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Missive From ‘Merica: One For The Road…

Oh well, it had to happen, Dear Reader… It appears this will be Cade’s last missive at the LoL for a while, as he will be shortly setting out on his walking adventure. We wish him well…

Clicky has supplied all the images, below…

*Er… he asked me first, okay? …/sniff… I told him, you’d do it…*



Roob hasn’t even posted the last whatever that I sent her, and she’s already inspired me to write another one.




I am not sure how I feel about this.

Meh…I’ll figure it out.

^Cocteau Twins – Pink Orange Red^
To Bypass Food Embargo, Qatar Will Pay $8 Million To Airlift 4,000 Cows

Yeah…that motherfucker right there.

That’s what I was greeted with on this fine Tuesday morning, that is a fine Tuesday afternoon for Roob.

No “hello”…no “good morning”…no “hey, I won the lottery and am sending you $10 of it”…no…she sent me that story. Seeing as how I had just woke up…wait…I wonder if I still had morning wood? Do I even have morning wood anymore?

(Mental Note to check tomorrow)

To be fair, I didn’t give her a proper/socially acceptable g’day type of greeting either…so I prolly deserved it /shrug

Roob is quite aware that I…

A) Don’t read the news, pretty much HATE reading the news,

B) HATE death stories/death announcements.

And yet…she prods my sour ass on.


BUT! She inspires me. As do others.

Hence…I express, now digress.

^CeCe Peniston – Finally^

What caught my eye…were the tags. No, you fucking social media nitwit…not those tags…the tags all fucking over the cows. There are tags on the tags, and marks on the tags’ tags which are themselves marked with more marks. This made me think of marks, and markings, which had the makings of all kinds of marks and marking and tattoos and piercings and fashion and shit like that. But let’s leave Jesus hanging where he is for now…k? Anyway…what really drew my eyes to this, was…

“According to Bloomberg’s calculations, it will take as many as 60 flights for Qatar Airways to deliver the 590-kilogram beasts that Moutaz Al Khayyat, chairman of Power International Holding, bought in Australia and the U.S.”

Yeah…scary shit, eh?

Welp…not for me. But that’s just me. Not that there haven’t been a lot of references here and there lately as to a single premise…control. Not marks, not marking, hell…not even marketing…but control. That means controlling via controls. So yeah…infrastructure.

Have you herd and herded heard as single goddamn thing I said?

Prolly cause I’m right in the big fucking middle…just like everyone else.

Yep...there's power in thought.

Yep…you’ve nailed that premise.

And nailed it…

and nailed it…

and nailed it.

^A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray^

This comment of…

“Cade…I’ve read some of your writing, and I notice that you speak in a lot of generalities”

…that was made to me over at the Bolton’s Smokers Club sometime recently has kept my head spinning for a while.

Really? A guy on the fence speaks in generalities? What the fuck is wrong with speaking in generalities irrespective of the relative location of my ass?

Well played.

Yeah…I tend to think about things for longer than most care to entertain. Must be my inability to commit. We are transients as much as we are anything else. If there ain’t nothing there for you, we move on. If there ain’t nothing there for you, yet there is a beckoning to stay that you cannot yet understand, we choose.

Sounds like sage advice to me...but that's just me.

I don’t like to discount possibility.

I see the influence.

I see all kinds of stuff that I don’t actively talk about.

Figuring it out, what it means to me, and where I choose to go from there is a different animal entirely…innit?

Someone to talk about shit with helps too.

Just sayin.
^Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise Remix) [HD]^

Cocaine and amphetamine regulated transcript
Champ Car
Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile
Liberty Media
Chloroquine Retinopathy
Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis
Granulocyte Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor Receptor
A Lack of a Functional NAD(P)H:Quinone Oxidoreductase Allele Is Selectively Associated with Pediatric Leukemias That Have MLL Fusions
Elevated hematocrit enhances platelet accumulation following vascular injury
Rogue Wave
John Scott Russell
Versine (Redirected from Versed Sine)
Haversine Formula
Floating-Point Arithmetic
Siege of Leningrad

I’m not saying that I know any of this shit…because I don’t. Just saying that I know that I don’t know. Working on it tho. That I OK with you?


Also from that ZeroHedge story…

“Call it the biggest bovine airlift in history, as Bloomberg puts it.”

O RLY?!?!?! Been a lot of bovine airlifts in history? Are we getting that specific now? Because I can tell you, that “bovine airlifts” have been going on for some time.

We'll get to walls in a minute.

But how about “equine airlifts?” How long have those been going on? I used to see pallets of horse meat being loaded on to Air France bound for french palates since they are big on horse meat.

Hmmm…I wonder how and when The French acquired such a taste? Prolly the same way residents of Leningrad acquired a taste for shoe and belt leather. Do we need to discern whether the bovine or equine or whatever are alive or dead? Meh…digression time.

So yeah...walls.

China… Berlin… Troy… USA/Mexico… Persian Gulf… The Red Sea… Gulf of Tonkin… Bay of Pigs… Antarctica? Or Finnish Lapland? OH!!! Arctic Waterways and crystals!!!

So yeah...CIA.

Mystery = SOLVED! Next!

^Duran Duran – Notorious^

They’re slowly cutting me off at the knees…right near the hip…just below the throat.

More and more stuff doesn’t work on the web. And for a guy who doesn’t visit very many websites on a daily basis…well…whatever. Who cares right? Upgrade or die. But Twitter now looks like one giant advertising page for some new company called “Media Cannot Be Played.” Their adds are everywhere on my Twitter feed.

Meh…it was just a matter of time anyway.

It’s cloudy this morning.

^Biggie Smalls – Notorious remix^


Yeah…I wrote all the shit above in a blaze of fury yesterday morning. Not sure how much actual blazing and fury there was… I just type kinda fast even tho I still only use three fingers and a thumb to do so. But I’m not banging one of these things out every day in a coupla hours anymore. My mind is elsewhere. Not saying my heart is not in it, nor am I saying my mind is not on it … just pondering some other shit as well.

Tortillas come to mind. 

But anyway, no amount of preparing will prepare you for something you aren’t prepared for. Just gotta roll with it and make it up as you go. If there is an essence to the concept of synchronicity, I would imagine that would be it.

^London Grammar – Hey Now [Arty remix]^

Interesting bit I stumbled across this morning at the Velvet Glove Iron Fist blog.

The tobacco template

After reading the top 1/2 or so of the article…what I immediately thought about was…

Q: What are all these completely healthy but completely restricted people gonna do with all of this time they now have?

A: ???

“Graphic Warnings”…pictures…of people…who are not me…in various states of duress and or dismemberment…magically appearing…for reasons unknown…on the packaging of “insert product here.” Doesn’t sound like care to me. Certainly doesn’t sound caring. Maybe that’s what happens when “damn the cost” becomes your battle-cry. Meh…sounds like their will be plenty of free-time for crying when the battle is over.

“Healthy” people…with nothing better to do…than sit around and cry.

^Reflekt – Need To Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Vocal Mix) FULL HD^
(Just play along here...k?)
Q: What time did you get out of bed this morning?

A: 07:00 AM

Q: 07:00 AM? Why not 06:30 AM?

A: Because I don’t have to be at work until 09:00 AM.

Q: What if there is traffic?

A: I don’t own a car.

Q: What if you need one?

A: I don’t.

Q: What if the trains or buses weren’t running or were running late?

A: Wouldn’t affect me.

Q: How could it not? If you’re late, you’ll get bad employee reviews and eventually fired. Now you’re going to have to find a new job, which will be difficult because you got fired from your last job for not being more proactive and forward-thinking.

A: I live directly across the street from where I work. I moved to where I work to cut down on expenses.

Q: SEE! Now you need a car because your new job, assuming you can find one, is going to be far away from where you live. Now you gotta either get a car, or move. Assuming you can afford to do either now that you are unemployed. Or rely on unreliable public transportation, which is just as expensive as owning a car over the long run, if you would simply sit down and do the math on it.

A: You seem to have more free time to think about these things than I. Can I get back to work now?

Q: Sorry. Just needing to find a new place to live. Me and my roommate don’t get along. They say I talk to much and worry too much. Do you need a roommate or know anyone who does?

