Missive from ‘Merica: ReAR Viewing…

Somebody has read ‘The Underdog Anthology‘.

Sommebody decided to review it.

Sumbody send it to me…

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The Purple Ship

Ship’s Credo

Speak Truth…Along The Long Road In Which You Must Travel.”
Seek Truth…Along The Long Road In Which You Must Travel.”
Speak/Seek Truth…In Your Long Logbook of Travels.”
^Alice | Pogo^
CAPTAIN’S LOG: Cade FON Apollyon – Commanding-ish
Captain’s Primary Responsibility/Responsibilities: Chief Chef-Cook & Bottle Washer/Janitor/Crew Morale
MISSION: Read A Fucking Book. No…not a fucking book about fucking. This is a fucking book, that may or may not have fucking in it, but that is irrelevant…unless it’s a hot fuck scene. But…yeah…whatevz…I’m trying to read/review a book for a fucking friend/friends I don’t even fucking know. Just…whatevz. READ!!!

Day 001: OK…lemme give this watered down limey lemon some sugar.

And before you ask…no. I do not work for either of the companies that make the sodas known as 7-Up, nor Sprite, Mountain Dew, nor any other “lemon-lime” flavored beverage(s).

I’m just some asshole Okie from Texas who is writing a goddamn book review on some book that some limey chick sent me. K? Got that? Fucking GREAT! Let’s keep going.

The book is called “First Volume.” What a bunch of pretentious pricks. They are so fucking CERTAIN that this piece of shit is not only worth buying and reading, but down the road…there are going to be EVEN MORE ITERATIONS/VERSIONS of this limey lemon piece of shit. If I would have known what was in store for me by reading this piece of shit book, I would have opened the fucking package with a flamethrower instead of a switchblade.

WHEW!!! Was that good for you? OK, now that I’ve gotten my own pretentious prick bullshit out of the way…on with the review.

OK…not yet. Because I’ve only started reading the book, and I’m only on the 5th story. BUT! I had to go ahead and start my review, because I sat out on the back porch in the sunshine this afternoon and finally started reading this book that someone was so thoughtful as to send me a copy of…free of charge. So, I decided that I wanted to write a review of the book. Why? Well…it’s the least I can do. I was sent a free book from someone unknown-ish…for reasons unknown, outside of a random act of kindness. And this particular book is a book of short stories, which is right up my fucking alley. I fucking LOVE short stories.

Captain's NOTE: 

Someday make a list of short stories that made me love short stories.
^The Prodigy-Narayan^

Day 002 – Entry “A”: The late-January NorthTexas sun is still far to the South as it transverses the afternoon sky in a rainbow-esque parabolic trajectory in the midday to late afternoon hours. This has the effect of some stunning sunrises and sunsets…with purples, reds and maroons that would seem almost un-Earthly were it not for the fact that I am indeed on the planet Earth/Terra.

The old sailing adage of…

“Red Sky in the morning? Sailor take warning.
“Red sky at night? Sailor’s delight.”

                                                                     …almost becomes irrelevant, as the only thing that distinguishes the sunset and the sunrise, is the human invention known as “the clock.” Plus…I’m motherfucking 500 miles from the nearest water-based ocean…so…yeah…or something.

Such a strange world with strange peoples that would invent such a strange thing as “the clock” in a strange Universe of uncalcuable/incalculable time and times…weird.


Yeah…I wound up finishing the 5th story in the book, and starting the 6th story, when the Sun/Sol’s steady gaze in the cloudless sky, beckoned me to gently lay the book on the hard concrete patio where I had been sitting/reading, lay my fat ass down, and take a nap in the mid-afternoon sunshine.

So…I did just that. Slept for about an hour or so, with the sun warming my fat ugly ass as I slept. What is the pertinence? Welp…the outside ambient air-temperature was/is only about 45°F/7.2°C…which with the afternoon winds/wind gusts…is quite chilly. Nevermind the fact that I am wearing a thin cotton T-Shirt, rayon shorts, my toboggan hat, my glasses, and nothing else. The sun is hot irrespective of air temperature. It warms my entire being as I sleep. Cool breaths of wind remind my body of the time within time and times, as the sun marches on across the big blue cloudless sky. I drift in and out of sleep on the warm concrete below me.

I dream.

Pillows? Blankets? I need not these things, as the sun and wind and their motions work in tandem to keep me both warm and cool in the endless black of the light.

I estimate that I read for about 15 minutes, then slept for about 1.5 hours on the hard cement. Upon waking, my left arm refused to operate normally for a while to remind me of the concept known as life withing the construct of mortality within the construct(s) known as mortality/immorality.

