Missive from ‘Merica: Hotline Dreams

*Clicky… /cranes neck… Clicky! …/stands on tip toes… CLICKY! …/huffs impatiently… WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? *

*Clicky! There you are… Here, help me with this… /wobbles… It’s a massive missive from Cade…*


*/shifts weight… Help me set it down… No, don’t bend your back! …/knees pop… Phew! It’s a biggie… must include his ego… or his penis… possibly both…*


*Quite. Now, why did I have to shout so hard, hmm? /squints…You’re my assistant, Clicky. You’re meant to be here to assist me… What were you up to?*

*Dreaming might very well be free, dolphin dearest, but telephone calls generally tend not to be… /doubled down squint… Who were you calling?*


*What fucking hotline?! …/looks aghast…*


*Don’t you give me the eyes… /growls… Redeem yourself. Start by sorting out the links and wotknots in Cade’s missive so it’s ready for Dear Reader and then meet me at the bottom… /mutters… And don’t spend too long in the Wiki Wave… /leaves…*



Someone is calling me via the Whatever However Hotline.

This is a new type of call.



Q: Cade, get to fucking WRITING!!! *click*

A: ? K ?


^Depeche Mode – Shine ( trance mix 2015 HD* dj jean alpohin )^

I’m still sick, but no one gives a fuck ‘cept me, so let’s keep going.

Um…the following images are from one of my reposts that I reposted today, even tho the original post was made over at the whatchacallit forums on 2016.12.07.

 As you may or may not be able to deduce, I did not draw the image above.

As you may or may also be able to deduce, I did draw the shitty-assed images below.

Just thinking about the above, and I used a coupla “home-brewed” formulas to arrive at the images below. One formula’s mine, and one my oldest son’s. I don’t know what kind of stuff he has been able to come up with using his formula, but I’ve been able to use it for all kinds of shit. Up to and including, coming up with one of my own that helps to understand his.

But the shit below is about Feynman revamps, so…whatevz.

Yeah, when I came up with the first of the three, I cried. I pretty much saw all of these, and there are some more things that I see, but I’m too gimpy and retarded to explain them. Plus, I have a lot of irons in a lot of fires, so I try very hard not to focus too much on any one of them. That allows me to focus better on all of them.


Well, there is one particular thing that I focus on, but that’s even harder to explain.
Some would argue that “focusing on non-focus” is akin to a bum saying he’s quitting.
But when you think about that…what would that mean?
And more succinctly…what does it mean…to you?
Now…what does it mean to the bum?
Now what does it mean to the two of you?
I know what it means to me.

And more importantly...to me anyway...I see means and meanings.

I mean…which is more important to you?
That I see you?
That I see the bum?
That I see myself?
Or that I see all?
Like It Or Not…that’s my job.

^Depeche Mode – Broken [Fdieu Rmix]^

COOL!!! We have another question via the Whatever However Hotline!!!

Q: Cade, What exactly is, “The Whatever However Hotline?”


Just kiddin

The Whatever However Hotline is simply…communication(s) via alternate means.

I mean, your question got through right? What are you bitching about? I have a “listed number.” You, do not.

Meaning: you have an "unlisted number." 

I don’t know who you are, and I don’t want to know. You may know who I am, and that’s cool, and I don’t care. But I do care that I don’t know you. Like I said, I don’t wanna know. I have…erm…simple needs in that department. I may not be able to protect my identity…as it were…but I figure that’s how I protect yours. I guess that kinda comes with the territory being a zero.

^Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again ( trance mix 2012 dj jean alpohin )^

So you might be saying to yourself…


They make great guitars, but I can’t afford them.

(lollerz skatez)


Um…no. I am not saying that. You said that. That said, I don’t think that ESP is what most people think it is. I think that it is much more complicated, detailed and complex than simply…ESP. But then again, I see both the “scientific” and “religious” sides of such a concept, and I see much much more than one or the other.

EXAMPLE: Have you ever been outside on a nice day, irrespective of the weather type/conditions. and just been like…


To me, that is ESP as much as anything. It’s almost as if God/The gods/The Universe is asking you…

So…whadda ya think?”

And then, give you a little wink…


That feeling of being alive. NOT self-awareness…I’m talking about something else entirely. That feeling that NOTHING matters in this moment except the moment itself. Just you, and that moment, and all that came together over the history of histories, and over the time of times….just to make that one perfect moment for you. It’s almost as if God him or herself dropped by in that moment, just to say hi. No worries, no birth, no death, just…now.