A: …

^Medina – You and I (deadmau5 Remix) HQ^



So…which is worse? Talking about things, or not talking about things? Because which ever one you choose to label as worse, either is going to be then labeled as bad, which is where they were in the first place. So what was accomplished in taking this trip from bad to worse and back to bad? Learning?

Q: Where’s the good in that?

A: ?¿?

The “better one” was the worse one. Or is it, the least bad one is the better one?

A better kind of bad.

Mmmmmmm….a better kind of bad…right up my alley.


Pretty damn interesting documentary I stumbled across/got to see yesterday.

^Chasing Bubbles – the movie^

X: I’ve done that a time or two.

Cade: Chased bubbles? I bet it looked weird to anyone watching.

X: So I’ve heard.

Cade: I can see that.

X: Which part?

Cade: Does it make me an asshole if I say both?

X: How could you possibly know what my purpose is?

Cade: Isn’t it obvious?

X: Focus on the obvious…the questions wll come later.

Cade: The questions are already there.

X: That’s what I meant 😉

Cade: Oh…the actual official “Q&A Session” itself.

X: Assuming we get there.

Cade: lolz…we?

X: …

Cade: I would imaging that would be quite a delicate maneuver.

X: You said that you could rub two bubbles together and generate a lightning strike.

Cade: Is that the first one?

X: You mean…am I acquiring the first bubble for this demonstration?

Cade: I’m trying not to read into that.

X: Why not?

Cade: I don’t like defining something that is as of yet, undefined, just because I think I can define it.

X: That’s quite a definition of non-defining.

Cade: Is it? I thought that’s what conversation and experiencing was about?

X: …

Cade: That wasn’t a question.

X: Whatever you need to tell yourself.

Cade: I got nothin.

X: And a whole lot of it by my calculations.

Cade: Meh…I’ll do the best I can with it.

X: Is that all you can do?

Cade: What else is there?

X: You sure are anticipating the hammer today. Why is that?

Cade: I guess the closer I get to center, the fuzzier things get.

X: You see any purpose in that?

Cade: Much in the same way I would see a traffic light changing from green to red so fast, that all I see is yellow.

X: Does that scare you.

Cade: I like yellow /shrug

X: That’s not what I asked.

Cade: I can only go on, until I can’t.

X: Then what?

Cade: I’ll keep going.

X: Almost there.

Cade: You aren’t actually trying to catch that bubble…are you?

X: We’ll see.

Cade: Trying to do something, and not do something, both at the same time.

X: Times change.

Cade: I’m as comfortable as I can be with that thought.

X: Are you sure?

Cade: Not yet.

X: 😉

Cade: 🙂

^Fluke – Kitten Moon [HQ]^




I’m gonna take a break for a while.

I'm not saying goodbye here.

Just letting you know that I’ll be saying hello somewhere else.

^Deadmau5 – The Oshawa Connection (1080p) || HD^


*Let me guess… /taps teeth… Hanky Yanky?*

*/:O… Yikes! Sounds painful. Are you able to give us a parting Song, Clicky? …/rubs snout…*

Missive From ‘Merica: Okie Devil/Texas Rambler

There follows a longish missive from my good friend Cade, in which he follows up on his previous mid-week insect-infested meandering, relates a humorous telephone conversation with his ex-missus in ‘The Key Hunt’ and mourns the loss of seasonal fruit…


*No, Clicky, that’s not all there is…*

*Music, yes… A fuckton…*

*Of course… a shitload of pictures…*

*Er, two Wiki Wavy Walls, Clicky… Enough to keep you out of mischief for a while…*

*Good call!*


I’ve forgotten some things…

...I wonder if I can remember them?


^Blue Sky by Fluke^

But first…how bout some fun!

^Drum Club – Sound System (Underworld Mix)^

A Tungsten Sphere found in Bosnia.

Or is it Iron?

I’m gonna ignore the parts about “The Super-Intelligent Snail”

Don’t want people thinking that I am too crazy.

X: You are crazy.
Cade: Am not.
X: Are too.
Cade: Am not.
X: Are two.
Cade: Am not.
X: R2
Cade: Am not.
X: R2-D2
Cade: Am not. And BTW, we better stop there…George Lucas is gonna sue your ass.
X: “My ass?!?!?” You mean “our ass?”
Cade: Nope. You and just you. George Lucas is gonna sue you.
X: Is not.
Cade: Is too.
X: Nuh-uh.
Cade: Is so.
X: …
Cade: …
0: …
Cade: O HAI! Long time no see.
0: …

^Nowhere Fast – Streets of Fire.wmv^

I guess since I’ve been thinking about “templates” and how they relate to creation and creating with respect to holograms…throw in some Dung Beetles and some other various flora and fauna, and we have all the ammunition we need!!!

So…according to the website above…Tungsten, is typically used for “fragments” in ammunition products. There was also a mention of “maximum damage.”

/me shudders

The above article, states that Tungsten is used in all kinds of shit, including “a variety of weapons”…and goes on to mention that some was even sent out on Voyager 1. Thinking about that thought, and thinking about Stephen Hawking’s postulation that if we are ever contacted by “alien life” that we should not respond…

Q: How would “alien life” respond to “an interstellar greeting that contains a metal that is used in weaponry here on Earth?”

A: Yeah...has a "Pandora's Box" and/or "Trojan Horse" kinda ring to it.

I mean, these aliens have been around for a lot longer than us, and are MUCH more intelligent than us, and are MUCH more advanced than us…so…who is to say that they haven’t been using Tungsten in their own weapons for eons? Just wondering how they might think of such a thing. Maybe I should go read-up on The Voyager Missions and see what the thinking was/is with respect to what was put on that thing and why.

Or…I could just assume that “advanced aliens visiting Earth/Terra” have the ability to travel through time in less-conventional fashion, and have been reviewing the process and processes that went into The Voyager Missions in order to better understand what in the fuck we were thinking by loading up a “Sanford and Son” garage sale type of space vehicle, and slinging that shit out into space.

^The Smiths-Nowhere Fast-Guitar Cover-Allison Bennett^
Stacking Faults in Vacuum Evaporated Crystals of Copper and Silver
(Above is from 11 May 1956 - nice. Must be some trademark/patent type shit involved)
Evaporated Crystals of Urea
Interface (Matter)
Optical Phenomena
Fata Morgana (Mirage)
Fata Morgana (Mirage)-In Literature
Looming and Similar Refraction Phenomena
Atmospheric Refraction
Observer-Expectancy Effect
Facilitated Communication
Pest Control
Weed Control
Field Theory (Psychology)
Law of Effect

So…if you as a person…

A) live in a giant mansion,
B) have a cool car,
C) hot wife,
D) perfect kids,
E) have loads of cash,

does that mean that, if I do not…

A) live in a giant mansion

…that we can pretty much assume that everything else within that model and modeling will crumble when applied to anyone and everyone except yourself?

No wonder everyone is motherfucking psychotic and paranoid.

Or at least…thinks that they might be.

Or…that if they aren’t crazy…

everyone else…is.

^The Pixies – Levitate Me^

So in yesterday’s whatever, I forgot to mention a thought as to why I think that I am seeing many insects that I have no seen in years. I’ll go ahead and get the obvious “prolly because you haven’t been looking for them” out of the way. But I’ll augment that with another thought, seeing as how I am a big believer in the concept of “It’s Never One Thing.”

Currently, I am staying in a house that was built in the 1950’s. Yep…it was built not long after World War II. This particular house is at the far northern reaches of the suburban city in which I live. It is considered “ghetto” or “the hood” by most standards, as there are a great many “poor people” that live in the homes that surround me. But judging by the difficulties that most homeowners have with “lawn care” and pest control” and the like, yeah…a push in one direction seems to dictate a push in the opposite direction.

All it takes...is time.

Afterall, most of the public projects to spray the living shit out of areas for pestilence have long since ceased, save for the occasional push to spray for mosquitoes that may have West Nile Virus, and now Zika. Not like Malaria was ever a problem here in this hot-assed marshland where a bunch of rivers and creeks used to run. But I digress.

^Pixies – Surfer Rosa. 1 – Bone Machine^

I guess that if I took more time to sit down and write some of this shit that I am thinking about, instead of just sitting around and thinking about it, yeah…I might get more done. Or at least…”more done” that is a shade more tangible to anyone stupid enough to be reading this shit. Lotta flippin’ and floppin’ and wafflin’ and ziggin’ and zaggin’ and…wait…ziggin’ and zaggin’…I guess I need to buy some pot.

