Library Dwellers: Click a.k.a. Clicky Clickstar

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Okay aquaish which fits better because Clicky, when he’s surfing, can really move …

His story is full of ups and downs and deepest depths. Probably best if he tells you himself …

*Okay, Sweetie. In your own time*

Click will tell us his amazing story here, so it’ll be worth checking for updates. I can tell you that he worked … Apols! ‘works’ for the Doctor Dume, over the way. Gloomy Dumey is some sort of pathologist, I think …



Anyhoo … I managed to take Clicky’s likeness for his staff pass. No easy feat that considering the speed he travels … *No, it’s lovely, go on, show it*



*No. the other one … pretty please …*

Came with the Library. Now wears trousers.
CLICKY: Came with the Library. Now wears trousers.

What a lovely smile, you have! Okay then … I’ll let Clicky get on with telling you all about himself …



11 thoughts on “Library Dwellers: Click a.k.a. Clicky Clickstar

    1. *Chortle* Oh Mr P, you do make me laugh …

      *a like and a lol … likes lolling … lick lolling … rick rolling … oh no, little Kitler hates that song, better not …*

      Lick Lolling to Rick Rolling

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you Dumey *wrinkles brow* …

      knock knock

      I …

      Oi, that’s rude, I was talking. I did offer to set it all up for you yesterday …

      Alright. Please keep your pants on … and where have the little stars in my head gone?

      Who's there?

      Hmmm …

      Apols Dumey, would you excuse me? I’ve just got to go sort something out *shakes head* … Click, could you play the doctor a song whilst he’s, err … waiting *wanders off* …

      Liked by 1 person

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