Missive From ‘Merica: A Couple Of Things… */cough…*

I’ve been having a very busy week at work, Dear Reader, and tomorrow promises to be extremely hectic…

*/puts fingers in ears… Yes, thank you for setting the alarm, Clicky! I know I’ve gotta get up extra early… Important visitors arriving at Stupid Hour…*

Cade had very kindly furnished us with a fabulous missive. So no funny business…

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… I’ll just let you get on and read it for yourself. I’ve gotta go to bed. Enjoy! ❤

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Good Morning!

Tis 09:07 on Tuesday morning, I just woke up, and I sitting here knocking the sleep/eye boogers out of my eyes in more of a haze than usual. Why…you might ask? I laid down for a few minutes around 8-ish last night because I wasn’t feeling well…and I just woke up. I JUST SLEPT FOR 13 FUCKING HOURS!!!

^Cocteau Twins — Blue Bell Knoll^

I’m inserting this particular song here in the event you want to listen to it.

I hope you don’t mind.

^Uptown- I’m Losing You (12″ VOCAL)^

Lemme give a quick opinion on why I fucking HATE this bullshit, this going on and around about this “Siren’s Song” bullshit.

Q: Are we talking about real people?

A: ???

I don’t give a fuck if they are alive or dead. They were alive at some point, so to me, they will always be alive. That’s just my opinion tho.

However…when it becomes open season on “the dead?”

Yeah…the living are in deep shit.

That’s what occurs to me anyway.

Q: To what end? Where does it end?

A: ... --- ...

And I mean…for you…where does it end?

You can chase the rabbit and/or rabbithole as deep and as long as you so choose.

But the only thing, that you will find, at the end, is you.

Well…your original object of interest will be there too…or will she?

Now…turn around.

What is in that path you’ve hewn?

Destruction, chaos and tears?

Or has it somehow morphed into something else?

Because if it was destruction, chaos and tears as you passed through it the first time, why would it EVER…change?

A: It won't.

You’ve only augmented it.

May wanna build plenty of milestones into this path you now walk.

May wanna think about that for a bit as to what you want your legacy to be, as it applies to an existing legacy that is still in progress, nested within a legacy in progress.

Liz does have a daughter.


Q: I wonder how many family, friends and acquaintances these people have?

A: ∞... --- ...

Q: I wonder how many family, friends and acquaintances these family, friends and acquaintances have?

A: ... --- ...∞

Q: Does any of that matter?

A: ∞... --- ...∞
^Cocteau Twins – Donimo^

Yes…I realize that I am no different by writing about this here. I’m willing to accept that responsibility and accountability irrespective as to any outside opinions and musings as to the level of my culpability. I’ll put it at 100% for you to save you some time and trouble.

But I have song lists that are rife with Cocteau Twins songs…

…and you fucks are ruining them for me.

Sound familiar?


Manuel Noriega

Operation Nifty Package

Psychological Warfare (Redirected from Psyop)

You are not connecting the loose ends of threads.

You are following threads that are already connected.

And if they AREN’T connected, and you connect them…

Q: Who disconnected those “loose ends” that you are now reconnecting?

A: ...

You may not, but I have some ideas as to who disconnected them.

But maybe…just maybe…your “Siren’s Song” analogy…might start to make some sense as to my thinking who is responsible for tending the thread and threads.

Gonna be some multi-threading there.

Just sayin’.

^Cocteau Twins Alice HD^

Bottom line is, don’t tell a story that does not want to be told.

You feel it needs telling?

Fair enough.

Just remember that the telling of the story is a process.

Prolly why that dude over at Horselover Phat’s Subliminal-Synchro-Sphere keeps freaking the fuck out and deleting his blog.

This is some scary shit.

I’ve committed myself to going the distance.

All the way.

That is applicable, to, and for, me, and only me.
^Cocteau Twins: Heaven or Las Vegas (album ver. Video)^

I’m inserting this particular song here in the event you want to listen to it.

I hope you don’t mind.

^Alice | Pogo^

SO!!! Let’s get back to something less scary. Like say…particle accelerators and/or energy generators that continue running, even when they are turned off.


A: Since when is fucking not serious?