Those moments last forever, eh?

To me, that is just one form of what could be called ESP.

The Creator’s love is something that we tell ourselves we cannot understand.

But sometimes, we understand it just fine.

Fucking-A and Hells Bells and all that shit!

Prayer is ESP if you ask me.

But no one is asking me.

Unless they are.

^Röyksopp – Ice Machine (Depeche Mode cover) Live on Lydverket^

Ya GOTTA stay 4 dimensional…all the fucking time.

AND…you have to look at the inverse and inverses and reverses. It’s like looking at one side of a slide under a microscope, without looking at the other side of the same slide. It makes no sense to me. It’s one-dimensional. And we do not live in a one dimensional world. We live in a 4-dimensional world of time and motion that includes life.

In truth, there is no “explaining it.” It is what it is, while it is, as is. We got what we got, and we got it while we got it. Beyond that? Who the fuck knows. Who the fuck WANTS to know?!?!? If you can’t get your shit wired tight here, what in the FUCK are you looking elsewhere for?!?!? Believe me, I know. Been there, done that, and all that shit. Still do. But that’s how we get on.


I have some wild theories about information and information preservation because it’s fucking EVERYWHERE we look. So I don’t see how my theories are really that “crazy” because they are all based in fact. Simple shit to complex shit. Because it seems to me, that shit is as complex as we make it. Almost as if, God is looking back at you as you peer through a microscope.

I won’t put words in God’s mouth here, because that conversation is private and between you and The Creator. But I will say this. God? Yeah. He’s a funny motherfucker. And is also quite fond of talking and conversation. You just gotta know when and where to look, and when and where to listen, and yeah…when and where to just blab your fucking mouth raw. I get the feeling God likes to listen. But yeah, also likes to talk. A fucking LOT!

Pretty clever about it too 😉
^Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough (Remastered Video)^

To relate…as I was writing the above about “God being a wordy motherfucker who never shuts up” and “can be pretty clever about it too”…the song above, “Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode came up in my playlist. When I realized what song it was, and started hearing “And I just can’t get enough…and I just can’t get enough”…I started laughing my fucking head off.

X: Oooh hooo hooo…I talk a lot do I?

Cade: Sometimes. rofl

0: Lemme ask a question…

Cade: lol…k.

0: You hadn’t planned on breaking out into one of your “conversations with the gods” here did you?

Cade: Not that I ever really plan on any of them.

Z: You just…

B: Saw an opportunity…

T: And you FUCKING TOOK IT!!! Is THAT what you are saying?!?!?!?

Cade: He’s not really that angry sounding. It’s all in good fun. But…yes.

X: You just thought that it was a “good example” of synchronicity?

Cade: Yep. I think the primary problem with the concept of synchronicity, is that no one shares these experiences.

X: And why do you think that is?

Z: I have some ideas.

Cade: O RLY?!?!? Welp, if anyone would know, I guess you would.

Z: Hard to explain “who we are”…ain’t it?

Cade: Um…yeah. But I dunno that I’m trying to explain it.

X: Just kinda…

B: Rollin wif it.

Cade: Doing my best.

0: What about them “others?”

T: Hey HEY HEY!!! The boy is getting down with the proper punctuation.

Cade: I’m gonna punctuation you upside your head.

T: You wouldn’t hit a girl would you?

Cade: Is she bigger than me?

T: …

X: Don’t drag me into this.

Cade: Um…it was just a thought. No pun intended.

Z: What?

X: Yeah…what?

Cade: Aren’t ta’ll backwards there?

0: Just answer the question.

Cade: My thought that Thoth was actually a girl?

Z: Oh my.

X: Yeah…you might wanna stay away from those kinds of things.

Cade: Girls?

Z: That too.

0: What makes you think that Thoth was a girl?

Cade: Um…my thought(s) were simply that 3 left Atlantis, not 1.

X: And?

Cade: I dunno. Can’t explain it. Just something…

0: You “saw?”

T: Something like that.

Cade: How do you explain “imagination” with respect to..erm…

X: Else?

Cade: Yeah. I just don’t know what this would benefit anyone.

Z: And?

B: Yeah. I wanna hear this (hee hee)

Cade: Two women and a boy. Or, three women. A mother, a son and a daughter, OR…a mother, and her two daughters.

X: Weird.

Z: All kinds of possibilities there.