Got any?
^Sonic Youth – Tunic (Song For Karen)^

Clark Kellogg: “There’s a kind of freedom in being completely screwed… because you know things can’t get any worse.”

Movie = The Freshman

^PJ Harvey – Dress – HD Live (V Festival 2003)^
Sodium Peroxynitrate
Hydrogen Peroxide
Paraffin Wax
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Redirected from Laximetry)
Lactulose (Redirected from Laxilose)
Monosodium Glutamate
M-SG Reducing Agent
Silica Gel
Lustre (Mineralogy)
Asterism (Gemology)
Titanium Dioxide
Carbide-Derived Carbon
Carbon Nanotube
Orbital Hybridisation
VSEPR Theory
Steric Number
Coordination Number
Denticity (Redirected from Bidentate)
Radical (Chemistry) (Redirected from Free-radical)
Free-Radical Theory of Aging
DNA Methylation

So…thinking about “the long term effects” of tinkering with all of this time related stuff that has applications outside of time itself…

Q: What is to say that sometime in the future, a full-term pregnancy is so “out-of synch” with the goings on outside of the womb, and how those relate to the goings on inside the womb, that a fetus begins an aging process as it traverses the birth-canal that is so traumatic, that the baby begins to age at a rate that equals a life lived, and an old man or old woman is born, and dies, shortly after delivery?

A: ...

Sound impossible? If you think of spin and spins and spinning “as everything”…or at least, think of it as “everything as it relates to time and motion with respect to matter”…it’s really not that hard to imagine such a process taking place.


Not suggesting that “stillbirth” as we know it today, is a reflection of a process and/or processes that is/are currently happening. However, the future is not ours to have. Not in the way and ways that some seem to perceive the future anyway.

And not that I am right/correct in any of my analysis and/or conclusions. I’m prolly wrong in most of them. However, I tend to temper that fact/those facts with…


I gots no answers. And more than that, yeah…I prolly most certainly do not have the answers that you and/or your peers require.

That said, I’m kinda thinking that the process of birth is not the traumatic event that it is made out to be, at least with respect to the baby. I’ve seen it up close and personal, and yeah…it’s weird. But it’s not like this sort of thing happens every fucking day either.

For example…as of today…I am 18,075 days old. From November 15th of 1967 to May 11th of 2017 is 18,075 days.

(according to The Internet) 😛

Out of those 18,075 days, I have witnessed the process of a child being born, a grand total of 3 times.

Not very much when worded like that.

A whole fucking lot when worded like that.

Yep...both, and not one or the other.
^Depeche Mode — New Dress^

If “garbage” is your problem, or at least, “a” problem…

Q: Where is all of this “garbage” coming from?

A: ?¿?

Q: Where is all of this “garbage” supposed to go?

A: ¿?¿

Yeah…I don’t have any answers either. But I have some ideas. These tend to be “birth to death” types of ideas. No idea where I got that idea.

^777 Gear Swing 2012^

It’s 11:02 currently on this fine Thursday May 11th of 2017, I’ve been writing this particular whatever for a coupla hours now…and the silence of my loud-assed thinking, was just interrupted by a phone call from whatshername…

Whatshername: I need you to do me a favor.
Cade: Take the garbage out?
Whatshername: No…your son has locked himself out of his car with the engine running.
Cade: OK.
Whatshername: I have a spare key, and my mother is going to take it to him. Will you go look in that cubby in the kitchen where all the glasses are?
(Cade proceeds into the kitchen, “cellphone of despair” in hand, open cubby door, grab keys that are sitting there, and jingle keys into cellphone receiver).
Whatshername: OK…that’s not them. There is a bunny rabbit mug…no wait…it’s um…shit…I can’t remember…it’s a mug that “so-and-so” got me…but I can’t remember what it is…it’s um…
Cade: (the mug in question is sitting right in fucking front of me, it is the only fucking mug in the cubby, as the rest of the glassware in there is champagne and wine glasses/crystal stemware and maragarita glasses…but I listen to her patiently as she rambles under duress) Machu Picchu?
Whatshername: THAT’S THE ONE!!! Now…there is a very long key in there, that has some piece of paper attached to it.
Cade: My…that is a long key. I wish my penis was that long.
Whatshername: (laughs) OK…will you take that outside, and my mother will be by in a few minutes to pick it up.

Her mother lives directly across the street, so I cannot help but roll my eyes at the infinite amount of time that I must now sit and wait until my ex-mother-in-law has to drive approximately 75-100 feet to cross the street. I open the front door, she is already sitting in her car in the driveway with her door ajar…I hold the key up and jungle it, and I say…

Cade: If you think I’m walking this all the way over there, you’re crazy.

I didn’t notice that my ex-mother-in-law was on the phone, but she smiled anyway. She has a great sense of humor, and seems to enjoy “my dry wit” and bitter sarcasm.

Anyway…I hear my youngest’s voice in the hallway outside, so I guess they are back.

It seems that my oldest had driven my youngest to Guitar Center to look at guitars, and somehow locked themselves out of the car with the engine running.

/me shrugs

Imma go get the different perspectives of the tales that are no doubt being recounted outside of my door right now.

^Deadmau5 – Sometimes Limits Get Broken^

Welp…that wasn’t such a great idea. The conversations had already wandered to accusation, resolution, restitution, preventative, penance, and guilt. I wandered in and out of the conversations that were taking place at different times in different locations based on participants as they wandered about the house, but the best that I could muster was…

“Son…if you lock yourself out of your car again…you aren’t going to be able to drive it anymore.”

He smiled.
^Front 242 (The History 1984 – 2005) [05]. Slaughter (daveg75 videoRemix)^

So yeah…old houses…old neighborhoods, old dirt. I dunno how long dirt is supposed to last, but seeing as how I am almost 50 years old, I simply assume that the dirt is going to last longer than me. However, I have to assume that my children are going to last even longer than I am, so maybe they will see the dirt progress in ways that I could never even imagine. I mean…isn’t that how life works? How life is supposed to work?

My father is dead. I mean…I don’t consider him dead, nor do I consider anyone who is dead as “being dead.” The reason that I look at death in this way is that I have no common frame of reference with respect to anything other than “the aftermath.” But that is not my frame of reference, nor even “a” frame of reference, because everything that is left, has to do with life…not death. What my father did in life. What my father did in life with respect to our interactions and experiences.

I was there when my father died. I was not in the same room, but I was in the adjoining room as he had “gotten pretty bad.” My brother-in-law (youngest sister’s at the time husband) was the one who wandered into the other room and discovered that my father was no longer breathing. Ironic that my borther-in-law would die just a few months after that.


^front 242, television station^

Cicadas in this area are on a 17 year cycle. So…why is it so difficult to think that other insects and/or “wildlife” could not be/are not on similar cycles? I mean, if you don’t like an area that you live in…you move…right? Animals aren’t stupid, and neither are you. I guess the question that remains is…

Q: What about “the infrastructure?” Does it also move?

A: ?¿?

It prolly moves if it is allowed to move/not prevented from moving. Because in those cases, yeah…its gonna move. It just ain’t gonna move in any predictable manner or manners because all is unknown. Oroville/The Oroville Dam is a good model for that thought.

But thinking about how we are tracking movement and movements with GPS and shit like that, what is our base? The beginning of monitoring? Because that says to me you only give a shit about it from that point.

Meaning: What is to prevent the entirety of Earth from moving around a single "fixed-object."

Something like The Hoover Dam. Who is to say that everything was so interrupted by the creation of that dam, that the entirety of the area began to shift its shifting to accommodate its construction. Now, all it has to do is figure out how to adjust and continue its motion and motions from there. And now all we have to do, is think about the terrain and terrains that surrounds the terrain that is “more directly affected” in order to see the gears and cogs that are affected “across the board” with respect to “building a permanent fixture atop a permanent fixture.”

lmost has a “Tower of Babel” or “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” of “Lighthouse of Alexandria” or whatever type of ring and rings to it, eh?

