway, the obvious obvious is obviously obvious…


So when we get to science, shit gets a little tedious, because they feel the need to explain everything. If you’ve got the tools to do it? Cool. Knock yerself out. Dunno how that helps the rest of us, but at least we got a bitchin’ picture, and a confusing assed explanation as to what it is and/or isn’t and/or may or may not be…maybe. Or something.

^Hybrid – Choke^

So it got me to thinking about the mechanics of this “event”…but primarily the one between the photographer(s) and the scientist(s)…and the events leading up to the event that facilitated it. Now that we are past it…we are still really right in the fucking middle of it as far as I can tell. Meaning, someone was there to see it/photograph it, someone was there to pick up the ball from there, so …now what?

We wait for 7-10 years for science to tell us what it was, all while telling us how important it was/is? And this isn’t about job security or funding or any of that other shit, as much as it is about legacy.

Opportunity = ? 

It occurs to me that there is ALL KINDS of discovery going on here. Such as, learning that there is a “swarm” of satellites that apparently can be directed at a moments notice to deviate from whatever in the fuck it was doing previously, and fly through this whatever it is. Almost like…we are bumping into ourselves coming and going…and we didn’t even know that the other was there.

^Hybrid – Out Of The Dark^

Is it possible for something to be speeding up, and slowing down, at the same time? I would imagine so. I’m just thinking about the temporary nature of matter and energy/energies as they coalesce to do whatever it is they are doing, then go on their way. Especially in “the vacuum of space.” Change that previous thought to “the vacuum of spaces”…and suddenly shit starts to get real creepy. Especially if you are thinking in terms of Neutrons and Neutrinos, how those relate to Quarks/Gluons/Tachyons, and how those relate to Electrons and Protons from the standpoint of motion.

Meaning: Time.

Neutrons are going to be our “Zeros” in the manner in which I’ve been thinking recently. They are dark matter, but not all of it. There are two other components that we can link directly to their formation, and those are Tachyons/Neutrinos via Electrons and Protons, and Electrons and Protons, are the exact same fucking particle, but configured differently. This is gonna give us our vacuums, when Electrons and Protons are in proximity to one another, which are gonna give us not only our Neutrons…but also our shells and valences. Tachyons and/or Neutrons are gonna help, with the help of Quarks and Gluons. Sometimes, our Gluons are gonna be outside of our shells, and sometime in. It all depends on what is being done and why and how.

However…Protons in proximity to other Protons, while operating within a nested environment of Electrons…is what is going to give us our “Particle Zoo.”

Not via collision…but via “stripping.”

Stripping is going to be a reconfiguration of the particles that make up Protons/Electrons, in order to turn one into the other, so that direct contact between these to “same particles” is prohibited.

^Hybrid – Know Your Enemy^

If you think of these particles that make up these Electrons/Protons, as something more akin to geometric shapes that are more along the lines of fractals, that may help. Maybe even imagine “the grid” from the movie Tron. However, not flat per se, but bent to whatever shape(s) they need to configure themselves in, in order to do whatever it is that they need to do, in order to do what they need to do. That previous sentence may sound intentionally ambiguous, but that is not my intention.

Maybe if you think in terms of an aircraft in it’s different flight modes…that’ll help. Clean, Dirty, or combination. Like flaps down? What position? In transition? Gear down? Gear up? Gear down/flaps up, Gear up.flaps down…etc. I’m just thinking that maybe this is where science both go it wrong, AND got it right, in that order, when you flip it sequentially a coupla times.

Right, Wrong, Right, Wrong

Meaning, all of these particles that they started seeing? Yeah…it boggled minds. But then, they started to qualify and quantify and omit, in favor of. So what they are omitting, is the possibility that every single “Proton” that you “slam together” is identical because it comes from the same element. Take Helium for example.

Q: How “old” is that Helium?

A: Carbon Dating?

Think “Metallic Hydrogen” as a molecule instead of an element, and it frees up our atoms to be a little more dynamic than we ever imagined.

Maybe think…”imprints and imprinting.”

That thought sure left an impression on me. 😉

^Dick Dale – Surfing Drums^

Now that we have our reaction of the desired variety, and we are seeing computer readouts of shit flying motherfucking everywhere…”now where does that particle go?”

Welp…if we think in terms of data preservation and data retention? Maybe that’ll help.

If we think in terms of data loss? Maybe that’ll … whatever.

I’ve thought about micro-fractures within the framework of these machines that record this shit, and I can’t but think now, of …


OK…so you replace your detectors as they become old/outdated/worm-out or whatever…NOW where does that particle go? Some landfill? Is the material burned? Shredded and sold for scrap/recycled or re-purposed? Now what? And don’t give me this “irrelevant” bullshit. If these particles and their parts were irrelevant, you wouldn’t be “banging them together.”

^Hybrid – Salt^

Q: How important is Depleted Uranium to your daily needs?

A: ?¿?

Q: What if you live in the Iraqi Desert? How important is Depleted Uranium to your daily needs?

A: ¿?¿

Yep…divorce will drive a man crazy. Never mind her and her needs…she is no longer important to me.

(NOTE: Yes...that was bitter sarcasm of the mine variety)
^Ulrich Schnauss – Monday Paracetamol^

Where was I? OH YEAH!!! Parts and particles.

Um…you have particles swirling around in an event of events, that is a series of events leading up to an event…I wonder if there is a point to where that “Big Event” was always going to happen? I mean, that was your intent…right?

HOORAH!!! Break out the party hats. (golf clap)

What about the truck driver/train driver that hauled that shit into your facility? What role and roles did he/she play? We all generate fields around us right? The heart, the brain, and all that other shit that is unimportant until it malfunctions? How important is that shit? I bet that job is pretty important to whoever has it. Prolly so important that it needs to exist, so that they can continue to exist. Weird pathway and pathways model, eh?

Just thinking about the nature in which this “Proton Arc” has come to our attention, and the amount of time that it has taken The Universe to organize, facilitate, and actuate this event. Now…think about how many people have looked at that picture in wonder…now think about the people that wrote this story, the scientists that picked it up from there…now…think about all of the people that have no…fucking…clue that this event happened. Now…let’s give time a little breathing room.

Because our betters are behind us…not in front of us. 😉

^”Moon” Little People^

If we use carbon dating to date things that are in our proximity, why wouldn’t they be accurate? Welp…first thing that this dumbass can think of is…”how much carbon was there at the time of The Big Bang?” The second thing that I can think of is…”how long you been using these techniques?” (Meaning: Carbon Dating).

Now that we’ve given time a little break, I guess we can talk about the nature of energy with respect to particles, and how Einstein was prolly right AND wrong, all at the same time, because he left out…time. Or…times…as it were. Why would he do that? I can think of some reasons. Lotta people wanting answers of the definitive sort, and can prolly see him throwing his fucking hands up and saying…”here…chew on this.”