^Ida Engberg – Junoverse (Original Mix)^

Day 002 – Entry “B”: Time = 20:49 PM – My father peeks at me through a portal within the purple band of “the rainbow”…where the rainbows meet….color to color…and similar and same, to similar and same. Just…letting me know that he is there. Both watching me, and watching out for me. It is difficult to explain the “else” within the realm of “the seen.” For “the unseen” is unseen. Except in those rare occasions when the need(s) arise where a crossing and communication between realms becomes necessary, for whatever reason and/or reasons. I do not know. For it is not my job “to know”…until, if, and when, it is my job to know. My “job”…is to be underway. A seeker. A traveler. Mobile.


Yes…there is such a thing as “an immovable object.”
Yes…there is such a thing as “an upstoppable force.”
Yes…there is such a thing as “an unstoppable force within an immovable object.”

These things I can take on faith, for I have seen them.

WAIT!!! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a moment there sparky!!!

Q: You have “seen” these things…but you still take them on faith?

A: Yes.

We are talking about the “mechanics of”…yes? Which means that we are talking about “the mechanics of the mechanics.”

Q: How much more simple can things get?

A: This is for you to know and/or find out….on your own.

It is not my place to tell you.
I can only assist and/or help whenever and wherever I can.
I cannot tell you what is what, or when or what to do where.
That…would violate freedom and freedom of choice.

Knowing…it’s a hell of a thing within a heavenly realm.

Communication and communication is all we really have. It’s the very foundation of the foundations of the concept known as relationships and relating. The Creator…is always busy. Sounds…familiar…eh?

I cower. I digress. I stand.
^Jay Lumen & Gary Beck – Strange Fruit (Original Mix)^

Day 003- Entry “A” via Day 002: Tomorrow…it’s here. Not really…because it’s 22:02 PM on Friday January 27rdth of 2017. I’m just going ahead and getting ready for tomorrow’s reading, by writing just a tad bit more about…what I have not yet read. Afterall…the story that I am currently reading (6th story) is more on “my territory” kinds of grounds with respect to locale, because it deals with “The European” and “New Native American(s)” dealing/dealings with “The New Old Native America” and it’s “Old Native Americans”…both new and old.

This is gonna be a tough read. Because I am a “new” Native American that just so happens to have “old” Native American blood coursing through my veins. But I have to temper these feelings with the fact(s) that

A) I was not there, and…

B) I was not there, and…

X: I am here.

Those who were there, were there. I am here. Which means that I am here, and there, all at the same time, and “there” is a little more “flexible” in my thinking and thought processes…because I see a simulataneousness of “there” being past…and “there” being future…all from right here in the present.

Sterling (Cigarette)
Hmmm....menthol. Interesting.
^Ida Engberg – Lucky Ones (Original Mix)^

Day 003- Entry “B” via Day 003: Tomorrow…it’s here. Officially. Today is actually here and the actual official date reflects that fact/these facts as of this day/date of Saturday January 28-teenth, 2017 AD/CE/WE.

AD = Anno Domini

Anno Domini

CE = Common Era

Common Era

WE = What The Fuck Ever

Whatever (Slang)
And here it is.

The Big Moment!

The Moment That Nobody Has Been Waiting For!

It’s “officially”… Day 003, so I can officially start reading again. I just completed a repost of some old shit over at my blog from 2016.11.15, which just ALSO happens to be…someone I know’s birthday. But…enough about me…I gotta get back to the book.

I must…get…back… …to that…book!!!

OH! And…

Captain’s NOTE: Personal note here, to also remember to write that fucking instruction manual for operation of “The Purple Ship.” Which I guess means I also need to write a maintenance manual. But we must have that instruction manual. Prolly should call it “Operation Manual” and/or “Operations Manual” or “Operating Manual” or something like that. Or…I could just write all of those, because we are prolly gonna need them all at some point and or various points at some …point…or points or whatever. What’s the point? I dunno. We’ll find out when we get there.

Now all I need is a crew to read it. Meh. With that in mind…I guess the manual(s) can wait.

^Upular | Pogo^

Day 003- Entry “C” via Day 004: It’s Sunday January 29th of 2017. I forgot to remember what I remembered to forget. That was not my intent tho. I tried to remember NOT to forget. Maybe if…I simply try and remember…instead of try to remember not to forget. Before you know it, I’ll be forgetting to remember and not remember not to forget. Kinda like now. Now what was I talking about? I forget.

OH YEAH!!! I meant to write some shit here last night. But I got sidetracked by posting some comments on some dude’s blog about his modeling “global warming” using orbs or bubbles or spheres or something. I dunno if he intended to model global warming…or if that was just some side-effect, or some ancillary discovery in a model that was being built for some other purpose. That would be…ironic…eh? Almost as ironic as me writing a book review about a book that I am reading, and yet, commenting about me commenting about someone’s comments about my comments on some random-assed blog somewhere out there in the great unknown void of nothing and nothingness.

I guess I better get to the now via now, instead of living in the past.