But yes…I am serious. All a particle accelerator is…is a dam that works differently visually. Not even taking into account, the normal atrophy and decay the permeates our environment, I’m calculating that these machines themselves both accelerate and decelerate these natural processes in ways that cannot be accounted for because we’ve never encountered them. That’s not to say that they’ve not been encountered in The Universe before, nor even that they’ve not been encountered on this very planet before. Just…situations that we’ve not encountered before.

There is nothing new. It’s just new to you.

^FRONT 242 – Strobe^

My father used to fly model airplanes. U-Control or Control Line…they are called…this particular flavor of model planes that he flew.

Control Line

An interesting note about these engines.

They would sometimes run backwards upon starting.

Yep…they are “regular” combustion engines, but they only have a single cylinder/piston. These engines are very similar to the engines primarily used in small general aviation aircraft in that they use dual glow plugs. Just don’t use magnetos, and only have one cylinder…but I digress.


And yep, when you first start these engines, they can sometimes run backwards. The size and weight of the propeller can affect this, based on the compression of the engine – is the engine already warm or is it cold, and did the prop’s initial spin have enough inertia to continue it forward past full compression at top dead centre? If it doesn’t…that inertia will push the prop in the opposite direction, and sometimes the engine will fire backwards.

Dead Centre (Engineering)

If it can happen…it will happen.

It’s just a matter of time.

Yep…the rules sometimes change, even when they stay the same.

^front 242, rerun time^

When you start to cover your bases, you’ve done little more than create an addition level of failure at the original point and points of failure. It doesn’t matter whether or not your lightning rod is designed to attract or repel, the state still exists that started attracting lightning in the first place. An aerial tower or high-rise building…for example.

Am I suggesting that every single new technology and/or device has already been created at some point on this planet? No. There was only one Steve Jobs, therefore there has only ever been one iPhone. Or seven. Or whatever in the fuck iteration they are currently up to.

Q: What are you up to?

A: ?¿?

That ought to bring us to tobacco control quite nicely.

CFrank Davis has a nifty little bit on the differences in garden tending techniques and methods employed on the same garden by two different tenders. It’s a mind-bendingly beautiful story in both instances. One tender cuts, one tender does not.

Lots to think about there.

<ba da ching>
^Nitzer Ebb – Hold On^

Hey…you fucks wanna cut down “the rain forest”? Knock your fucking selves out. Just don’t expect me to be enthusiastic about visiting the hole it creates. Of course, you’ll all be tripping balls on synthetic Ayahuasca, talking about the good ol’ days of “REAL” Ayahuasca trips to the rain forest to take Ayahuasca trips with the shamen and holy-men, who used to be around to provide that service prior to the forest being decimated.

SAY! Did you know that the shaman who led me on my first Ayahuasca trip now works at that newest McDonald’s we just built down there?

We’ve gotten kinda down on ourselves in “The Western World”, eh?

Q: I wonder how bad the rebound will be when we start telling ourselves that we can do better/we can do it better?

A: ¿?¿
^Engine fail crash landing Super Bingo – cockpit view!^

I’m inserting this particular song here in the event you want to listen to it.

I hope you don’t mind.

^Cocteau twins “Ooze Out and Away, Onehow”^

So yeah…our engine on our model airplane is now running backwards.

Q: How do we stop it?

A: !!!!????!!!!

Welp…how did the little boy stop the leaking dyke in that one story?

Yep…stick your finger in there. These things usually have no throttle that you can actuate to cause the engine to starve, will run as long as there is fuel to run them, and if you use some metal or hardened something to try and stop the engine, you are going to likely dent, ding, chip or even possibly break your propeller.

All of those situations are about equal in that we don’t fly an aircraft with a mauled or marked propeller, because once that propeller is under full load and/or the dynamic stresses encountered in flight…it’s prolly gonna fail completely. Yeah…as in “turn into matchsticks at speed, post haste, in-flight. Hence, many times my dad would use the same finger to stop this running engine, that he had just used to try and start it. It resulted in some NASTY-assed cuts sometimes.

The best course, in the case of starting these engines, is to put just enough fuel for the engine to fire/start, but leave the fuel line disconnected. Once the engine fires in the correct direction, quickly connect the fuel line. However, this is also not without peril. The engine and fuel line placement/aircraft design must be as such that you can connect/disconnect the fuel line AT THE ENGINE END.