Maybe this’ll help us account for “the missing matter” in The Universe. It’s there. It’s just…fluid. Keep that contextual, and it’ll prolly help with the dynamics of something static that appears to be both…because it is. Influence and friction is all that comes to mind here. That sometimes things need to connect and or grind, and sometimes…not. Both are equally important, when and where they are. I’m gonna shudder a little bit, start thinking about the possibility of creating “pure vacuums” that are already nested in a vacuum that is deceptively not really a vacuum…then we can maybe think about making us some Neutrons. Should help us skip Anti-Matter completely.

^Groove Armada – Edge Hill^

Just fuckin wit cha. I’m gonna skip Neutrons (har har) and think about this Morgellon’s shit, since we are talking about small things that don’t matter. But sometime back, I stumbled across some shit about these Austrailian Termites, and these bacteria that live within their gut digesting the wood. I then stumbled across this Icelandic Moss, and it got me to thinking about bacteria and how we think of them today. Meaning: Pretty fucking indifferent. I have no idea what the bacteria themselves think about us, but may have some ideas.


Q: How wood our bodies deal with a splinter?

A: Tweezers?

Nope! Those are for Unibrow type people 😛

But yeah…if we get a splinter, and think we plucked it all out, but there are microscopic or larger particles that we cannot see, once that wound heals…how in the FUCK does the body know how to deal with it? Especially if we have loaded that wound with antiseptics and antibiotics and shit like that?

I know some people are prolly already leaning towards medicine/modern medicine, and are thinking about all of the lives that have been saved by antibiotics. And to that I would say…”Hey…yer preaching to the choir brother/sister”…they have saved my life a time or two. But…how long is that good for? I mean, not me personally, since I am utterly fucking hopeless/completely worthless…but as a species? As a planet? Do we really ALWAYS need antibiotics? I dunno the answer either. But, to me, it explains things like MRSA a bit.

Q: It is possible, that bacteria would be attracted to a certain area/wound, in order to assist?

A: ...

Lotta…separation types of thinking to think about there. Especially within the context of evolution, whether that be a compeletly automated process, intelligently designed/controlled, or both.


I’m gonna distance myself from this, all the way down to the next paragraph.

^Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground – Official Video [HD]^

This “sidewall cooling” bit here may seem a bit out of order, but not really. If we are only looking at the energetic portion of an event, and not the anti-energetic portions of these events? Yeah…we’re prolly missing some shit. And by that I mean…what about all of those Electrons swirling around driving those Protons? What if they themselves are not behaving the way that you think they are? Anyone monitoring that shit?

I’m thinking pulses here, and how that directly relates to “the event”…but what I’ve been thinking about more and more is that some if not most of these electrons eventually aren’t moving at all. They are simply reconfiguring themselves in a single space, to accommodate a pull, rather than pushing. If you think in terms of a strobe-like effect, that is pulsing?

Yeah…thinking about it now, maybe more of a “plasma type-of phasing” that is working to prohibit, rather than facilitate. Maybe “accommodate” is a better way to think of this, since we are learning afterall. I’m trying to accommodate the heat AND the cold, as well as the motion and the time and times that are already nested in time and times. They are just…different sets of time and times that are operating at the same time. Almost like the disruption that happens just prior to a wing “going supersonic.” Not only as if to say “should we do this” or “are you sure you wanna do this”…but also a “can we do this.” That at some point, a particle/atom of Lithium can exceed the speed of light, if and when that becomes necessary.

Lotta green in that “Steve” whatever.

Just sayin'.
^SoogoWonk – Pink Missiles^

My blood-type has been tested and the results were AB-. But a few times, it has been tested as inconclusive, and sometimes AB+-ish. So thinking about my ugly scraggy-assed body in this big-assed Universe of ours…what would make someone’s blood type…waffle?

Say…if a certain someone may have a bunch of fiberglass embedded in their body, and the conductive nature of this material, and as these factors relate to the spin and spins of our environment(s)/Universe…ya think that might make someone with a rare blood-type like mine…erm…flakey?

I dunno. Prolly impossible. Prolly just my Bipolar Disorder acting up and giving me delusions of grandeur. And that shit is all localized and my environment has no effect on it.

Where was I?

WOMEN!!! Women are awesome.

Um…yeah…Morgellon’s. If I have a scar with some shiznit in there that could not be removed, what is my body supposed to do with it?

Welp, if we take a leap of faith here, and consider the possibility that this walking/talking learning machine that we occupy can get smart/clever all on it’s own, we might have a chance to investigate some channels that others might personify as “a bit off the beaten path.” Not like someone has already walked that “beaten path”…I mean…they have an injury for Chrissakes.

The body ALWAYS knows what to do? Yeah, me either. Meaning…I don’t know. But I know that I’ve had enough ingrown toenails and fingernails to know that cutting the fingernails can sometimes be a risky proposition. Not that I am suggesting that we not attend to our nails, but attending to them/being mindful of them is not inclusive ONLY of cutting them/making sure they are pretty. Swelling sometimes made those ingrown fingernails/toenails bearable and fixable. Cept for the time I had to get a nail cut-off in the doctor’s office. <BLECH!!!>

^Moby – Bodyrock (Hybrid’s Bodyshock Remix)^

Q: Why would someone “crave” sugar?

A: Because they do.

If, according to science, the body seems to prefer lactose to glucose, why would we crave sugar? I mean, this shit causes Diabetes. Why would our body not be producing lactic acid? Lack of exercise? Lack of motion? “Chained” to a desk? If we think about those two substances as channels for communication, then include fat(s) and oil(s) and how those relate to the body?

Yeah…we wash a lot of that shit away…daily. So maybe there is a need to communicate? That communications are being slowed or disrupted? Maybe even stoppages? Like legs and feet going to sleep? I mean, thinking about sticky platelets in proximity to rubber-containing or synthetic rubber or polymer containing socks, pants, hose, shoes and shit like that? Who says that there is not some sort of attraction there with respect to someone shifting in their seat all day?

Almost as if the body is sensing an injury that is happening, but the internal messages are being disrupted due to other similar energies/materials in proximity to these messages. Maybe even…conflicting messages? Maybe to the point of cessation? Meaning, a material within the body starts to get signals that it is needed, then the warning is called off/postponed, but THEN…these same materials start to get messages via alternate pathways. Almost as if some backup system has kicked in to verify what the FUCK is going on. Or…not going on…as it were.

All of this not doing anything sure as shit is taking up a lot of time and resources for not much getting done. We better check this shit out.

^M83 ‘Midnight City’ Official video^

I watched this movie called Looper sometime back, and it was really interesting, but it also freaked me the fuck out. Mainly because, it contained a lot of elements that I have pondered with respect to time-travel. Loops and Knots being the biggies. But not ever really knowing what those were, I keep my mind in the present, and they don’t seem quite as scary.