^Move! – Public Enemy^

I’m kinda excited to see if The Cicadas come out “en masse” this year. Lots of insects this spring. And I mean LOTS! I just hope that people don’t freak the fuck out over it, and use this is some sort of excuse for some “final solution” as if to say

“we’ve finally lured them out and lured them in…now is the time to strike.”

Pestilence isn’t really what I think most people think it is. I remember seeing HUGE swarms of grasshoppers when I was a kid. And yeah, seeing the paths that they left behind in their wake? Impressive as shit. Almost unbelievable to see paths carved out by millions of “small-ish” insects. (The grasshoppers in this and surrounding areas can be motherfucking HUGE).

But anyway…thinking of “the damage they cause” as a passing thing? Sure…you may lose a lot of crops for a single year, or even a coupla years. But…it’s not like you singled out a dinner table right out in the open. It’s not like you chose a huge plot of land to grow “this, and this ONLY” instead of something a bit more “flowy.” Grasshoppers and other insects and life of all kinds has a right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness as much as any other living thing…don’t they?

I dunno. “The Framers of The Constitution” prolly weren’t thinking that big at the time. Or, maybe they were. I have no idea where they might have gotten their inspiration(s) on liberty, happiness nor freedom…but I have some pretty goddamn good ideas as to their source and sources.

But that’s just me.

I'm weird like that.
^Public Enemy-Can’t Truss It^

A military aircraft, performing “a tactical descent.”


Mystery = SOLVED! Next!
^C-17 tactical descent, 25000ft to 5000ft in 58 seconds^

Been thinking about June Bugs a lot, since they, like Crickets, are damn near NEVAR fucking seen around here anymore. But then again, June Bugs are simply Grub Worms that have been sitting around underground for years, digging their way through the dirt and eating the roots of finely manicured lawns and making ugly and unsightly brown patches.

Gotta KILL those bastards before the kill the entire lawn!!!

Not like they are gonna turn into June Bugs and fly away in a coupla months.


So? Don’t we do the same?


You don’t say.

^B 52’s – June Bug^

Burrowers and borers and diggers and shit like that? Yeah…I understand how irritating they could be to a farmer. Not that I have ever known any farmers.

(I have, and I do) 

But anyway…yeah…if we kill them all…how do we really know what their purpose is, outside of pissing you off? If we think in terms of sampling, maintenance, observation…all wrapped in the nesting of time and times and changes? Yeah…purpose and purposes.

Q: Ever picked up a stray animal and tried to get it to eat?


Yeah…if you pick up a stray, your first order of business is survival right? So…you feed it. Or at least, attempt to. Watch any “nature show”…and all you are gonna see is eating, shitting, fucking, and dying. So, the process of elimination…

Q: Did you pick up this stray to fuck it or watch it fuck?

A: No.


Q: Did you pick up this stray to save its life?

A: Yes.


Q: Did you pick up this stray to watch it shit?

A: No. BUT! It will prolly need to shit at some point, if I can get the fucking thing to eat anything.


Q: Now what?

A: ???

Yeah…I dunno either. My point being, if you as a person no longer needed to eat, would you know when that time arrived? And I’m not talking about the events leading up to and culminating in a meal that you eventually sit down and eat until you are full. I am talking about no longer needing to consume food, for whatever reason…would you know when if this event took place, which required you to no longer require a requirement, outside of the act of consumption/consuming sustenance.

Q: How would you know?

A: You wouldn't? Or...you would?

Maybe “when” is sometimes a process in and of itself. Maybe this is why we are sometimes hungry, and sometimes, not so much…irrespective of available options. And I’m only thinking more “in modern terms” here, as we no longer have seasons anymore. We fly and ship food from all over the fucking world. And outside of the season and season changes themselves, we have no real reference(s) as to when it is, via what it is. And by that I mean…

Q: Are Watermelons “in-season?”

Q: Are Oranges “in-season?”

Q: Are Cantaloupes “in-season?”

Q: Are Apples “in-season?”

Oh really? Apples are in-season?

Q: What kind?

^Depeche Mode – Clean^

Yeah…we used to get all kinds of fruits and vegetables at different times of the year here in Texas. We’d look forward to Grapefruit at certain times of the year. Look forward to Green Grapes at one point in the year, and Red Grapes at another point in the year. Avocados here and there, when and if “the crops came in.”

But now…you can walk into a store, and it’s the same shit, day after day, year round. The displays never change. The roadside stands selling fresh fruits and vegetables, and the day-trips to drive out to get them? Gone. Restricted. Prohibited. Licensed to extinction. The home gardens? Good luck trying to grow one without a visit from The EPA seeing what you are using to grow your stuff, or a visit from The DEA to make sure you aren’t growing anything that you shouldn’t be.

Think I’m paranoid? Welp…you may be right. But I do know that the town that I live in, PROHIBITS the erecting of outside clothes lines for drying your clothes sans electric clothes dryer…as they are “unsightly.” Lotta panties, and bras, and underwear, and shit like that…and we don’t need to be thinking about how hot that chick prolly looks in that bra and panties. It leads to all kinds of nasty lascivious lechery, and pre-marital sex, and unwanted pregnancy/pregnancies, and unwanted children, and crime, and poverty, and jail, and recidivist types of behavior that are unwanted. We must not perpetuate this kind of thinking. It must be stopped…and it must be stopped FOREVAR!!!

God help us all.
^Gemini – Turn Me On [HD]^

I am 49 years, 5 months, and 26 days old.

593.8 – Months
2,582.1 – Weeks
18,075 – Days
433,800 – Hours
26,028,000 – Minutes
1,561,680,000 – Seconds
187 days until my next birthday.
It appears that day, November 15th 2017, will be a Wednesday.

^Course Of Empire – Coming Of The Century^

Meh…we’ll figure it out.



Or not.



^Philip T.B.C. feat. C.Monts – Back To The Batcave (Topspin Remix)^

It’s weird what we remember.
Is it weird what we remember?

It’s weird how we remember.
Is it weird how we remember?

It’s weird what we remember and how.
Is it weird what we remember and how?

Q: Is it weird what we forget?

A: I dunno either.
^Course Of Empire – Infested!^

Air conditioning. Something…goes here…about…air conditioning.

Maybe it was…”an” air-conditioner, and not “air conditioning” in and of itself.

Yeah...it was an air conditioner.
A gallery.

Or a theatre.

Or something.

^Course of Empire “Infested!” (live 7-18-98 at Trees, Dallas, TX)^

cYa | cFa

^Propellerheads — Take California^



*What you doing?! Clicky, work don’t finish until 5pm…*


*Oh okay, work finished at 1pm for you… /rolls eyes… I’ll see you at home later…*


Missive From ‘Merica: Double Header

Well, it was going to be a double header for Sunday, Dear Reader: two missives from Cade, butt… in the end I spent the evening with Thoughtful Man, helping him catch up on Doctor Who episodes…

*I was only going to watch the new episode with him but he kept asking “What happened to Clara?’ and “Who the fuck is Nardole?” …/sigh…*

*Yeah, and it’s not even like hadn’t seen those episodes before… /thinks… It almost like… /squints… like he was playing dumb or sumthing…*

So without further ado, Dear Reader, here is The Okie Devil’s second missive for Easter Sunday. Enjoy! ❤



It was on this day a coupla thousand years ago, that someone died/was killed, then…WHOOSH…vanished.

Q: When did this “person of interest” vanish?

A: ???
^Matt Lange – Escapist^

I guess when we think about our own lives, and the stories that we hear, there is a simultaneousness that is created over time with respect to stories that we hear over the span of our life. Maybe an understanding that is always there, that is balanced by a non-understanding, or vice versa. Maybe this is an additional factor that sometimes drives us to know. But there’s a problem with even that. I guess someone trying to prove that this is correct or incorrect is going to have to prove the proof at some point. So you’re gonna have to recruit. You’re gonna have to figure out how to find others that think the way you think, or believe what you believe, so that you can prove whatever it is that you are trying to prove.

Q: Is this what has happened to teaching/teachers?

A: SAY WUT?!?!?!?

I’m only thinking of my own experiences, and how those experiences of the “mine” variety relate to those that I have observed around me who have shared their similar experiences with me.

Yep…still trying to understand, exactly what it is that I am supposed to be understanding.