Or, you can disconnect at the tank end (if you have built the aircraft to accommodate this feature, assuming that you have a hidden tank or exposed tank…where are the leads, etc.), but you must now have a long enough fuel line, and you typically need an assistant to help with this operation (not many people willing to volunteer to put their digits near an engine that is swinging 8-14 inches of a wood or plastic propeller at several thousand RPMs) which means that you will always require an assistant with this particular plane because of it’s design features.

But yeah…thinking about it now…there are all kinds of ways to eventually overcome things you may not have thought about originally.

Afterall, what was the original intent?

Prolly a simple one.

To fly.

Q: How can you tell if an engine is running backwards?

A: Experience?

Welp, in this case, sound is a biggie that is confirmed by sight. Some aircraft can fly backwards. But only if they are designed to do so. If you are unsure, set the needle on the engine, turn the airplane loose, and see which way it goes. Just keep in mind that if the engine IS running backwards when you turn it loose? That airplane’s behavior is about to get all kinds of interesting real fucking quick. Make sure you have a video camera handy to record so that we can watch the hijinks too.

SAY!!! That reminds me.

Did you know that most aerobatic aircraft are designed to have an aft center of gravity? This makes them unstable. This makes them more adept to aerobatics and aerobatic maneuvers.

^Karen Overton – Your loving Arms Full (Armin van Buuren Extended Vocal Mix)^

If someone employed you, to tell their story, then fair enough.

But if not…keep in mind the story of the filmmaker John Hughes, and what he may have thought of those who tried to reach out to him, by telling their story about his stories, and what they meant to them.

I watched this documentary…and I got the feeling that he just wanted to be left alone.

^Don’t You Forget About Me – Official Teaser – John Hughes Documentary^

To say that musicians and/or artists have nested and embedded meaning(s) in their work is akin to saying that water is wet. No shit Sherlock…it’s what we do. But a question about that wet water just mentioned…

Q: Pool or ocean? Or lake? Or river? Or tub? Or shower? Do you want some company in there?

A: ???

Hey…it never hurts to ask. Maybe you needed a good back scrubbing. Maybe you needed someone to scrub your feet for you and clean your toenails. Maybe you need someone to help you onto your floating couch. Maybe you needed someone to accompany you on your journey down-river. I don’t know. Just guessing.

^Nitzer Ebb – Trigger happy^

I’m inserting this particular song here in the event you want to listen to it.

I hope you don’t mind.

^Grouplove – “Ways to Go” [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]^

But yeah, musicians nest all kinds of crazy crap in their music, lyrics and artwork(s) that tend to accompany them. We’re trying to find a way to say what you said, better. If I wanted to repeat what you said, exactly as you said it, I’d shove a microphone in your face, sample what you said, and set the loop to ∞. But I don’t need that. That’s the reason I wrote this song in the first place. That loop is already looping in my head. It’s like a piece of granite or marble in my head, that I am trying to mold and shape into something else. Something less painful. A way of saying

“It’s OK, and if it’s not OK now, it will be soon.”

A way of saying…

“Yeah…that hurt. But look at what I was able to do with that hurt.”

I’m not apologizing FOR you…I’m apologizing TO you. Whatever my role, I’m sorry for my part. But that is my part, and it’s the only part that I have. The rest is up to you, and I really don’t give a flying fuck what you do with it from there. I did the best I could, with what I had to work with, if you don’t like it…


^Fever Ray ‘Keep The Streets Empty For Me’^

Am I suggesting that some of these machines may not be running in the direction(s) they should be running and/or as designed to run?

Yes. Very much so. At many different times, in many different phases of operation. Startup to shutdown, and from inception to completion, in all phases, at all times, for a very long time. I don’t see this as a stretch at all. You only need to look at virtually any and every human endeavor over the last 8,000-10,000 years or so to see the remnants of those efforts.

Look into our water-tables, and you will find lint from clothing or all types from all places due to the manufacturing and upkeep of the garment industries. I wonder how long that shit is gonna be around? Maybe we should ask the fish and sealife/aquatic life that are knitting sweaters out of this shit.

^Fever Ray ‘When I Grow Up’^

I was under the impression that many of these projects were meant to offer some unlimited sources for those of us here, and those to come, via those that have been. Doesn’t work real well when you are constantly excluding those same people, just so that you can include them via your own methods and means, that better suit your own set of methods and means. You are gonna die someday. And maybe that’s yet another reason for death.