At least, not until you think about inventing some time machine, and at the moment of it’s creation, everyone and everything that would ever use that machine and its pathways pouring the fuck out of it all that that same time. Kinda gets…erm…gloopy and globby with all kinds of globules and stuff. Which…thinking of globules and meteorites with respect to that sky snot that is sometimes spotted in proximity to these events.

Been thinking about that transitional nature of things and the facilitators of these events/actions. Unburned jet fuel…for one. If the atmosphere contains a bunch of unburned jetfuel that is floating around up there, that gets turned into this gel shit that then falls to the earth and evaporates…um…is it me…or does it sound like something doesn’t know where to go?

If we think about satellites and the propellants that they use, and think about “crazy unpredictable weather” with respect to shit that has nowhere to go…do we…

A) Freak Out,


B) Freak Out,


C) Freak the FUCK OUT!!!

I dunno either. Just…thinking out loud. This is pretty basic stuff since we got all modernized and such.

Imma go play some Plants vs. Zombies.
^Röyksopp – Happy Up Here [Official Music Video]^

Yeah…this is the crazy kind of shit that I try not to think about when trying to think about how to make someone happy as best I can.

And yes…”me” is on that list of “People To Make Happy.”

I must have mental problems or some sort of personality trait defect.

Sodium Dichromate
Accretion Disk
"NUTS!" - Anthony McAuliffe
^Röyksopp – Eple^

 cYa | cFa
^deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon^


News came through yesterday that Harleyrider, long-time commentator in the Blue Universe and fearsome fighting opponent of Tobacco Control has died. I’d shambled Harley at the LoL before… I’m sure wherever he is now, he still fighting for us smokers…

Oh good lord...

*Ha! Dawned on me too, Clicky… Tobacco Control are in SO much fucking trouble now…*



Missive From ‘Merica: Sum Weight ‘Ugo

Maybe it’s all just a big joke? Butt the silver screen is beginning to wear a bit thin, isn’t it?

That was the last line of a new post put up by Hugo at The Probe yesterday. A few days before that, TNT put up a post at The Lab, that had some focus on ‘Cooper’. And in between, Red Frank’s MEROVEE post featured…

So last night, there was an almighty fuck up at the Oscars, w(h)ere the wrong picture was announced winner of the Best Film statuette. ‘La La Land’ were given it, but it was meant for ‘Moonlight’…


Also last night, The Underdog posted about his battle with an intractable pelmet…



*Her palms don’t look fucking small to me, Clicky…*

Cade also sent me a missive last night, which the LoL presents for you, below. Can fewer words have more weight? You decide, Dear Reader… Catch you at the bottom…


Grabity has gone somewherz elses that is not here.

Q: I wonder where here will go now that grabity si gone?

A: ?¿?

Prolly somewherez elses. But that’s just a guess.

An uneducated guess…of course.


I guess that I’m wondering about temperature and temperatures. I’ve long held that friction is what makes The Universe go. Yes…in more ways than one. But cha gotta give a little to get a little. Or…you can give a little…then just…chill.

OH! And sorry to start off so rapidly and verbosely today.

I had an idea about temperature(s) with respect to matter(s) and energy/energies, and I don’t wanna forget it like I tend to forget about most shit that I think about. At least until I remember them. And some people are hung up on “pertinence”…so…let’s see if “temperature” is pertinent.

^Hybrid – Dogstar^

So…good day to you citizen(s).

How is the weather where you be is at?

What is the temperature where you is be at?


I think I spelled almost all of most of some of that correctly.


< 98.6°F <
> 98.6°F >
< 98.6°F >
> 98.6°F <
^Hybrid – Disappear Here (Official Video)^


A: I YAM. (not)

I mean…I wish I was hot. But I am not. So let’s continue to think in the vein and veins and realm and realms of temperature and temperatures. But in order to do so, we must be complete-ish in our thoughts and thinking. So…let’s just cut right to the chase and think…”birth to death.”

So yeah…engineering and design.

We’ll develop the idea(s) from there.

^Imagine Dragons – Radioactive^

So irrespective of whether you’ve read any of my previous bullshit, I’ll go ahead and repeat myself here about some thoughts that I have had with respect to things like brake pads, and the materials that they are made from. Afterall, these things are built to fail. That’s how they work. They are designed to wear out and wear off. Remove “the old ones” when they are no longer effective, and slap some new ones on…good as new. However, the primary question that I have posed is…

Q: Where does that shit that wears off…go?

A: ¿?¿

Yep. That may be a good plan for a while, but how long is that while when we are traversing uncharted territories?

And more than that, what about when those uncharted territories become charted? Common…even.



Are we keeping track of unacceptable when sailing the seas of the acceptable?

Afterall, these devices are made of and from materials whose primary purpose is to regulate and/or control and/or divert or reduce heat. Asbestos, carbon-fiber, ceramic(s)…all kinds of crazy whacked out shit, that some are trying to make more and more versatile and/or efficient.

So…when going from “particulate” to “particulate” over time, how well are we tracking this shit?

ARE we even tracking it?

Are we able to track it?

I bet someone is gonna have to at some point.

That's just a guess tho.
^The Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia [original] [1999] [epic trance]^

So I guess I need to bring up anti-freeze, windshield washer fluid, aircraft de-icing fluid(s) and shit like that since we are talking about temperature(s) and shit like that. Because some temperatures are hot, and some are cold. But first, let’s think about body temperature and the regulating of body temperatures with respect to….Asbestos. So…think “Mesothelioma”…since it’s a type of lung cancer that is caused by asbestos.

Q: Can lung tissue(s) properly regulate temperature when and where Asbestos or any other temperature resistant and/or temperature regulating particulate matter/material(s) exist?

A: !!!

Yeah…I’ll simplify that.

Q: Can your body properly regulate temperature when you have temperature regulating shit that isn’t supposed to be there…exists?

A: Yeah…at the cellular level, up and down. Meaning both size AND temperature.

I dunno. Seems to me maybe that…if a microscopic sliver of Asbestos exists in your lung or any other tissues, the cells might just have difficulty figuring out how to accurately perform cell division and or normal cell function.

Q: Ready to talk about Strontium now? Spall…even?


That’s what I thought.

Me either.

Let’s do it anyway.

^Moby – Bodyrock (Hybrid’s Bodyshock Remix)^

So in order to think about what I am thinking about with respect to Strontium and Spall in and around nuclear detonation(s) and/or nuclear reactions of the…erm…”acute variety”…since Strontium in these cases tends to head straight to the bone and stop…think about crystals and crystalline structures, salts, fats/oils…and…friction. Specifically…friction welding. Keep X-Rays and Gamma Rays on the brain while watching the following on friction welding…if you so choose to watch it.

