There’s a real story here, Smitty – Updated

Hud 1

Or is that Kaballah? Anyone scene ‘The Hudsucker Proxy‘?

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sad (adj.)Old English sæd“sated, full, having had one’s fill (of food, drink, fighting, etc.), weary of,” from Proto-Germanic *sathaz (cognates: Old Norse saðr, Middle Dutch sat, Dutch zad, Old High German sat, German satt, Gothic saþs“satiated, sated, full”), from PIE *seto- (cognates: Latin satis“enough, sufficient,” Greek hadros“thick, bulky,” Old Church Slavonic sytu, Lithuanian sotus“satiated,” Old Irish saith“satiety,”sathach“sated”), from root *sa-“to satisfy” (cognates: Sanskrit a-sinvan“insatiable”).

Sense development passed through the meaning “heavy, ponderous” (i.e. “full” mentally or physically), and “weary, tired of” before emerging c. 1300 as “unhappy.” An alternative course would be through the common Middle English sense of “steadfast, firmly established, fixed” (as in sad-ware“tough pewter vessels”) and “serious” to “grave.” In the main modern sense, it replaced Old English unrot, negative of rot “cheerful, glad.”

Meaning “very bad” is from 1690s. Slang sense of “inferior, pathetic” is from 1899; sad sack is 1920s, popularized by World War II armed forces (specifically by cartoon character invented by Sgt. George Baker, 1942, and published in U.S. Armed Forces magazine “Yank”), probably a euphemistic shortening of common military slang phrase sad sack of shit.

In the film HUDsucker is Waring

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Going to watch the film again. Further comment will appear later, under the Song


Update: 8th February 2016

So I watched the movie again today. Last week, after writing the above post, Thoughtful Man was watching an episode of ‘Comic Book Men‘ and Mike Zapcic, in conversation (as they do), said that he’d begged his father to take him to the cinema to see ‘The Sting’ because he had a thing for Charles Durning.

Charles Durning, of course, played Waring Hudsucker and that sync, I have to admit, is a bit of a weird on all kinds of levels. Plus, of course, Paul(i) Gnuman starred in both the ‘Hudsucker Proxy’ and ‘The Sting’ 😉

Hud 2

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Kit Kat wanted me watch a YouTube video this evening that made him larf…

Sherlock gospel

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