30-Day Song Challenge: Never Tire!

Day 11 of this challenging Song Challenge, Dear Reader, and it’s probably worth having a brief recap. It all started with a tweet…

*We’ll be two thirds through by the time I’ve gotta go back to work, Clicky… /lights up…*

*Work’s not that bad… /drags… Is that Poppy Sweet Pea’s song for today? And what about Legs’ eleventh?*

*/plumes smoke… No shit?! ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is gonna be my first song pick for today…*

…and now Cade fon Apollyon and I are a third of the way through already. Today we’ll be submitting songs that we never get tired of for your consideration…

*Clicky! Why in the sodding hell would you do that?*

paul smoked.gif

*I’m really glad you never get tired of it either… /flicks ash… But now I’ve gotta think of another one to start with. Cheers, Clicky…*

*You bastard…*

…So, pin back your lugholes, Dear Reader, and enjoy! ❤


Day 11: Song you never get tired of

Cade’s first song pick…

I’m guessing this needs to be a something I’ve listened to for a long time. Something with a long history of me listening to it. Something I can account for. Something with a track record. (pun intended) More than that, I guess this particular challenge is about “songs I’ve not yet tired of” more than “songs that I never get tired of”. Being human, and considering where we live, “change” is the norm and we’re subject to potentially tire of anything at any time for any reason(s). Maybe even no reason at all. Seeing as how my wizard cap and crystal ball are still on backorder, there’s no real way of knowing what songs I may think I’ll never tire of, but cause me to projectile-vomit at some point down the road. All that to say that I’m doing my best to think of songs that I’ve yet to tire of. Probably also should also be a something that I listen to a lot. Or have listened to a lot.

Just checked on YouTube, and there are 2,578 songs on the three “Bumpin Baby Thumpin” playlists that I’ve created over the past few years. There are an additional 1,660 songs on the various playlists I’ve created to reflect the music used in posts over at the Synchromysticism Forums (whatchacallit forums, as I liked to call them). That alone is 4,238 songs that I’ve found just over the past 7 or 8 years, and that’s not even all of it. I have many more playlists to choose from. Music that I like doesn’t tend to fall out of favor with me, so, what to do here?

^Entry Of The Gladiators – Julius Fucik^

Roob’s first song pick…

Cade, as he has a knack of doing, has hit upon a brilliant idea: I never get tired of listening to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Thoughtful Man and I visited Salzburg for our first wedding anniversary and we paid a visit to his house. He wasn’t home, but I never held it against him 😉

^Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik^

Cade’s second song pick…

I got sick and fucking tired of this next one for a while, but only because of its association with television program “The Lone Ranger”. I used to watch that show when I was younger, and eventually, that audible alert of this tune playing indicating that the show was about to start? Yeah, we tire of alarms and warnings. Makes our heart race at first, but over time, those bells and klaxons sounding constantly make our hearts…sink. Dread. Turn the damn thing off.

Fortunately for me, later in life I got reacquainted with the tune. And boy, when you start to listen to it and pick it apart? What a fucking masterpiece. The way the pieces are assembled…the way they rise and fall…how every single little thing compliments everything else…how they all in unison compliment the entire piece. Putting all that together, and keeping it together? Astounding. It is truly a something to behold. Audibly, of course. So yeah technically I did tire of this at some point, but only because I didn’t know any better.

^ROSSINI: William Tell Overture (full version)^

Roob’s second song pick…

The fall masked man

*Oh, I love the story of the masked man in ‘The Fall’, Clicky… /puffs contentedly… The music is epic…*

*It was in ‘A Touch of Class’? …/blows smoke rings… Interesting…*

^Beethoven – Symphony No.7 in A major op.92-II, Allegretto^

Cade’s third song pick…

Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give an honorable mention to an additional something or two that I have yet to tire of, but this last one could have easily gone on either the “sad” or “happy” post for me. A fave of mine ever since my parents brought home the soundtrack to the movie The Sting. Was shocking to hear that not everything “old” was so…polar. This tune didn’t seem to represent good nor evil. Just wanders right the fuck through all that bullshit and nonsense, and somehow manages to just kinda do its own thing.

^Scott Joplin – Solace (Mexican Serenade) HQ^

Roob’s third song pick…

Cade threw me for a loop with his first song pick today. The problem with classical music is that you really can’t get tired of it…

*I’ve spent all afternoon picking then changing my third song. It’s fuckin’ hopeless, there’s just so much good stuff… /stubs butt… I don’t know what to do. Help me please, Clicky…*


The final word to Roob Click…

^Extreme – More Than Words (Official Video)^


Day 12 and 13’s challenges look interesting: ‘songs from our pre-teen years’ and ‘songs from the 70s’, respectively. As Cade and I were both born in 1967, it looks like the next two days could turn into a smorgasbord of platforms, flares and lava lamps…

*A bit random, Clicky, but okay…*

Until then, Dear Reader, have a Song…

^Leroy Anderson – The Typewriter (1953) Original version^