^Ultimate car brake test video (Explosion!)^

Oh…I’m sorry. That was those crazy Finnish idiots over at Beyond The Press finding shit to tear up during the long boring winter.

“Nevermind the mosquitoes…”

Anyway…erm…here’s a video on friction welding if you are interested.

Oh, and I love the comment on the preceding video after the brake rotor/disk flies apart…

@06:46 into the video….”THIS WENT REALLY WELL!”

^Hypnotic Video Inside ¦¦ Welding movement ¦¦ Friction welding^
  • So why would Strontium “weld” itself to bone upon entering the human body?
  • Welp, ain’t there Calcium and Phosphorus and Nitrogen and Oxygen and shit like that in them there bones?
  • Ain’t there like Iron and shit like that in the blood/body? I mean, the body is under a lot of pressure and pressures right?
  • What about when a combination of Gamma and X-Rays blast through the body preceding the arrival of said Strontium?
  • Don’t we need to also think about Microwaves and radar and conductive materials and convection and temperature regulation(s) on all kinds of scales?
  • Especially depending on the origin and origins of “the nuclear fuel(s)” being used?
  • Especially when thinking about things like Cobalt and Steel?

I dunno. I’m a dumbass. Just…brainstorming.

^Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know? (Official Video)^

Thinking about spins and spalls, I just wonder how many times a particle may change direction, directions and spin(s) when in a “detectable” motion, and what about after that particle and or particles are no longer detectable by “detector A” and/or “detection method A”? Because now we are talking about “radiation”…which means a different type of spin and spins, that…within the human body…has just gotten even MORE dynamic due to the spins and flows and motion(s) within the human body and its materials/membranes. So thinking about THAT

Q: How well does the body regulate its temperature with radioactive materials inside of it?

A: “Hotspots?” … “Coldspots?” … “Isolated Spots…where the temperature can no longer be regulated properly?”



So…let’s talk about Teflon in the bloodstream.


Actually, I’m not gonna talk about Teflon. If you wanna look it up yourself…feel free. Look up lead cookware while you are at it. It appears that some of our ancestors used that shit to no ill effect. I mean yeah…they’re all dead…but we don’t know what killed them all. We can’t assume the lead cookware killed all of them.

^M83 – “Wait” (Official Video)^

I dunno. Maybe there are people everywhere that are already aware of and/or thinking about shit like this. But I do know this. I shouldn’t have to wait until I or someone else gets sick to find out that someone else was already aware of this shit. I mean…how much do you really need to know about weapons and weaponizing to know that it ain’t no fucking good.

I gots no answers. Only a few things that get me by when thinking about shit like this.

Time and times.

A purpose to every one.

^Capital Cities – Safe And Sound (Official Video)^

Olefin Fiber
Synthetic Fiber
EPDM Rubber
Thermal Conduction
Thermal Radiation
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Monatomic Gas
Bohr Radius
Polytetrafluoroethylene (Redirected from Teflon)
Thermoplastic Elastomer
Creep (Deformation)
Yield (Engineering) (Redirected from Yield strength)
Melting Point
Group C Nerve Fiber
Postganglionic Nerve Fibers

<nothing to see here...carry on>
^Glorious (Hybrid Mix)^

I guess I just never really see the body as something that is ever not in motion.

Rest? Sure.

Work? Sure.

But we are here…and we seem to be alive…and until that changes, I don’t see a need to panic or freak the fuck out.

Am I pissed? Sure.

I’m I hurting. Yep.

Do I care? I think so.

But some decisions, I don’t get to make do I?

Learning is always scary…always.

Because you cannot unlearn something that you have learned.

Yep. You can change it.

Augment it.

Rearrange it.

But that “something” that you originally learned will always be there.

Feel free to add all sorts of analogies there as to fading and dusty and whatever floats your boat. Knowledge sure scares the shit out of me. Especially that shit that I”m not sure what to do with. Most of the time, I keep it to myself and marvel at it from as pure of a “discovery” type of light as I can. But…there is always a pulse to that whatever it is. A reason as to why I needed to know that whatever. Even if that reason is simply…inspiration.

Q: I wonder how much “information” and/or “knowledge” weighs?

A: It weighs on me pretty heavily.

But…that’s just me.

/me shrugs

^The Glitch Mob – Fortune Days^

Bitwise Operation
Heat Fusion
Fusion Welding
The influence of sidewall cooling on boundary layer pressure fluctuations for a two-dimensional supersonic nozzle
Load Rejection
Bone Marrow
S. S. Minnow
Newton N. Minow
Fissile Material
Vitamin B12
Methylmalonyl-CoA Mutase

<nothing goes here...cept this>
^will.i.am – Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears^

Travel Well.
Be Safe.

^The Smiths LIVE May 18, 1985 Nowhere Fast^




^Avicii – Wake Me Up (Official Video)^


*/rolls eyes…*

We hope you enjoyed that, Dear Reader. Thoughtful Man has a favourite new tune, so until next time… Have a Song ❤

Missive from ‘Merica: Kinda Super Stitches…

Today is the 13th day of the month and it happens to falls on a Friday. Some people feel a stab of anxiety when this particular combination day and date rolls round. My mother, an eminently sensible woman, would always arrange the day off from work if a Friday happened to be numbered thirteen…

*Alright, Clicky, don’t rub it in! …/folds arms… *

If you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia, Dear Reader, or just plain, old triskaidekaphobia, I can highly recommend the latest missive from The Okie Devil, below. It is the 12th to arrive at the LoL and was written on a Thursday, the twelvth; however, depending on the degree of disability, you may or may not want to read the next one, should it arrive. And, quite frankly, you should maybe think twice about going here.



Welcome to Twelve.
Yeah right.
I ain’t folding mine in half for anyone.

^Black Sun Empire & Audio – Drizzle^

I usually start this bullshit off with something clever.
But today?
I was all like…”fuck this shit! I’m gonna do something different today!!!”
So let’s go!!!
(we’ll find out what it is when and if we get there)

^Insideinfo & Mefjus – Mythos^

Just because this is my 12th post at “The LoL”…doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be reading it. Just sayin. Cause I’m sure you have better things to do. Not like any work goes into this bullshit. Just a buncha free-wheelin’, free-ballin’ nonsense that ain’t worth the Internet it’s written on.

Yes…”Internet” is a noun. A proper one even.
Irrespective of how “improper” the content may sometimes be.
Weird eh?

^InsideInfo – Metamorphosis (feat. Miss Trouble) LET IT ROLL 2016^

I’m just trying to help you out. You see…you really need to be aware of stuff that you are not aware of. The only way to do that? Yep! Be aware of it. And the only way to do that…is to be aware of the stuff you should be aware of. And the only way to do that? Yep. Be unaware of something. This is how we learn to be aware of the stuff that we are unaware of.

