The Shining: Bathrooms Part 3c

Ballroom Bathroom 23

*Hello Clicky… What, no ‘Last time at the LoL…‘ today?*

The bank is now open

*Okay. Let’s do it!*


One of the reasons I find ‘The Shining Forwards/\Backwards’ so fascinating is the synchronizing of images…

Jack rolls ball to Danny


… words with images…

Ullman warns Jack

… and sound.


Early on in the Ballroom Bathroom scene, Jack accuses Grady of a heinous crime…

Ballroom Bathroom 12

And later in the scene we get to see it, so let’s continue…

Ballroom Bathroom 24

… Danny is in the background as both Grady and Jack talk about him…

Ballroom Bathroom 25

Danny covers his eyes at Grady’s suggestion…

Ballroom Bathroom 26

Grady’s daughters appear as he starts to talk of them…

Ballroom Bathroom 27

Jack’s accusation is confirmed by Grady’s idea of ‘correcting’…

Ballroom Bathroom 28

Jack should ‘correct’ Danny as Grady did with his girls. Jack gets it…

Ballroom Bathroom 29


I don't like the colour

*Oh sorry, Clicky… I had to remove some of the colour to make the gifs a manageable size…*

Are you my mummy

*/squints… No, ‘mummy’ is the focus of The Shining: Bathrooms Part 4… Soon, Clicky. Have a Song…*