If you live long enough, you’re eventually gonna want it all. Not that you don’t want it all already. But if your wants and desires to have it all are based on the need to better distribute things as you personally see fit…how are you going to do that with “all” if you can’t even do that with “some”?

Plus…at some point, you are prolly gonna bump into the motherfucker that has already walked that path, and they prolly ain’t gonna be too happy to see you fucking with their shit. Or, maybe they were just being clever about how to arrange a face to face meeting since you’ve ignored their previous requests.

^The Knife – You Make Me Like Charity (Crywolf Remix)^

I’m inserting this particular song here in the event you want to listen to it.

I hope you don’t mind.

^Cocteau Twins – Grail Overfloweth^


So glad you could get there first.

Maybe it works out best for us both that way.

Thanks for nothing.

Tis' now...11:53.

I have to go search for an electrical extension cord.

I have to spellcheck this shit as well.

WABASH: “W-w-w-w-was th-th-this th-th-the f-f-f-face…”

HENSLOWE: (unexpectedly) Very good, Mr. Wabash. Excellent. Report to the property master.

WILL: (looks at HENSLOWE in outrage.)

HENSLOWE: (apologetically) My tailor. Wants to be an actor. I have a few debts here and there. Well, that seems to be everybody. Did you see a Romeo?

WILL: I did not.

HENSLOWE: Well, I to my work, you to yours. When can I see pages?

WILL: Tomorrow

Movie = Shakespeare In Love

^Kita Alexander – My Own Way^

I’m inserting this particular song here in the event you want to listen to it.

I hope you don’t mind.

^NONONO – Pumpin Blood (Official Video)^

I’m inserting this particular song here in the event you want to listen to it.

I hope you don’t mind.

^Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly) – Icicle Works^

I’m not inserting a song here, particular or otherwise, I don’t care if you wanted to listen to it or not.

I hope you don’t mind.

^The Incredible Science Behind Flight – Documentary^

I hope you don’t mind.

I’m inserting this particular song here in the event you want to listen to it.

^Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (HQ)^

cYa | cFa

^Documentary Italy’s Mystery Mountains 2014^


Missive From ‘Merica: Spirit Chill’n

Well, ’tis done…

*That’s right, Clicky…*

I’ve completed and submitted my second story for the Underdog Anthology Vol. 2

*/rolls eyes…*

Not only that, but we have received a missive from Cade…



How the fuck are ya?

^Garbage – Magnetized^

I was just sitting here thinking…while I’m sitting here doing nothing, I guess I may as well do something.

As I recall…this is a rather popular decision making process among many of my fellow entities residing in gravity.

(NOTE: "Entities Residing In Gravity" are what I refer to as life here on Earth/Terra. Just FYI.)
^Jay Lumen – Babel (Original Mix)^

As of late…I guess I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflecting on the last 5/6 years of this “spiritual journey” that I’ve been on. Because without the 44 years that preceded this particular block of time in time…those 5/6 years or so are meaningless.

Experiences change.

Experience changes.

Weird how that works eh?

^Jay Lumen & Gary Beck – Strange Fruit (Original Mix)^

For those who have ever seen the movie “Contact”…there is a point in the movie where “The Alien” makes the comment…

“This is the way it’s been done for billions of years.”

This statement is made at what I guess movie critics would call “a pivotal point in the film”, to where Jody Foster’s mind appears to be swimming in questions that she wants to ask, but the primary thought she has is regarding the benefit of “others” and the questions they will have. Basically, what she is asking “the alien/aliens”…is for “proof.” But thinking about it now, she’s not asking for the type of proof that we normally think of with respect to proof, she is asking for “something convincing”…something absolute. Nevermind the adventure she and the rest of the planet Earth/Terra has been on that has led to this particular moment, which to many in the film, is already “proof enough.” Because what she wants, and I dare say…”what she needs”…is “something for the hardcore.” A pair of alien space booties or alien space goggles that she can bring back with her, and smack the non-believers and skeptics upside the head with, then hang them in a museum somewhere so others can look at them in wonder.

For me personally…you had me at hello.

That said…erm…”billions of years”, eh?

Ever heard of the concept known as “upgrading?”

I brought some sales samples with me if you are interested.

Here’s my business card…home number is on the back. 😉

^Nic Fanciulli – Movin’ On (Original Mix)^

Thinking about it now, we place a great deal of demands on others with respect to proof and proving. I guess this is prolly why “the military” works so well. Why soldiers tend to be the best representative(s) of what we should and should not be, and when, and why.