Now…you are prolly saying to yourself…
“DUDE!!! You are just playing word games!!!”
Am I?
Maybe if you think about it for a bit.
Q: How can you be aware of what you are unaware of?
A: ¿?¿
Yeah. U dunno either.
But that’s how we learn.
Pretty fucked up eh?
Oh…I’m sorry…am I boring you?

^deadmau5 – 2448^

If you are not aware, I am a licensed pilot. Yes, for airplanes. “Single-Engine Land” as it were. Meaning, I can fly single engine aircraft that are designed to land. Just kidding. That’s actually…single engine aircraft that are designed to land on land. Meaning, I can’t fly seaplanes or float-planes and land on water. I guess I could fly one if it landed on land, cause they do that as well. But I don’t fly anymore, so it’s irrelevant. Do you wanna know why I stopped flying? Sneezing. Srsly….I stopped flying because of sneezing. The first time you are someone like me, who has severe allergies and nasal deformations/issues, and you are prone to sneezing fits that make you dizzy and make you see stars and have been known to damn-near pass-out because of these? Well, the first time it happens when you are flying alone? Yeah…it’s scary as shit. Because all you can think about at the time is “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! I woulda crashed, and they never woulda known why!!! Because it would have been because I passed out due to a fucking sneezing fit!!!” But then later, you think…”HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! WHAT IF I WOULDA HAD A PASSENGER?!?!?!?” I know I’ve talked about this before in my writings over at whatchacallit forums, but it was, and is, heartbreaking that I can no longer fly because of my health.

Grounded by health issues, at the ripe old age of 28. :/
I grounded myself BTW. I could go flying today if I wanted to and had the money.
They’d never know…until they did.
And I just couldn’t live with that.
Even if I was dead.

^The Upbeats ft. Tasha Baxter – Alone (Fourward Remix)^

At this point, I can only suggest to you, that you avoid fights at nightclubs and/or bars. While the dudes that are fighting are headed to either the hospital or jail, that leaves just that many more available women available. And even an ugly motherfucker like me can prolly increase his chances of getting laid with those kinds of odds. Some might go so far as to instigate fights between others just in case no one is fighting. But not me. Too risky. And like my frivolous and carefree sexual escapades to be dangerous and risky on their own merits. That’s why I carry cigarettes and not condoms. I’d rather need a cigarette after, than a condom before during and after. Sorry, but condoms are gross. I can decorate an entire room with my spoo, and it’s not NEAR as gross as a fucking nasty assed rubber sack full of the same fluid along with a sheen of her own special blend. It’s prolly at this point that you are asking yourself, what in the FUCK does this bullshit have to do with flying or why I stopped flying or WHATtheFUCKever or something. And it’s simple.

“Consequences will never be the same.” – some poor schlub 😦

^DC Breaks – Gambino^

Oh…are you not familiar with that “Internet Meme” or Viral Video” or whatever in the fuck they are calling it these days?
Well…then lemme bring ya up to speed!!!

^YouTube Dad freaks out over trolls Consequences will never be the same original^

Ya see? I’m hip. Or hep. Or whatever. I’m “with it.” I’m down with being cool and shit like that. I’m actually a very astute and well read/well spoken motherfucker. And I’m not just saying that. I mean, yeah, I’m saying that. But I mean it. I know all of the jargon that is popular with popular peeps, and I know that peeps are sheeps that give me the creeps. No wait. I shouldn’t have said that out loud. Cause I need to be all subversive and covert with shit like that. That way, you don’t know for sure that you know for sure, until you know for sure. Because I’ll be all like…revealing my evil plan and/or plans to plan evil plans…or at least, I’m planning on it.

Don’t worry…it’s all part of the plan.

^The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot^

Enjoying the music?
Welp… let’s fuck that all kinds of up!!!

1630s, “awful, dreadful, terrible,” from Latin tremendus “fearful, to be dreaded, terrible,” literally “to be trembled at”
1756, “special vocabulary of tramps or thieves.
former British colony in China, from Cantonese pronunciation of Chinese Xianggang, literally “fragrant port.”
English – “the people of England; the speech of England,”
Modern – 1580s, “person of the present time”
c. 1300, from Old French dozaine “a dozen,” from doze (12c.) “twelve,” from Latin duodecim “twelve,” from duo “two” + decem “ten”
Vulgar – late 14c., “common, ordinary,” from Latin vulgaris, volgaris “of or pertaining to the common people, common, vulgar, low, mean,” from vulgus “the common people, multitude, crowd, throng,” perhaps from a PIE root *wel- “to crowd, throng”
Unsprache – “proto-language,” 1908, from German Ursprache, from ur- (see ur-) + sprache “speech” (see speech).
“that which is up,” 1530s, from up (adv.). Phrase on the up-(and-up) “honest, straightforward” first attested 1863, American English.
1650s, “a lurching or swaying,” from swag (v.). Meaning “ornamental festoon” (1794) is said to be probably a separate development from the verb (but see swage). Swag lamp attested from 1966.
1650s, “to point out,” back-formation from indication (q.v.) or else from Latin indicatus, past participle of indicare “to point out, show, indicate.” Especially “to give suggestion of, be reason for inferring” (1706). Related: Indicated; indicating.
c. 1400, “to brand, cauterize; stigmatize,” originally of criminal marks or cauterized wounds, from brand (n.). As a means of marking property, 1580s; figuratively from c. 1600, often in a bad sense, with the criminal marking in mind. Related: Branded; branding.
Not as bad as you might think. But that said, anything vaguely “Germanic” but non-specific seems to always bring up “Nazi” or “Nazis”…weird.
mid-15c. (implied in surviving), “to outlive, continue in existence after the death of another,”
Old English gear (West Saxon), ger (Anglian) “year,” from Proto-Germanic *jeram “year” (source also of Old Saxon, Old High German jar, Old Norse ar, Danish aar, Old Frisian ger, Dutch jaar, German Jahr, Gothic jer “year”), from PIE *yer-o-, from root *yer- “year, season” (source also of Avestan yare (nominative singular) “year;” Greek hora “year, season, any part of a year,” also “any part of a day, hour;” Old Church Slavonic jaru, Bohemian jaro “spring;” Latin hornus “of this year;” Old Persian dušiyaram “famine,” literally “bad year”). Probably originally “that which makes [a complete cycle],” and from verbal root *ei- meaning “to do, make.”

Sixteen instead of 15 random links since Online Etymology Dictionary has neither a “Link Of The Day” nor a random function…so…yeah. Or whatever. Hope it was good for you.
BTW…I took all of the definitions from the first page’s “tremendous” from the “tremendous thanks” bullshit or whatever, and just kinda ran from there.