Cade: Yep.

X: …

0: …

Cade: /me shrugs

^Faithless – Insomnia (Calippo Remix 2k15) HD^

Yeah. Those things are weird. They happen as they happen, when they happen. I just try and keep up. I prolly just ate some bad guacamole or something.

^a-ha – a question of lust (Depeche Mode Cover)^
Steric Factor
Cage Effect
Molecular Geometry-Bonding (Redirected from Bond Angle)
Molecular Geometry
Covalent Bond (Redirected from Shared pair)
Agostic Interaction
Organometallic Chemistry
Metal Phosphine Complex
Solvent (Redirected from Organic solvent)
Solvent (Disambiguation)
Prisoner’s Cinema
Cave Painting
San People
Okavango River
Okavango Delta (Redirected from Okavango Alluvial Fan)
Gene Flow
Great Wall of China
Rammed Earth
Wall (Disambiguation)
The Wall (SoHo)
SoHo, Manhattan
Port of Houston
Lake Fork Reservoir
Mount Pleasant, Texas
Micropolitan Statistical Area
List of United States Counties and County Equivalents

Yeah…some places are big, and some places are small. Usually…the small places are nested in somewhere big. Which has the effect of making that ‘big’ the big that it is. Maybe even bigger. Depending on whether or not some certain peeps in decision making positions were fond of the last election outcome or not.

Not that lines would be redrawn or anything over something so petty as losing an election. But then again, maybe someone would. Hells bells, people run on platforms of drawing lines if they are elected. Sometimes, some even draw lines that wind up being walls. Some even go so far as to draw lines where the walls will be built.

Q: What does that say about the electorate?

A: !!!

I dunno. Just seems to me that it give some the ability to hide in their anonymity irrespective of their actions and decisions.

What a great country…eh?

^Depeche Mode – Dangerous (Kaiser Granger Taste Remix 2011)^



This is a new record. Three times in the same whatever.

Q: Cade. so what exactly is it that you “see?”

A: Same shit you see.

Mystery = SOLVED! Next!

^WHTKD – Say To Me (Official Video)^

I dunno what to tell ya.

      Some things are harder than others.

 Kinda like my penis.

Sometimes, it’s harder than other times to talk or not talk about it.

What I did there...do you see it?

If you think that’s impressive…you outta see my penis.

lolz…sorry…I have a massive penis and a tiny ego.

       Or…something like that.

You figure it out.

^Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me) (12” Original Version)^

Look at it like this…

A) If you didn’t want me to be so smart, you shouldn’t have taught me so much.

B) If you didn’t want me to be so stupid, you should have taught me better.

Weird how that works, eh? Quality over quantity, or quantity over quality. Maybe if you would stop excluding time, things might work a little better.

What’s that? You DO include time do you?

Then why in the FLYING FUCK do you think I am bitching about time all the time? Any chance that you missed something?


OH!!! You’re motherfucking perfect are you? Me TOO!!! Aren’t we the pair.


Lemme ask you a question here…

Q: What are you gonna do when shit gets easy?


If you think the hard stuff is hard, just wait till you get to the easy stuff. Cause lemme tell ya, “The easy stuff” is the hardest to take. Some call it boredom. Some call it grace. Some call it lethargy and complacence. It only gets worse from there.

^MODERN ENGLISH ~ Someone’s Calling^

There is some prevailing mentality or dogma or whattheFUCKever that is so prevalent in “the developed world”…that it has convinced itself that multi-tasking is not only impossible, but dangerous. Astray, or non-focused, or “off the beaten path” or whatever.


When did “the developed world” get so goddamn motherfucking egotistical and self-important? Wait…that’s kinda self-evident isn’t it? “The Developed World” implies an “Undeveloped World” doesn’t it. Weird. I kinda have always assumed that “the world” was fully developed when I got here, and it’ll be fully developed when I’m gone.

Question for those that swim in the streams of “The Bible”…

Q: Was “the world” fully developed when Adam arrived?

A: <le yikes>

Yeah…“Le Yikes” in-motherfucking-DEED.

I am so motherfucking sick and tired of you deprecating yourself. If God wants you chopped off at the knees… Yeah…I get the feeling that the motherfucker is fully capable of attaining that.

However, I have a wildly different idea.

Of course, I am someone who has trouble standing/walking.

Running? Yeah, for some reason…I can do that well.