So…practice. Or…”in-practice”…if that makes more sense.

^Matt Lange – Count It^

If I seek out someone to help me, is what they recommend considered law?

If someone seeks me out for help, is what I recommend considered law?

That’s kinda how I operate. At least, how I try to operate. This is what I was taught. But I’ve found that the practical application of these precepts pretty much necessitate throwing them out the window first-rattle-out-of-the-bag upon encountering either. This allows me to view anyone as I interact with as an individual…and not some situational statute that must be adhered to and followed.

This is a person who’s experience and experiences are going to vary within the aforementioned constructs. And when we get topical as to the specific issue at hand? The potential(s) become damn near limitless as to the possibilities within that particular exchange. Maybe this is another place where we get things really fucking right and/or really fucking wrong within certain disciplines of human endeavors. Maybe it’s because of all of the shit that we continue to omit under the assumption of “if it wasn’t needed then, we ain’t gonna need it now nor ever.”

Oh yeah?

Q: What’s the issue?

A: WHAT?!?!?

Yeah. What’s the issue? Done this before have you? Oh…you have? Hmmm…then why are you doing it again?

^deadmau5 – Polaris^

Prolly why “the cyclical models” work so well AND fail so spectacularly. You include one time as the base for the cycle…and then…leave all other times within that time out.

Almost sounds like…growth.


Q: If we take a single bacteria…and intentionally “suspend” that living organism’s “anima”…what does that do to time?

A: ?¿?

Are you thinking small or big here with respect to time and times? Because if you aren’t thinking singularly, with respect to the nested time and times, then you are prolly thinking destructively.

Time stops for one, time stops for all.


Are you thinking “instantaneously” with respect to that stoppage? Or are you taking time into consideration there? Time does have a flow to it afteall, even within the context of simultaneousness and or singularity. So let’s think of this in terms of a freight train that encounters an issue.

Q: If the engine pulling our train suddenly stops completely, what happens to the cars that this engine is pulling?

A: Almost has an "unstoppable force meets immovable object" kinda ring to it eh?

Welp…reactions take time. Irrespective of the amount of time that reaction takes, and irrespective of the observers ability to comprehend/measure/quantify that time.

Q: If time stops for one, that cascades and causes time to stop for all, how would you know?

A: ...

Time has stopped for you. How would you know?

^No Mana – Metronomes For Pulsars (Monstergetdown Remix)^

Maybe this video below helps with the concept of “unexpected persistences”…and how they relate to immovable objects/unstoppable forces…and maybe not.

/me shrugs
^Hancock Saves Ray ”Train Scene” – Hancock-(2008) Movie Clip Blu-ray HD^

Thinking of time as motion that perpetuates itself through its system via systems that creates this system, what happens when time stops at location “A” via a “System A Stoppage?”

A = Location time stopped.

System A = system that stopped at location A.

Q: What happens to Location B/System B?

A: A + B = X

X is simultanous there as both “A” and “B” and “X” when “X = A + B”…but there is going to be a compounding factor since we don’t know the result(s) of any…let alone what those results will result in over time over times over time.

So…”X” always exists. It’s simply a matter of when and where “X” coalesces and/or manifests and how.

X = The Mystery in the now, via the past, to the future.

When X = Z? Game Over.

Maybe if you think of “When X = 0″…instead of “when X = Z” or “When X = Ω”…that’ll make it seem less creepy.

BUT FEAR NOT!!! For there is not simply one set of “A + B = X”…there are two.

^deadmau5 & ATTLAS – bad at titles^

Yep…two sets.

A + B = X
X = B + A

But, I’m gonna go ahead and point out that these two equations are simultaneous, because of the third iteration of this equation that is embedded within it. I’m not ready to post the full equation yet because I don’t know how to describe it other than just show you the original equation that spawned the other two equations that are nested in a single equation. My oldest son came up with the equation, and I am trying to explain it. I guess this is what “real scientists” endure at the behest of their ideas, but I can only guess. I’m not a scientist, real or otherwise. Just someone who happened to be in the right spot to see some things coming together in a lot of ways that make perfect sense, and no sense whatsoever.

So the embedded third set is going to be…

A ->< - X -><- B

Maybe if you keep in mind that “X” is always simultaneously “X” and/or “A” and/or “B”…that’ll help. Just keep in mind that “X” is always “X”, but “X” can and does become “A” when and if it does…

X = A| = |A = X

Once X becomes A, A pushes X to a placeholder for “B”…should “B” eventually manifest/need to manifest. However I should also point out that even in this mode, “A” is still unknown, and/or, known but unrealized. “X” is gonna help us in the now, via A/B, beginning to end.

^Robert Oaks – Apparitions^

So now that we have A = X, we can move on to…

A + X = B

To help a little bit as to “the role of X”…think of splitting “X” like so…

X = \/ + /\
X = > + <

Yeah…a dynamic pointer in a 4-dimensional space that is manifested in the 5th dimension that has 3 extra dimensions of time.

I think of “X coalescing” as a wink. That X only becomes X, when its time for some evaluation as to how to proceed from there. Keeping a “one two, one two” kind of marching cadence is going to help. Because once we find our “B”? X is gonna become a little more dynamic than it already was in its static representation.

EX: When A + X = B, = A + B = X, X = X/Y/Z


A + B = X


A + B = X/Y/Z

The addition of “Y” and “Z” are going to give us a little “cushion”…if you will…and they are also going to be representative of “A” and “B”, but BACKWARDS…as a method of accounting. An “audit trail”…if you will.

Any of this sound familiar to anyone?

Yeah…it erm…crosses some lines.

But if you keep in mind when and where these lines originated in the first place? Maybe that’ll make it seem less creepy. That’s my hope anyway.

^deadmau5 feat. Grabbitz – Let Go (NemesiZ Remix)^

Anyone else gotta report to work tomorrow? SUCKERS!!! I”M UNEMPLOYED AND NEVER WORK!!! HAHAHAHAHA…or something (I’ll try and work on maintaining my composure better)

^Blue Mora – Life^

If I told you, that the original model for time as we know it now, was made out of wood, would you believe me? More than that, what if I told you that this model for time that was made out of wood? Yeah…it eventually became the engine that started time as we know it today, once this model was put into motion.

Maybe if you think about the time that it took to create this model, and the amount of time that it took for this model to run in order to create the time and times that we know today…maybe that’ll help.

I’m seeing 6-sided blocks, that are arranged like some psychotic “Jenga” stack, that are actually tumblers that roll and tumble in a sequence that activates/deactivates the blocks that it comes in contact with, in multiple ways in multiple dimensions…all at the same time and at different times. There are certain blocks in motion, and some that are at rest, but the whole is always in motion. Maybe if you think in terms of infinities embedded within the concept of eternity, that’ll help.

We are talking about Chaos Theory here, and how The Butterfly Effect is going to relate to Sting Theory and Quantum Dynamics. I intentionally changed that term from Quantum Mechanics, because we are talking about looking backwards through time at the motions and actions of the machine itself, and the results set and sets of those dynamics, and how they relate to our world/universe today. If Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Cosmology are spit, and neither is making progress in either regard, welp…even stagnation has a dynamic.

Not trying to combine anything there. But that is the intent at some point as far as I can tell. Coming together? Weird when you think about that concept in a Universe that is always coming apart. Hmmm…coming together in one place, and coming apart in another. Whodathunkit?

^No Mana feat. Winnie Ford – Constellations^

I guess we can learn things “on our own” if we keep that “on our own” concept in perspective. It’s damn hard to do that’s for sure. I guess it’s sad for me personally, to at this point have to think about weaponry and “advances” with respect to discovery. But I also know that I am not alone in this regard. Lotta examples of people who are seeking peace somehow finding war, and people seeking war finding peace, and blah blah blah.

Yeah…very “blah” sounding, all that war and peace is. In our time, just over the last few days and weeks…bombs being dropped, missiles being launched/fired, weapons being deployed, others being tested. Its confusing as shit. It’s even more confusing when you try and rationalize confusion into making some kind of sense. Hell, that concept of “rationalizing confusion” sounds warlike in and of itself. I’m not suggesting that you hit your knees every time that you do something, but maybe a pause within the confusion here and there ain’t such a bad notion.