Not that I’m not thankful for thanks.
I am.
I’m just currently sick and taking liberties with my current handicap(s) to get the sympathy vote.
Might even get me laid.
You might wanna take a raincheck currently tho.
I’m awaiting the results of your bloodwork to make sure you are safe.
Or…that I’m safe from you…I guess would be better stated.

^Audio – Collision^

I put my heart into these things.
I’m sure there are those amongst the more educated, worldly and wise…that would say…
“That doesn’t fucking matter! If your heart is in the wrong place, putting your heart into something render’s that whatever, null and fucking void.”

Q: Stubbed your toe lately?
A: Say fucking WHAT?!?!?!?
If you wanna get into a quotations pissing contest, I’m pretty sure that I can hold my own.
Yes, you may win…but that’s your objective. Isn’t it?
Not mine. I don’t look at life that way.
Life is not something to be qualified and quantified. That’s already been done for us.
Why waste time and/or effort doing what has been done?
Welp…maybe “wasTing time” is the issue.
Or at least…an issue.
Who the fuck are YOU to tell me what to do with my time.
It is mine afterall.
And you are the dumbass reading this shit.
Q: What are you looking for?
A: … — …
Oh…but you are persnickity about the source and/or sources of that help.
Must not be too important if you can choose to be choosy.
Carry on.

^Pendulum – “Propane Nightmares” (Celldweller Remix)^

Say…I have an idea…


From today’s featured article

The Monster (novella)
An 1898 novella by American author Stephen Crane (1871–1900). The story takes place in the small, fictional town of Whilomville, New York.
Conrad Sayce
A British born Australian architect and author.
Settha Palace Hotel
A historical, luxury boutique hotel located at 6 Pangkham Street, Vientiane, central Laos, next to Laos National Stadium, near the Khounboulom Boulevard.
Eddie Duffy
A traditional Irish musician. Many of his songs and tunes came from his mother who played the accordion.
Roman Catholic Diocese of Fiesole
A Roman Catholic diocese in Tuscany, central Italy, whose episcopal see is the city of Fiesole. It is a suffragan of the Metropolitan Archbishopric of Florence.
A surname, and may refer to:
· Giovanni Battista Rinuccini (1592–1653), an Italian archbishop.
· Ottavio Rinuccini (1562–1621), an Italian poet and librettist.
· Alamanno Rinuccini, an Italian author who wrote On Liberty.
Nino Maisuradze
A Woman Grandmaster chess player and two-time French Women’s Chess Champion.
Mariposa, Satipo Province
The capital of the Pampa Hermosa District in Satipo Province, Peru.
The Color of Death
The seventh historical mystery novel about Sir John Fielding by Bruce Alexander (a pseudonym for Bruce Cook).
European Bullhead
A freshwater fish that is widely distributed in Europe, mainly in rivers. It is a member of the Cottidae family, a type of sculpin. It is also known as the miller’s thumb, freshwater sculpin, common bullhead and European bullhead.
HTTP Cookie
A small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember stateful information (such as items added in the shopping cart in an online store) or to record the user’s browsing activity (including clicking particular buttons, logging in, or recording which pages were visited in the past).
John Andrews (footballer, born 1950)
An English former footballer who played as a goalkeeper. He played for York City in the Football League and he later worked as a referee.
Ingrid (Record Label)
A Swedish artist collective and record label founded in 2012. They released their first compilation on Record Store Day in 2012. The collective’s musical work is notable for containing multiple side-projects by its members that do not adhere to the line-ups of their primary ventures; for example, Björn Yttling has a track entitled “Cuban Lips” under the stage name Yttling Jazz on the Ingrid Volym 1 compilation; however, he is also featured as a member of the band Smile along with Teddybears member Joakim Åhlund.
Stony Run (Buffalo Creek)
A tributary of Buffalo Creek in Union County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is approximately 3.3 miles (5.3 km) long and flows through West Buffalo Township and Buffalo Township.
A commune in the Rhône department in eastern France.
Baron Lyell
A title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created in 1914 for the Scottish Liberal politician Sir Leonard Lyell, 1st Baronet. He had already been created a baronet, of Kinnordy in the County of Forfar, in 1894.

Do you really eat your boogers?
Q: Why?
A: ???
Seemed like an appropriate question at the time.
Of course, that booger prolly seemed like an appetizing appetizer at the time as well.
And you see where that got us.
/me shrugs


^Noisia & Prolix – Asteroids (Original Mix)^

I’ve tried very hard to make this particular post an editing nightmare for Roob.


Fuck you.

So…anyway…I’ve tried to make this particular post an editing nightmare for Roob.


Because she is needing to be taught a lesson in lesson teaching.

So…so…anyway…anyway…I’ve tried to make this particular post an editing nightmare for Roob.


Eat shit and die!!! Don’t piss me off motherfucker!!!

So…so…so…anyway…anyway…anyway…I’ve tried to make this particular post an editing nightmare for Roob.



Did you just ask me why?


Yeah…why did you ask me why?

Yeah YOU motherfucker!!! Why did you ask me why?
Can you REALLY not see what is happening here?!?!?
What about what IS happening here?
Can you see THAT?!?!?!?
Yeah…you missed “really” in that last exchange.

^Andy C – Haunting^

I get the feeling that Roob really does enjoy editing “this shit” or “my shit” or whatever you wanna call it. She says she does anyway. So…why would I not believe her? I’m not really “intending to make things difficult for her”…that was just a joke. But then, so is my writing…so…I digress.
It appears to me that the limitations of her blog software are more of a pain in the ass than anything. I know that Blogger gives me fucking fits when trying to repost “all my old shit” from the whatchacallit forums. And there are growing pains, and learning curves, and feature(s) deficits, and software limitations, and on and on andonandonandon&non&non&on&on&on. I guess a problem as I see it is control in and of itself. Standards are standard. The problem as I see it, is when you are expected to exceed 100%. And what do I mean by that…you may be asking yourself? Well…

EX: Last Quarter’s revenues were down 10% from the previous quarter.
And yet…those figures for the quarter are still 100% of what they are.

Q: How do you figure growth based on a loss?
A: <le yikes>
Le Yikes indeed.
How do you figure loss based on growth?
Yep…the door swings both ways…but in truth? Yep…we all know that numbers are nothing but fudge.
Whether or not that “fudge” is “shit?”
Well…you get to make that decision…now don’t you?

^Fantastic Bird’s-eye View of New York City! Landing in LaGuardia^

If you watch things…you will see things.

^Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 – spectacular landing at Newark Liberty International Airport^

All you need do…is look.

^Lufthansa A340-300 Dawn Approach, Landing and Taxi in Dusseldorf!^

So someone that I kinda sorta quasi-know, has been watching this series on Netflix called…
Travelers (TV Series)
The problem that strikes me right off the bat?
Q: If “present-day society” is so fucked up…how did these “travelers” from the future even come to exist?
A: !!!

