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There follows the next installment of Cade’s Massive Missive…


If I’m listening to music, that was created and performed by someone on drugs…does that mean that I am on drugs via proxy? I’m just asking because, I listen to some weird-assed music, and I don’t take drugs, and I’m very weird. Or so I’m told. I guess I need to get around to dropping acid one of these days to see what all the hubbub is about.

Or I could just get drunk.

That would be my first preference.

But yeah…weird shit makes me feel normal. Like staring at a patch of cement and trying to find patterns. They’re there…you just gotta take the time to look for them. But…not everyone is into staring at shit, trying to find the impossible in the possible. Is that weird or what?

^cEvin Key – Full Circle^

When thinking about strings and stings in String Theory, um...

Q: Who says that the “strings” are always broken, and that the “stings” are broken strings?

A: ?¿?

I guess I’m trying to limit, so as to open, so that there are less limits. It seems to me, that the more that we omit from inclusion, while at the same as including for omission? I dunno, maybe there is something to be said about including via omission. Almost has a…Quantum Mechanics kinda…”ring” to it.

^Death in June – The Calling (Mk II) – 1985.wmv^

Q: If science is perspective based, why is it so exclusionary with respect to perspective(s)?

A: !¿?¿!

I was watching a video one day, that was supposed to be showing an alien craft rising up out of the water near a fishing boat out somewhere in the ocean, then zooming off a ludicrous speed. (No, it did not actually turn plaid) But anyway…it got me to thinking about light and matter, which…in this particular instance…got me to thinking about the concept of wormholes.

Q: What would be the safest and most efficient method of traveling space at any speed?

A: Relativistically.


If your craft needs to be huge…make it huge.

If your craft needs to be small…make it small.

Size becomes relative at this point.

EX: A grain of sand or rock or whatever, out in outer-space, that is traveling at 50k mph or more, is going to basically burn right through your vessel. So…what if your vessel was the same size as that grain of sand or rock?

Thinking about quantum mechanics, and how everything seems to be backwards on the micro & below scale(s)…wouldn’t there tend to be a erm…”projective type of interaction that, based on the laws of conservation of energy, would actually work within the laws of nature to prevent those two objects from colliding? Irrespective of speed(s)?

Maybe this is where Einstein was wrong, and at the same time, right…about a particle achieving infinite mass upon approaching the speed of light. Wouldn’t there be a kind of funneling and rippling there? Similar to what happens as an aircraft approaches “the sound barrier?”

I’ve long held, that if the sound barrier can be broken, so can “the speed of light.” That the speed of light is contextual…just like everything else.

Maybe this explains why commercial pilots don’t age in the same way that most humans do.

That there is layer upon layer, of the same ol shit…but it’s operating in different times, in different ways, for different reasons…all at the same time as everything else. But still, in their own time and times.

^The Prodigy – Narayan^

I got the idea about “less stingy stings on strings” after watching the image above.
Towards the center, below the event horizon, there are the loops/bands that expand rapidly and then “collapse back inwards.” So that got me to thinking about Kundalini and/or “Kundalini Energy”…and thinking….

“hrmmm…what if there was a twist there?”

“hrmmm…what if there was a twist there that kept twisting?”

I’m thinking this and these things, because I think that I see how time, contextually, can be so confusing.

When including time as the all in the all, everything else is omitted.


This would explain to me why carbon dating might be highly effective and reliable in some contexts, and yet reliability goes right out the fucking window in others. And not necessary application and purpose. But if you think in terms of application(s) and purpose(s)…maybe that’ll help.

Q: How does Carbon Based Carbon Dating, using Carbon from Earth/Terra, help us date rock on Mars?

A: ???¿¿¿

Similarness? Or sameness? Identically?

I mean…we’re from the same fucking Solar System right? What about those objects that are NOT from our solar system. Meaning, their origins are from elsewhere? Thinking about friction and magnetism, and swirling those around in “The Big Bang”…I see something quite entirely different than a single singularity that “started it all” from “everything, becomes nothing, becomes everything. I’m seeing…erm…all of those “sacred shapes” and “sacred symbols” and “sacred numbers”…and a whole lot more. My thoughts on crystalline shapes/structures using non-crystalline materials kinda helps me out there. But also those thoughts that I have had about “things coming together for very long periods of time.” The LHC…for example.

^The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)^

Not to change the subject, but yeah, I’m gonna change the subject.

Wait…wut wuz I talking aboot?

Women? No…that ain’t it.

BUT! I do need to remember to say Happy Birthday to someone on Monday.

But yeah…erm…something…I was talking about it.

Prolly nothing.

^Pendulum – Slam [HD – 320kbps]^

I guess I’m thinking about information and energy preservation, and how it works. Yeah sure…it works…that’s the best part. But if we are tinkering with that base, even if we are pretty goddamn sure how it works, and we are confident that “we can tap into it”…erm…quick question…

Q: Didn’t we just establish that we are already tapped into it?

A: !!!

Yeah…I’m an assole. A prick, even. But not a big one. Cause I have a mediocre sized penis. Must be my ego or something.


I’m lost again. I have no idea what I was talking about, or why, nor even to who.

I mean…you might be some official Japanese Ninja, with official Japanese Ninja Certification, just LOOKING for someone to piss you off so that you can bury a throwing star or two in their skull.

The Internet: A creepy place full of creepy creeps.

Anyone who thinks that prolly lives in a gated community.

^Melleefresh & Deadmau5 – Hey Baby (Original Mix)^


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