^MODERN ENGLISH ~ Carry Me Down^
Common Sense (Pamphlet)
Thomas Paine
Maximilien Robespierre
Reign of Terror
The Mountain
Committee of Public Safety
The Death of Marat
Duchy of Brittany
Duchy of Normandy
Duchy of Saxony
Cambodian–Thai Border Dispute
Primate City
King Effect
Data Transformation (Statistics)-Transforming to Normality
Data Transformation (Statistics)
Statistical Inference
Credible Interval
Nuisance Parameter
Likelihood-Ratio Test
Goodness of Fit
Normality Test
Sample Maximum and Minimum
Descriptive Statistics
Central Tendency
Winsorized Mean
Symmetric Probability Distribution
Non-Intercourse Act (1809)
War of 1812

Not bad for a dead dude…eh?
You ain’t seen nothin yet.

HeH Heh HeH
^Missing Persons – Destination Unknown^

I just went outside, and mother-fucking WOO HOO!!! Is it ever nice outside. It’s 62°F…which is 17°C for you rest of the world fucks. It hasn’t gotten above 30°F for over a week…and suddenly…it’s 62°F at 20:26 in the evening on this fine-assed Monday the 9th of January of the year of 2017. It’s supposed to get up to around 80°F tomorrow.

Yeah, I’m sicker than shit, and my grey snot is now starting to to turn that “unearthly green” color, and has reached the consistency of flubber or worse. Every time that one of those huge wads of impacted snot comes out, it almost feels like part of my head has left on vacation or some shit like that. Then, of course, more snot moves in.

Goddamn squatters. There outta be a law.

^Modern English – After the Snow – 1982^

I did not spellcheck any of this particular whathaveyou.
That doesn’t mean that Roob won’t.
But I hope she doesn’t.
God be with her if she does.
Just sayin.

^Wall Of Voodoo – Mexican Radio^

So…you are prolly saying to yourself…

‘Dude…seriously…what in the fuck are you up to?’

A: Welp...if it isn't obvious, let's make it so.

I’m just doing what I do. What’s the problem? I could answer every question in the fucking Universe, and that ain’t gonna change a goddamn thing.


What a stupid question. Or maybe not. The obvious is obviously obvious…so what is it that you really want to know?

I guess I just don’t see “the world” the way that some do. I see what I see, and I take it as it comes. I’m as susceptible to being “led astray” as the next person. But where I might differ? I see that as opportunity. I see that as opportunities. Over time anyway. That’s all we really have.

I don’t subscribe to this bullshit that “time does not exist” or that time is some unquantifiable and/or unqualifiable something. It’s all that…and much, much more. What breaks my heart and what gives me cold shivers, is the practical application of “knowing things.”


Simple. We’re here. It works. The Universe is spinning and doing what it does, and it seems to be working just fine. Yet…there are many that are trying to find the cracks and the defects and the faults. They are there just as much as anything else.

The problem? 

They aren’t what you think they are. The more you try and divide? The more that comes together. Ironic…eh?

I have no answers for you.

But…what if I could get them?

Would you know the answer?


You didn’t know it before…so how would you know it when it was staring you in the face? Just…food for thought.

The only thing scarier than scary questions…is not so scary answers to those scary questions.

Doesn't..."add up"...eh?
^Mad World – Gary Jules^


^Gary Numan – Cars (Remastered 2009)^



*What?! You’re here already? …/scans upward… And you’re done?*


*Yes, well let’s see what happens when the phone bill arrives, eh?… /shakes head wearily… Honestly, Click, what am I gonna do with you?*


*Okay, okay, it’ll be alright… /stiffens… Are you rubbing yourself against me right now?*

*Oh for Gawd’s sake! … /Pulls away… Stop it now, Clicky! … NO! …*

*Argh… Oh Clicky! /shakes leg…*

Missive from ‘Merica – Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Dear Reader, lucky you, it’s Two Post Sunday here at the LoL…


*Alright, Click… /rolls eyes…*

A Roob-x Kubrick shamble follows, but first…


…All the way from his sick bed… Sumwear in the state of TextAss… It’s the one, the only… OKIE… Non-smokey (but carries cigarettes to pick up women)… DEV… ILL!




Just kiddin.
The above image will not hypnotize you.
Seriously…it won’t.
Our studies show that it doesn’t work on some people.
Maybe you are one of the lucky ones.
We’ll decide which is which, for you.
!HeH HeH HeH!

^Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit Gayageum ver. by Luna^

I wonder what percentage of people do not read this? And how exactly is that related to the percentage of people that DO read this. Cause I’m gonna take a wild-assed stab in the motherfucking dark here, and say that…
100% of the people that read this, read it.
100% of the people that do not read this, do not read it.
Jesus H CHRIST!!!
Well…some of it anyway.

^Desert Rose – Eric Johnson^

It’s currently 18:35 on Saturday night here in West Texas, it’s 34°F, which is the warmest it has been in days, I’m coming down with the plague of death, and I’m running low on beer. Since I do not take medication of any kind currently, I have had to turn to nature and natural cures to sooth the pain of sneezing out 75 lb. snot balls and rubbing my nose raw with paper towels. So I have turned to alcohol. Not that it does anything to “cure” me, but it does make me give less of a shit if I die. Which, hopefully I will before this shit turns into pneumonia like it has the last few times I have gotten sick. Actually, three years ago, it did NOT turn into pneumonia…but it did wind up giving me the worst sinus-infection I have ever had in my entire life. I did not know that pain like that was possible. But I do now. So yeah…pestilence. Let’s talk about it.

^Slayer – Raining Blood (Official Video)^

So I’m just gonna go ahead and hit ya with a twist first rattle out of the bag here…
Q: Who invented “pestilence?”
A: ???
Let’s turn to “the experts” and see what they have to say…
Pestilence – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pestilence
Pestilence – http://biblehub.com/topical/p/pestilence.htm
Pestilence – http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0769027.html
Pestilence – https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/pestilence
Pestilence – https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pestilence
Pestilence – http://www.pestilence.nl/
Pestilence – http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=pestilence
Pestilence – https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=pestilence&qs_version=NIV
Pestilence – https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=pestilence&qs_version=KJV
Pestilence – https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=pestilence&qs_version=NKJV
Pestilence – https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=pestilence&qs_version=NIVUK
Pestilence – https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=pestilence&qs_version=NIV
Pestilence – https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=pestilence&qs_version=YLT
Pestilence – https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=pestilence&qs_version=TLB
Pestilence – https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=pestilence&qs_version=NLT

For those unfamiliar with different translations of The Bible…those little acronyms at the end of all of those BibleGateway links are indicative of the translation.

NIV = New International Version
TLB = The Living Bible
NLT = New Living Translation (One of my personal faves)
KJV = King James Version
NKJV = New Kiing James Version
And so on…
Anyway…I dunno bout choo? But if you look at the results for the term “pestilence” in the King James vs. the New King James?
King James = 48 references
New King James = 44
Wonder what happened there?
Time and times must change or something.
Weird. Cause The Bible isn’t supposed to change.
Q: If you had to choose between which version to read, which would you choose?
A: ?¿?¿

^SISTEM feat. EMMA – People are people ( UNU’ Remix ) – Depeche Mode Cover^

Now…in the interest(s) of keeping your head spinning, and keeping you completely and totally baffled as to what in the FUCK I am talking about and why…I would like to issue a challenge to you in the form of the video below. Assuming that it is available for you to view wherever you are. YouTube has become the whipping boy of governments and businesses who have NO FUCKING CLUE as to why YouTube is what it is and how. But I digress.
The vid below is 17 minutes and 17 seconds of pure awesomeness. I bet that some of you may even be able to relate to the video directly. Meaning, you may have some experience with this sort of manufacturing in a more direct kinda way…either directly or indirectly. But we’ll keep the class-wars here to a minimum since my primary focus is legacy. It’s not like I’ve have ever personally worked at a foundry, even tho I have. I worked for a commercial air filtration company, and had to change the air filters at a steel mill every few months.
An asthmatic w/severe allergies…changing air filters…at a steel mill…whodathunkit?
Cisero: “Sometimes…I do what I want to do. The rest of the time…I do what I have to.”
Movie = Gladiator

^HYPNOTIC Video Inside Extreme Chinese Forging Factory: Wilop Forge and Foundry Company^

Last night on “Psycho Radio”…I posed the following query in the chatroom…
“Is carbon from S. America, the same as carbon from Asia?”
My contention is…”no.” But someone posted the following link, and said nothing else.