Yep. What little I have watched has been kinda sorta interesting…but only kinda-sorta. To me, the entirety of the premise of the series presents the paradox itself, because tinkering with the past negates the future. And I’m not talking/thinking in a “totality” kind of way…but yeah. Eventually? Yeah. In totality. There is only so much tinkering that you can do in the past before the present becomes irrelevant. THE PRESENT?!?!?!?!? Yeah…the present. There is an implied simultaneousness there that does not exist. Therefore, the future no longer exists. Only the present. And at some point, even that becomes irrelevant with respect to the future, which means that “the past” no longer exists, so “future” no longer exists, therefore…”the present” no longer exists. This is what I would refer to as “a knot in time.” Yes, there is some embedding there.

“A knot in time” = “A not in time” = no time.

Meaning…nothing exists. Or at least…nothing no longer exists. Meaning everything no longer exists.
Now…some might say that these would be “a microcosm of the macrocosm.” But this would be incorrect. Because everything is connected. That said, I see a “hell” of sorts where these type of interference with “the all” would be dealt with by completely nulling out the existence of such time disruptions. However, thinking about information preservation, it does not completely null out the existence of this loop. It is simply stored in a separate and segregated section and sequence within time in order to protect time itself.

Q: Could it be used as an engine to drive time?
A: Sure. It can and is. But the problem is that time can and will distort only so far before the information becomes disruptive and destructive in a non-constructive way. Therefore…it is “knotted” within the fabric of time itself.
The same shit…over and over and over…forever.

^Alberto Ruiz – Alien (Original Mix)^

Let’s see what La Vagabonde are up to!!!

^No Autopilot? No Problem. (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 67^

So…are you sure that you wanna know about “the synchros of time?”
Better be sure.

Because I can tell you that I have spent my entire life avoiding thinking about this kind of shit. That’s why I avoid most of the stuff that I avoid. Not that I “know” anything. But contextually…”knowing” and “proving” are two different animals entirely…aren’t they?
I can’t tell you how or why I know the things that I know. I can only tell you what I know.
And I admit that I am hesitant to do even that.

Um…there are times when I have hit my knees and begged God…
But I know that I can’t be anyone else.
I know that I can’t unknow what I know.
If I were to un-know what I know?
I would no longer be me.
I’m just…me.
And I am who I am.
And who am I?
I dunno.
Who do you want me to be?

^The Crystal Method – Name Of The Game (Hybrid’s LA Blackout Mix)^

X: Hang in there.
Cade: 😦
X: …

^Knife Party ‘404’^

Luv ya all!

^Underworld – Born Slippy^



*I’m still laughing at his first joke… /wipes tear from eye… Ahh… what did you think, Click?*

*I know, right? Weird…*



Missive from ‘Merica: Meet the Scar Czar

Greetings Dear Reader, I’m back.

‘So soon?’, I hear you ask, closely followed by ‘Why?’

Ah, all will be revealed. I have received a gift, for sending a gift…


Together with the latest missive from The Okie Devil in Texas, see below…


*Ah, Clicky… /rubs snout… that was very nice of Cade and Jen… /listens quietly… No, you can’t have a pocket knife… /shakes head… You’re a dolphin, you don’t have pockets…*


Since I have decided to write new stuff today, I figured I better get started.
Nothing inspires innovation like competition.
Without competition? Competitive Innovation is simply…innovation.
Prolly not even that innovative.
Buncha fucking worthless hacks.
Afraid of a little competition.
I’m alone and not competing with anyone, so my bullshit is neither competitive nor innovative.
I’m prolly just jerking-off.
I prolly am.

^Modestep – Another Day (Ft. Popeska) (xKore Remix) (Official Video)^

Galvanism – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galvanism
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Electrical Conductor – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_conductor
Electrical Resistivity and Conductivity – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_resistivity_and_conductivity
Ohm – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohm
Metre – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metre
Quantum Hall Effect – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_Hall_effect
Composite Fermion – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Composite_fermion
Fermion – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermion
Lepton – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lepton
Flavour (Particle Physics) – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flavour_(particle_physics)

Now some of you who may have never read any of “my” bullshit before, may be asking yourself…
Dude! What’s with all of these definitions and bullshit like that?”
I dunno.
Find any of it interesting?
It’s all connected.
Srsly…it is.

^Deadmau5 – Mr G^

My statement there might prompt someone to say something like…
“It’s not ALL connected. Not like YOU mean it.”
Really? Lemme ask you something then…
“What did you tear apart to ‘disconnect” that something that is not connected?”
Or was it like that when you found it?
Where did you find it?
Was it connected then?
Kinda like picking up a grain of sand from a beach somewhere, then taking that grain of sand somewhere far away, and putting it somewhere else entirely.
Do you really think that grain of sand is no longer connected to it’s origin just as much as it is now also connected to it’s destination?
What’s the connection?
Well…what did you omit?
HINT: You.
Yep. Shit is connected in the damnedest of ways.
If you look for something, you WILL find it.

^REZZ – Methodology^

Seeing as this is my 8th posting over here at TeH LoL, or I think it is anyway, I thought something special would be in order. Not really, I just thought of it. But now that I have thought of it, I’m gonna have to REALLY think about it, because the bag is out of the cat…so to speak. The horse is in the pasture, and the cart is in the barn, and SOMEONE…I don’t care who…has GOT to get that bag back into that cat. Damned if I’m gonna do it. You have no idea how hard it was to get that bag inside the cat so I could let it out the first time. Plus, the horse don’t like to be reined when they are out grazing and haven’t finished their dinner yet. We’d have to take the cart to the horse. And what in the fuck are gonna do if we get the cart up to the horse, and the horse takes off running? We gonna chase it? We gonna get pissed off and shoot it? Either way, that return trip dragging the cart back to the barn is gonna be a BITCH after all the goings on. Maybe we should just put the cart out to pasture and leave the horse in the barn next time. Prolly find that cat sleeping on top of the bag in the back of the cart.
Q: Does thinking in “warped channels” such as this inspire some to “warp the warped” even further?
A: Anyone really wanna take a stab at this?
See how that works. Something becomes a part of the common vernacular, and the next thing you know? Yeah…GLOBAL…THERMONUCLEAR…WAR!!!
It’s the only option.
I can’t see any other way.
Can you?

