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The Shining: Bathrooms Part 3a

Enormous chair

The scene with Jack and Grady in the bathroom is nearly 6 minutes long…

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Okay, let’s familiarize ourselves with the scene in question.

Unlike, the bathroom scenes in Part 1 and Part 2, the Ballroom Bathroom scene (on the descent from the ‘shining’ peak, at the centre of the Forwards/\Backwards version) has dialogue in both directions. And it spans not one but three scenes on the ascent. But which ones?

movie diagram ascent Ballroom Bathroom

To start with, when Jack and Grady first enter the bathroom…


… the corresponding scene is of Jack talking to Danny in the bedroom.


Jack questions Grady…


… and at the same time Danny questions Jack.


Whilst Lloyd continues wiping at Danny’s face…


… Danny gives his father a question/suggestion.



Derren Brown sends John Watson to sleep

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Dear Reader, Part 3b of The Shining: Bathrooms will follow.