What is my logic here?


Especially in a time of war.

And yet…in times of war, they sign up in droves to join the military.


Simple: It needs to be done, and someone has to do it.

Now that we have the simpleton stuff out of the way…

NOW we can talk conspiracy and games.

^Technasia – Heart Of Flesh (Original Mix)^

Back on the “spiritual path”…lolz…erm…I guess this is why “the spirit” is prolly the most ignored thing that we have. As a species, we’re pretty rough on the ol’ spirit. And not just in this so-called modern era of ours. In my reading(s) of history, we as humans seem to always be rough on the spirit. We’re either ignoring our own, or trying to crush someone else’s. No wonder that the spirit is more easily directly related to the ego. I mean…we’re supposed to have spirit at sporting events yeah? We’re supposed to cheer our children on with their shitty macaroni art creating endeavors yeah? And yet…there are places of business that I have worked for that specifically FORBID you from hanging your children’s “macaroni art” in your work area. So…we are talking taste.

LOLZ…talking “taste” with respect to art. Specifically…”macaroni art.”

Now that's funny. 😉

Maybe if I covered my kids’ macaroni art with a Habanero Pesto Sauce, it would be “zesty” enough to be classified as worthy.

But there’s a problem there.

Art via group or proxy must be done as a group or via proxy from inception.

Otherwise…it’s just interference.

Certainly not something I would classify as…al dente. 😀

^Grouplove – “Ways to Go” [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]^

I keep putting off finishing up my packing and boxing, because I’m still waiting on some kind of kind word from whatshername. And when you operate in, and on, the timelines that I operate in and on…you learn patience. But that’s prolly another part of the spirit that many of us ignore. We sure seem to espouse a pride in being impatient. However, it occurs to me that impatience is simply patience on a different timeline. We all have goals, needs and wants…and goddamnit…WE WANT OUR NEEDS AND WANTS GOALS, RIGHT…FUCKING…NOW GODDAMNIT!!! That’s kinda funny eh? Putting up a goddamn “God Dam” right fucking where we need time and times and the blessings of progress, and of the instant gratification variety to FLOW LIKE A FUCKING RIVER AFTER RAINFALL!!! No wonder God is big on “pouring out his blessings.” lolz

All these damn dams we are building.

NOTE: The above silliness is in no way, shape or form, referencing the situation in California.

Stop reading into shit.

Or keep on.


^Drinking Coffee and Getting High^

Let’s get high with the same idiot, around a hole created by something that was high…at some point, then got down on itself.

Q: I wonder how many spirits that crater has lifted?

A: Food for thought.
^Exploring A Meteor Crater From The Air^

So what is the fucking scoop on this Chelsea soccer team? Is that England’s national team or something? Or are they like the UK’s version of The Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys, at one point anyway, were called “America’s Team.” I guess because you either loved them, or hated them. When I lived in Washington DC, I saw a T-shirt once that read “My favorite two teams are, The Redskins, and anyone playing The Cowboys.” I dunno…I don’t watch sports anymore.

^Half A Person^

Yeah, I can see most of what others see in this “spiritual” realm of craziness. Whether that be religion/religious, magic, magik, magick, majick, alchemy, or whatthefuckever and whatnot.

But my question remains…”And?”

Sorry, but that whole “circle thing” with respect to “casting” really gave me the creeps/freaked me the fuck out. Looks like a goddamn bullseye to me. Granted, the circle is without “the crosshairs”…but in that situation, WHO FUCKING NEEDS CROSSHAIRS?!?!?!? Afterall, you are the only idiot standing in that circle. What…are the gods suddenly confused? Their aim gonna have problems discerning between the knucklehead standing in that circle chanting whatthefuckever they are chanting, and the rest of existence/creation?

Anyway…yeah…that’s kinda what I think about that shit.

SCENARIO:    Some poor asshole cuts you off on your daily drive to work.

You…are a practitioner of Majick or Magick.

When you get home from work that day, you cast a spell on that worthless fuck that causes his children to get cancer and die.

Smart thinkin'.

What could possibly go wrong.

This is why I hate religion.

The concept of religion itself is, to me, beyond description in it’s purpose and beauty.