^Adam Beyer – Open Up – Drumcode – DC128^

So earlier today, I made a comment on my previous post that was dealing with legal and legality. Especially with respect to applicability. Maybe if you think about “cops not prosecuting other cops” and other types of concepts like that which are fairly widely well-known…we can go from there.
“We The People”…own the country in it’s totality, and we are free to purchase a chunk of it for ourselves from ourselves at our own peril. Which means we’re gonna have to start seriously thinking about this “growth” business. We can take that to all kinds of places…from moles and warts to mergers and acquisitions. Not that there is any connection there or anything. Cause now all of a sudden…fucking EVERYTHING is punitive. And I do mean everything. Up to, and including, punitive fucking you. And not in a good way. So I guess we are going to have to think about and/or talk about…meaning. Or I guess we do. If we’re gonna talk about meaning, that means we need to talk about intent. And if we are gonna talk about meaning and intent, that means we are going to have to start talking about why we are talking at all…so that means reason. So to recap…
I hope we have a good reason for this. Otherwise, the meaning may get lost in the intent.
I guess that would be…what it all meant.
So yeah…we’re right back to time.
Just in time.
That was a close one eh?
Prolly a legal precedent in there somewhere.

^Sam Paganini – Rave (Original Mix) [DRUMCODE]^

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I wonder how much it would cost me to get a “Certified Physicist Card” on the black market? OH YEAH!!! I forgot…you gotta go to college/university, and you can get an “official” certified physicist card. Just be careful which school you go to. Some colleges/universities are “more certified”..than others. Plus, if you EVER cheated on ANYTHING at…fucking ALL, doesn’t that kinda…nullify the result?
Just askin.

^Dyno – Vera – Hell Yeah^

Now that the holidays are over…I just gotta ask…
Q: Get anything good?
A: ?¿?
A trip to the hospital and some stitches maybe?
I hereby declare War on Scars.
I will be your Scar Czar.
Sounds creepy…eh?

^Crookers – What up Y’all^

I was cruising the the various synchrowhatever blogs today, and noticed that someone asked the question…
“Where were you at midnight on January 1, 2017?”
My initial reaction was…”WAIT DUMMY!!! Midnight on January 1? That was last night…right?”
But as I thought about it, I remembered that I had been thinking about night and day with respect to the rise and fall of the sun over the last few days. This time of year where I am, the sun is WAY the fuck south of me, and it’s really odd in the morning when it comes up, and it’s really odd in the evening when it goes down. It travels on this parabolic arc that almost resembles an EKG type sinus rhythm type of movement…it kinda slides across the sky, then pops up for a ways, then pops back down, only to slide back down below the horizon. It makes for some absolutely fabulous sunrises and sunsets. As a matter of fact, some mornings…it’s hard to differentiate the difference between the two unless you are familiar with direction relative to your location and your location relative to your location relative to you, and when you are where you are when you are. It may sound like I am intentionally trying to be either clever or confusing or both there. But I’m not. It makes sense in my head, because everything is always moving…even when you aren’t.
So to make a long story longer…irrespective of when the day starts/stops or whatever relative to the clock? Irrespective of the date, whether it was December 31st, or January 1st, or January 2nd…I was asleep. If I’m asleep…I don’t give a shit where I am. I’M ASLEEP!!! I care more about when I am than where I am.

^Caravan Palace – Dramophone^

WOAH NELLY!!! We have a question from the Whatever However HOTLINE!!!
The first one I’ve gotten since posting my shiznit here at TeH LoL!!!
Not really. I actually got one the other day…but I forgot about it, and I can’t remember what it was.
/me shrugs
Q: Cade, how long are you gonna make this fucking post?!?!?!?
A: I dunno. How ever long it is. I figure that learning has no limits. From there, we are limited by our limits with respect to sharing what we have learned, how, and with whom. I just start writing when the urge strikes, and stop when the urge strikes. It’s pretty simple really. The writing part is the easy part. Finding images and songs and inspiration and whatnot? Meh…sometimes a little challenging. Because ALL of these things inspire me. The music is usually an ambient distraction that encourages me to keep listening/keep writing. The images? I see things. Most of the time, prolly the same shit you see. I just try and blend some cool music and cool images with my shitty writing, and figure it all balances out in the end. And the best part? YOU get to decide what that “balance” is…not me. I just work here. 😉

^Moby – Bodyrock (Hybrid’s Bodyshock Remix)^

Do you like it when someone tells you to stop doing what you are doing?
I didn’t think so.
Do you like it when someone tells you that you are doing too much of what you are doing which is something that you enjoy doing?
I didn’t think so.
Do you like it when someone tells you to start doing what you aren’t doing?
That’s what I thought.
Do you like it when someone tells you that you aren’t doing enough of what you aren’t doing enough of which is something that you do not enjoy doing?
That’s what I thought.
Do you like when someone does something that told you that whatever it was that you did or did not doing wasn’t done cause like…it wasn’t fun…or maybe it was…wait…what in the FUCK was I talking about and/or where was I going with this shit?
Any thoughts?
I didn’t think so.

^Slander & YOOKiE – After All (ft. Jinzo) (Habstrakt Remix)^

Time can be confusing when you rely on “the clock” and the clock alone. Cause it seems like everything after that? The clock is only relative to a reference that is based on everything EXCEPT time, all under the auspices on how much time it took to do the whatever it was/is that you are/were doing. It’s kinda like your past. Not “the” past…your past. Because it is your past. Yours all yours. It’s as responsible for you as you are, as you are, where and when you are…good and bad and whatever…it’s what has coalesced to make you you. And it will continue to do so. Hell, you could prolly repurpose a nuclear weapon to give radical haircuts and bitchin sun tans that do no more damage than that which a radical haircut can do in some certain situations. All we gotta do is get someone smart on it. Thinking a bit contextually about firearms…it’s really not that hard to do. Especially if you always and forever, think of firearms as a weapon or as weapons. Because that’s what they are, and that’s what they do, and that’s what they were designed to do and/or can do…kill. Even if you are just killing the living shit out of a paper target at a firing range, all while killing the shit out of your free time and financial reserves. Guns/Firearms are expensive in many ways. I dunno. Maybe some day, there will be no more of them because there will no longer be a need. I know that I don’t own any, but I have. And the only time that I would ever contemplate trying to take a firearm away from someone, is if they had one of the damn things shoved right in my face. No wonder “gun nuts” are always like…”Want My Guns? Come And Get Em'”…not that I blame them. You can’t legislate a person or their behavior. But a person can do that themselves for themselves. I guess…freedom might just be free after all.

^The Crystal Method – Vice – Soundtrack^

Astrophysics Data System

I wonder how some of these large organizations would like it if all of their data was taken away from them? I wonder who made THAT decision? I guess it just kinda makes me wonder as to when proprietary data becomes proprietary. Cause when it comes to ownership, I think prolly some may be more owned than others. Maybe even not owned at all…because it’s owned by all. Kind of a many to many kinda relational database type ownership kinda thingie or something like that. You know…a developer’s worst nightmare. Many to many relationships are…difficult. Not impossible…just…difficult.
So much for “the private sector” being the end all be all answer to everyfuckingthing eh?

^London Grammar – Strong [Official Video]^



^THE CRYSTAL METHOD breakbeat electronica DJ set in The Lab LA^


*Oh that’s absolutely a NO, Clicky…*