I mean, we are becoming a 24/7/365=366 world, in a world that could already be defined as existing in such a tense and tenses. But requiring someone to work on day that you yourself refuse to work on? Requiring someone to work hours that you yourself do not work? Requiring someone to adhere to standards you yourself do not adhere to? Yeah…I think shit like that is going to have a natural propensity to manifest itself in ways that you can neither anticipate nor understand. And how in the hell are you gonna make these connections or reach some sort of understanding as to their plausibility if you continue to dismiss the same potential sources over and over again.

Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over again, using the same methods and expecting a different result.

Welp…I have some problems with that particular quip. Mainly, because it seems to be all about time and times, and yet omits time completely. It’s “result(s) based thinking” at its worst…and/or at its best (to be fair). And I guess that’s really what this is all about, eh?


I dunno. Maybe you have a different agenda.

/me shrugs
^ATTLAS – The Machinery Chewed^

There was an odd reference to “the wine-press” somewhere I stumbled across recently. Which made me think of “The Grape” as “The Butterfly In The Wheel” in that “Wine-Press” context. But thinking about it now, it also makes me think of this concept of Kenosis, and what a mysterious concept this is even to someone like me. Someone like me being, someone who is comfortable with the concept of God/gods, and equally comfortable with the concept of no God/gods. I dunno what in the fuck they are or would be, and haven’t bumped into any lately, so why would either concept not make sense? Welp, that’s any easy one…”because they don’t”. Meaning, they don’t make sense because they don’t make sense to someone. The fact that something not making sense to someone, also doesn’t make sense to you personally? Yeah…makes sense. lolz.

^HolyU – Hidden Lines^

The thought of being hooked up to some machine in order to “prove” that I don’t know something? Yeah…kinda scary. I mean, I don’t know why you are hooking me up to this machine/why you didn’t believe my original answer, but that’s gonna make me question myself…make my mind race. Especially within the context of all the other confusion that is going on. Order comes out of chaos? Is that really your line of thinking? Because you might have “the order” confused or out of context there. If “the machine” knows “the truth”…then my suggestion would be to ask the machine, and leave me out of your fucking process and processes altogether.

^Robert Oaks – It’s Coming^

This is a pretty good batch of songs, yeah? Not that you are listening to any of them, but a lot of new shit in there from the Mau5trap label via a random YouTube playlist. Good stuff.

^Notaker – Abyss^

Q: If you are going to “take me for a ride”…what consideration(s) are you really affording me?

A: ¿?¿

I mean, I was enjoying the ride I was on just fine thank you very much. Why arbitrarily snatch me off one ride just to put me on another, under the auspices of “yer gonna love this one!” Gee thanks…lolz.

I guess the answer is pretty simple. Need and needs. That’s why I try and look at things as objectively as I can. The concept of “elders” and/or “someone more knowledgeable/experienced” is real…so why would this concept not be equally true in practice? Yeah…lotta smart people in the world. Lotta experience and experiences experiencing things. I guess maybe that notion of “when to poke your head up, and when to duck your head down” helps out sometimes. But in a time when a grenade or bomb can “get you” just as easily as a bullet? Yeah…shit can get confusing. Situations can easily seem winnable and unwinnable at the same time.

So…if you’re gonna make me play, I play it my way as best I can. I guess that’s why the concept of “the solider” works both in theory AND in practice, although it works for the same AND different reasons depending on whether the soldier in question is in training or combat.

In Training: Soldier = Fighting selflessly for God and country.

In Combat: Soldier = Fighting for self and comrades.

Yeah, that Russian Nesting Dolls concept ain’t that hard to grasp, but it’s damn hard to hold onto. Weird.

^No Mana – Static^

I guess that’s enough nonsense for one particular whatever. Not trying to set any kind of record. And I know that I just created a shitload of work for someone else to now have to sift through and evaluate. Maybe me shutting the fuck up will help, so let me do just that…right…about…here.

NOTE TO SELF: Take a shower today. You stink.
^Tinlicker – As We Wake^

cYa | cFa

^Gemini – Turn Me On [HD]^


Missive from ‘Merica: Foxtrot Limey Yank

Yay! Tomorrow I start at a new job, Dear Reader…


*Er… I can’t do shorthand, Clicky… /squints… and probably not a hundred words a minute… /thinks… and filing ain’t really my forte…. I am a temp… /throws back tresses…*

I’ve been a bit busy so I haven’t written a LoL post. I did think of writing about yesterday’s antics by our illustrious Speaker of the House of Commons…

*He is a very little man, Clicky…*

… But Leggy covered Gimli quite nicely.  Fortunately The Okie Devil has stepped up to my rescue with another spiffing missive, below, to keep us entertained…

*Yeah… I have no fucking idea what you mean by that, Clicky…*


*/arches eyebrow… If you say so…*



It’s 08:37 AM on Tuesday the 7th of February – 2017!!!
And if you are saving money?!?!?!?


¿let's rock this hizzay eh?
^AC/DC - Back In Black (Official Video)^

BLOOPS!!! Something has gone…somewhere…or something!

Maybe it went to “terribly wrong.”

It’s a popular destination on The Internet.

Or so I hear anyway.

^Inside 7 World Trade Center Moments Before Collapse^

Now…the most casual of casual observers who watch the following video, will be able to get some indication as to “how aerobatic pilots are able to fly such straight lines”…sometimes anyway. There’s more to it than simply using angles to determine angles and directions and whatnot…but yeah. Sometimes, the most simple of simple things can help us to determine what is and what is not…”a good line.”

^Rob Holland "What I See - Competition Practice"^

If you happen to be an air traveler or any kind, and happen to have 11 minutes and 11 seconds to watch/listen to the following video, it will explain maybe a bit about my personal humility and thankfulness for people and the things that they do. Because sometimes…when every fucking thing goes absolutely wrong? All kinds of shit…somehow…go…correctly. Must be some one and ones and zero and zeros types of…things…or something like that.

Or something.
^REAL ATC] FULL LOSS OF POWER at Miami International #KMIA^

On the previous post of mine here at Roob’s LoL, I made a comment to the effect of…

“I think many people are fond of looking up for a reason.”

What this SHOULD have said…was..

“I think many people are NOT fond of looking up for a reason.”

It was a typo on my part. And after re-reading it, and thinking about what I was thinking at the time, plus what I thought about after catching the error, then what I thought about since then, plus what I am thinking about now…I left it as is. I didn’t ask Roob to correct it, and I’m not asking her to correct it now. I am simply taking a moment to explain what I was thinking and why…because there was and is a FUCKTON more than simply…”people are afraid to look up.” Taking that thought a bit further… “people are afraid to look up, typically…for the same reason(s) that people are afraid to look down.”

We seem to be this…erm…contradictory type and types of beings.

EX: Knowing what we know about the Earth/Terra and it’s round-ish shape…put a human being sitting in a chair on the face of our planet Earth/Terra, and have that person seated facing AWAY from the/our direction of travel.
Meaning: have them face the sunset.

Now…zoom out until you can see the entire planet AND this seated person.
Suddenly…you, as the seated person watching the sunset…are traveling…backwards.

Q: How many observers are required for this experiment?

A: (do your own fucking homework) 😉

^Revolutionary Airplane Propeller in Action: 
Extreme Engineering Antonov An-70 Plane Taking-off^

Q: What sorts of “caveats” did you find with the above?

Any? Many? From a relativistic standpoint, which direction was the seated person traveling? The answer should be…they were traveling at all. They were at rest. I mean they’re seating watching a fucking sunset for chrissakes! All we need is some beer and chips…then that sunset would prolly have been all that and a bag of chips. Too bad the motherfucker observing that shit from outer-space missed it eh? They were too busy watching some lucky asshole sitting in a chair…chillin, and having a beer and some chips while watching the sunset!


So yeah…thinking more about context, and how a single word accidentally omitted by some shitty typist/thinker/sucks at *.* type of person that is me? Yeah…it kinda…changes the meaning and meanings. My thinking is/was/is that the sentence/paragraph/though(s) still made sense, but yeah…it grated on my nerves…wondering…

Q: What do I do?

A: It’s already been done.

/me shrugs

That’s why I tend to write something without really going back and re-reading, which helps me to focus a little bit better when I actually sit down and start writing.

I don’t overthink…I don’t underthink…I just…think.