It’s “pomp and circumstance” and pageantry and ceremony is/are fascinating and beautiful.

However, I have a simple request of my own…and that is, don’t require me to participate.

^Eye – Smashing Pumpkins^

It’s currently 11:11 on Tuesday April 4th of 2017.

Just in case you were wondering.

Just in case you were wandering.

Nothing wrong with either of those.

What in the FUCK am I doing writing about stupid shit like this at 11 o’clock in the morning for.

Prolly just to make egregious grammatical errors.

This is The Internet afterall.

Ere'body's lookin' 4 sumpin.
^Nobody loved you- manic street preachers^

If you could bottle your spirit…what do you think it would look like?

My guess is that it would look exactly like you.

And now we are talking about cloning.

And cloning is bad.

Bad stuff is terrible…so…yeah…no cloning.

Cloning will never work anyway.

Two things cannot occupy the same space, nor can one thing occupy two spaces.

That territory is reserved as best as I can tell.

Can’t create something that already exists.

Not that there isn’t infinite potential with respect to possibility.

But I think that people sometimes forget that “impossibility is possible.”

If you sit and stew on that particular thought for a while, it’ll really cook your macaroni art.

^Voodoo Lady – Ween homemade video^

Speaking of pasta and flying spaghetti monsters…if you take the above pic, and throw a metric fuckton of Angel Hair Pasta on top of this particular animation? Yeah…that’s kinda what “my” curved space model is gonna look like. There is so much fucking energy, and there are so many fucking energies in this here Universe of ours, that you are going to be able to see just about anything you want to see. And that is not to say that it isn’t there…it’s there. Oh yeah…its there, and it doesn’t have jack shit to do with multi-dimensionality with respect to “alternate this” and “alternate that” the way that many interpret these nutty things.

And yet…it’s exactly like that. But you have to keep in mind, that a milestone in our journey/journeys is also a mile-marker. That’s all a milestone is. We don’t “hang up our hat.” We don’t “retire the act.” We just…change. Change direction even. But we keep going. You can roller skate across an entire country standing on your head just to be different…but you are still on the same path that you are on. Maybe that’s where we get it wrong when interpreting the actions and intents of others. Interpretation is an absolute. Interpolation is dynamic. We consider considerations in an ever changing environment.

Think of it like this: God’s Age + Relativity.

God’s Current Age = 13.8+ billion years.

My Current Age = 49+ years

We are equally aged.

X: Close enough. 😉

Coupla things to keep in mind tho…

1) We are talking about “Earth Years” in “Earth Time” with respect to Universal years/time. They are the same, AND…different…all at the same time, AND…at different times.

2) We are as old as we are.

3) We are who we are.

4) We are our experience and experiences. That is not a detraction. There is always…a surplus. 😉

The I that is me.

The me that is we.                                 The we that is me.

The me that is I.

^Underworld – Born Slippy^

I understand “The Horoscope” from a galactic/intergalactic standpoint. At least maybe a base of its base and what it represents. Lotta energy and energies and matter and matters. Lotta motion and motions and time and times. And I see the/a dynamic nature to that static “map” or overlay of sorts. But what I also see…is a fuckton of shit that is omitted. What connects the connections. What connects the connectors. I don’t see “a” veil…I see many veils. I see “the mystery finding you” as well as “you finding the mystery.” Not that I see everything. I mean…hell’s fucking bells…this is ME we are talking about here. I don’t see hardly anything. But I guess maybe that’s why. I see all kinds of shit. But the shit that I see is very easy for me to understand, and very difficult for me to explain/relate. Mainly because, it’s typically a situation that is interrogative in nature. You want answers, you think that I have them, and you want them RIGHT GODDAMN NOW!!! GIMME ANSWERS FUCKFACE!!!


Q: Now what?

A: ¿?¿

Oh…I can’t ask questions, but you can?

Hmmm…that just don’t seem fair.

Meh…whatevz….whadda ya wanna know?

^Alice | Pogo^

To relate, think of The Stock Market. A great example of a reliable static system, that represents an environment of what most would prolly call complete chaos, disorder and unreliability.

Sound familiar?