Pentakis Dodecahedron-Chemistry

My primary thinking of course, is coal. I mean, outside of a shitty quality diamond….where else can one find a shitload of carbon? So we’ve got these certain kinds of trees on one side of the world, and different kinds of trees on the other side of the world…are you really telling me that the carbon(s) in the coal from these plants are identical? Yeah…carbon dating and radioactive decay.
Q: Do you really think it is in the best interest(s) of people alive today, to be predicting when anything begins and/or ends?
A: ¿hmmmmmmmm?
Q: What is your personal “level of concern” with respect to the amount(s) of snot and boogers currently emanating from my nostrils?
A: Snot very much I bet.

^Depeche Mode Lie to Me (Dominatrix Remix 2009)^

It has come to my attention…yet again…that some people are not fond of my filthy-assed language. O RLY? You motherfuckers got a problem with MY language? Hmmmm….maybe I should change it. Change my ways. Bend to the will of this person or that person, or this group or that group. You realize of course, that changing me, or anyone for that matter, causes them to no longer exist. Whatever they were going to be prior to your interference and/or intervention? Yeah…gone forever. I guess you don’t believe in fate or destiny afterall…do ya? But since we are on the topic of language, and more specifically “words”…let’s think about that. Because what we are really talking about here, is thought and thoughts. Heh…talking about…thoughts…words…talking…heh heh. That’s funny.

^Depeche Mode World In My Eyes (Ambient remix)^

Q: Cade, why don’t you stay on-topic?
A: I tell ya what…you start staying on topic, and I will too. Deal?

Britain on HEAVY SNOW ALERT: Polar vortex to plunge UK into WORST January FREEZE in years

Hugo was kind enough to post the link above in the comments section of Roob’s last whatever type whathaveyou type post type of thing, and me being me…I went straight to the meat of things.

HOLD YOUR HORSES: Gorgeous galloping girls flaunt and frolic in saucy calendar

I mean, it was right…fucking…THERE, on the same page as the weather story. And it was shown as being the #1 story. The #1 read story in the entirety of the UK, so the tagline said anyway. Why should I read that weather story? The weather story wasn’t even in the Top 5! Why the FUCK would I want to read something that no one else is reading? ESPECIALLY since there was an irritating-assed video embedded in the middle of that weather story, that was talking about terrorists and dirty-bombs. Sure, you could make a “nuclear-winter” type of stretch that those stories were remotely connected/weather related. But let’s be real. The only “bomb” in that weather story, even WITH the terrorist(s) bullshit? Yeah…the story itself. The verbiage. The vernacular. It was a goddamn comedy story. Lemme relate here…

Polar vortex to
plunge UK
in years 

(nondescript bullshit that needs no/requires no immediate fact(s)/nor verification of facts)

And that’s just the fucking headline. When you read the story itself? It gets even more comical.
“Councils and health authorities”
I gotta stop right fucking there.
Q: Who is more of an authority on my health than me?
A: ???
I mean come on…even YODA* kept his own counsel as to who would trained as a Jedi and who wouldn’t. I get the feeling that we get pretty good at knowing ourselves. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna go know myself right now. Or at least, get a status update.

*Yoda = Fictional Character. Just…FYI.

^Blasphemous Rumours Depeche Mode REMIX 2014 ( DAVIDMIX 09 )^

Adeno-Associated Virus – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adeno-associated_virus
Gene Therapy – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_therapy
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There is a mailbox down the road that I pass when I walk, and it is painted with American Flags and Eagles and Stars and shit like that, along with the following phrase…

“Pray for America!”

Um…can you be more specific? I mean, I could pray for America, but I’d rather pray for Americans. And with all of that symbolism and rhetoric already plastered all over your mailbox, I could even go so far as to pray for Americans who have mailboxes painted up to suggest that I pray for Americans with painted mailboxes. Of course, I would probably pray for a sudden paint shortage. Or maybe even a sudden decline in the availability of mailboxes that are large enough to pain a fucking mural that rivals the size of The Sistine Chapel. But this is Texas. And everything is bigger in Texas. Take my penis for example. It’s fucking HUGE!!! No wait…my ego is fucking huge. My penis is kinda average. But I like it. BRB!!! Gotta know myself some more.