At least I think I do.

Subjectivity is like…just like…your opinion ma’am…or dude…or…whatever.

^Vans RV-6 Aerobatics - Cockpit view^

(-: Smiles for miles…

…let’s keep going 🙂

^Vans RV-6 180 HP Aerobatics^

So…I stumbled across something yesterday. Had a thought was more like it. Back in September/October of last year, I had some thoughts on making some videos about some of the things that I talk about with respect (or disrespect) to mathematics/physics/chemistry kinda sciency shit, and my crazy theories about simplicity in complexity…simplicity being the more complex of the two/the most complex construct there is. But I didn’t make these videos because I’ve been stewing on the shit. There are many things that I personally have questions on, but the most important of the nagging questions is really just one question…

Q: What is the practical application?

A: !!!

Yeah. Knowing and knowing alone and proving aren’t good enough as far as I’m concerned. Why? It’s already been proven. We’re here. It worked. It works.
Halle-FUCKING-lujah…it works!!!!

Q: Now what?

A: Keep going…keep going…keep going.

^Tornado Destroying Everything Compilation! (Part 1)^

So what I was thinking was/is…that maybe charges aren’t what we think they are with respect to atomic/sub-atomic particles. And yet…maybe…just maybe…they are sometimes exactly that. It seems that the overlying theme within science AND religion…is looking for a stability that just…may not even fucking be there.

Q: If we as humans cover every fucking square inch of this planet that we live on, where is everything else supposed to go?

A: ¿?¿

Yeah…I bet there is a lot of life and lives wondering exactly that. Especially those “less-animated” forms of life-generating substances and matter like say…a reasonably solid patch of earth to stand on. Can’t have “organic” with “inorganic” eh? I guess the only time inanimate matter matters is when and where it does. So yeah…there’s DEFINITELY some ethical questions there with respect to respect and disrespect. But…fuck that noise…let’s rock this hizzay!!!

^Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway - Wizard (Official Music Video) [OUT NOW]^

I guess what is bending my mind the most is still that fucking asshole Thoth and what he/she said with respect to straight lines. The crux being “evil travels in straight lines.” I mean, once I heard that? Yeah I WAS ON FUCKING BOARD!!! I fucking HATE Geometry! Geometry is a buncha straight lines that are fucking stupid and give me more “F’s” because I suck at Geometry. But the roundest of lines is still a straight line with the proper application of mathematics and time-based motion…so what in the FUCK was/is Thoth talking about? Maybe it was the part and parts where Thoth talking about twisting and turning to avoid this evil that was pursuing him/her. Because honestly? I think I get it. All you have to do is think a bit about orbital mechanics and the dynamics of space-flight, and suddenly, a lot of less “razzle-dazzle” types of things start to make sense. Everything from the flow of tides, to storms that destroy reef formations, to the female Praying Mantis biting the head off of her reproductive partner. Lotta curvy lines there eh?

Q: Do you see the straight line(s)?

A: ???

I do. Some of them anyway. Prolly has something to do with text and language/communication.

All are naught without else.
^Deep Focus - Heavy Metal (TGunn Remix)^


From today’s featured article…

Johnson Creek (Willamette River) – a 25-mile (40 km) tributary of the Willamette River in the Portland metropolitan area of the U.S. state of Oregon.
Khurai – a city in Sagar District and a municipality in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.
Dennisiella – a genus of fungi within the Coccodiniaceae family.
Artie Clarke – a Major League Baseball player. He played for the New York Giants of the National League in 1890–1891.
Treehouse Masters – an American reality television series that airs on Animal Planet and stars Pete Nelson, a master treehouse builder and owner of Nelson Treehouse and Supply.
St Martin’s Church, Knebworth – an active Anglican church in Knebworth, Hertfordshire, England.
Kilauea Military Camp – operated as a Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) facility on Hawai‘i Island, also known as the Big Island, in Hawaiʻi.
List of Spanish Films of 1958 – A list of films produced in Spain in 1958 (see 1958 in film).
Countess Augusta Reuss of Ebersdorf – by marriage a duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. She was born in Saalburg-Ebersdorf. She was the maternal grandmother of Queen Victoria and the paternal grandmother of Albert, Prince Consort.
Old Spring Hill, Alabama –  – an unincorporated community in Marengo County, Alabama, United States.
Villa Bordoni – an Italian villa outside of Greve in Chianti in Tuscany, close to Montefioralle.
Eric Werner – an American ice hockey defenseman who no longer plays for Nottingham Panthers in the EIHL.
Kfar Hasidim – a moshav in northern Israel.
Kathi Bennett – an American women’s basketball coach.
William Dieterle – a German actor and film director, who worked in Hollywood for much of his career.
I have an idea.
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^Avicii vs Nicky Romero - I Could Be The One (Nicktim)^


PHASE (II)(TwO)(Tutu)(DOS AMIGOS OF DooM( (#2)(!!!)

Asa Wentworth Jr. – a Vermont businessman and politician who served as President of the Vermont State Senate.
Aosta Valley University – a university located in Aosta and Saint-Christophe, Italy. It was founded in 2000.
Edward Fraser Rowland – a farmer, miner, logger and political figure in British Columbia.
Perrish Cox – an American football cornerback and return specialist for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL).
2003 Golden Spin of Zagreb – the Golden Spin of Zagreb for the 2003–2004 figure skating season. It was the 36th edition of that competition, which is one of the oldest extant skating competitions.
G1 Aviation G1 – a French STOL ultralight aircraft, designed and produced by G1 Aviation of Le Thor.
1977 Hawthorn Football Club Season – The 1977 Hawthorn Football Club season was the clubs 53rd season in the Victorian Football League (VFL).
Jon Bisset – an Australian association executive.
Selastele – a genus of sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Calliostomatidae.
Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations – Purdue University’s Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations, or SEAS, is currently being used by Homeland Security and the US Defense Department to simulate crises on the US mainland.
Herbert London – an American conservative activist, commentator, author, and academic. London was the president of the Hudson Institute from 1997 to 2011.
Syed Altafuddin Ahmed – an Indian footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder cum coach. He is popularly known as Altaf Syed among his fans, friends and colleagues.
Central School – a selective secondary education school in the English education system, between the more prestigious grammar schools and the ordinary secondary schools.
UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs. Davis – a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on March 26, 2011 at the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington.
I have decided not to put anything here. - cade

Hopefully…”back to back” random Wikipedia attacks wasn’t too much of a pain in the ass for Roob and her editing time and times.

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^The Smiths - Vicar In A Tutu (2011 Remastered Version)^

The “modern” world…it rocks.

^Helicopter Shot Down - Onboard View (Ukraine)^

So yeah…I guess one of the main things that I have been thinking about with respect to accelerators and/or colliders is…

Q: At what point does “energy cease?”

A: SAY…fucking…WHAT?!?!?!?

If you overspeed a helicopter blade…eventually…it will cease to create lift. So thinking in terms of “a unified theory” with respect to what is going on “at the point of impact”…and thinking about strings and stings and membranes and sound(s) and vibration(s) and energies with respect to motion…how is it that you are sure that there is NOT a non-collision type of collision that is actually happening? I mean…there are things that allow things to happen right?

Q: What about those things that prevent things from happening?

A: !!!

I mean…have you really considered this? How many different particles and particle types in different states would need to coalecse at a certain point at a certain time at a certaiin point in time and space, in order to prevent two particles of a certain type from meeting in a way that they should not meet in the natural scheme of things? Would you know what you were looking at in that instance/those instances? Or do you just assume that your original calculations and plans are proceeding as projected? How in the FUCK would you know the difference if you are unwilling and/or unable to consider alternates?

Q: If “the genie has been let out of the bottle”…how would you know?

A: !!!!????!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

Because I wouldn’t count on The Genie to tell you. At least…not until they’ve had a look around for themselves in order to figure out what in the fuck is going on, and why has someone let me out, and what to do about it now.

^Manufacture - Many Machines^

I don’t think that there is anything particularly provocative about what I am saying. I mean, science is trying to duplicate the conditions at or about the time of “The Big Bang”…so why would you be surprised at the absolutely fucking whacked out shit that you find in intentionally trying to duplicate something so destructive?

I mean…the last time that these two successfully got together? Time stopped.