Yep. I get the feeling that God/The gods never left. They’re creeping around here somewhere. Just gotta keep in mind that “around here somewhere” is a relative term. I quasi-operate in this realm. Or at least, in a realm and realms similar to theirs. I mean, we all do. What I personally call “The Realms of The Seen and The Unseen.” That helps us to better understand (I think and hope anyway) because we are not beings of sight. Or at least, sight alone. We have many senses. It’s when we start naming and numbering them that they lose their importance. Or at least, it seems to detract from the whole. Ironic eh? No wonder the spirit is ignored. It’s shining and soaring, or it isn’t.

^Alex H feat. Mona Moua – There’s No Turning Back (Original Mix)^


Q: Cade, what is this recurring “BOOM” theme of yours? And what is this “Bing->Goes->Bang->Goes->BOOM” business you are always writing at weird times? Are you referring to nuclear fission and/or fusion?

A: “BOOM” = a heartbeat. A heartbeat so big and powerful, that sometimes it feels like my feet are going to explode?

A: Your feet?

Cade: Yes. My feet. May I continue please?

A: <sorry>


Anyway…the Bing->Goes->Bang->Goes->BOOM! bit is indeed about nuclear fission/fusion. BUT, it’s a nested/embedded kinda thing, that includes “The Butterfly Effect” and String Theory. Think: Spiders. Threads. Webs. Safety Nets and Traps.

To relate…I have a question for you…

Q: Do you really ever…want to be in “a safety net?”

A: !!!

Yeah…sounds like you were trapped at some point. Trapped enough to require a net to catch your dumb ass.I mean really…does anyone want a vocation that requires a net? Because if so…you are either catching…or being caught. <me shudders> This is prolly why law enforcement branches and groups appear so self-righteous.

Sorry to get “off-topic”…but everything is connected. At least in some way. Does it really matter how thick or thin the thread is? It does? O RLY?!?!?

Q: What kind of net/netting are you using, and is it for you?

A: Wait...what? What do you mean..."for me?"

I dunno…don’t you?

You’re the one with the net.

^Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child ft. John Martin^

The only thing worse than catching a wild animal in a trap? Yeah…now what?

Q: Who caught who/who has who now?

A: ...
^Pearl jam – better man^

I guess firearms/guns have kinda leveled that playing field a bit. But think of it like this. If “the playing field” was not level to begin with, how in the FUCK did guns/firearms ever get invented in the first place? Did only the stupid ones get eaten, and the smart ones survived to go on an invent a better “.300 Grain Bullet Hyersonic Wooly Mammoth Trap?” That doesn’t make sense. How in the FUCK did only “the smart ones” survive? I mean, if the smart ones survive, and all the dumb ones are dead? Yeah…suddenly…smart is the new dumb. Let’s go find some more shit to fuck up.

Maybe that’s where these genius philosopher fucks arrived at the conclusion that “The smarter and more intelligent a species is, the more violent that species is.”

O RLY?!?!?!?!?

You left a shitload of shit out there pops.

Primarily, the fact that you are a dumbass.

If I smack you over the head with that grandiose book of wisdom you just wrote, does that make mes haz tha supa-smartz brains?

Yeah…yer a dumbass.

BUT! Thanks for the pearls of wisdom anyway.

^Spektralized – Shy^

Maybe I’m wrong here, but maybe the fact that we seem to rely more on the systems our ancestors built, than we rely on the people that built them themselves. And I mean as people…as individuals. Gotta keep this shit contextual. Relative…even. Things develop the way that they do. And we are only allowed a glimpse into our ancestors’ lives. They are not the sum of their parts. Because these “sums” tend to leave some stuff…out.

I had a roommate once who was an Indian/Native American. And when I say Indian, I mean born and raised on an honest-to-God reservation in New York State. He had a plaque that he hung on the wall that contained an old Indian Proverb to the effect of…

“Let me not judge another, until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.”

It’s something that we cannot do. However, we can “walk with” someone.

If you wanna get inside someone’s head?

STEP 1: Shitcan that bullshit idea. It’s impossible.

STEP 2: Get to know yourself and your motives.

STEP 3: Analyse all factors that are driving you to know this other person/entity, and where they originate.

STEP 4: Reflect.

Q: Now what?

A: ...

Sorry, but I cannot give you what I don’t have.

Sorry, but I cannot give you what I can’t give you.

Sorry, but I cannot give you what I have, that is not mine to give.

Other than that, I ain’t got much, but you are welcome to it.

