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Cade has sent a missive, Dear Reader, which is really rather jolly nice of him…


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Also…a shout out to other foreigners reading this shit as well…<3, The Okie.

It’s currently 20:24 on July 4th, 2017.

When you read this, it prolly won’t be that same date or time.

But as I write this, I know, that sometime soon, YOU…will be reading this.

Let’s start off, with a DAMN interesting bit I just found via The BBC on YouTube.

It’s…right up this Okie’s “Personal Tornado Alley” … and inspired me to write whatever is about to be written.

^BBC documentary about hernia meshes^

Tis now…Friday July 7th @09:24 in the morning. I didn’t get very far…did I?

My younger two children have been at a Christian Youth Conference for the past two/three days, they’ll be home later today.

Whatshername has been on vacation from work all week.

No crazy news to report this year via the Christian Conference.

Last year must have been some kind of fluke or random-assed nonsense or something.

^Desperado – Eagles^

Let’s invent some people.

We…are a certain government entity. We need some cash. So…let’s get it the old-fashioned way…by working for it.

We create 200,000 “fictional” people, mixed in amongst the 300+ million citizens, that are on government pay and/or pensions….GS’ers.

GS1 Step 1…we’re at roughly $20,000 per year.



4 billion per year?

Maybe we need to dial that number back.

The GAO is prolly gonna notice that.
But maybe not.

Total expenditures: $4.147 trillion (requested) – 21.5% of GDP

Are you really going to be able to chase down these phantoms?
God I hate thinking in creepy channels like this 😦
^02 Truth Is Out Of Style^

Maybe we need to simply fudge what is reported to the GAO, based on real employees.

Or maybe we can do both.

Now we just gotta funnel these funds.

I mean…we’re using this money to protect and serve Americans…right?

I can’t help it that I am one of those Americans that needs a little personal service.

Due to my position…I can think of some others that need a little TLC as well.

^I Thank You by ZZ Top REMASTERED^


Stumbled across this train wreck earlier in the week…

Carl Bernstein calls for ‘different kind of reporting’ to take on ‘malignant presidency’

Oh my. Reporters reporting on reporting. What’s next? Reporters reporting on previously reported reports? No wait…they already do that….sorta.

So…with that in mind…if there are certain sections of the populace that are “milking the government tit”…wouldn’t reporters and reporting/news media companies be the first and last to squeeze that tit? The first to be there when it starts flowing, following the honey pot all the way down, and the last to be there when the final drop is squooze?

Q: Since when is media guaranteed to have all-access laminants 24/7 to anything and everything?

A: ...
^Cream – White Room^

I’ve been writing some crap about Texas over the last week on my own blog.

Someone asked me for some suggestions about a trip to Texas via CFrank’s SmokyDrinky chatroom, so…I’ve tried to be accommodating.

That means, talk about the good … and the bad … and the ugly … as best I can.

This place is my home.

Yeah…there are some levels of removal in my personal life…but love it or hate it…Texas is my home. I just have a wandering heart, that beats inside a bent body, that contains a fucked-up mind, a restless spirit, and a void-ish kind of soul. So yeah…I’m happy. A happy person.

I can’t remember if the person who asked me was a Limey, or Aussie, or where in the fuck they were coming from…so…I’ve just tried to keep in mind that…

A) The are a foreigner

B) They speak English

C) They are prolly gonna drop a bundle coming to visit this shithole of a state…so let them choose their own path.

My job, as I see it anyway…is to point them towards these paths and pathways that they can then travel if they choose to do so.

I’ve tried to stress two primary things…

A) Nothing

B) People

People are kinda weird around these parts, because there is no fucking telling where they come from/came from…but I think it important to point out…that all Texans are imports of some kind.

Travelers who have found a place to land for a bit.

^Stevie Nicks – Landslide / HQ Lyrics^

I recently postulated the thought, that there were no limits whatsoever placed on the original creative intents, with respect to The Universe, that we currently occupy. To me, that’s the only reason that it works. It allows for both fate and chance, and allows for change, changes, and changing within a dynamic system that has some rather rigid rule sets. To relate…I’ll piss some evolutionists off to no end with an example/demonstration that I thought of this week.

It’s really a visual demonstration, so it’s going to be difficult to relate in text. But when I thought of it, I had the feeling that someone may have actually demonstrated this to me at some point when I was young. But the basis of this demonstration is to both define and non-define what “an infinity is” and how infinity relates to eternity.

^Ten Years After – I’d Love To Change The World^

I am holding both hands behind my back, where they cannot be seen.

I ask the question… “How many apples am I holding in each hand?”
The answer = irrelevant.

I extend one hand into view.

This hand is holding an apple.