I'm getting past this.
2017.01.29 for 2017.01.28 via 2017.01.29...or something.
^Deadmau5  / Lai [full version]^

Day 004- Entry “A”: OK…so…that wasn’t such a long walk. Just down-arrowed a coupla lines…and here we are.

I took my sleeping bag out back yesterday to pad my soft-scrumptious muscular ass against the cement of the patio. The Sun/Sol was ablaze in the cool day keeping me warm, although it was cold enough that I opted for a long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve shirt underneath. Layering? In cold? Yep…it works wonders. Like the tour guide told me when I was in Inari, Finland…

“It’s not cold. You just don’t have the right equipment.”

Anyway…finally made it through the 6th story, and into the 7th story. The 6th story was a tough read. Not because it was long…it was a great read. It’s because of the subject matter. The author did a good job of making the story readable to someone like me. And who exactly IS someone like me you might ask? Um…a Native American…duh?

A mutt. I am that. A Native American Mutt.

Gotta go read some more now. I wanna finish this book by next weekend if I can.

Letters + Letters = Letters.
^Deadmau5 – Trepid^

Day 004- Entry “B”: I’m gonna try some formatting here real quick. I don’t want to give any spoilers or anything…but well written is well written, and well read is well read. The rest is…subjective.

Local Time = 11:17 CST – I’ve yet to pack it outside to read yet. But I’m about to. I just gotta finish up a few things here, grab the sleeping bag, grab the book, and go sit back down.
Local Time = 11:21 CST – Headed out now. The Sun/Sol is waiting for me. No clouds today. Cept for the lingering ones from yesterday. But those are in my head and elsewhere.
Local Time = 12:49 CST – Halfway point has been passed. Why do I know this? Why do I know these stories? Sound weird? Yep…I agree. But…the past few years have been…odd. Odd considering my odd life. For the most part, I have taken it in my stride. As I am a firm believer in the now. Meaning…nothing surprises me. Yes…I can be and am surprised…but that’s the weird thing about surprises. At least…in my life anyway. “Weird” and “strange” are “the norm” and even…normal.

This book. Why do I know this? Why do I know these stories? As I read them…they are so…familiar. As if, the stories themselves…I already know. It’s the details and the twists and turns that I have…erm…somehow…forgotten? I don’t know these stories…and yet…I do.

All are familiar.

I guess….that sometimes, similar = similarly same.

I just…lessee…how do I explain this?

Someone is trying very hard…to cushion a fall for me. Yes…a fall that has already happened. But…a fall forgotten via grace. A need to know because of…where we are and why I need to remember these things. Ancient things. Recent things. Things that have not yet even happened within the constructs of normal space and spaces and time and times.


I see more than most think I do.
/I bow

Carry on.

Local Time = 13:54 CST – One of two beers left. I have settled into my “furious reading” mode. I can cover acres of previously wooded territory and absorb every molecule of every word of every thought at a pace that would be considered…erm…”blazing” and/or impossible to most. I can hover over a single word, yet continue to read the line(s) below and the line(s) above at the same time, all while digesting the time and times being portrayed both backwards and forwards at the same time. Some might qualify or classify this ability as “a raging torrent”…but not me. I am calm. I am focused on all and nothing in that raging torrent…and the weather is as if the eye of a storm. I am the eye, I am the storm, I am the all, from right here, right now.

A: Yes…unless no…in which case…maybe.

I ponder the stories read, the stories reading, and the stories to come…all at the same time. And yet, somehow, nothing matters but the here and now. My focus…is mine and mine alone. And yet…all matters…from right here…right now. I am who I am.

Like It Or Not…I am here.

Local Time = 14:55 CST – I miss nothing.
Three stories to go.
Local Time = 15:18 CST – Remember why we are here.
We watch.
Local Time = 15:52 CST – One story left to read.
I think I’ll not read it.

No reason nor reasons…just…not gonna read it.

Fin...for now.
^The Reactivitz – Ramble (Jay Lumen Afterlife Remix) [FOOTWORK]^

Day 004- Entry “0”: It appears that this entry will not be necessary.

Not yet anyway.

Maybe never.

We’ll see.

But prolly not.

I’m gonna leave that one…for me.

I bow to you all.

Well done...and thanks.
^Daler Mehndi – Tunak Tunak Tun Video^

Day 00X- Entry “X”: Shhhhhhhhhh………..

... --- ..., ... --- ..., ... --- ...

... ... ...
--- --- ---

.. .. ..
-- -- --
. . .
- - -

. .
- -


^Watchmen – The Sound of Silence^
MISSION Review Review: This is for you to review.

^Deadmau5 / Cyclic Redundancy [full version]^
Thank you for the book young lady…

…and to you and yours.

Great read.

2017.01.29 @ 15:59 CST
^The Cure – Primary^


*’Great read’… I think that means he enjoyed it, Clicky…*

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