^Junkie XL, Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation (Elvis vs JXL)^

There’s all kinds of things that it has been my privilege to be able to teach others to see and experience. Things like…”no matter how big you get with numbers, the sum will never equate to larger than one.”

You really think that God/the gods/The Universe hasn’t wrestled with the concept of creation? With the concept of creation as it relates to originality and uniqueness? Because, I’m quite sure that they have.

Imagine that you are a creator, or even…the creator. You just created something that was so unique and creative and original, that it’s knocked your motherfucking “Size ∞ Sandals” right off your motherfucking feet.

Q: How did I do that?
Q: How is this possible?
Q: How is that possible?
Q: Is this possible?
Q: Did all that shit really just happen?
Q: Who can I ask for assistance in these matters?

Prolly why it’s so easy for us to understand and/or relate better to an “angry” God/god than a caring and loving God/god. I mean, even if you personally don’t have children of your own…you were one once right?

We can all relate to one another.

We can relate to much more than that when and if we try.

That wasn’t such a long walk afterall now was it?

^Miss Kittin – I Beat That Bitch With A Hit^

One step ahead…always.

Well...at least one anyway. 😉

Being “the rabbit” has its advantages.

Fighting, Fucking, Fleeing, Feeding, Finding.

Fucking Fabulous.

^The Bloody Beetroots – Detroit (Ghetto Edit)^

I mean…you like being who and what you are right?

Only fair that I be able to like who and what I am too right?

I mean…you aren’t trying to crush my spirit are ya?

Nah…who would do such a thing?

^Pixies – Um Chagga Lagga^

I guess the spirit is kinda important. Kinda like toenails and fingernails are important. Think they aren’t important? Try doing without them. Now how important are they? Yeah…lotta things about life that we deem as a pain in the ass. Nothing wrong with pain. Pain is as important as anything else. Don’t think so? Then why do we have it? Now that you have arrived at your own personal answer…go ask “A Leper” how important pain is. Or maybe even, ask someone who has lived in so much pain during their life, that they stopped feeling entirely, and didn’t even realize it. I mean really, how do you know when you stop feeling. It’s not like you can feel anything. Quite the concept to ponder eh?

Hypoxia (Medical)

As a pilot in an unpressurized aircraft at altitude, we run the risk of suffering from oxygen deficiency when operating above certain altitudes for certain periods of time. Therefore, there are rules in place that dictate, when operating above “X” altitude for “X” amount of time or longer, you must have supplemental oxygen/a supplemental oxygen supply. The problem with altitude induced hypoxia, is that you become “euphoric” and keep telling yourself that everything is OK and/or operate under the assumption that everything is OK. But eventually, you’ll pass-out or lose consciousness. This is prolly why so many climbers have died on Mount Everest. Because even though there is a difference there with respect to the acute nature of altitude change over time over times when talking about climbing in an aircraft vs. climbing on foot, the environment(s) and the result(s) are the same. Ever seen those idiots that climb Everest or other tall mountains? They’re dying. Or at least, that is the common understanding. But, the reality is that they are changing. Whether that be changing from life to death, or something else entirely, is irrelevant. I mean…yeah…it’s relevant, in a timely fucking manner types of relevance…but yeah…also irrelevant. Because we are talking change and changes. Don’t like the potential outcome or the way things are going? Descend. Don’t like how things turned out after climbing back down? Ascend. Because all you gotta do is flip either one of those and they are the same fucking thing in a different direction.

Yeah…I think I understand more of this shit than others might think I do.

Just because my particular “special blend” doesn’t jibe with yours, doesn’t make me right and you wrong nor vice versa.

^Pixies – Where Is My Mind? (Music Video)^

That’s why I don’t search for truth. I’m surrounded by the shit. No need to find what you are surrounded by. Maybe some motherfucking housekeeping is in order around here? Sure. No arguments here. But I have to do that part myself.

(Any advice is welcome and appreciated. FYI)
^Pixies – Stormy Weather^

Someone informed me that they fuckin finally finished their motherfucking story that they have been working on. Motherfucking CHEERS are in order here!!!

Congrats to you!

Just in time for Christmas!


Have a song young lady!

^Cocteau Twins: Heaven or Las Vegas (album ver. Video)^

Have a fabulous fucking foosday fuckheads!

^Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug^

OH! And eye have “one for the road.”

^Arcade Fire – Reflektor^


*Still floating on air, Clicky?*