I ask the question…
"How many apples am I holding in each hand?"
I remove the hand and again place it behind my back.

I ask the question…

"How many apples am I holding in each hand?"
I extend the opposite hand into view.

This hand is holding an apple.

I ask the question…

"How many apples am I holding in each hand?"
I remove the opposite hand and again place it behind my back.

I ask the question…

"How many apples am I holding in each hand?"

I extend both hands into view.

Both hands are each holding an apple.

I ask the question…
"How many apples am I holding in each hand?"

One in each hand…for a total of two.


I take a knife, and

cut one of the apples in half.

I locate and remove a single seed from this apple, and place it in my hand.

I ask the question…
"How many apples was I holding in each hand?"
One in each hand?

Two total?

Or is the answer…

"infinite apples, based on intents and intentions, based on perspective and perspectives?"

Or…is the answer…

"all of the above?"
^The kinks – Lola^

It could probably be said, that it is a rare occasion indeed when an infinity can be reduced in such a way that we can actually see the tangible result of an infinite set, within an infinite set, that is represented as, and by, a single unit of measure…an infinity set. A seed…in this case. But in this case, the case is encased within case after case after case…layer after layer. The “meat” of an individual apple is just as much a part of an individual seed and/or apple, as much as it is a part of the tree from which it originated, and the locale in which the tree itself resides.

So yeah…when infinities and eternities merge…into the eternal.

That’s how I see it anyway.

/me shrugs

LOTS more to think about there.

Water, dirt, origins, packing, shipping, buildings, infrastructure, roadways, pathways…and on, and on…and on.

^Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth 1967^


There was someone who asked me a fairly direct question on Merovee recently. I don’t like talking on someone else’s blog if the conversation doesn’t relate directly to the owner of said blog. BUT!!! I do think about shit like this. How best to address a need, when and where it arises. All of my own personal rules are quite flexible in this regard, so I guess the only real “rigid” rule that I personally have…is…”be flexible.” Weird.

Anyway…they pretty much wanted what we all want or need at some point(s) in our lives…and that is…a motherfucking instruction manual. Some “Life: Step By Step For Dummies” guide or some shit like that, than can help us navigate the mire that we sometimes find ourselves in.



Much easier to rely on others in these cases.

I mean seriously…someone may wonder by the quagmire you find yourself currently entangled in…and they may just so happen to have a copy of this completely worthless book that they may be willing to barter.


I dunno…if I had to sum up “what it all means”…it would be something akin to learning how to rely on yourself AND others.

It’s a pickle…no bout a doubt it.

(misspelling above = intentional)
^Rory Gallagher – McAvoy Boogie^

They also asked my astrological sign…whatever in the fuck that means.

I was born in the month that precedes the month of December and follows the month of October.

I was born on the day that is right in the middle of this month of 30 days.

According to family legend, I was born two weeks late.

So I guess that I was supposed to be born on either Oct 31st or Nov 1st.

So yeah…I am a Scorpio…born on Nov 15th.

And yeah…there are LOADS of instruction manuals and guides to follow.

We may not be born holding a copy of a manual in our hands, but finding that manual and/or manuals is part of the fun.

I personally can see how “The Horoscope” can be a galactic guide of sorts. An overlay, template or hologram of sorts, that shows maybe how some interstellar energies sometimes move in certain ways. But I like to keep those contextual. I cannot tell you about me and my life up to this point in a single sentence. I gather this is why people have so much trouble with profiles in social media, because we have trouble identifying with who we are…who we wish to be…what we want others to see…what we DO NOT want others to see…etc., etc., and so on.

I’ve been married once.

I’ve been divorced once.

I am 49 years old.

I am unemployed.

I have no money, nor does it look as if I will have any money any time soon, if at all.
I have a small penis.
Aforementioned "small penis" is functional as far as I know.

I’m not sure how large my penis was supposed to be, because this is the only one that I got…so…whatever or something.

I guess if it eventually turns out that there is a God/gods, we’ll have some time to talk about what went wrong.

^Johnny Winter – Be Careful With A Fool^

Let’s keep this short.

(ba da ching)

Q: How many reasons to hate me do you really need?

A: ???

Is the answer “one?”

^Cocteau Twins – Lorelei -^

So yeah…a walk.

I actually have no problem at all with commitment or being committed to something or someone.

It’s really kinda easy to commit to something or someone.

But there are two parts to that equation…and I can only handle one side of it.

So yeah…now…you actually gotta go do whatever it is that you have committed to doing.

That’s…erm…gonna take some time.

Do you have the time?

That’s one thing I have shitloads of…time.

^April Wine – Roller Official Video^
^crystal method I Know It’s You^