^Depeche Mode – In your room ( Mercurio remix )^

It’s currently 08:08 on Sunday morning, January 8th of 2017. I started writing this bullshit last night, but I got pissed off listening to that radio show last night and stopped writing. Actually, I stopped writing so I could listen to the radio show, and THEN I got pissed off at the radio show. I wasn’t actually writing. Just…thinkin. Thinkin out loud a bit, but still thinkin. I actually do quite a bit of thinkin or “thinking” if you just can’t deal with that missing “g” here in the text version of an Okie in Texas’ “Texas Accent.” Which is weird, cause you foreign fucks fucking LOVE southern accents when you hear them. Some of you limeys have actually gotten pretty good at emulating the accent. But usually what is missing and/or most important in duplicating it…is the vernacular. The local slang and the twang on the slang…if you will. Michael Caine did a pretty fucking fantastic job of it in the movie “Secondhand Lions.” And so did Daniel Craig in “Cowboys and Aliens.” But cha still gotta get that Germanic/Dutch influence to get it right-ish. Meh…I have no idea where I’m going with this. I’ve already addressed it previously, and nobody reads this shit anyway…so…fuckit.
Uranium is made with Hydrogen and Plutonium and Helium and Nitrogen and some other stuff and processes.
But let’s watch the videos anyway!

^How It s Made Uranium P1‬ YouTube^

^‪How It s Made Uranium P2‬ YouTube^

That was very educational. It taught me many things. Such as, I will prolly never own a Uranium mine, nor a Uranium processing facility, nor will I ever make major bank off of the process and processes that process this shit. BUT!!! I am told that my government’s number one priority is upward mobility! Which means that even I…might someday own a mine of my own.
Q: What about a mind of my own?
A: ?¿?¿?
Ya think one of those things might be on the governmental itinerary, or docket, or docket of itineraries, or itinerary of dockets…as it were?
Ya know…the basics. Getting back to basics and fundamentals. Whatever in the fuck those are.
Or…were…as it were.
Q: Ever get the feeling that there is a reason and/or reasons that “we” got away from “the basics” n the first place?
A: ¿?¿?¿
Ain’t dat wut upwardz mobilities is awlz abootz n-e-wayz? Getting aways frum thangs that hold ya backs? I dun knows abowts use stupid guyz and hot lucious galz, but I dunno if thar is gettin awayz frum n-e-thang.
Dats jus my opinin tho.
Wut do I nose?
I nose my nose is packed with yella shit that is goin green like a tree in the southern sprang tyme.
Jus thot youse might likes ta nose.

^Depeche Mode Behind the Wheel (Force Sonic Remix)^

So yeah…I’m kinda on the same page with some, with respect to the ozone layer and all of the nuclear testing that has gone on, and continues to go on. Here in the U.S. of America, there is a push within the military/government to update and improve our nuclear arsenal(s). Although I must disagree for a different reason altogether. We have PLENTY of methods of royally fucking this planet up with civilian nuclear projects. What the fuck do we need more within the military for? When you have public figures arguing for military forces being deployed at nuclear power plants to protect those plants from being infiltrated by “terrorists?” I’m sorry, but there is an entire LINE of fucking questions there that are not getting asked. Let alone, seeking answers. It’s like sticking a hand-sized mudball into an erupting volcano in order to try and attempt to plug the flow. And speaking of which…yeah…GREAT FUCKING IDEA!!! Let’s plug that hole so the lava and ash can’t get out!!! GREAT FUCKING IDEA!!! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!?!?!? Not that there are natural lessons to be learned with respect to pressure and pressures, like say…Krakatoa and St. Helens. Maybe if you revised the “electricity seeks the path of least resistance” to say…”energy seeks the path of least resistance”…maybe that would help out a bit with respect to other kinds of pressure(s). What kind(s) you ask? Start with Kind and Unkind…that should “get us back to basics.” Basically anyway. Rhetoric you say? Pffffttttt! Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
The best answer is the answer you support…right?
Q: Where does that leave the rest of us?
A: Good…Fucking…LUCK!

^Depeche Mode – Stripped (Kaiser Complex Reconstruction Remix)^

Reach out and touch someone.
Just…make sure you do it when you are alone.
Might be a law or something.
May not even be a law…yet.
But it’s coming.
Or not.
That’s your choice…
…not mine.
Not that I’m telling you what to do or anything.
Course I’m not telling you what not to do either.
Yer a big boy.
Or a big girl.
I mean, not big!
Not like fat big.
Although you could stand to lose a few pounds.
No! Not money. That would be dollars.
I mean…wait.
Wanna fuck?

^Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Gabe & Alok Remix)^


^Depeche Mode – It’s No Good (extended mix) HD High Quality^



Crikey! Cade’s mixed in tons of Songs from Local Band, Dear Reader…

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