Why? Well…that’s complicated. But let’s just say that two things that should NEVER be gotten together again after being separated once? Yeah…I bet you can suddenly think of all fucking KINDS of things in life to relate such an experience/experiences. Because what you are ignoring? Yep…the first separation…to…the second joining. One that became two, that became one. You are ignoring TRILLIONS of years that you have no idea about with respect to time, because you define these finite times and timelines as negligible.

SCENARIO: You live 80 years. You are the greatest scientist known to mankind. Your 80 years is suddenly erased.

Q: How important is time nested in time?

A: …

Nothing is unimportant.


^Manufacture - New Decisions (1991)^

13,820,000,000 years
80 years
So much for negligible eh?

^Manufacture - Obsolete^

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Name one person that time could have done without.
BONUS ASSIGNMENT: Name one life form/species that time could have done without.
BONUS++ ASSIGNMENT: How do you know/know about what you chose as something/someone time could have done without?

^Manufacture - Slugger^

It’s 10:58 AM on Tuesday the 7th of February – 2017!!!

What are you wearing?
^2 Many DJ's - Hand to Phone / La Rock 01^


^2 Many Dj's - No fun - Push it^

NOTE FROM CADE @ 11:59 AM CST – The power went out earlier. Had to reset the circuit breakers in the house. No idea. That said, lost a lot of stuff, had to re-type a lot of stuff, took me an hour to do so.


In the event(s) you are interested. -cade

Time: It's Important.
^Gemini - Turn Me On [HD]^


*/:O… Homework?! …but I’ve got to get an early night, Clicky… /smirks… Okay then ‘Brilliant’, you’re up…*



I, Sheeple…

It’ll be the Chinese New Year in a few days time, Dear Reader…

*Wrong zodiac, Clicky… May ’67 would make me a ‘Fire Sheep‘…*

I guess this post should start with a Twitter DM convo with Poppy SweetPea, who gave me a story idea for ‘The Underdog Anthology 2: “Rise!” *…/SOBs…*‘…



The Easter edition won’t have a subtitle, that’s just my own fancy. Like I had for the first


Anyhoo, I hadn’t given any more thought to Poppy’s ‘Killer Sheep’ suggestion until I read a comment by Elena yesterday evening, over in the Red Universe


So I looked up ‘The Ides of March‘…

The day was enthusiastically celebrated among the common people with picnics, drinking, and revelry. One source from late antiquity also places the Mamuralia on the Ides of March. This observance, which has aspects of scapegoat or ancient Greek pharmakos ritual, involved beating an old man dressed in animal skins and perhaps driving him from the city. The ritual may have been a new year festival representing the expulsion of the old year.

Hmm, I thought, I’ve just seen a chap matching that description


And read elsewhere about his possible scapegoating


The Deep State’s next move is to pin the coming stock market collapse on Trump. When people think “Greater Depression,” they’ll think “Donald Trump.”

Hang on, I thought, bust


Meanwhile Jenny Burger had also replied to Elena…

Fuck me, I thought, shiny Churchill

This morning, Frank Davis of the Blue Universe was ‘reflecting‘ on a smoking and drinking politician, the first from the UK to meet with the Prez (then elect)…

“I was especially pleased at his very positive reaction to the idea that Sir Winston Churchill’s bust should be put back in the Oval Office.”

Then to my surprise, I was advised to ‘Chill Winston’ by one of my favourite trolls in the Yellow Universe today



*Yes, I saw what you posted to Highlander, Clicky… /rolls eyes… ‘sheep’s in wolves clothing’… *

Whilst back on The Underdog’s site


… Dan had commented on the sexual proclivities of sheep…


*I think that’s meant to say ‘conspiracy‘, Clicky… /lights up…*


I think I’ve may have worked out my Easter Anthology story, now, Dear Reader. So until the next time, have a Song ❤

Smokin’ Smokers: Part 2 -Laud Nose Watt…

laud (v.)”praise highly, sing the praises of,” late 14c., from Old French lauder “to praise, extol,” from Latin laudare “to praise, commend, honor, extol, eulogize,” from laus (genitive laudis) “praise, fame, glory.” Probably from an echoic PIE root *leu- and cognate with Old English leoð “song, poem, hymn,” from Proto-Germanic *leuthan (source also of Old Norse ljoð “strophe,” German Lied “song,” Gothic liuþon “to praise”). Related: Lauded; lauding.

nose (v.)”perceive the smell of,” 1570s; “pry, search,” 1640s, from nose (n.). Related: Nosed; nosing.

watt (n.) unit of electrical power, 1882, in honor of James Watt (1736-1819), Scottish engineer and inventor. The surname is from an old pet form of Walter and also is in Watson.

Walter masc. proper name, from Old North French Waltier (Old French Gualtier, Modern French Gautier), of Germanic origin and cognate with Old High German Walthari, Walthere, literally “ruler of the army,” from waltan “to rule” (see wield) + hari “host, army” (see harry). Walter Mitty (1939) is from title character in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by U.S. short story writer James Thurber (1894-1961).


Sunday evening and all was quiet in the Library: Thoughtful Man was out working the mean streets of Southend; Things 1 & 2 were busy online making war and making friends, and our living, breathing hot water bottle was diligently practicing for any future, upcoming Sleep event at the Olympics. Poppy lay curled, molded around my backside, under my thick woolen cardie, snoozing and warming the small of my back. I’ve often mused how, dooshounds are more feline than canine. Well, ours is anyway.

Chores completed for the day (at least until the return of a weary Thoughtful Man), I was luxuriating in space and time, skipping through universes that I access via my book, listening to pictures and feeling out the sharp edge of words in conversations.

I wasn’t alone: Clicky was with me, of course, accompanied by the dynamic duo, Cath Fine and her significant other Nick O’Teen. All remained steadfastly to hand as I flitted and floated, fleetly fleed and flied, feeling roam free.

The telephone rang, causing Poppy to poke a curious nose out from under the cardigan she was using as a tent.

“Alright darling?” Thoughtful Man voice piped through, “I’ve just dropped off in Laindon and thought I’d come home now.”

I wasn’t disappointed: Laindon is a good fare. “Okay sweetie. We’ll have dinner when you get back.”

“Yeah, I won’t be long. Listen,” he paused, ” I’ve had an idea for a smoker you can write your next post about.”

I was momentarily nonplussed; Thoughtful Man doesn’t usually read my wibblings. “What? Who?”

“Slush,” he said. Now I was really confused and repeated the name back to him.

“No, Slash. The guitarist from Guns N’ Roses,” he replied.

I thought for a moment and tried to picture the personage in my mind. “Curly black hair, wears sunglasses and top hat?”

“That’s the one,” Thoughtful Man confirmed. “He smokes on stage, sticks his cigarette in end of his guitar. There’s bound to be lots of photos of him smoking.”

I took a drag of Nick and a slurp of Cath, and briefly pondered his suggestion. Clicky, always quick off the mark, got busy. “But you don’t like Guns n Roses,” I answered. Well, he doesn’t.

“No, but I think you should do one on somebody that’s not dead. Look we’ll talk about it when I get home. Do you fancy pizza?”

Pizza! I crossed ‘washing up’ off my mental list of potential future chores, happily agreed with his suggestion, and rang off after an embarrassing number of ‘byes’ that’s really more associated with first flush of romance rather than 26 years into a stretch.

“Pizza?” came the mournful voice of Thing 1 from the darkened nook of the Library, “Can’t we have Chinese?”


Dear Reader, I’m not gonna do Slash. He gave up smoking in 2009 after his mum died. He fails the ‘Bravery’ criteria. But I do like the idea of profiling somebody alive… Thoughtful Man, a firm anti-monarchist, will probably hate me for this butt…

CLICKY for Bravery

CLICKY for Sexiness

CLICKY for Cleverness

CLICKY for Generosity

Okay, okay, I freely admit, he’s no Barry Sheene, but he is alive and still smoking, and as for the fifth criteria, well, he did cause an interesting stink…

CLICKY for Outrageous Pong



*I dunno, Clicky, it’s a bit weak… /bites nail… And Thoughtful Man really doesn’t like royalty… /spits… It could all hinge on the Song… What do you reckon?*

*By George? …/rolls eyes… Okay, then…*